An Accidental Quarantine Ch. 03 – Final


Thank you for reading this series. I have enjoyed creating this story.

This episode will close the door on Thomas and Sarah’s quarantine adventure but will, perhaps, open another for Thomas.


The days march on in quarantine. Thomas and Sarah lose track of what day it is as they revel in each other’s company. The days are full of burgeoning lust and brilliant conversation. The torrid nights leave them fuck drunk, and the mornings are erotic and tender.

The day 10 check up by the department of health was uneventful—no fevers, no symptoms. Day 14, a Friday, arrived and the final check from the department of health was done by early afternoon. Neither had symptoms and Thomas and Sarah were advised they free to leave the apartment!

All this freedom, but where were they going to go? The bustling metropolis of New York was eerily quiet. Museums are closed, restaurants are closed and bars are closed. Despite this, they ventured out and walked around Thomas’s neighborhood enjoying the afternoon sunlight. Even though the day was fading, the sun on their skin felt so beautiful.

They walked a lot that afternoon—ambling along arm in arm or hand in hand talking. This was to be their last night together, as their trip was supposed to return the next day, and thus their time together would be over.

Thomas had to get something off his chest.

“Sarah” he began, “these two weeks have been amazing. We’ve known each other for many months and it has been a blessing, but during these weeks you have given me so much more than I could have ever expected. Confidence, passion, creativity and even fearlessness.”

Thomas continued, “You have given me back a sense of myself, the confidence that I have passion and love to give and that I deserve it in return. More than your friendship and the special bond we’ll always share from this experience, that confidence is something I can never fully repay.”

“Despite not being able to go where we planned, this has been an amazing time.”

Sarah stopped Thomas and took his face in her hands, “Thomas, you are a wonderful human, a wonderful lover and an incredible father. You deserve happiness and contentment.”

She kissed him deeply, tongues dancing, breath suddenly ragged, arms wrapping tightly around one another. They were immersed in only each other as if underwater. No cared that they carried on for several minutes. If it was a normal Friday in New York they would have been accosted in a “New York Minute” but not today.

The kiss reluctantly broke and they resumed their walk, heading back to the apartment.

While walking, Sarah said “I am happy for you, and proud of you for opening yourself up to me, and to love. What do you think life will be like for you now? What do you seek?”

Ever pensive, Thomas was silent a moment before answering. “I search for fulfillment. Emotional,

physical, sexual fulfillment. It sounds selfish when said out loud, but part of that is achieved through

giving. Achieving fulfillment through giving it to another. I’ve raised kids, sacrificed for a family,

provided for family. I would like a partner who understands and has a similar perspective. Gaining

through giving.

I don’t want to be on Tinder or Match or any of that. I feel like I am open to receive now when I wasn’t


Sarah nodded thoughtfully, saying “Gaining through giving, can I use that sometime?”

Thomas laughed “Of course! By the way, don’t think you are getting rid of me even with this opened

heart. I will still be booking you up once a month!”

Sarah laughed and added “We will have a hard time topping this stretch, but trying will sure be fun!”

They returned to the apartment and wanted to freshen up before dinner. Sarah showered first, then Thomas.

When Thomas came out of the shower, he was just in a robe and he meandered to the kitchen. Sarah was at the stove waiting for a pot to boil. She was naked save for an apron. It was an incredible sight. The contrast of her long dark hair against her flawless skin was striking. As were the sensuous curves of her butt and the sides of her breasts. The apron was tied loosely and she was seemingly lost in thought.

Thomas’s robe parted as his cock swelled. He came up behind her and leaned to her ear while pressing himself against her.

“Turn off the stove” he whispered firmly as his hands slid under the apron and up to her delightful C cup breasts. Her nipples were hard instantly as his hands brushed over them.

He nibbled at her ear, and kissed his way softly down her neck and along her shoulder. His hands continued to stroke her gently, now one hand on her breast and another drawing gentle curves down her abdomen toward her smooth mound. His deft touch and whisper soft kisses brought out goosebumps all over her. He was only a few inches taller than her 5’5″ frame, but yet seemed more imposing in this position.

“I love the way you touch me” she gebze escort said. “I cannot get enough of it.”

His hands continued to tweak and tease her, he pulled her back into him and she felt his rigid cock press between her cheeks. One of his hands untied the apron, and he used the other to pull it off of her.

