Amy and Her Father Go Shopping


“So Amy, tell me,” Mom said leaning over the table to look straight at me, “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“What?” I responded dropping my spoon into my bowl and looking up at Mom, “What are you talking about?”

“Oh Amy dear, don’t be so coy. Not only am I your mother, but I’m a woman too, and I recognize the glow of a girl who’s been getting some action between the sheets.”

“Oh my God Mom!”

“Stop being so uptight Amy. Sex is a natural, healthy and wonderful thing. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. You look radiant my darling daughter. Whoever he is, he seems to be doing all the right things to you. I wish I could say the same for your father, but he hasn’t touched me in months.”

“Mom, please! Too much information!” I reply desperately hoping she’d change the subject. But it’s true; although it hasn’t even been a whole week yet, I’ve been having sex every night since last Monday and it’s been incredible. I was unsure about the whole thing at first, but I’ve now fallen deeply in love and in lust with an amazing older man who has the ability to make my entire body pulsate with pleasure.

The only problem is that this man is my father.

I guess the attraction had been building ever since my 18th birthday, but it all came to a head after Mom, Dad and I came home after we had been out for dinner to celebrate my 19th birthday. I had been wearing a black dress with matching stocking and panties that my father had bought me, and I don’t mind saying I looked really pretty with my slender figure, long legs, B-cup breasts, long brown hair and dark brown eyes. When we got home Mom had gone straight to bed having drunk too much, while Dad came into my room to fuck me. He was extremely confident and persistent about what he wanted to do to me, but I wanted it too and we ended up spending the entire night together. I lost count of the number of times he blasted his incestuous cum inside me.

The next day Dad went to work exhausted and I went to my classes exhausted, not seeing him again until later that night when he came home just in time for dinner. Whenever Mom wasn’t looking or went into another room he would do stuff like grab my ass, or cup my breasts from behind, or gently bite my neck; all without saying a word and then acting like nothing had happened the moment Mom reappeared. It drove me crazy and by the time I went to bed my slender body was yearning for him.

That second night, Dad didn’t disappoint. I don’t know what time it was, but at some point he opened the door to my room and slowly entered. I tried to speak, but he whispered that Mom wasn’t drunk this time so we had to be quiet in order not to wake her up. That proved to be easier said than done. Dad climbed onto the bottom of my bed and pulled my sheets off. He kissed my toes, then feet and then worked his way up my legs. He slid his hands up under my nighty, hooked his fingers under the elastic of my panties and then slowly pulled them down. Dad continued kissing my legs, this time focusing on my inner thighs while he slowly pushed my legs open, exposing my naked glistening wet pussy to the night air.

When Dad first ran his tongue up and down my sensitive little vulva I had to bite my hand to stop myself from crying out. It just got worse as he started to flick his tongue over my clit, and even worse when his hands reached up to pinch my hard nipples. Boys I had been with in the past had slobbered on me down there for thirty seconds of so thinking that was suitable foreplay; nobody had ever done it with the skill and expert technique of my own father. He told me I tasted just like my mother and then continued his oral assault on my pussy. Daddy chuckled into my trembling little hole while an orgasm washed over me and I tried to muffle my screams by holding my hand across my mouth.

After making me cum like that Dad lifted himself up on top of me, kissed me hard so I could taste myself on his lips, and then pulled his cock out of his boxers and pushed it straight into my pussy. Once more he fucked me throughout the night.

The next few days after that were the same – I’d hardly see Dad all day if at all, but the night was ours to fuck and explore each other’s bodies. Last night Dad told me how he liked to have his cock and balls sucked, and I was so good that he didn’t get a chance to cum inside my pussy and instead sprayed his seed all over my face. I can still taste my father on me now.

“Amy? Amy? Have you listened to a word I’ve been saying? Goodness me, you’re off with the pixies!”

“Sorry Mom, I was a million miles away.”

“I could tell! This new mystery man of yours must have made quite the impact.”

“Mom, please drop it.”

“Okay, okay, okay! Just tell me that you’re being safe and using protection.”

I wasn’t and I’m still not on birth control, and neither Dad nor I cared, even though the first time we had sex was my most fertile time of the month. In fact, the possibility of me becoming pregnant to my own father excited both of us.

“Who poker oyna needs protection?” My father asked as he walked into the kitchen with a big grin on his face.

