An Accommodating Lady Ch. 04


“Good Lord!” said Zelda looking at her watch, “time does fly when you’re having a good orgasm. Mummy will be home any time now so we had better get cleaned up and make sure we have the same story about what we’ve been doing while she’s been at the opera.”

She arose from the sexual battlefield, where the hand-to-gland combat had been fierce, and almost poked my eye out with an erect nipple. What lovely firm tits! What lovely long legs that went all the way up to her arse. And that beautiful smile … I had really fallen with my bum in the butter this time!

“Don’t forget, Sunday is V-Day!” she said as we went arm-in-arm to the bathroom, alluding to the day she had decided would mark the end of her virginal status, with me the designated deflowerer.

“Won’t forget, looking forward to it,” I lied. This was an important event in a young woman’s life and as I had no experience of maidens I feared I would botch the job and turn her off sex for life. Still, I was flattered to be chosen and would do the best I could. Plenty of lubricant, patience and gentleness and she would crown me King of the Cherry Pickers, I hoped.

We quickly made ourselves presentable and were seated comfortably in the lounge when Ruth arrived home with her friend, dark-haired, attractive, with smallish boobs that matched her slim build.

“Hi kids, did you have a good time? This is my friend Sue, we’ve known each other since school. Got married and divorced about the same time. She’s lucky, no kids.” She laughed and hugged Zelda casino siteleri to show she was teasing.

Sue didn’t stay. “I live in the same block. Just had to come and meet you after the big build-up from Ruth,” she said with a dazzling smile. “Might see you all over the long weekend, ” she added as she let herself out.

Zelda made coffee for Ruth and me and then excused herself, saying she had to get up early for her trip to Pretoria for her dad’s birthday.

We sipped our coffee in companionable silence until Ruth said: “I’ve missed you very much. I’ve been randy all the time.” She gave me a warm smile: ”I’ve bought some lovely underwear just for you and a vibrator just for me, although you can borrow it if you want. If I’d known how much fun they can be I would have bought one a long time ago!”

We giggled over the stupid story about the blonde whose vibrator disappears inside her. The doctor says there is good news and bad news. The bad news is they can’t fish it out but the good news is that they’ve managed to change the batteries

I told her I had also missed her and was dying to fuck her. “Down boy, not tonight, not while Zelda’s here. It’s just too sordid, me fucking a man young enough to be my son while my daughter is in the next room. I’m sorry, I just can’t do it. But we will have plenty of time tomorrow. I will make it up to you.”

Seeing my crestfallen look she whispered: “I’ll give you a quick lick to see you through. But then we must go to bed – separately!”

We finished slot oyna our coffee and chatted while she teased me by opening her legs to let me look up her skirt. What a view! Diamond-patterned, flesh-colored stockings, with a suspender belt that matched the sheer white panties and lace-trimmed half-slip. Lingerie Heaven!

With a broad smile she got up to go and look in on Zelda and when she returned she kissed me deeply and moved her hand to my crotch. “She’s fast asleep.”

“First things first,” I said, pushing her gently against the wall and forcing her legs open. “Just relax, I’m going to have my evil way with your lovely pussy,” I said as I stroked her thighs and slipped my hand inside here panties. She trembled as I thrust two fingers deep inside her. “You’re wet, you randy bitch.” I whispered.

“Guilty as charged, your Honour,” she whispered back, thrusting against my fingers as I found her clit.

My other hand found a large breast and she undid some buttons on her blouse to let me slip it inside and caress the soft, wonderfully smooth flesh, the nipple standing to attention as I pulled down the soft lacy white bra and suckled her.

She was starting to come so I pushed my tongue inside her mouth, stifling her cries as she spasmed again and again against my hand, almost breaking my fingers.

After a final shudder she took my hand out of her soaked cunt and licked all her juices off my fingers, all the time searching my face with her eyes.

Then she knelt between my legs, unzipped canlı casino siteleri me and pulled my cock reverently from my underpants. Soon all that was to be heard was the sound of her mouth quietly licking and sucking me. I whispered I was going to come and she quickened her hand and mouth until I exploded down her throat. She lapped and licked all the come out of me and I stood there, knees trembling.

With a triumphant smile she pecked me on the cheek and sent me off to the spare bedroom absolutely drained. Finished.

I don’t know if you have ever read any porn on the web. The studs seem to have an endless supply of erections and enough sperm is spattered around to fill a gallon jug. After one massive, howling ejaculation they take all of two minutes to recharge their batteries and the sperm reservoir and are ready to go at it again.

Sometimes these studs don’t even need two minutes, the penis, also known as the huge, throbbing, crimson, blue-veined personal battering ram, just miraculously resurrects itself in the twinkling of an eye, and is ready to inflict more sexual carnage.

How is it done? What’s the trick? Even as a hyper-randy teenager I needed a couple of hours before I could get back in the saddle again and three times in one night was my cherished record. As I have got older I have learned to pace myself because once its gone, it’s “good night, nurse, see you in the morning”.

But I digress. I was happy enough with my performance and seemed to have satisfied mother and daughter, one way or another. The weekend was but a pup so I closed my eyes to dream of Ruth and Zelda but the slim figure of Sue, the opera friend, kept nudging them out of the way. What was the matter with me, was I never satisfied?

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