She was gently grinding her butt against his hardness, and she reached behind her to pull his robe the rest of the way open.

“I need you” he moaned.

“Take me here” she whispered.

He spun her around, picked her up and turned to put her on the butcher block island behind him. Her legs were spread and she lay back, mostly supported by the island. His robe fell to the floor and they were both naked.

He took the apron he had taken off her and covered her eyes with it, gently tying it around her head as a makeshift blindfold. “I promise I won’t hurt you” he whispered. “I just want to tease a little.”

She was breathing heavily as his fingers gently traced up her calf to tickle her behind her knee. She giggled, and he took his hand away. Several seconds passed with no sound and no touching. She writhed and whined, aching for his touch. He watched her perfect breasts rise and fall with each breath, and her beautiful pussy gathered moisture as she became more aroused.

His next touch was halfway up her thigh tracing toward her pussy while blowing on it with the gentlest of breath. She quivered as his hands neared her core when he abruptly stopped. Next he took his fingers and traced her collarbone and down through her cleavage. He took a clean pastry brush from the drawer and brushed gently over a nipple. They both gasped at how quickly her nipple stiffened, and it was aching to be devoured.

Thomas touched her nipple with the tip of his tongue. Sarah reacted like a small shock passed through her. After doing the same to the other nipple, he paused a moment. Her breasts were heaving. He placed his mouth at the top of her breast, consuming as much as he could. Sarah cried out in ecstasy, and began to grind her groin against Thomas.

Thomas continued to tease her with feather light touches and kisses. He kissed a trail down her belly to her mound. He randomly kissed each petal of her glorious flower, doing so to heighten the sensation. Sarah was going crazy with the removal of her sight and the random jolts of pleasure generated by touch. Several more passes with lips and fingers had Sarah on the verge of cumming.

Thomas could sense this and he decided to end the tease. He bent low, blew delicately on her flower and then, with a firm tongue, licked from her perineum to her clit. This elicited a near scream as she grabbed his head and held it to her pussy. He licked and kissed her labia as she gyrated her hips. His tongue dove into her silky sweet depths, searching for the source of her copious wetness.

His tongue rolled up to her clit and flicked it as her breath became jagged and ragged. He gently pursed his lips around her clit and gently sucked and her moans rose in pitch. Two fingers found their way into her folds and curled just enough to touch her spot. She went off like a rocket.

“Ahhh! I’m cuuuuummmmiiiiinnnngg!”

She continued “Oh, oh, ohhhhh THOOOOMMMMAAAS!!”

Her walls clamped on his fingers and she quivered from head to toe. Her pussy was flooded with her nectar, and Thomas drank from her deeply.

He paused and rose and removed the apron from her eyes. She sat up urgently and took his mouth in hers in a passionate, almost angry, kiss. Tongues lashed against each other as each moaned into the others mouth.

“Oh my god, where did that come from?” She demanded. “I need you now Thomas, please?” she pleaded, as she grabbed his turgid cock and stroked it.

He grabbed a condom from his robe and was sheathed up in a second. There was no more teasing. He was achingly hard and she was ready.

He speared into her pussy in one smooth thrust and both cried out “YES” in ecstasy.

He held himself in her for a moment, and they kissed feverishly. Their bodies were tight together now, holding each other in this most intimate and passionate embrace. They broke their kiss and Thomas began to stroke himself into her firmly.

The collision of their bodies shook the table.

The room filled with muffled moans. Their tongues danced while their fingernails dug into each other. With panting and ragged breath they urged each other on. Sarah begged for more, imploring Thomas to push further and faster into her.

The climbed the mountain toward their climaxes when Sarah, her mouth frozen in an ‘O’ leaned back and rolled her eyes back as the orgasm finally arrived. Thomas felt her pussy clench and ripple around his steely shaft. He stopped thrusting and held tightly to her. She bucked and writhed for several seconds before finally taking a deep breath and letting out a long wail “OOOOOOHHHHHHHH YYEEEESSSSS!”

And she continued “UNGH! göztepe escort Oh God! More, please more!”

Thomas started to drive into her again in earnest. Though he had been close to cumming, this pause gave him just enough recovery to carry on to give her one more. Onward he pushed, sliding into her slippery slick sex again and again.

They grunted in unison as their bodies collided rhythmically. “Unh…unh…unh!” “Yes…yes…yes!”

