Alone in the Hotel Room Ch. 01


The knock at the door unsettled me a little. I had been reliving our previous experiences from a few years ago and the four glasses of whiskey had helped me forget where I was, and what I was about to do.

I toss back my drink and place the glass on the table on my way to the door. I look out the peep hole to confirm that it’s you, my forbidden object of lust, my reason for coming out here. It’s you, and you look just as good as you do in the pictures you’ve sent me, better even because you’re almost close enough to touch.

I open the door and you walk in. You can smell the whiskey on my breath and tell that I’m already a little drunk.

“You’re drinking already?”

“It’s your brand,” I said pointing at the bottle. You hesitate for a minute, unsure of whether or not you can really come past the threshold of the door, if you’re really ready to take this next step. You walk in.

I let you in and pour you a drink. It’s quiet. We’ve talked about this moment for so long, gone over all the different circumstances, positions even, that we could try. I have all these things that I want to teach you, thing’s you’ve never done. I contain myself as we stare at each other each recognizing the burning desire in the other’s eyes.

“I’m not sure I can do this. I want it, I have for years now. But I’m not sure that I can cross this line.”

“I know, I feel bad for even coming out here but I had to. I couldn’t take it any longer I had to know. I know you love you husband but I can’t take wanting you from a distance anymore. Maybe we just need to get it out of our system.”

“I want it. I want it so bad.” You toss back your drink, and then another. “I’ve been thinking about you all the time. At work Kastamonu Escort I get wet just thinking about your body. It’s like your everywhere I go.”

“Maybe this is exactly what we need.” I get closer to you and you drink down the last of your drink. Your deep blue eyes seem like they are pools of want, of yearning. I lean in and kiss you my hand on the back of your head pulling you into me. You offer little resistance if any, your tongue and mine mixing together rolling over each other.

My hands explore your body, your neck, you’re ears. My kissing follows the same path, up your neck, over your ears. I lick and nibble at your flesh and my hands continue downward.

You’re no longer sitting there. Your hands roam over my body as well. My shoulders and back fall prey to your touch as your hands glide up and down. You take off my shirt and I can feel the soft trail of your nails along my back and sides. You push me down. You have had enough waiting; we’ve been waiting for a few years now.

You pin me down and take off your top and bra.

“Don’t move.” You instruct me, and nothing in your voice makes me want to do otherwise. You stand up and take off your skirt so you’re wearing only a thong now. You turn around letting me see all of your body. I’ve wanted that body for so long. There it is in front of me.

“You’re going to do exactly as I tell you if we’re going to do this.” I nod my head in agreement.

You get back up on the bed straddling me. We kiss more and I can feel the tops of your thighs on my bare chest. The touch of your soft skin makes me instantly hard. You can feel me underneath you and start to rub yourself against my cock. I want to take off Kastamonu Escort Bayan my pants but I know that you haven’t told me to yet. I don’t want to risk ending this early.

You slide your legs up my chest and end straddling my face.

“Eat me now.” I move your thong aside with my fingers and begin to devour your pussy. I lick slowly at first and faster and faster. I circle your clit and probe deep inside of you with my tongue. You ride my face, your juices mingling with my beard. Your legs start to squeeze my face as you get closer to orgasm. My tongue goes faster and faster driving you to your climax until you cum on my face and mouth. I savor each drop of your cum and enjoy it as you come down from your orgasm.

“Take off the rest of your clothes.”

I oblige and stand in front of you naked my cock stiff from the excitement and pleasure of getting you off. You don’t give me the chance to get back on the bed. You mouth is on my dick already licking it tasting the precum that literally drips from my cock.

I’m in rapture as you’re tongue works my cock up and down teasing the head and then taking it deep into your throat. I rest my hand on the top of your head and guide the movements of your mouth as you use it to enjoy my cock. I won’t cum yet though I have to fuck you, that’s what this trip was for, I have to feel what its like to be inside of you.

“Take me, however you want now.”

I push you onto your back. Years of fantasies flashing in my mind and now I have you, anyway I want you. I place my hands on your hips and position my cock at the lips of your pussy. I pause only for an instant just to make sure this is real. I feel your wetness on the Escort Kastamonu tip of my dick and without even thinking I thrust in. Your pussy is so tight but I glide in burying my prick deep inside you. We both let out huge sighs as I start to pound away at your cunt.

“Yes harder.” You scream, we’re both overcome by lust.

I take your legs up and pin them above my shoulders and continue to fuck you harder and harder. Foreplay is not what we came here for, not what you came here for. You wanted to be taken, and taken hard. You wanted me to do exactly what I’m doing now, hold you down and fuck you like you had never been before. You wanted to be used for my pleasure.

You start rubbing your clit now. I can barley see your hand your working so hard and fast.

“Oh I’m going to cum, I want you to cum with me.” And as if you knew this would be the magic words my orgasm starts to cross the brink to where I can not hold it back anymore. “Fill me with your cum. I want you to cum deep inside of me.”

“beg me for it.” I say. I want you to show me how desperately you want me.

“Please fill me. Fill my cunt with your cum. I need you to, I need your cum to fill my insides.” And that is it. I can’t hold out any longer, my cock explodes in your pussy as you cum as well. Your pussy squeezes the cum out of my dick as stream after stream fills you.

“get off of me now.” I’m shocked and still cumming. I pull out and the last rope of cum lands on your stomach. I think that something is wrong but you push me on my back and start to lick my cock, taking it all in your mouth. The sensation is almost too much for me but the fact that you licking both our cum off my dick is incredible. You continue to suck and lick gently until my cock is soft in your mouth. You finally lay back and take a single finger and scoop up the cum that landed on your stomach. Never stopping eye contact with me you take it to your mouth and lick every last drop off and swallow. This is how our night begins. It is by far not how it ends.

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