Amber’s Family Pt. 05


A Week With Daddy

Michael was awakened from sleep by his cell phone buzzing on his nightstand. His daughter’s sexy young body was half laying on top of him, her hand gently wrapped around his cockshaft. He removed her sleeping form from himself carefully and Sat up, grabbing his cell phone and answering the call.

His wife greeted him on the other end. “Hello Michael” she said. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too hunny” said Michael. “How was your day?”

His wife proceeded to tell him about the plane ride, her car rental, and finally getting to her sister’s home. She had pneumonia. It wasn’t serious enough for her to stay in the hospital, but it was quite debilitating. Shannon had cleaned her house and gone grocery shopping for her that day while continuing to watch over her. Kirsten had finally fallen asleep a half hour ago, and after getting ready for bed Shannon had called.

“Did Amber do as we thought?” Shannon asked, a mischievous sound to her voice.

“Yes.” replied Michael. “We had quite the full day.”

“Michael!” exclaimed his wife. “I want to hear about the whole thing!”

Michael told his wife about their sexy first day alone with each other, not leaving a single incident out. Shannon commented here and there, laughing at some of it, and asking him to repeat other parts. Her breathing was noticeable on the phone as he began to tell her about how the way he had fucked their daughter for the first time tonight. After telling her everything he waited for his wife’s reply.

“Michael,” she said sexily, “I am so happy for both of you, and so proud of Amber!”

“I wish I had been there.” she said. His wife’s heavy breathing was more pronounced.

“Can you get yourself off tonight Shannon?” Michael asked, clearly understanding that his wife was masturbating to his hot story. “Yes, but I miss your cock so much already!” she said, continuing to fuck her own cunt with her fingers.

Shannon needed to cum at least twice a day to maintain her sanity. She seemed to be a slave to her own lust, but Michael helped her out so much. His sex drive was even larger than her own, and she was always satiated by him. Michael began to repeat some of what Amber and he had done during the day in more detail, giving her more material to get herself off.

A few minutes later and Shannon was moaning into the phone, her orgasm crashing over her sexy body.

“Oh Michael, I needed that cum so badly.” she said breathlessly. “I can’t wait to get home to you again.”

Michael said that he missed her too, and promised he would call her every night with more stories of what happened during the day between his daughter and him. They both said I love you, and he hung up the phone.

He looked over to his daughter and noticed that she was looking back at him.

“You told her everything Daddy!” she said with wonder in her young voice. “Is mom mad at me?”

“No hunn,” he said. “I suppose I should tell you that your mother gave me permission to do anything at all with you during the week that she is gone.”

“Oh Daddy, I’m so glad!” said his young daughter excitedly. Amber looked at her father’s cock and her hand immediately wrapped around his half hard member.

Slowly jacking his cock, she said “You told me that you would try to make my fantasies come true this week daddy.”

“I did.” said Michael. His eyes roaming her sexy young body.

“And I told you I wanted to be your whore.” said Amber sexily. “And I also said I wanted you to treat me like a little slut.”

Michael’s cock was mostly hard again as his daughter spoke these filthy things to him, the whole time jacking his cock with her small şişli bayan escort hand.

“You usually fuck Mommy two times before going to sleep Daddy,” she said. “but you only fucked me once. I need you to fuck me more.”

Michael pulled his daughter’s light body on top of him and began to kiss her passionately as her little hands continued her work on his fuck meat. After a hot long kiss, he sat his daughter up, her legs spread wide straddling his, her cunt mashed against his cock. He took hold of both her large orbs and massaged them, lightly pulling on her nipples. She arched her back and began to use her cunt to masturbate his thick rod, sliding up and down the whole length of it, her small pussy lips spread around it’s girth. Her juices leaked on to his fuck stick and her tiny clit was being heavily stimulated by the movement. She began to moan.

Michael’s cock was now fully hard, ready to fuck his little teenage whore again. He stuck a finger in her slutty mouth and she greedily sucked on it like a miniature cock, continuing to grind on his shaft.

Michael let his little fuck slut work herself up, grinding away on his shaft. She moaned again trying to speak. He removed his finger from her mouth cunt and she said “Daddy, I need it badly.”

