Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave


Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House SlaveChapter OneIt’s 3:25 and I’m expecting my next client. He’s a regular that I’ve been cutting his hair for about a month. He will be here at 3:30 on the dot. As usual I am nervous. My name is Amy. I’m 24, single and like almost everyone my age, I’m waiting for mister right to come in and sweep me off my feet.I’ve been working at this parlor for about two years and not much goes on around here. I had resigned myself that all guys were after one thing and not what I was wanting or needing. That all changed the day that Mr. Kesler came in to get his hair cut.It was four weeks ago today. I was working with my regular co-worker when he walked in the door. The door chime rang and in walked the man of any young woman’s dreams. He’s had to be in his mid 40’s, about 6’4” tall with short brown hair with just a tinge of gray showing. He was wearing a nicely tailored suit and sunglasses. I nearly tripped over myself trying to get him signed in and led him back to my private room. This is an upscale salon, being that it was in a nice part of town. I had him sit in the chair and asked him what he was wanting today. When his crystal blue eyes met mine, it felt as though he saw right to my core. He saw the self conscious little girl, who couldn’t seem to find what she wanted. I quickly averted my eyes and found myself looking at the ground. His deep baritone voice eased my anxiety. “Why don’t we start with a hair cut.” I looked back up to find him smiling.I felt a tingle that started in my nipples and went straight to my nether region. This man really had me off balance. I placed the gown over him and lean him back in the chair to wash his hair. I lathered him up and was gently running my soapy hands through his hair. I looked down and noticed that he was staring at my breasts that were just inches away from his face. I have rather large nipples and they are usually in a constant state of arousal as I have had them pierced since my “goth” days. But now they were really aching. I started to rinse the soap from his hair and accidentally brushed one of my throbbing nipples across his face. OMG, I was totally embarrassed. What was I doing? I brought him forward and started toweling the excess water from his hair.He noticed the redness and said, “ you look lovely when you blush.” I thought I was going to die right there. This man made me so nervous. How was I going to continue if I couldn’t stay focused? “Thank you” I replied, totally mortified. “How would you like your cut?” I went on, trying to cover my nervousness.He again looked deep in to my eyes and said, “off the collar and thinned on top.”I start combing and began cutting. My hands were steady but I was shaking inside. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I hadn’t had sex in a few months or the fact that I felt he somehow knew my inner secrets. This man had some kind of power over me. How I knew that or why I felt this way was a mystery to me, but yet I knew he did.He sat quietly, with his hand folded in his lap, while I finished cutting his hair. My sex was humming and my nipples were tingling. At some point while leaning in, I accidently bumped into elbow with my vulva. I could have cum from this little contact. It’s all I can do to finish with his hair. This man had me so excited. I’m not sure if it was the embarrassment or some other magic powers he possessed. A moan must have escaped my lips as he made a comment.“Are you alright? You seem on edge.” he said.“I feel like a school girl. I’m sorry. I won’t make you pay for this cut.” I say, trying to hide my embarrassment. He looks again into my eyes, “I tell you what, I pay for the haircut if you go for drinks with me.”I’m visibly shaken. “Sure, I get off in an two hours.”“Then I will have my driver pick you up at your place at say 6:00?” he says as he rises from my chair. He hands me a crisp $100 and tells me to keep the change. I write my address on the back of my card and hand it to him. “Please, I can’t accept this, its too much.”He smiles as his eyes light up, “don’t worry, I look at it as an investment. I’ll see you soon, dress sexy for me tonight.” With that he turns and leaves getting into the Mercedes that has been patiently waiting for him.My heartbeat is racing, thinking of all that I have to do before 6:00. The rest of my shift was slow. As soon as I got home, I stripped and hopped into the shower. My thoughts were on Mr. Kesler, as I ran my hands over my soapy body, cupping my breasts, tickling my stiff nipples. I insert a