Sarah cried, “Please come with me! Pleeeeaaaassseeee!”

Thomas had been holding back, but with that he let go with a groan that lasted several seconds “Ahhhhhh! Oh my god!” He swelled and burst inside the condom as Sarah shrieked with her own orgasm. She laid back fully on the island, quivering with delight.

As both came down from their highs, Thomas shuddered and fell onto her. His hot breath was on her heaving breasts. Both were a satiated, spent, sweaty mess.

They shared some tender kisses before disengaging and cleaning themselves up. Cooking wasn’t going to happen. Dinner that night became takeout in their bathrobes with plenty of fine wine and giggles; and sleep washed over them quickly.

The last day of their time together dawned as a gorgeous spring morning with bright sun and gentle breezes filtering in the bedroom window. Both Thomas and Sarah were awake early, freshened themselves up and lay again together in bed talking, laughing, tickling and teasing.

Thomas upped the ante by taking Sarah’s hand and gently kissing each fingertip. She then took one of his hands and gently sucked the tip of each finger into her hot mouth. Thomas closed his eyes as she did that and could almost imagine that velvety soft mouth on his cock, quickly bringing him to hardness.

He opened his eyes again and leaned into her, kissing down her neck, along her collarbone and down to her full breast and firm nipple. He teased her nipple with the tip of his tongue, which brought out a soft moan from Sarah.

He moved closer to her, pressing his full length against her body, and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Thomas’ hands firmly but softly caressed her curves. He could not get enough of her. Her skin was smooth and firm, yet soft and sensuous. He palmed her breasts in his hands and further teased her nipples to aching hardness with his palms.

He kissed his way down her body, teasing her navel with his tongue before continuing his journey to her treasure. Her skin was glowing in the morning light with the flush of her arousal. Even before he reached her mound, she was lifting her pelvis up to meet his kisses.

He reached her core with his kisses and he pulled her to the side of the bed, him kneeling on the floor and her legs on his shoulders. With a firm tongue he dove into her depths, feasting on her sweet, musky treasure. Thomas licked up and down her pussy, flicking his tongue across her clit briefly, causing Sarah to jolt and shriek with pleasure.

He then locked his lips on her clit and hummed–and the vibrations triggered a staccato of expletives from her as she came hard. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!” she exclaimed.

“OH MY GOOOODDDD! AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCKKK! Yes, yes yesssssss!” Sarah continued. Her words turning to gibberish “Ohmy ohhh, ghnuuuk unnnnnnggggghhhhhh!”

She writhed and bucked as Thomas held on for the ride. As Sarah quieted down, a gasp filtered in the room from the doorway. Thomas looked up from Sarah’s pussy just as Sarah tilted her head all the way back to see the housekeeper, Maria, standing in the doorway with her mouth hanging open and her eyes wide.

“Well shit” Thomas thought. He quite suddenly remembered that he had arranged and prepaid for his housekeeper to clean his apartment on Saturday (that day) so he would arrive home to a clean place. Maria was certainly not aware of the change in plans.

Maria has worked for Thomas since he moved in. She is of Brazilian descent, 5’7″ and fit. Over time, Thomas came to know that she is 36 years old and divorced with teenage son. She has an alluring look, a sexy accent and a very firm but curvaceous body. She was sexy, there is no doubt about it, but she was also kind. Maria always made time to chat with Thomas after she finished her cleaning. She would enjoy a cup of coffee with him at times, and he welcomed their friendship.

There is no question that Thomas was attracted to her, and he thought she often had a sultry look in her eyes when they spoke. He also noted that her nipples were often hard when she was there, as if she was aroused. His better angels kept him from acting on any of his impulses, though there were many nights where Thomas gained release while thinking of her.

Thomas and Sarah are busted. Maria is clearly surprised but curiously not leaving. Maria recovers her senses enough to say “Hello Thomas, I am sorry to interrupt you.” but still does not make a move to leave.

Sarah recognizes Maria’s interest right away, and encourages Thomas halkalı escort to continue what he’s doing. “I think she likes to watch. Go on.”

Thomas begins teasing Sarah again with his mouth, and Sarah, still very much aroused from her orgasm and now this new sensual twist, reacts immediately, urging Thomas on. “Yesssss! Oh you are so good at that! Put your fingers in me!”

