Alone In The Dark (His Perspective)


NOTE: This is a companion piece to ‘Alone in the dark’, which I recommend reading first.***You’re alone in the dark until I enter.I open the door as little as possible, so there’s not enough light to see you, and I close it quickly.I stand there silently, giving my eyes time to adjust until I can see the discreet glowing stickers placed on the frame you are strapped to. There are just enough of them that I can orient myself and find you, but you have no idea they are there.My feet bare, I softly pad toward you, silently place some of the items I’m holding near your feet then move around to your left side. I can smell your delicate, floral perfume. I wonder what you look like. What colour is your hair, your skin, your eyes? I’ll never know.I gently place my hand on your head. You start in surprise. You weren’t even sure anyone had come in, were you? I stroke your hair, thick and lush, and bend to smell it. Clean and fresh.I move my hand Karaköy escort down your slender neck, your shoulders and onto your back. You are still wearing a bra, but not for long…My cock begins to stir.I move my exploration down your body. Your skin is soft and silky, clearly well cared for. You are slim, I feel ribs and a slender waist, then your bottom, still covered in panties. The flesh is firm but yielding as my fingers press into it. I’m going to enjoy you.I move back up to your bra and slip my fingers under the shoulder straps. They are thin, and no match for the scissors I’m holding in my other hand. The main strap gives me a little more trouble but is still quickly dispatched. As I bend to put the scissors down, I hear your shoulders shift and the bra drops to the floor under you.I stand and place my left hand on your bare back again, then slide it around your ribs and under you to cup Kayaşehir escort bayan your breast. A full, delicious handful, soft and quivering. I slide my right hand around you to reach the other breast, pressing my naked body against you, my erection brushing against your belly.There’s nothing quite like the first time you hold a new lovers breasts, and I revel in it, stroking and squeezing them, teasing the delicate nipples and marveling at how hard they become.I straighten up again, once more grabbing the scissors. I finger the waistband of your panties, then begin to tug it up your back. You squirm a little, then gasp as I yank hard and the fabric cuts into your tender pussy. I pull harder, and feel the panties start to rip, but I am impatient, and I use the scissors to cut them off you. I pull the ruined cloth out from under you and toss the scissors onto the floor with a clang.You Escort Küçükçekmece are now completely naked, awaiting my pleasure.I stroke your bare, perfect ass, squeezing and massaging, brushing my fingers against the tops of your spread legs, getting very close to your pussy, but never quite touching it. I feel you straining up towards my caresses, but you don’t get far, shackled as you are.I move behind you and kneel, stroke your ass some more, then slide my hands down your shapely legs past your ankles. I play with your exquisite feet and feel your toes wriggle in pleasure.I can smell your wet pussy. Such an incredibly arousing, musky scent, it almost drives me mad with lust, and I feel like my cock might explode.I grab your ass, spreading you wide with my thumbs. I blow gently on your wetness just once, then bury my face in your heavenly cunt. I hungrily lap up and down you, relishing the tangy taste of your juices. I push my tongue as far as I can inside you, suck on your labia and your exposed clit, then I move up to your asshole.I fuck your little pucker with my tongue. It’s tight and resists me a little, but once it’s wet, I slip a finger inside. I move it around a little and then add another, wriggling them around, stretching you.

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