An Afternoon to Remember


Kenny was home alone that bright Saturday afternoon. His wife had gone to see her aunt for the weekend. He was pulling weeds from the raised beds in his garden when he heard the back door of the house next door open. A single woman named Carol, about 30, had moved into the house a few days before. Kenny had only seen her from a distance, while the movers were unloading the truck. She had looked pretty sharp but Kenny wanted a closer look.He walked over to the tall, lilac hedge that separated his yard from Carol’s. He pulled back the bushes to see if he could get at better look at Carol. He nearly jumped out of his skin because Carol was only a few feet away, on the other side of the hedge. She had her back to him and was bent over, arranging a beach towel on top of a lounge chair. Kenny could see that she had a beautiful set of legs sticking out below the yellow terrycloth robe that she was wearing.Kenny was in for another shock when Carol took off her robe. Instead of wearing a bikini or bathing suit, Beylikdüzü escort bayan as Kenny had assumed, Carol was wearing only her birthday suit under the robe. Kenny gasped at the sight but apparently Carol didn’t hear him. She was tanned all over, no sign that she ever wore anything while sunbathing.Carol dropped the robe on the ground and began to rub tanning lotion all over her body. As she did, Kenny got a good look at her truly marvelous body. She was about 5′-6″ tall with long, lovely legs, a splendid ass and 38D breasts. Kenny just stared in amazement, taking in all of her beauty.Once she had applied the tanning lotion, Carol set an alarm timer and lay face down on the lounge chair. After a few minutes of admiring Carol’s lovely backside, Kenny eased his way out of the hedge to catch his breath.After a few minutes, Kenny heard the low “beep-beep-beep” of Carol’s alarm timer. He waited a minute or two, assuming that Carol was changing positions, Escort Beyoğlu so that she would be laying face up. Kenny eased back into the hedge and peeked into Carol’s yard. As he had expected, she was laying face up on the lounge chair.The sight was marvelous to behold. Carol laying there on the lounge chair, her skin glistening with tanning lotion. Her big breasts rose and fell slowly with her breathing. Her nipples were partially erect, pointing skyward. Kenny could just get a glimpse of her cunt hair, a glossy black against her smooth, tanned skin.Wanting to get a better look at her pussy, Kenny moved down the hedge to a new vantage point. Peering through the hedge, Kenny gazed upon Carol’s gorgeous legs and his eyes were drawn up her legs to her pussy. Carol had her legs slightly spread and Kenny could just get a glimpse of her pussy lips as she lay there enjoying the sun. Carol’s alarm time went off again and she got up from the lounge chair, put on her Bomonti escort robe and went back into her house.Kenny went back to pulling weeds in his garden but his thoughts were still about Carol’s gorgeous body. He couldn’t believe that he had gotten such a close look and that Carol hadn’t discovered him watching her.Through the fog of his thoughts about Carol, Kenny realized someone was coming toward him across his yard. He turned to see who it was and nearly fainted. Coming toward him across the yard was Carol; dressed in the same yellow terrycloth robe he had seen her take off just minutes before.”Hi,” Carol said, “I’m Carol Slawson, your new neighbor.””Hi…Hi,” stammered Kenny. “I’m Kenny Carter.”They made small talk for a few minutes but Kenny couldn’t remember what either one of them had said. He was wondering if she was still wearing only the robe and his eyes were continually drawing to Carol’s breasts.”Well,” said Carol, “I just came over to introduce myself and give you a closer look at my body.”With that, Carol untied the sash holding the robe closed and let it drop to the ground. Kenny was speechless and his eyes kept moving from her big, gorgeous breasts to the mound of black hair surrounding her pussy and back again.Carol moved up next to Kenny and then gave him a long, slow, French kiss.

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