Thomas flicks her clit with his tongue and inserts two digits in her velvety hot folds. Sarah squirms, pants heavily and shrieks as he curls his fingers to touch her g-spot “Aaahhhiieeeee! Oh Goooodd!”

Sarah turns quiet a moment as she arches her back off the bed and grinds her pussy against Thomas’s face. Her core is trembling as the sensations ricochet across her body. She settles down and regains her breath and moans “OK, you need to stop!”

Maria has still not moved from the doorway, eyes still wide and mouth slightly agape. Her hands are gently stroking her own body. Sarah looks at her, and beckons her with a finger. Maria, almost in a trance, comes to the edge of the bed where Sarah has stood herself up on her knees. Sarah whispers something in Maria’s ear that Thomas cannot hear while she lightly traces her hand up from Maria’s wrist to her bicep. Maria’s reaction to the whisper and the touch is palpable. Her breath catches, her nipples distend further.

Thomas has gotten himself up off the floor and is standing, naked and aroused, watching the two of them and their brief exchange. Maria walks to Thomas and wordlessly places her hand behind his head and pulls him into a kiss. Not a chaste peck, but a primal, passionate plunge of tongues and moans and nips. Their passion explodes and drenches them as if in a rainstorm, consuming them in the deluge.

Thomas ran his hand under her tank to cup her breasts. Maria broke the kiss long enough to shed her top and sports bra to reveal her glorious globes. Proud D cups with half dollar sized dark nipples stood out from her olive skinned, tightly toned frame. Her nipples were firm and erect and Thomas latched onto them with one hand and his mouth.

Maria was on fire. She had not been touched like this in too long, and her own hands were grabbing Thomas tightly around his head and back, clutching him to her. She pushed Thomas’ head to her other breast so his ministrations could be equally applied. Her breath came in heaving gasps as if she’s held her breath too long and is gulping the air for the first time.

Thomas had twenty thoughts running through his head, and all escaped when he felt another hand on his raging hard cock. Sarah had joined the fun and started to gently stroke him as he worshipped Maria’s breasts.

All three paused for a moment as Thomas begins to tease Maria’s abdomen at the top of her yoga pants. He slides just the tip of his finger under the waistband, and glides it along her belly below her navel. Maria shuddered at the sudden delicacy of that touch and the proximity of his hands to her fiery core.

Sarah and Thomas each now take a nipple in their mouths while each pushes down Maria’s pants and panties over her firm butt, down her muscular legs, to pool at her feet. Maria is now naked and panting.

As his hands rise from the task of taking Maria’s pants off, he traces the inside of her thighs with his fingertips. She shudders again and nearly doubles over from the sensations at her breast and near her core. Maria’s mound is bare save for a small, neatly trimmed triangle pointing down to her treasure. Thomas brushes her pubic hair gently, and brings his hands up to embrace Maria again, diving in to a deep kiss.

Thomas, Sarah and Maria lay down on the bed and begin to lick and nip and kiss each other all over, drawing out moans and giggles. Thomas lays back and Maria seizes the moment to take his cock into her mouth. She takes Thomas deep in her mouth quickly and then begins to slowly and steadily rise and fall along his shaft, bringing exquisite torture along the way. She draws out the pleasure with a swirl of her tongue at the tip and a slight hum when he is fully engulfed in her. The wet warmth of her mouth is rapturous.

Sarah guides Maria around to straddle Thomas’s face while Maria sucks him, and he takes his first taste of Maria’s incredible nectar. It’s sweet with an ever so slightly spicy flavor that is at once intoxicating. Thomas takes long languid licks before firming his tongue and piercing her wet pussy with it. Thomas lifts and drops his head slightly, fucking her with his tongue. Maria responds by dropping her hips to his face to grind him into her deeply. She can no longer concentrate on sucking him, and she is bucking on his face while Thomas fondles her breasts and tweaks her nipples.

Sarah, seizing the opportunity, sheathes Thomas’ cock in a condom and mounts him swiftly. Sarah quickly takes him all the way to the hilt and begins to grind her pelvis against him, holding herself up with her hands on his chest.

Maria’s pace picks up as she nears her crest and she pushes down on Thomas’s face one last time and wails “Ohhhh yeeeesssss ssssooooo gooooood”. Maria continues grunting through her orgasm “Unh unh unnnngggggghhhhh” and releases a torrent on Thomas’ face that he gulps down like a starving man. She quivers and cries some more as she comes down from her peak.

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