finger into each ring and slowly twist them bringing canlı bahis a slow ache that sends a surge of electricity to my pussy. A low groan escapes and I send a hand down my stomach to my lips. A finger splits my slit, dipping into my wetness. I quickly let myself moaning Mr. Kesler’s name.After toweling off, I look through my closet for something to wear. I don’t have many options so I end up picking my only real sexy dress. A basic black strapless number that comes to about mid thigh. I pick out a nice garter and panty combination and a pair my black stilettos.When I finished, I look at myself in the mirror. “Oh Amy, I would fuck you.” As I strap my heels on, I hear the doorbell. There is a nicely dressed man waiting and he escorts me to Mr. Kesler’s Mercedes. I slip in trying not to show too much leg. The thought of being exposed does excite me. I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist. “Good evening Amy. My don’t you look lovely.” I attempt to pull on the hem of my dress as my face is flushed. “Thank you Mr. Kesler.”The flushing of my face is not the only reaction my body makes. My nipples are beaded and straining against the fabric of my dress. I also feel the slickness on my pussy. This man has some secret connection to my body. I’m afraid my panties will not hold all of my moisture.He must be hearing what I’m thinking because he whispers in my ear, “slip your panties off and give them to me.”I look into the beautiful hazel eyes, then towards the driver in front. He’s laughs, “Michael has been my driver for years. He is very discreet.”I pulled the hem of my dress up revealing my garters and the tops of my stockings. I slipped my fingers in and pulled my panties down and off. I handed them to Mr. Kesler. He pulled them to his face and inhaled deeply. I knew he could smell my arousal and a blushed again.“You smell heavenly Amy, are you excited to be with me?”The heat in my core was boiling over. “Yes Sir.”He placed his hand on my thigh and told the Michael where to go. As we rode, his hand moved up my leg until it was just at the edge of my pussy. I found myself clenching my legs, trying to get his hand to move closer. His teasing was driving me crazy. Finally his fingers grazed the lip of my moist folds. trailing a finger up through my wet lips, I gasped a short breath as my head went back. Taking the wetness from my core, his finger finds my swollen clit. He circles my bud softly around the edges, teasing me still. I let out a soft moan. Mr. Kesler’s other hand goes to my breast, slipping under my dress, cupping my soft flesh. While his finger dances around my clitty, his hands squeeze my breast, and finding my nipple pebbled and aching. He takes my piercing and twirls it. I suck in a quick breath. I am teetering on the edge of an orgasm, lost in sweet bliss. I bit my lip and struggle closer to my climax. Just as I am about to reach that pinnacle, Mr. Kesler pulls his hands back.“Uuhhhhh! I’m sorry Sir, did I do something wrong?” I ask, trying to hold my frustration to a minimum. “No my pet, just trying to keep your attention. Do you think that you’ve earn an orgasm yet?”“No Sir, I guess not.”Chapter TwoWe arrive at the restaurant and Michael gets out and opens the door for us. When I move to get out of the car I can’t help but give him a flash of my wet and swollen pussy. His face is unreadable as I step out of the car. The place is lovely and romantic. The maitre d recognizes Mr. Kesler and we are quickly escorted to his table. It is in a quiet area with soft lighting and somewhat secluded. The waiter is there for our drink orders. After he leaves, his hands are on me again. His fingers move to my folds and he slips two fingers into me with such ease. I am flooding between my thighs. His thumb is teasing my clit as the waiter returns.He pours our wine as Mr. Kesler’s finger softly fuck my swollen hole. I try to keep my cool but my face is flushed and breathing ragged as Mr. Kesler tastes the wine and approves. The waiter pours us both a glass and asks for our dinner order. Mr. Kesler orders for us both and we are alone again. I am fluttering on the edge of my orgasm too. He removes his hand.“Would you like to cum Amy?”“Oh yes Sir, I would.”“Don’t you think I should have the pleasure first?” With that he takes my hand pulls it to his lap and I feel his hard cock through his slacks. I squeeze the rather large lump. I have had a few men in school but this felt like the biggest cock I have ever had. “Of course Sir.”