Alyson’s Adventures Pt. 01


Note to the reader: Alyson first appeared in Chapter 2 of “Will You Submit to Us?” as Molly’s (the protagonist) Aunt and best friend. Since then I’ve been corresponding with her real-life inspiration, and promised to deliver a story that was closer to who she is as a submissive. This was an attempt to produce a story that would inspire her to new heights – or lows, depending on your point of view, of course.


Alyson was on the plane, heading towards New York to meet her husband, Graham, after spending an erotically charged weekend with her niece (and now lover.) She found her self submitting to her niece, who, as it turns out, was a newly turned submissive, but who evidently had a dominant side as well. Or, perhaps, thought Alyson, her inherent submissive nature simply brought that out in her.

What ever the case, for the first time in a long history of sexual encounters, she found herself eating pussy and enjoying it. And, despite that long history including mate swapping, swinging, gangbangs and other salacious behavior, the only time Alyson had tasted pussy was on cocks that had fucked her. She was familiar with the taste of her own juices, and with her niece had discovered how there was a flavor that was woman that now was almost as intoxicating as swallowing loads of sperm. She could do either or both and be happy.

Well, that was really an overstatement. She definitely had preferences – long, thick, black and demanding. Commanding. Treating her as if she were nothing but a depository for sperm. In every hole. Despite her husband Graham’s large cock, he now never got to fuck her – her pussy belonged to her bull, Alonzo.

Graham didn’t seem to suffer with his lackanookie condition – he had her mouth and ass any time he wanted it. Any place. And even more importantly, he was a willing participant in her adventures with Alonzo and his men. Graham watched. He beat off. He video taped for them. He ate their cum from her ass and pussy. Then, when he got her home, he used that big dick to fuck her to anal orgasms. It was like being in heaven!

Graham had business in New York, and Alyson had used the trip to the States to see her niece. Graham had promised her a surprise, and she thought her description of the events with Molly would be her gift to him. He would love hearing how Molly had plopped her pussy on her face and forced Alyson to eat it to orgasm. And how they’d spent the rest of the time either eating fine food and drinking wine or eating ass and pussy. That should make him very hard and earn her the ass fucking she wanted so desperately.

After landing, she grabbed her roller bag and exited the plane. After making her way out of the terminal, she saw a uniformed young man holding up a sign: ALYSON. While disappointed that Graham wasn’t waiting, she sized up her driver and smiled. At six feet, two or so, he was quite the hunk. He wasn’t Graham, but he was certainly very easy on the eyes. She walked up to him and looked up.

“I’m Alyson. And you are?”

“I’m Greg. This way, Ma’am.” With that, he grabbed her bag, turned and marched off. Alyson had to hurry to keep up with him, but she hung back on purpose, just enough to allow her to appreciate his handsome ass.

“Graham told me you’d like to see my ass. He was right!” Alyson was startled, but not altogether surprised.

“He knows me well.”

“Then I’ll be sure to follow all his instructions. This way.” In the short term parking section of the garage, he led her to a town car with an extra section – a true limousine – and opened the door for her. She entered the back and found an iced drink waiting for her. Greg leaned in.

“Drink up and get naked, Alyson. Leave your garters and stockings on. In any case, do it now, if you know what’s good for you!” He closed the door and put her bag in the trunk before coming back to the door on her side and entering it. Alyson was now naked except for stockings and suspenders (as the British call them); her clothes were in a pile on the floor. She had basically chugged the drink, and it was starting to have an effect on her. Whatever fear the sudden change of roles had provoked had melted into a glowing heat running through her body. Her nipples were erect and distended. Her pussy was growing wet. She was now anxiously awaiting whatever Greg (and Graham) had in mind.

“Spread your legs, Alyson.” She complied, both surprised and somewhat excited by this unexpected twist. With a deft motion, Greg attached restraints to her legs that spread them even wider than she liked. To get some relief from the pressure, she moved her ass to the edge of the seat, which then moved her pussy to prominence.

“Very nice, Alyson. Now open wide.” With that Greg placed a ball gag in her mouth and fastened it behind her head. That meant she couldn’t talk – but she could make noise. Then Greg took her hands and cuffed them to each side of the limo. She was spread wide and helpless at the hands of a strange – but istanbul escort very handsome – young man. She liked it – but she was hoping that it would go further. And it did!