He wrapped his hands around her small waist and pulled the little nymph up so she could no longer grind on his shaft. She whimpered disappointedly, holding his cock with her hands. He grabbed his cock at the base, and pointed it up towards her fuck slit. “Oh!” she said excitedly, as his cock touched her tight young twat.

He guided her down on his cock, her sweet young cunt beginning to get invaded for the second time that night. He continued to push her down on his large fuck stick, her tight cun’t mercilessly being forced open to accommodate, until he could get no more inside her, her fuck hole too tight. He had impaled himself halfway this time, with one go.

Amber’s eyes grew wide at the feeling of her pussy being forcefully invaded. It hurt some, but made her moan.

Holding her waist tightly, he pushed her up his cock until only the tip remained inside, then forcefully pushed her down on it again, ramming his meat deep. “Eeee!” wailed his daughter as his cock was forced deeper. He repeated this 3 times, his cock hammering deeper into her cunt with each thrust. She wailed out in pain and pleasure each time. On his fourth brutal impaling his cock disappeared completely inside his fuck slave.

Michael groaned with satisfaction and looked up at his daughter. Tears were streaking down her scrunched up face, but she continued her moans. Her hands were resting on her father’s chest for support.

Grabbing her hips, he began to force her body up and down quickly on his fuck shaft. He watched her breasts jiggle with each brutal impaling. He was using her body roughly.

This continued for minutes, his daughters moans became gasps of pleasure. “Yes Daddy!” she said “It hurt at first, but now I love it!” as he continued to use his daughter like a fucktoy.

He was now jack hammering her twat brutally, his daughter almost screaming, as he pummeled her. Michael was in good shape and was able to keep this up for long minutes.

Amber couldn’t speak. Her young pussy had never before been so brutally used. The only words that came out were moans and screams. Her pussy was on fire. She felt a cum building up from the relentless pounding, threatening to overwhelm her again. sweat covered her young body, making it glisten.

Michael felt his balls tighten against his cock and sped up even more, only caring about his impending orgasm. He continued to fuck his daughter like a machine. Soon he was şişli escort cumming, as he roared out in pleasure, shooting his fuck sauce deep inside his teenage fucktoy.

Amber heard her father’s powerful yell and felt his Jizz squirt forcefully against her cervix. It was too much. Her fuckchannel began to spasm and she screamed in orgasm, shaking hard, her lips quivering, tears streaming down her face. it was all she could do to hold herself up as the powerful waves pulsed through her young body. A minute later, her father still slowly fucking her, she collapsed on his chest.

Michael stopped his fucking and placed his hands on his daughters tender ass. Every ten seconds or so his daughter would shiver and buck against him, as a small wave of mini orgasm hit her. she was murmuring and mumbling unintelligibly.

“Amber baby” said Michael, “are you ok?”

His daughter seemed not to hear him. She was in her own world. He had fucked his teenage daughter senseless again. he looked down at her face. She had a peaceful look upon it, though tears had streamed down. Michael gently wiped the tears from off her face.

“Daddie..” she said, about a minute later, “You fucked me so hard!” she hugged him close, her large breasts mashing against his strong chest.

“Yes baby I did. I used you like a fucktoy. Did you like it?”

“Oh yes!” said the teenager, a smile on her face. “I loved it!”

“Good” said Michael, his hands caressing her smooth skin. “I have powerful urges too you know honey, and I need them filled, just like you do.”

“Yes Daddy, I’m glad. I want you to use me like a fuckdoll whenever you need to.”

“Why don’t you clean your cunt out while I recover for a few minutes.” said Michael

“Ok Daddy!” said Amber, climbing off him and onto her back next to him. She began scooping all the fuck juices onto her fingers and greedily eating them up. She liked the way she tasted, but she loved her Daddy’s spunk.

Michael watched as his daughter diligently scooped out all the cum she could from her small twat, sucking her fingers over and over again.

She really was the most beautiful girl in the world. Only his wife compared. Feelings of deep gratitude filled Michael as he looked at his new sextoy. She had proved to be just as slutty as his wife was for him, and sometimes even more horny.

A few minutes went by and his daughter declared “All finished Daddy” She looked down at his cock and her hands immediately shot to it, One hand cupping his precious balls, the other holding his heavy cock. It began to stir.