“Then slip down under this table and see that I’m well pleasured.”Now I’m not the bahis siteleri kind of girl who does this kind of thing. I’ve had my experiences with guys who try to control me and it usually never worked. But this man had some kind of power over me. Some kind of magic that had me slipping under the table. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. I reached into his shorts and removed his engorged cock. I ran my thumb over the bulbous head, catching the drop of pre-cum and smoothing it around the head. I could barely get my hand around the girth. Leaning forward from my knees, I wet my lips and took his large cock into my mouth. Laving my tongue around the crown as I took as much of his root into my mouth as I could. His hand guided my head down further as I strained to take more into my mouth. As the swollen head hit the back of my mouth, I relaxed my throat to take him down further. I tried to calm my breathing as Mr. Kesler pulled my head down on to his throbbing cock. I have always loved to give head. My previous boyfriends had benefited from my oral fetish but never had I been under a table at a fancy restaurant with a cock down my throat. But here I was and floating in ecstasy.“Amy you’re doing a great job. You may touch yourself but you’re not to cum. Do you understand?”I attempted to disengage and reply but his hands kept my mouth on his cock. “Yeth thir.”As my head continued to service Mr. Kesler’s gorgeous cock, my hand slipped down between the folds of soaking wet pussy.“MMmmfff” I moaned on his cock as I stuffed two fingers into my pussy.His moan told me I was doing a good job. I could feel the engorged veins of his cock as my wet lips moved up and down his shaft. Swirling my tongue around the head then back down my throat. I forced myself down as far as I could go, taking as much of his cock as I could. His grunts told me he was nearing the end.My fingers were working my pussy as my thumb rubbed the hard bud of my clit. His hand grasped my hair and guided the speed and depth of my mouth. His cock started to swell as I prepared to take his gift. At that moment, he thrust his hips forward and buried his cock in my throat. His cum rushed down my throat, wave after wave until he pulled out and rubbed some on my face.I closed my eyes as he painted my face with his wetness. Then I took him back into my mouth a cleaned him thoroughly.before stuffing his still semi-hard cock back into his trousers. Then I moved back to my seat.My face was flushed with arousal and slick with his moist cum. I used my wet fingers that had just been in my pussy to scoop his seed off my face and into my mouth. He leaned and softly kissed my forehead.“That was a lovely skill you have there Amy. I look forward to use of it on many occasions.”“Thank you Sir, it was my pleasure.”I was just licking my fingers clean when our dinner arrived. I’m sure my hair was mussed and nipples were pressed against my dress aching to be touched. The waiter had a questioning look on his face but said nothing. After a wonderful meal and after dinner drinks, Mr. Kesler settled the bill and we were off for a drive around town. He left my panties on the table for the waiter. Chapter Three The evening was cool as I snuggled next to Mr. Kesler. With his arm around me, his strong hands cuddled me. I felt safe and secure. I still had not had my release and was wondering if my suffering would ever end tonight.I moved my hand up his leg to find a nice lump in his trousers. Squeezing it, he let a low growl escape.“So you wanting more fun my pet?”Blushing as I peeked into his eyes. “If it pleases you Sir.”“It seems you were made to please me. Remove your dress Amy.”It was dark but I was still somewhat reluctant to be naked in his car. But when he unzipped my dress I slipped out of it and presented myself for Mr. Kesler in my garters and heels only. He had me sit across from him.“Why don’t you play with yourself my pet. Show me how excited you are to be with me tonight.”I cupped my breasts, squeezing them hard. Taking my nipples between my thumb and forefingers. Twirling my piercings, pulling them out away from my body. I’m not a real pain slut but I wanted to show Mr. Kesler that I would do anything for him, to please him.My nipples are very sensitive and shuddered with this hard play. Sticking two fingers in my mouth, I wet them and ran them down between my breasts, down my abs to my my pussy. I let the fingers slip through the folds of my pussy. I pushed them deep inside as the rush of endorphins swept my body. Pinching my nipple while I jammed my fingers güvenilir bahis into my sloshing gash. I looked up and saw that Mr. Kesler was removing his hard cock. I licked my lips hoping I would get to taste him again.