Amazons – Part 2


Amazons – Part 2Tarzan is still as erect and as hard as ever. As he rises from behind the girl he wraps his big right hand around the middle of his thick cock and slowly pulls it. He is horny and ready to go again. Who will it be next?Slightly to his right the huge wolfhound stirs.As soon as Tarzan had injected his huge load in to the small warrior, Queen Laya was already rising from her throne and removing her halter top as she did so to reveal her large, firm pendulous breasts. Her skirt came off a while back and now she slides her right hand down into her a****l skin bikini type bottoms and rubs her dripping pussy.Tarzan spots her and needs no second invitation. He releases his grip on his cock and moves toward her. As he walks, his huge erection bounces in front of him, much to the delight of the girls who have just been watching him nail Ona. And as he strides towards the Laya, initially his cocks sways from side to side so he takes it in hand again and pulls it menacingly. He can’t wait until it is buried in the pussy of the stunning woman in front of him.Behind him, Ona is slow to recover having momentarily blacked out from the intensity of the last, multiple orgasms. As she lies there still face down, the huge wolfhound comes up sniffing as before, causing the other girls to move back. The dog first licks her tight ass and then nuzzles in between her thighs. Remembering how it felt before when his rough tongue ran over her pussy lips earlier, she lifts herself up on to all fours. The dog responds by going at her wet pussy with its long tongue again.As Tarzan gets close to the Queen, two warriors appear from the shadows behind the throne and point their spears at him to halt his approach. So he stands there pulling his cock, waiting for the next sign. The fingers of Laya’s right hand are now sliding frantically from side to side undercover of her skimpy bottoms. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is becoming increasingly shorter. She moans and starts to stiffen and then shake as the next orgasm rises from her swollen clit.As he watches, Tarzan is tempted to pull himself off kaçak iddaa at the debauched sight in front of him but he resists; keen to use the lust to give Laya a real good fucking, when he can get near her!Laya slowly regroups. Hooking the thumbs of both hands in to the waist on each side of her panties, she eases them off her hips and down her firm thighs until they slip to the floor. Now she beckons Tarzan to come to her. The two warriors lift the spears and step back into the shadows so he can approach. Tarzan stops pulling his cock and steps toward the Queen.As soon as he is near enough, Laya reaches out, wraps a hand around his shaft and pulls him close to her. As soon as he is near enough, she places her left hand on his right shoulder, rises up on her tiptoes and kisses him full on the lips. As he kisses her back her tongue darts into his mouth to wrestle with is. At the same time her right hand is now tugging on his big cock so Tarzan reaches down with his right hand sliding his fingers through her thick bush to stroke the juicy lips of her swollen labia, causing her to moan.Lust was running high now and the smell of sex filled the air. Whilst many of the Amazon warriors are watching the proceedings intently, others are have been overcome by their own lust. To the left a tall leggy warrior and a shorter curvy girl are completely naked and engrossed in each other. They are laid on the floor between each other legs so that their pussies touch and they are grinding. Both have long dark hair, which is lying over their ample tits as they shudder. Both have big brown swollen areolas and rock hard nipples. The areolas and nipples on the bigger girl are so swollen that they distort the shape of her ample boobs.Tarzan is doing a good job on Laya’s clit, his fingers rubbing back and forth over the swollen button causing her to moan and shudder. He senses her next orgasm is getting close as her tugging on his shaft is becoming ever more frantic,……and then it hits,…..and her whole body shakes.She is so horny now and desperate to feel his equine cock inside her. She releases her grip on kaçak bahis the shaft and turns away from him. Leaning forward she rests her hands on the arms of the throne, presenting her big round ass to Tarzan.“Fuck me! “ Laya commanded.Tarzan didn’t need telling twice.He steps up behind and taking his cock in hand, he slaps the top of his shaft on the bottom of her back a couple of times. Then he pushes the head down between her cheeks and eases his hips forward until the throbbing bulbous head is lodged in the swollen lips of hey dripping her pussy. He crouches slightly and slides his hand up along his cock shaft his fingers are under the head. WithHe is in position now, so with a slight push upwards with his fingers and a good thrust forward with his hips, he forces the big bulbous head and a couple inches of cock inside her.“Jeeez!” She squeals as his entry stretches her tight pussy, despite her being sopping wet. Tarzan is on a mission now, to give this horny bitch a good fucking. Taking hold of by the hips he pulls his cock back slowly. As he does so, she is so tight it pulls the pussy lips out as if they are reluctant to let it go. But was there was no need to worry as, holding her in place, he then thrusts forward send 6 or 7 inches up her chute.“Fuck!” she squeals.So he obliges, repeating the process this time driving all 11 inches up to the hilt so his taut torso hits against her firm round buttocks with a slap! Tarzan pulls back slightly and then rams in to her again with another slap. He is just about to do the same again when Laya calls out.“Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Given me time to get used to your size. It feels like I have a horse cock up my pussy!”So as he waits he slides his hands up her flanks from her hips until he has hold of her large hanging tits and he kneads them roughly. At the same time, with his cock pressed deep inside her he tenses his buttocks. This causes his entire shaft, and the head in particular, to jerk and swell even bigger. She moans her appreciation.“You want to fuck yet?” He asks, after a minute or so of playing with her tits and tweaking her illegal bahis long, erect nipples.“Yes, ready now. But take slowly! She orders.“ We will see about that!” Tarzan thinks to himself.So standing up again, he moves his hands back onto her hips and starts to move his own hips back and forth to the rhythm of lust. He does go slowly at first, moving 5 or 6 inches in and out of her sheath with each stroke. Each pull back dragging her pussy lips out with his cock and each thrust forward driving his full length back into her, up to the hilt.A few of the warriors have moved up closer to watch the action. Most of them have now lost some, if not all of their clothing. The two girls who were grinding are there to. The taller girl is stood behind her mate and has her one arm around her waist, with her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit.Her pussy is dripping now, her juices running down her legs and making Tarzans shaft glisten in the dim firelight. With all the juice there is not so much friction now so Tarzan begins to up the pace of his onslaught. As with Ona, his huge girth is working Laya’s G Spot so to help herself along she takes her right hand from the arm of the throne to thrust it back between her legs to rub her clit. At first her legs start to wobble under her and Tarzan, with his hands still on her hips, has to hold her upright her. Then, as she starts to cum again, her whole body begins shudder and shake.“Cummin!” she squeals as she starts the first of a multiple orgasm.But Tarzan is too focused on his own pleasure to notice. His hips are thrusting back and forth at speed, driving his long, thick shaft in and out of her now sloppy pussy like a piston. And as Laya enjoys her third orgasm in a row he lets out a huge raw as with the next thrust up her chute her he buries his first squirt deep inside her. He hold it there for a second or so then pulls back before thrusting forward with the second squirt, then another, then another until he has shot his huge second load of the night, this time inside the Queen.After a few seconds, as they both recover he pulls back, letting his cock slide out of her. As he does so, his cum oozes out between her swollen labia lips and drips to the floor. As before, despite his exertions, his cock is still erect and as big as ever.To be continued!

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