“Suck on my cock baby girl” said Michael.

Amber immediately got on her knees and, brushing her long hair out of the way, took his prick into her warm wet mouth. Michael put his arms up, his fingers intertwined and rested his head on his hands. He closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the feeling of her blowjob.

His cock was mostly soft when she started, but Amber kept on sucking and tonguing it’s head and shaft, determined not to let her Father down. Soon she was rewarded when it began to grow in her mouth. Her young tongue kept busy massaging his cock flesh. She began bobbing up and down on his ever thickening rod until a few minutes later It stood completely at attention, all 9 inches. She Bobbed her head on it with renewed vigor, and in a few moments she felt the cock take on its familiar steely hardness that she loved so much.

Taking her mouth of his cock she said excitedly “Daddy, I did it!, Your cock is ready again.” she continued to jack his large prick with both of her hands. She was very proud of herself.

Michael opened his eyes and smiled at his happy daughter, “you did good baby girl.”

She mecidiyeköy escort gave him an amazing smile and said “I think my cunt is ready for it again.” Amber’s pussy was sore from being fucked, but she wanted another try. She was becoming addicted.

Michael got up and told his daughter to get on her hands and knees facing him. She excitedly got into the position arching her back so her wet pussy was clearly showing between her generous ass cheeks. She waited excitedly to be fucked for her first time from behind.

Michael got on his knees and positioned himself behind his daughter, pushing her leg a little wider apart, he lined his cock up to her waiting snatch. grabbing her ass forcefully, he pushed his cock into his daughters fuck channel for the third time that night. This time he forced his member slowly, all the way into her tight snatch until his balls rested against her pussy.

“NNNgghhh, Daddy!” moaned his daughter as the invader filled her to the brim.

Without wasting another moment he began to fuck his young daughter forcefully, with long strokes, massaging her ass as he did so.

Amber was in heaven. She loved fucking this way! she loved her father’s strong hands worshiping her ass. She especially loved the way her father’s huge prick filled her up completely inside. Her breasts hung off her chest and jiggled with each of his strong fuck strokes. She began to push her young body back in rhythm with his powerful thrusts. “unhhh yes!, uhnnn fuck!” she moaned.

Michael grabbed his daughters long silky strawberry blonde hair and pulled it, forcing her head up, as he continued to fuck her mercilessly.

Amber loved the way he was using her, pulling her hair, being so rough! “Spank my whore ass Daddie! Spank it like you spank mommies!” she pleaded.

Michael obliged, spanking her ample ass cheeks, first the right, then the left, not incredibly hard, but hard enough to sting. He continued to piston his rod into his daughters fuck hole all the while.

It stings! thought Amber. Tears sprung to her eyes as her father spanked her again and again. She let out a squeal of pain and pleasure each time. I think I really like it! she thought as her ass became hotter and hotter from her father’s expert blows. His spanking had made her pussy gush with even more fluid than before.

“I love it Daddy!” she wailed, as he continued her spanking. Finally deciding she had had enough, he grabbed her hips and fucked her with all the strength and power he had, using her tight cunt to get himself off. Amber began to have mini orgasms that shot through her overworked body.

She was being fucked even harder than their last time, and she moaned non stop. Her young pussy was being completely abused tonight. Her heavy titties bounced and jiggled violently with the vigorous fucking.

A few minutes of this and Michael’s load came to bear. He rammed his daughter faster than he ever had, then he let out a powerful guttural yell as his third delivery of the night shot through his rigid cock, into his daughters tight hole. His balls completely emptied themselves of the rest of his potent jizz.

Amber continued to have her mini orgasms around the thick invading cock, and when he came inside her she moaned happily.

Michael pulled his tired cock from his daughters overheated puss and lay down on the bed. Amber quickly fell over on her side without anything to hold her up any longer.

“Amber hun, come here,” he gently said.

She slowly crawled to her father’s side and lay down next to him. “Daddy, I liked that one too.” she said. “My cunnie came lots of little times while you used me.”

He pulled his young slutty daughter up so that she was facing him on her side, and began massaging her breasts. He took her right nipple into his mouth and began to contentedly suck on her hard nipple.

Amber moaned softly, a small smile on her face and closed her eyes.

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