Reaching into a pocket on the back of a seat, Greg withdrew a set of nipple clamps. She’d had many different kinds, but these were a favorite – obviously the hand of her husband was in the mix! Some clamps were flat plates for compressing the tissue; these had teeth that not only squeezed but could actually pierce them if handled poorly. Alyson remembered how hard she had to work to let herself wear them initially – the fear was almost overwhelming – but the immensity of the orgasm that eventually resulted made it completely worth her while. She thrust her chest forward, her very large breasts lifted as if to present Greg with her nipples as a gift. He took his time, spending time on each boob. Again, he had to be following Graham’s instructions – no one else could know how she loved having them squeezed. How she delighted in having them twisted. And most of all, how she loved the application of those clamps.

Once her nipples were fully erect, Greg applied a clamp to each. They were spring tightened and the immense pain as they threatened to pierce her tender flesh was delicious! And then he attached a chain to each one, and ran that chain to a hook in the ceiling, pulling just enough to stretch her boobs behind the nipple, ensuring a constant flow of sensations.

“I’ll try for a smooth ride, Alyson. Wouldn’t want to damage those pretty tits. But remember, this is New York and we’re known for our potholes. It may get very painful and perhaps even messy, but we’ll deal with it, won’t we?”

She grunted her assent.

“Oh, and before I forget, I have a bit more to do.” Reaching into the seat pocket on the other side, he withdrew both a large butt plug and a realistic dildo.

“Graham wanted you full before we started our little trip.” With that he reached down to spread her pussy lips and thrust the dildo deep into her. Her internal juices were sufficient to let him bury it all the way in her cunt. He took no chances with the butt plug and coated it with lube. Alyson was fully cooperative, so it too went into her with little resistance.

“By the way, the butt plug and the dildo both respond to the speed we travel.

The closer we get to our destination, the more they vibrate. Now make sure and smile for the camera, since you are being observed on our trip.” With that he closed her door, leaving her almost immobilized and stuffed full. He got behind the wheel and lowered the dividing windows so he could observe her in his mirror. Then he started the car.

Alyson immediately felt the butt plug and dildo begin to vibrate. Her already wet pussy was very receptive and when the car hit a bump and her boobs were stretched, she reached her first orgasm.

The ride proved to be one exquisite orgasm after another. The multiple points of arousal and their extreme stimulation made Alyson cum over and over again. The potholes were actually a bonus, as the flashes of pain from her nipples were sudden, sharp, unpredictable and extraordinarily stimulating. Unable to simply relax since she was bound and trapped, she was prevented from sinking into orgasmic bliss but had to also manage to stay present enough to keep her precarious perch and not rip off her nipples!

Eventually, Greg drove into an enclosed parking structure and parked the car. He came to the side, opening the door and entering the rear compartment. It was obvious to Alyson that he was aroused – the sizable bulge in his pants gave it away. After removing the ball gag and freeing up her mouth, he freed her from her restraints. Undoing the nipple clamps let a rush of bloodflow into Alyson’s nipples and she groaned as the painful sensations did strange things to her innards. The butt plug and dildo were vibrating at a seemingly insane rate of speed and another orgasm overcame her. This time she was able to fall back to the seat.

She hear the sound of a zipper and felt Greg’s hands on her head, pulling her mouth down onto his very large erection. His cock was about eight inches and very fat, and she didn’t hesitate in the least as it pressed against her mouth. She opened wide and let him drive her down all the way onto it. It entered the back of her throat and she surrendered to him as he held her head and began to fuck her mouth. Soon he was banging his balls on her chin and she felt the twitching at the base of his cock that signaled his imminent eruption. She grabbed his balls and played with them as they rose into his crotch to spew his spunk down her throat. She let him. She held him there and drained his balls dry.

As he pulled his cock from her throat, he held it in her mouth for her to suck any remaining cum from him. Finally empty, he fell back and let it fall from her face.

“That was excellent. Alyson. You can let Graham know he needn’t tip me – fucking escort bayan your face was more than enough! Now get out of the car, go through the door and into the elevator. You should press the button for the penthouse. I’ll bring all that you’ve left behind.”