“Your very coy young daughter. She’s got herself a man.”

“Has she now,” smiled Dad, “Lucky girl.”

“Yes, if only I could be so lucky,” said my mother pretending to be dramatic. Dad winked at me and then slapped Mom on the butt telling her she might get lucky tonight. Mom shrieked with surprise and then told Dad off for fooling around in front of me. I went bright red. Not because I was embarrassed, but because suddenly I was angry and jealous. Dad fucks me now. Not Mom.

“So Amy,” Dad said changing the subject. “What are you doing today?”

“Nothing, I guess prepare for tomorrow’s party.”

“Well I’ll tell you what, why don’t you and I drive to the mall and I’ll buy you something to wear.”

“Really?” said Mom, “You bought her that new dress last week. Goodness me, you’re spoiling the girl. When was the last time you bought me anything?”

Ignoring Mom, Dad looked at me and I could see the lust in his eyes, “What do you say Amy, want to have some time with your old dad at the mall?”

I swallowed and nodded yes. Dad told me he’d be ready to leave in half an hour once he’d had breakfast so I should quickly go and shower and get dressed. As I left the table to go upstairs Mom turned her back on us to make Dad a coffee. Dad grabbed me by the arm and whispered, “And Amy, wear a short skirt today, okay baby? Something that will get me nice and hard.”

“Yes Daddy,” I whispered before running off, lightheaded with excitement.

After showering I went to my room to get dressed, choosing a plain white bra and panties, and a tight white t-shirt that best showed off my little breasts. I already knew what skirt to wear – a small, thin, black leather skirt that I had when I was much younger. I was glad I hung onto it since leather skirts are back in fashion again. The only problem was that it was now too small for me, but somehow I didn’t think Dad would mind. I put on a pair of shiny black patent leather shoes and left my bedroom.

As I walked down the stairs, Dad was waiting at the bottom for me and just like he did on that first night, he crouched down and tilted his head up to look straight up at my skirt.

“I’m never going to get tired of seeing that,” he said.

“Seeing what?” Mom asked as she walked past on her way to her and Dad’s bedroom.

“Our beautiful daughter looking happy and full of life,” replied Dad.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and Dad scooped me up in his arms to kiss me hard on the lips. As our tongues entwined, Mom called out from the bedroom, “You two better get moving before the mall gets too busy.”

Dad pulled free of our deep father/daughter kiss to call back out to Mom that she was right of course. He then took me by the hand and we went out to the car. After buckling ourselves in and pulling out of the driveway, Dad took one hand off the steering wheel and placed it on my thigh.

“So Amy, feeling any morning sickness yet?”

“Dad! What a thing to ask.”

Dad laughed and told me he was only joking. But he did then ask if I had missed my period so I explained it wasn’t quite due as I was only just at the very end of the fertile part of my cycle.

We drove in silence for a bit, with Dad’s hand creeping further and further up my thigh and onto my panties. Dad broke the silence by ordering me to take my panties off and sit forward so I would be on the very edge of the car seat. I lifted my hips so I could slip my damp panties off from underneath my little leather skirt. My panties fell down around my shoes as I shuffled forward to perch on the edge of the seat. Dad’s hand returned to between my legs, this time with the two middle fingers extended so he could slide them into my pussy. With one hand on the car wheel, my father used his other hand to finger-fuck me.

My breathing was getting heavy, but I managed to ask, “Daddy, are we really going to the mall?”

“Of course we are princess. I know that at the moment I mostly see you late at night when you’re in your nighty, but I want you to have nice things to wear for when I see you during the day too. Things that make you feel sexy. Things that make other men lust after you. Things that you can wear while I fuck you.”

“I want to look nice for you Daddy,” I gasped as his fingers curled inside my pussy and pressed into my sensitive spot.

Dad pulled into the mall and somehow managed to park with one hand on the wheel while the other continued to touch me deep inside in a way I knew a father should never touch his daughter, but I craved it all the same.

With his other hand now free he was able to undo his jeans and take his strong, hard cock out. He smiled as my eyes lit up and my pussy got even wetter. “This is all for you Amy. Tonight after your mother has gone to bed, this will violate the little hole where my fingers currently are.”

That sent me over the canlı poker oyna edge, and I arched my back and came all over Dad’s hand. Once the orgasm died down, I slumped back into the seat in a state of bliss, while Dad removed his fingers from my pussy and slid them into my mouth. I sucked them hungrily, tasting my own passion all over them.

