Ambers Daddy and his need for me


Ambers Daddy and his need for meHill walking has always been something I have enjoyed since my p*****n years, in fact it is part of the Swedish lifestyle, skiing, swimming, to name a few others.One memorable moment was when I had a pee outdoors, again something that’s very common and a great necessity, when the urge takes over.Most people, especially women, will nip behind a bush or disappear into the undergrowth, in case any males observing, take the wrong meaning of the girls intentions.I was out with my friends family in the large archipelago, we were camping for the weekend on one of the islands, and had decided to go for a morning walk, myself her and her father.There was a slight awkwardness between us, as I had shared a tent with my friend, which was pitched next to her parents, and as we lay there, we heard them having sex and her mother having a loud orgasm.It did not take long for him to realize he had had an audience, during his lovemaking, but at the same time he must have wondered at our thoughts, as we heard the pleasure he was giving her.Of course in our ignorance, we would equate orgasms to the size a man had to put inside you, so I guessed each time he caught me looking at him, I guessed he assumed I was wondering about his penis.Well he would not have to wait long for all our answers to be answered, as Amber said ‘I need a piss’, and he said, ‘Amber, the word for a girl is Pee’, to which she replied, ‘Whatever’, too much Jerry Springer for her.She ran down to the waters edge and took her knickers off and waded into the sea, almost 50m from our vantage point up on the hill.He stepped down a little and looked back up at me, grandbetting yeni giriş now sitting down with my knees drawn up under my chin, ‘What about you Mariel, would you like to take a Pee’.He was looking directly at me and his words hit me like a shock, we were alone and somehow I sensed his question had a double meaning, with strong sexual overtones.I was old enough to understand the ways, and sensuality between men and women, and I was looking at a man, who only a short time ago, was engaged in fucking, and I could hear every breath he made and every groan he omitted, as he thrust into her, now he was confronting me.’If you need to go’, he persisted, ‘Dont be shy’, he added with a broad warm smile on his face, but the swelling in his pants told a different story, he was sexually excited, now he was on his own with me, and he wanted me to expose myself, I mean he was really bulging now.’The water looks too cold’, I offered in my defense, not saying no, just admitting to there was a need, but not wanting to hide from him.Encouraged with my reply, and coupled by a sense of needing to strike, while the iron was hot, he suggested I slip my knickers down where I sat and just do, ‘It will be our secret’, he added, I knew then he was a pervert with a passion for girls.I was having flushes of warmth, the same as last night as I lay listening to him, but this was stronger, more pleasurable, more sensitive, and a big dollop of raw excitement, at the thought of showing myself to a man who wanted to look.Hooking my thumbs into my knicker elastic I eased them down my thighs, still sitting, only raising my bum to ease grandbetting giriş them off my hips. down my legs and off over my feet, soon they lay crumpled on the ground, discarded, a thin layer of discarded protective cotton, leaving me exposed to his view, and as he focused hard on my slit, thrust forward with my thighs parted in a very indecent fashion.I stared hard into his face, now contorted with lust, as he alternated between my angelic face and my swelling cunt, I knew what I was doing, it had gone past the point where I was a friend of his daughter, ‘I heard you last night’, I blurted out uncontrollably, lifting my small bum of the grass as if to emphasize my growing needs and his desire to sample what I appeared to offer in my inexperienced and eager manner.He looked back over his shoulder at Amber, she was swimming, having taken her dress and knickers off, she was nude and keeping a safe distance.I was trying to pee, but it would not come out, ‘You are very beautiful Mariel’ he muttered, ‘Open yourself and let me look inside you’, I obeyed, as I parted my lips, spreading them as far as I could pull them open, that was when he took his cock out.It was the biggest I ever saw, swollen and thick, almost as big as my wrist, circumcised with a dewdrop of seminal fluid forming on the slit on the end, he was wanking it, unashamedly and unabashed by what he did in front of me, or what he started saying, his language sinking to sewer level as his cock grew and rose, in unison with his desire to impale me.’Did you like what you heard last night Mariel, as I fucked Amber mother,, immediately followed by, ‘Were you grandbetting güvenilirmi touching your tight cunt, did you hear her cumming’, he was no longer talking to me, he was in full wanking mode and my exposure was aiding him in achieving his final aim.He stepped towards me and I instinctively fell back onto the ground, legs wide open and as he sand down onto his knees, his cock came into contact with my open pussy.It was warm and soft, firm and exciting, I seemed to be opening up, parting but the feeling of fulfillment, of being stretched, forced my eyes closed, my mouth open as I gasped in sheer bliss, and when I felt the coarseness of his pubic hair brush against my swollen clitoris, I had my first true orgasm, as my lower body’s inner working gripped onto this fleshy rod of raw pleasure, but it had to end, as he pulled out of my offering and a hot stream of sperm flew from its end and landed on my exposed tummy.I opened my eyes to witness this ejaculation, and to my horror, Amber was sitting alongside us, still naked, and staring at me as I convulsed under her fathers onslaught.’Can I daddy’, she asked him pleadingly, and at quick nod of his head, she bent forward and retrieved his seed from my stomach, her tongue lapping me clean.He stood up, adjusting himself and tucking away all the bits exposed, ‘Right girls’, he barked, ‘Time for breakfast and no more talk about what just happened’, Amber laughed, ‘We promise daddy’, she spoke as she looked seriously into my face, I smiled and added, ‘Sure, no problem’ and we all made our way back to the tents.’Well’, asked Amber, ‘Did you like it’, I was confused as she told me we were doing it for a lot longer than I imagined, ‘I must have passed-out’ I replied, then smiled inwardly at my suggestion, but no harm done as I did have a few answers to my curiosities answered that weekend, never mind one of the best experiences in sex, that remains deep in my physique even to this day.

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