Allie and Robbie, Sibling Lust


All characters engaged in sexual acts are over 18.


Robbie Simpson ached all over, especially his head. But he’d proved himself. Three punks from downtown were groping Allie, his ‘little’ sister, and he’d given each of them as good as he’d got in return.

Now Allie, still fighting back tears, was dabbing at his cuts and soothing his head with her cool hands.

“Oh Robbie, look what they did to you. And it’s because of me.”

“No. They’re dicks. It’s not your fault.”

She tried to smile her gratitude but ended up sobbing on his shoulder. It hurt, but she needed his strength and he gave it willingly.

He took a week off work and Allie nursed him to the best of her ability. By the time he was fit for work, still carrying his bruises and scars like badges of honour, she kissed his forehead and beamed at her proud, strong big brother.

But he’d been hiding something dark that had grown and grown, and on the bus that morning he admitted it to himself. Allie was a woman now, and while she ministered to his wounds he had taken every chance to watch her. Look at her. Down her tops, up her skirts, between her legs.

Desire between siblings doesn’t start when they reach legal age; for Robbie and Allie their interest in each other’s bodies had been there since he could remember. And on that bus, that morning, he felt he could remember every sight, touch and sensation.

So what had changed? He didn’t take long to reach a conclusion. Neither had kept special relationships for long, except with each other. Robbie knew – or did he just hope? – that his sister was edging closer to him, trying to rekindle long-suppressed feelings, needs.

Shifting his weight, Robbie winced at a sudden pain in his ribs. Maybe it was cracked after all. As he got comfortable in the seat, he came to a decision. If his sister started anything – anything at all that was suggestive – he was going to go as far as he could. His logical mind reminded him he should be appalled at the incestuous thoughts he was having, but the devil in him relished the thought that he might have his first sex with Allie, his lovely little freckle-faced sister.

And she was ‘little’ to him. Two years younger, a full foot shorter and, he knew, a lot slimmer and fitter than him. She did aerobics three times a week, and her tight outfits and pony-tail blond hair made her look girlish. But when she dressed up, man, she filled a gown with those C-cups and her taut backside.

At home that evening, their mother and father were going to the movies after dinner. A double feature, like the old days. Robbie began the mutual seduction by tickling Allie as she bent to stack the dishwasher. She responded by slapping escort bursa his chest, then his wince jolted her out of her high-jinks.

“Oh Robbie, sorry. Are you OK?”

“Of course. Still sore in some places.”

“Some that don’t bear talking about right?” Where did the impish blushing grin come from?


“Oh, nothing. Just that, well, weren’t you rubbing a sore spot an hour ago, in your room?”

She knew something, immediately he saw his chance to escalate. “If I did, how would you know?”

“I opened the door to ask you something, but you were, well, focused elsewhere.”

Robbie searched her face, mechanically passing her more dirty dishes. She grinned at herself and avoided his eyes, pretending to concentrate on her task. Even when their parents yelled their goodbyes from the front door, she pretended normality.

Then, suddenly alone in the house together, it was as if both sensed a new kind of tension in the air. Their dad’s car drew away. Allie closed the dishwasher door, turned it on, and tried to pass Robbie. He gently pinned her against the machine and forced her to look into his eyes.

“Why didn’t you knock on the door?”

Softly, almost in a whisper, she said: “Because I knew what you were doing.”

Despite having resolved, that very day, to seduce his sister, now that she’d given him an inroad he faltered briefly. The implication was clear. Allie had entered the bedroom knowing her brother was masturbating.

Now she brushed past him, smiling that long-lost naughty smile. He felt the tips of her firm breasts feather across his chest. He grabbed her and pulled her back. “Did you see what you were hoping to see.?”

“No. I lost my nerve.”

“It’s bigger now, you know.”

“Hmm, I expect it is.”

“It hurts, too. Aches.”


“Oh yeah. Very painful.”

She pretended to be his nurse again. “When does it hurt most?”

“Oh, mostly when you’re close.”

She looked up into her big brother’s eyes, and said: “I’m very close now, Robbie. So close I can feel your warmth. How does it feel now?”

“Oh Allie, throbbing. So much I can’t bear it.”

Allie knew where this was going. It had headed in this direction many times before, but this time she was going to let it go all the way. So she hastened their game.

“Get it out, Robbie, let me take care of you again.”

Reality check. He gulped. His sister wanted him to let her stroke his cock. Yeah, he wanted it too, but there’s no going back, there’s no ‘I’ll call you sometime’ with your real sister. But she knew that too, she wasn’t a kid anymore. So he told her, just in case she didn’t fully appreciate where bursa merkez eskort he was going: “This time, little sister, I’m going to fuck you.”

“Unh Hunh, big bruv. And I’m gonna fuck you back.”