“Turn and get on your hands and knees pet.”I did as I was told but was embarrassed as this had me almost side by side with Michael as he was driving. I’m sure that my flushed face got even redder. I could feel Mr. Kesler’s hands on my ass as he gripped me. He rubbed his warm hard cock up and down the lips of my channel, slapping it with his engorged head. I was mewing and pushing back against his teasing.SMACK SMACKHe gave a slap to each of my ass cheeks.“Hold still, you will get your reward.”I attempted to not move. I could feel my channel clinching, waiting for something to fill it. I felt the bulbous head of his cock at the entrance to my core. Still slick from all of the teasing, it slipped in a few inches. God I felt as though he would split me. But he was gentle and let me adjust to his girth. When he felt I was ready, he pushed into my pussy. Then squeezed my ass cheeks and brought me further down on his cock. Wow, I was so full. It took my breath away. He slowly pulled back, leaving just the head inside. I thought I was going to die from need.Mr. Kesler grabbed my hips, “Are you ready to cum Amy? You must ask for permission.”“Oh yes Sir, please let this girl cum Sir, please!”With that he rammed his throbbing shaft into me. His pace was without mercy. My pussy was being stretched and used for his pleasure, his purpose. I found myself pushing back, meeting his pounding. My breasts were jiggling with each thunderous thrust. I was so close to breaking in two, so close to losing all control.“Come for me pet.”He grabbed my hair and pulled back. When that happened my eyes met Michael’s in the rear view mirror and I lost myself. The wave of my orgasm washed me over the edge and broke apart into a million pieces, my eyes never leaving Michael’s. Still working my pussy with long deep strokes, I feel his cock swell before his impending release. His need now my need, I clinch my channel milking his shaft. My pussy like my mouth earlier is sucking his cock, aching for his seed. Squeezing, milking, sucking, and needing. With that Mr. Kesler rams his cock to the deepest part of core, shooting wave after wave of pulsing hot spunk into my depths. This sends me over the edge once again as my eyes roll back into my head. Having my senses built up all evening, my world goes black. When I wake up Mr. Kesler is stroking my face and holding me close to him. I again feel protected and safe.“Are you alright my pet? You worried me.”“Yes Sir, I guess it was just too much for me. I’m fine now.”I was fine, as good as I have ever felt in my life. The ride back to my house was only a few minutes away. I hated that our evening was already ending. I slipped my dress back on and straighten myself as we pulled into the driveway. We both got out and Mr. Kesler walked me to my door.“Amy, I had a wonderful time. You were more than I could have ever hoped for and I have a proposition for you. My friends and I run a sort of institution of learning and think you would be natural for. It’s a school for submissives. Training men and women to submissives and slaves. You would be taught how to serve a Master or Mistress and become their property. Is that something that you would interested in?”My eyes immediately went to the ground. My heart hurt that he was only thinking of making me someone else’s slave. I wanted to serve him. I think I was about to cry when he lifted my chin with his finger.“Why so sad little one?”“I wanted to be yours Sir.”“My pet, I’m sorry. I thought that was a given. If you accept, you would be trained to be my slave.”“But Sir, I have known of your wedding ring all night. What would your wife think?”He took my face in his strong hands, “Amy, my wife is one of my submissives. We have a very special arrangement.”“One of your submissives?”“Yes she is only one. I have three, my wife Chloe, Max our black bull stud, and you if you choose to attend the institute.”I jumped into his arms, holding him tight. His loving arms wrapped around me. I started this evening hoping for some kind of change in my life, maybe finding myself and now I find myself at a crossroads. Should I stay in rutted ordinary life or leave and take another path.Mr. Kesler put his hands on my shoulders and settled me down.“Amy, I want you to take some time and think this through. Its a big thing to ask.”“I will Sir.”He bent and kissed me, his tongue delving in and owning my mouth. How could I not submit to this man. God he owned my body already.“You have my card. Call me when you’re ready my pet.”“I will Sir, and thank you for the lovely evening.” To be continued…….

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