All Wound Up Ch. 02


***Would just like to say a big thanks for all the responses and support on the first chapter! All critiques are appreciated. As I said, I’m a first time author and I’m super keen to learn.

Here’s a second chapter as requested 😉 Let me know if there is a desire for a third.


Her fingers were strong and tantalizingly slipped in and out of me, excruciating slowly. A part of me wanted to run my hand down to hers and guide her, but that seemed too brazen so instead I let her do exactly what she wanted to.

My heart momentarily stopped as I watched her dip her head down and flick her tongue over my clit, just once, and then look straight into my eyes with a coy smile playing across her lips, her fingers still rhythmically sliding in and out of me at a steady pace.

My head was spinning, there was a sweet smell filling the room and it was making me heady with lust. This was amazing, but I was starting to crave more. Then the sensations stopped, leaving my body quivering and nether regions pulsing and aching in the most unimaginable way. I looked back up at her, slightly confused and gasped as I saw how flushed she was and the way that passion had glazed over her eyes. She came and sat next to me on the bed and I couldn’t resist anymore, I had to touch her.

I slipped off the bed and kneeled on the floor in front of her, running my hands up the sides of her legs. I was frustrated by the jeans material covering her skin and leaned forward Anadolu Yakası Escort in order to unbutton her pants. As I moved, I smelt her. I looked up at her, my eyes wide with surprise.

“I can smell you,” I murmured, slightly embarrassed but at the same time turned on. Her scent was musky and erotic. I hooked my fingers in the top of her jeans and slipped them down to her ankles, and then over her bare feet. Getting completely lost in the moment, I lifted her foot and kissed the inside of her ankle and then ran my tongue halfway up her calf along her soft silky skin. This was obviously the right thing to do since I felt her twitch and breathe in a little sharper than usual. All the while running my hands along her legs, working my way further up her thighs with my mouth. Trailing kisses and gentle bites.

I finally reached my destination as my head stopped at the apex of her legs and suddenly my nerves kicked in. I didn’t know what I was doing, how could I expect to please a woman with my mouth? Then I caught sight of the wetness that had already soaked its way through her lacy hot pants and I no longer cared.

Tentatively, I took my fingers and slipped her underwear to one side, fully exposing her moist pussy. I ran my finger between her lips, enchanted and was met with the sounds of her groaning loudly. I then leaned forward and ran my tongue along where I had just trailed my fingers and her hips bucked. This was Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan hot; teasing her was turning me on. Experimenting, I very lightly closed my teeth over her clit which had become all swollen and was protruding from its hood whilst simultaneously slipping my finger into her wet juicy pussy.

She cried out and the angle of her hips changed as she lay back down onto the bed as I slid my finger out of her, obviously not having enough strength to hold herself up anymore. This separated her lips and exposed her even more, giving me more room to play. I licked along her again, flicking my tongue over her clit and this time pushing 2 fingers deep into her. Then I ran my tongue over her clit; once, twice… again and again and again. Building up speed and pressure with each lick whilst firmly holding her hips down with my hands, preventing her from grinding herself against my tongue; building her up more and more.

She was now panting and moaning and she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my shoulders, her hands tangled in my hair and I knew she was getting close to an orgasm. She was dripping wet and her smell was intoxicating. I decided I wanted to please her; I wanted to make her cum stronger than she had ever before. A part of me was surprised at my confidence and boldness and I wondered why I had never trusted myself to be with a woman before. I mused over this for a few minutes, changing my pace Escort Anadolu Yakası and licking her for a while in a languish and absent minded manner, feeling her come back down from her verging orgasm.

We settled into this for a few seconds, letting her catch her breath before I build her up and bring her close again. Maybe this time I’ll make her cum… I decided that surprise may be an excellent solution.

I suddenly drastically sped up, pushing my tongue between her lips and into her, feeling the tip of my nose push hard against her clit. Out the corner of my eye I noticed with some satisfaction that her back arched up high as her breath shot out of her and her body tensed up. I licked her hard and fast, pushing two fingers in and out of her repeatedly. Feeling her wetness pour out of her and drip along my hand and the sounds of my tongue and fingers slapping against her again and again.

She was moaning and crying out constantly, rubbing herself frantically against my face. Then her entire body tightened and she stopped moving bar the grinding of her hips.

“Omg. Fuck… That was…” I smiled, proud of myself as she struggled for breath for a few moments before propping herself up on her arms and looking down at me between her legs, “I just came so hard. I cannot believe you have never done this before”

I shrugged, a soft smile playing across my lips and also painfully aware of my exposed, soaking wet vagina that was suddenly pulsating and twisting for attention. I bit my lip and stood up, lying down on the bed next to her.

She turned to look at me and with a naughty smile announced, “Your turn”. And with that she climbed on top of and straddled me, pulling off first her shirt and then mine before leaning over towards her bedside table and lifting something out the draw.

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