His hands reached up and felt the warmth of her breasts behind her woollen jumper while she reached for his belt buckle. Slowly, without haste, she undid his jeans and pushed them down over the tent of his imprisoned cock and down to his ankles. He stepped out of them. When she stood, he pulled her jumper over her head and threw it on top of his jeans.

“Allie, show me your tits.”

“Cock first.”

He smiled and pulled it out, stroking gently.

“Oh my. Impressive, bro!”

“You gave it an extra inch.”

She smiled as she reached around to unclasp her white lacy bra. Her freed tits seemed to wink in the light. Round, full, capped with dark pink nipples. She stroked them, offered them for him: “These have grown too.”

“So I see. Allie?”


“Can we go to your room?”

They were there in seconds, then laying on her bed. They stroked each other’s arms. “Why in here?”

“Cos it smells like you.”

“That’s sweet. Robbie, have you ever…?”

“No. You?”

“Oh shit. Really? We’re gonna be each other’s first?”

“Wow. But really, are you surprised?”

“Only that it took so long. Robbie, touch me? I’m so wet.”

His hand went inside her tight panties and down to her pussy, and her wispy pubes flattened against his palm. As his fingers found her wetness, she gripped his cock. No fumbling, though. They’d not been this far before, but it was as if they had.

“Jesus, who knew my sister’s pussy was so small?”

“It feels as though your cock won’t fit. But try. Now. OK?”

She slid her panties down and put her hands around his neck as he got between her thighs. Despite their inexperience, they luxuriated in this long-anticipated moment. Robbie’s cock pointed to its target, his sister’s moist opening, and he pressed it there until he felt her pussy give way.

Allie squealed as her brother’s cock found her hymen then ripped it away. He kept still for a second, despite his need to be right inside her wet tunnel, but her hands on his buttocks pulled him into her as her hips rose to meet him.

“Oh fuck, Robbie.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No. No, it’s fucking heaven. Go slow, I’m cumming already.”

For the first time Robbie felt a woman’s pussy grip his cock. His sister’s pussy, his sister’s thighs gripping his own, rippling, her tummy pulsing as her breathing turned to little pants and then a mewing sigh. A warm flush announced her first orgasm, brief, bursa sınırsız escort divine.

Proudly now Robbie pushed deeply into his sister’s open, hot pussy. His knob burned at the touch of her cervix, the shaft completely gloved by her tight inner flesh. But there was still no urgency, despite him knowing he, too, was going to cum.

As if they’d been lovers for years, their hips found delicious rhythm that made every inward thrust hilt and each outward journey cling. Allie had learned on her fingers how to grip inside there, now her brother, for whom she’d longed these many years, was getting the benefit of her self-education.

And it drove him wild, making his thighs tremble and his arms and chest quiver uncontrollably. Buck fever it was called, he knew.

It started deep in his balls, this tightening and sharpening of sensation. He resolved to pull out and spend on Allie’s chest but she pulled him into herself as a second climax overtook her senses too. Suddenly he didn’t care. Their first time had to be total, complete, so he let himself go. Impossibly rigid now, his cock pulsed once for practice, then unloaded his jets of hot cum up inside his sister. Grunting, he contorted his face as the intensity of sensation focused his wits entirely on his spurting cock.

Allie met him, thrust for thrust, and felt his goo splash inside her. It flicked her into a longer, stronger orgasm which turned her tits to orbs of sensitivity and her cunt, her burning cunt, to a pool of liquid flesh centred solely on her brother’s invading member, buried so deeply inside her that she felt it push the very opening to her womb.

Hearts racing, panting now, each still twitching their genitals against the other, they held on tight as the last throes of their orgasms faded into deep, selfish afterglow.

The sex lasted less than five minutes this first time, so urgent was their lust, and yet it had been calm. Measured, even. Not at all like fumbling teenagers, as they might have expected.

In fact the afterglow lasted almost as long. For his part, Robbie pressed his firm cock into his sister, reminded himself who she was, smiled. He lifted his head from beside hers.

“Why the smile, Robbie?” As if she didn’t know…

“Because, my gorgeous little sister, I’ve just realised my oldest, deepest fantasy.”

“Oh yeah? What?”

“Fucking you.” She obviously wanted to hear it.

“Mmmm. Robbie, I should have said. It’s OK to cum in me, I’m safe.”

“Oh thank heaven. Since when?”

“Since the day after you took a pounding for me.”

“And gave back three.”

“Yeah. But mostly because of what you took.”

“I’d take it over again, for this.”

“You won’t have to. I dreamed of this too. So it’s meant to be.”

“Mmm. Did you notice I’m still hard?”

“Did you notice I’m still wet. Very wet?”

“We’re gonna have so much fun together. When are mum and dad home, Al?”


“Wanna see how many times we can fuck before then?”

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