With that he pulled her from the car. Her nipples still throbbed. The toys in her pussy and ass still vibrated. She had a hard time standing, let alone walking, but she followed instructions, holding the dildo in place inside her. The butt plug stayed on its own.

She was relieved to find no one else waiting for the elevator, so she backed up to the wall after pressing the button and waited, feeling her insides continue to be stimulated. She heard the elevator approach, so she turned to enter, and as the door opened she was shocked to find it full of large black men. Shocked, but at the same time delighted.

“Well, lookie here. Ain’t this a fine surprise! Momma, you seem to be going our way, You might be the treat Mr. Graham promised us. Look at those big titties, guys! Ain’t they something?”

Alyson lowered her head, looking at the floor. She felt her pussy begin to get wet again. They said Graham had promised them a treat. She was undoubtedly that treat – she knew the way his mind worked.

“Well, don’t just stand there, woman! Get yourself into the elevator and meet your new boyfriends. We like what we see!”

She stepped in, keeping her head down. She felt their large bodies close in on her. She was still facing the back of the elevator when she heard the doors close and felt it begin to rise. In addition to their bodies pressing against her, she began to feel some large stirrings about waist high. Her pussy got even wetter.

Them four men, for their part, had immediately put their hands on whatever body part was closest. She had hands on her ass. On her tits. One even found her hand holding in the dildo and removed it, replacing it with his own.

“Damn. She’s got herself a dildo in her twat! And it’s buzzin to beat the band.” Said the one in front of her, moving her hand to the growing bulge in his pants.

“Here’s the real thing, girl. You gonna like it.”

“Man, she also got her butt plugged up! I’d say she’s one horny momma.” The voice from behind her said. His hands were now squeezing and spreading her butt cheeks. The stimulation was exquisite. She felt a mouth on the nipple of her right boob and moaned.

“Oh look! She likes her tits sucked too.”

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. Alyson was pushed out of it by the men surrounding her and guided down the hall. She heard a door open and her husband’s voice was in the hall.

“Gentlemen! I see you found my wife! And how lovely, she’s already ready for you!”

“Hey, Graham, you for real? She’s for US? Don’t you care?”

“Daz, I know what makes her happy. She’s a slut. A cum dump. Especially for big black cock. I can’t wait to watch as you fuck her silly! Now come here, Alyson.”

Alyson moved to Graham’s side. She looked up at him and mouthed “thank you” to him.

“You’re welcome.” He said. “I wanted you welcomed home in a manner you’d enjoy. Afterwards you can tell me how your visit went. As a matter of fact, I’ll expedct to hear every detail after your studs have gone and I am busy licking their cum from your twat.”

“Since you’re already naked, that’s handled. Why don’t you use the loo for any final preparations you might need. Come out when you’re ready. Meanwhile, I am sure we’ll be getting comfortable.”

Alyson left the room for the bathroom.

“Now, gentlemen, I think it’s time we talked. First off, you should get naked. I’ve checked with each of you – you all said you have no problem with being around other men naked. So strip!”

It didn’t take much – tshirts and shorts disappeard and Graham then stood surrounded by four tall, muscular black men with four large cocks. While he, himself was no slouch, they were bigger than he was.

“I’m glad to see the prospect of taking Alyson has you all so enthusiastic! Had it not I would have offered some assistance but I see it’s unnecessary. All I wanted to tell you is that you have both of our permission to do anything you want with my wife. Cockslap her. Butt fuck her. She’s yours. No matter what she says – you don’t have to stop or hold off on her word. I will be the one who says stop if it needs to be said. Can you all agree to that?”

Looking around the circle, each nodded.

“Good. Then I recommend you get ready for the night of your lives. Have at it!”

At that point Alyson re-entered the room. Still stark naked, but now without any “fillings”. The nipple on her 32FF boobs were once again erect; her pussy was dripping moisture down the inside of her legs.

“Bitch, get on your knees. Now!” Said Daz, the biggest of the men. “Now crawl over to us and we want you to pull out our cocks and worship them. We heard you’re a slut for big black Pendik escort cock and now it’s time to prove it.”