“Amy,” Dad whispered, “I can’t go shopping with you while I’m this hard. Think of how distracting it will be to both of us. Help me out babygirl.”

Dad removed his fingers from my mouth, cupped the back of my head with his hand and pulled my head down towards his lap, where his cock was standing to attention.

“Dad, wait! There are people everywhere!”

“They can’t see us Amy,” he said as his pushed his cock up into my mouth. My little hands clutched his thighs for support as his cock parted my lips. “You drive me crazy kitten. Today I want to focus on buying you nice things and I’ll go mad if I’m just thinking about fucking you the whole time.”

I couldn’t reply as my mouth was full of my father’s cock, so all I could do was suck on it like he had started teaching me and try to make him cum as soon as possible. Suddenly Dad lifted my head up off his cock and pulled my face into his so he could kiss me, “God damn it Amy, you’re doing so well. But it’s now time to make my cum. Make your father cum Amy.”

Gasping for breath I managed to say, “Dad you’re insane! There are seriously people walking past the car and looking in! You told me to wear a short skirt because you wanted me to get you hard, and now you’re acting like you can’t stand it anymore.”

“That’s because I can’t stand it Amy. I had no idea I’d get this turned on. This is the power you have over me. I love looking at your hot little body as you parade around the house, knowing that I can’t have you until later on. It’s such sweet torture and I thought it would be fun to go out in public with you while I was filled with lust, but I can’t control my desire for you.” Dad reached out and pushed some of my hair back behind my ear, “I love the way your hair frames your cute little face, I love how your little tits poke out underneath your tight t-shirt, and I love your smooth thighs underneath that absurdly short skirt – you’re my dream woman Amy.”

“Oh Daddy,” I sighed as I leaned in for another kiss. Our kiss was tender, and as our lips interlocked I started stoking his cock with one hand while my other hand reached out to caress his balls. He moaned deeply, broke the kiss, and pushed my head back down onto this cock. This time I was using my hands, mouth and tongue to coax Dad’s cum out, and his thrusts into my mouth were focused and deliberate. Soon he was moaning in the way that I knew meant he was close to cumming. I intensified my stroking and sucking and was overcome with pride for how much pleasure I was able to give to my father. How many other girls are lucky enough to feel such pride?

Dad was now bucking his hips hard up into my face and loudly moaning, “Fuck yes, Amy! God, you’re a born cock-sucker! That’s my girl! Oh fuck Amy, you fucking cocksucking whore, you fucking little whore!”

Normally I’d be furious if a man called me a whore, but I was in a public parking lot with my panties around my ankles and my father’s cock in my mouth so on this occasion it seemed fitting.

I quickly swallowed the first salty blast of my Dad’s cum as he pumped his next load into my mouth. I was no longer aware of what Dad was saying as I just wanted to swallow as much of his love as possible. When he was done he let out a loud sigh, gently lifted my head off his cock and kissed my forehead. We both sat back in our seats and looked at each other. I playful raised my eyebrows and let a small stream of cum run out of my mouth and down my face.

“Oh Amy, what did I do to deserve a daughter like you?” he grinned.

I giggled and attempted to scoop up as much cum as I could with my fingers and back into my mouth. Sitting there with my pussy drenched from the fingering Dad had given me and the taste of his cum on my lips, I realized how unusual and how amazing my life had become. I didn’t even care if this shopping trip was a sham; I just loved being with him.

“So Dad,” I asked, “Are you really going to take me shopping for clothes?”

“Amy, yes! Wow, you really are suspicious of your old Dad.”

“Gee, I wonder why? Is it because you’re my father and you fuck me behind Mom’s back?”

“Hmmmm sarcasm, I see young lady, it’s going to be like that! And here I was thinking you’d be grateful for some new clothes.”

“Oh Daddy, I am. Of course I am. I’m sorry. You’re just kind of unpredictable these days!”

“Well, that’s a fair point. Amy, I love you and I love you looking cute and sexy. Are you good with that?”

“I’m good with that Daddy.”

We leaned in to kiss again and Dad buttoned up his jeans. He told me to clean myself up while he went to buy a ticket for the car. I watched him as he left the car and walked straight into a stern matronly internet casino old woman who was standing right by the back window glaring at me.