Alyson immediately dropped to her hands and knees, looking up at them with her eyes glistening. She exaggerated her movements approaching them, and soon was surrounded by what looked to be a lot of cock meat. She placed her hands on Daz’s shorts and began to caress his growing dick, showing them all how impressed she was by the size. Then she bent forward and worked her tongue under the zipper, pulling it down with her mouth while her hands kept massaging his cock. That drew whistles from them. Kona, to Daz’ right, grabbed one of Alyson’s hands and pulled it to his bulging crotch as Daz undid his belt and the button on his pants. They dropped to the floor and his 9 inch dick fell on Alyson’s head. She used the position to get access to his balls and sucked one and then the other into her mouth.

Her hand on Kona’s hardon was making him bigger and harder. She could tell he was significantly bigger than Daz, and was looking forward to getting her hands, mouth and cunt very acquainted with his big member. She kept playing with him as he began to lose his pants. Soon, his 12 inches of black dick was in her hands and she felt a twinge in her cunt. That was when the dude on the other side of Daz – Willie – grabbed her other hand and pressed it onto his sizeable cock, already bare to the air and erect. He was somewhere in between the other two in length, but the girth of his dick was like a beercan and as she felt it and its promise Alyson came, her hips jerking.

“Look at dat! She be coming and we ain’t even touched her yet. Graham, you right! She’s one horny slut!” They exchanged high fives all around. By now Alyson had Daz’s black meat deep down her throat, her nose pressed up against his pubes. Her hands were busy with a cock in each. And then she felt a very large cock being laid on top of her head!

“Slut, you ain’t ever had a dick like mine!” Came the voice from behind her. “And I’m gonna start by burying it in your ass.”

“Holy shit, Jimmie, you gonna rip her a new one with that! Here’s some lube so you don’t kill her and we get some.” Said Daz, passing a tube of lube over her head.

For her part, Alyson wasn’t worried. They had no idea what she’d been trained to bear. She bent forward and thrust her ass backwards. She felt the cold liquid spill down the crack of her ass and Jimmie’s fingers soon were pushing it into her willing ass. He met no resistance, which surprised him.

“Damn, she must like it up the butt – she’s wide open. Here you go, bitch, I’m gonna fill you up!” Alyson felt his fingers abandon her back passage, and then bore down as the big cockhead began to press into her. There was just a tiny pause as her ass adjusted to the big tool, but she’d had bigger toys forced into her and so she pressed her ass back down onto his fat cock, allowing it to do deeply into her with no hesitation.

“Whoa! You see dat? She swallowed up my big hog like it was a candle! Dis woman loves big dicks!” Now both Jimmie and Daz were actively fucking the holes they were in. Daz’s balls kept meeting Alyson’s chin as his schlong drove into her throat. Jimmie was as deep in her ass as she could possibly be.

Willie spoke up. “Hey, she got at least one other hole. I want that pussy!” With that Alyson spread her legs as wide as she could, taking the cock out of her throat long enough to tell him so.

“Damn, Willie, get down between my legs and point that cock up so I can get on it. I want it in my pussy worse than you do!”

Somehow, Willie got himself between her legs and between Jimmie’s, his 10 inches pointing straight up. Alyson moved a tiny bit until she felt his head at her tunnel, and then simply dropped down on him, shoving his dick deep inside her. With Willie’s enormous cock buried in her ass, her lower body was now stuff with hot meat. Daz couldn’t contain himself and let loose, cumming down her throat in gobs and gobs. Alyson just kept swallowing the output of his balls until he was drained and fell back.

Of course, there was still that one last untouched dick – and Kona wasted no time shoving his cock down her throat. Alyson was now completely filled with hot, thick big black cock and loving it immensely. She felt one orgasm building from her ass – one of her favorites kinds! As it hit and her ass began to convulse on the cock buried in it, and that led to Jimmie burying himself all the way in her and erupting with jet after jet of hot, sticky cum deep in her bowels. Naturally, that prompted another reaction from her body and she came again.

Willie’s willie was still hard and it kept her cunt full. Kona was now actively fucking her face and she relished the sensation of being used. She was their cum dump and she wanted them to fill her with their spunk. Whatever they needed or wanted – she was theirs to command.

As Jimmie’s cock began to deflate, suddenly Kona has his buried in her throat and she felt it pump his cum directly into her belly. At the same time, Willie’s cock erupted, washing the walls of her cunt with his hot liquids. She’d now sampled the cum from the four of them – but she felt she was just getting started.

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