“Disgraceful!” the old bitch said to my father, “That young lady is young enough to be your daughter. You ought to be ashamed.”

Dad stared her straight in the eyes and snarled, “Well I’m not ashamed and for your information, she is my daughter. She’s also the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Dad strode off leaving the silly old bitch behind and for a second I was worried she’d have a heart attack, but instead she shuffled away muttering about what the world was coming to. I pulled up my panties, smoothed down my skirt and checked my face in the mirror. Satisfied that I didn’t look too much like the incestuous cocksucking whore that I had become, I stepped out of the car.

The old woman wasn’t the only person who had been watching me suck my Dad. A car had pulled in right next to us at some point and in the driver’s seat was a cute red-haired girl my age who was starring at me like a rabbit in headlights. I met her gaze and she became all flustered as if she’d been starring for some time and hadn’t even realized it. She grabbed her stuff from her car’s passenger seat, quickly left her car, and half ran to the shops. She passed Dad who was walking back with the parking ticket and gasped when he grinned at her.

When Dad got back to the car he put the ticket on the dash, locked up and took me by the hand. As we walked to the shops in the same direction the spying red-head had rushed off to, Dad commented that she looked startled.

“I think she saw us Dad and then heard you tell that old lady I was your daughter.”

“Oh I see. Well, I suspect we may have awoken some longing inside her. Maybe her father is going to be a lucky man tonight. I have to say, I envy him. She’s a hot piece of ass.”

“Dad, don’t even joke!” I felt myself getting jealous again.

“Oh Amy, you’re still my girl,” he said as we walked into the mall and his hand slipped under my skirt and grabbed my ass.

“Daaaaaad, I though you weren’t going to do that,” I said as I self-consciously wriggled free, aware that there were people everywhere. “Wasn’t that the reason why you made me suck you off in the car? To keep you calm for at least a few hours. You need to behave.”

“We’ll see Amy, we’ll see.”

We spent the next hour or so going into some of my favorite stores to buy skirts, summer dresses, tight little tops and even a cute new pair of shoes, but soon Dad was directing me towards the mall’s most expensive department store. He wanted to buy me some more dresses like the little black one he bought for me on the night when we first had sex. He didn’t care how much the dresses cost, he just wanted them to be elegant, sexy, short to show off my legs, and tight across the chest to show off my little perky breasts. He also wanted them to be easy to unzip and to be easy to bunch up around the waist. He explained all this to the saleswoman who gave me a funny look and said, “And what does the young lady think about all this?”

“Oh, that’s all fine,” I stammered, “Whatever Dad says.”

Daddy smiled warmly, and put his arm around my waist, pulling me in tight.

“Ah I see,” said the saleswoman, “He’s your father.” She smiled. “Well, I suppose Daddy knows best,” she said winking at him.

“He sure does,” said Dad as his hand slipped under my skirt once again, pinching me hard on the butt. I yelped and the saleswoman leaned it close to talk to us quietly:

“My own daughter has a relationship with her father that’s similar to yours.”

“I not sure I know what you mean,” said Dad looking at her cautiously.

“They live together at his place in the desert as man and wife.”

“Ah I see,” replied Dad before leaning down and kissing me on the lips while squeezing my ass again. “Hear that Amy? We’re not the only ones who have this kind of relationship.”

“And you’re cool with you daughter being with your husband?” I asked the saleswoman.

“Well, for a start, he’s sadly not my husband as we split up before our daughter Rachel was born. But we’re very amicable. Rachel’s only just met him for the first time recently and neither of them could control their feelings for each other. It’s beautiful what they have together, but I miss my girl and I’m also a little jealous! But the attraction between a father and his daughter is a powerful thing, as I’m sure you both know all too well.”

We all smiled in agreement and the saleswoman asked us to wait while she went to find some dresses that she thought matched Dad’s specifications.

“Do you think Mom would be as easy going as her if she ever found out about us?” I asked Dad.

“God no! Are you kidding?” Dad replied incredulously, “I think she’d kick us both out! But even if she were okay with it, I like keeping it our little secret.”

“A secret? You tell everybody you meet that I’m your daughter and you are fucking me!”

“Only strangers Amy, nobody we actually know. I love the look on their faces. It’s especially hot when you realize how much they are turned on by the idea. Like that redhead from earlier. Boy I hope she goes home to fuck her Dad tonight. Maybe I could teach her some moves!”

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