an akward encounter

an akward encounteronce I made a guy cum like 8 times in one evening/night. he was the dad of my best friend. he was married with 2 k**s, both were in my school it was middle and highschool they were 14 and 18 at the time i was 18 too. i didnt know it was him untill the most akward time possible. he opened the door to the room I was in, there was music going I was about 8 feet from the door, face down with makeup and whiskers and cat nose painted on, furry paws(gloves boots), ass up in the air oiled up, hands spreading it, lights pointed at it, banana barely sticking out all while wearing my skirt and stockings etc. I started begging for his cock when he walked in, toying my ass with the banana untill he walked over dropped his pants and started toying me with it. I had only had seen his cock in the pics we traded, meanwhile he saw all of me degrading myself, and I told him for weeks how bad i wanted him filling me with cum. He takes the banana out of my ass and starts rimming me and stroking my cock meanwhile my face is buried in the pillows, and its hard for me to see cause all the lights are shinging right at me from beside the door.. theres music goin and what not and he starts smaking his cock on to my ass crack and he says “I cant believe i finally get to hit this ive wanted this for years” and i thought he was over exaggerating about the one week we talked lol. so Hes fucking me doggy going hard then he goes still, then I start riding it and he starts moaning like crazy then he fiercly pounds my ass for about 40 seconds and yells “eat this cum bitch” then pulls it out and starts stroking it. I spin around an stare right at his cock grab it and swallow it once really deep and he starts to cum. i pull it out and look up into his eyes as im jerking his cock which is blowing cum on my face and thats when i noticed it was my best friends dad. i think he saw my burst of suprise when we made eye contact, he definatly tried to hide his identity till then now that i think about it. When he saw me react his cock got even harder, i think he came twice karabük escort in a row, it was really akward and i did not want it to be happening anymore and now that i look back the cock pics were in my friends bathroom,which i had used it many times lol.. he had seen my face and knew it was me before we met. because of my CL add. i guess thats why he was trying so hard. BUT I figured since we started and he came so fast i figured it wouldnt last long so he laid down and i let him keep using me. calling him daddy saying i wish we did this sooner and what not. i was bouncing on his cock to the rythm of the song while he had his hands behind his head watching me, smiling, and i was telling him i was his bitch, fuck toy, cumslut i was begging for his cock saying to let me gargle it. (even though i didnt really want it) trying to get him done quicker ( he was into degrading) and it worked, he blew another load within a few minutes but was still rock hard, and telling me to fuck him, so i did, he came for a third time by then i was degrading myself beyond reason and i thought it was over but hr got up and mounted me, he called me trash and spit on me and started to fuck me again, after a minute or two he made me start sucking him then pissed on me. he coated me in piss head to toe i was soaked, then plowed me face down in almost an inch puddle of piss cause the bed sheets were like waterproof.. It went on for hours,there was no stop, he started face fucking me as deep as he could and holding it down making me gag/puke. and when i did he would start going harder and harder, it was bad. he showed up at around 6pm i was expexcting it to last till maybe 7:30, but not like 2 am. which after he fucked me dry he left and i was alone in that mess! lol i spent many nites at his house with his son when we were friends in middleschool. we were good friends and even now i saw this guy almost daily, it was the most akward moment of my life aside from every time ive seen him after it., cause we knew the same people and for years. he met my parents at school escort karabük event things. i knew him since i was like 12. it was even more akward that he worked at our school as like a contract maintenance worker. I saw him after that from time to time at school or chyllin with my friends and he would give me those weird looks. once i was in school and he came up to me and started telling me how he wanted to do it all again. that actually happened often. i wasnt horned up or anything and i was kinda disgusted. once i ran into him in the back hallway which was closed for remodeling but i was gonna be late if i didnt use it, sure enough hes there fixing it (worst shortcut) so were standing on the platform between the staircases and he pulls out his phone and starts to show me like 100 pics of me i sent him dressed up with bananas in my ass and texts begging for cock and pics he took of my face loaded with cum and his cock in my mouth, i was not happy i told him to not have those on there and he said he looks at them every break, and every time he sees me.. i said something again like please dont keep those.. but he just kinda kept showing me them/looking at them and next thing i know his cock is whipped out and hes stroking it.. he knew i was keeping my distance since that night and he didnt like it he ended up saying “remember what i have on this phone, and how close we are to everyone you know” my heart sank.. he told me to get on my knees face down and spread my ass cheeks. right there, in school, granted the stairwell doors were shut and caution taped and you couldnt see us until you walked all the way up or down the first flight of stairs and i should have said no, but i did it. i kind of like being used like a slut even against my will its like a fetish, but.. he took more pics. he had me put the handle of one of his paintbrushes in my ass, took even more pics, he told me to beg for his cock then took a video saying ” oh look i caught __ tresspassing in this closed hall way and he was putting the paint brushes up his ass i told karabük escort bayan him to stop and even startted recording but he wont stop and is asking me to fuck him” he made it sound like he actually caught me doing that and i was trying get him to fuck me. like some crazy slut so he if were put those out… not good he puts his fone away and starts stroking his cock while staring at me face down on the floor hands spreading my ass with a brush in it. he finally stops stroking and says “boy this cocks gonna need it now” so i said casually “like head or do you want me riding it? totally not offering just wondering since i still have a paint brush up my ass, then he says “oh wow what a slut offering up the holes so easy ” he pulled out the paintbrush and fucked me doggy right there and filled my ass with cum in under 2 minutes. but then he sat on the stairs and made me give him like a 10 minute slow sensual blow job making eye contact the whole time, he kept making me stroke it, kiss the tip and sides and say things like “please let me suck it” and ” please let me sit on it” and he would take short vids of those things and while hes filming hes saying my name, the date, were we are. then he stands up and grabs my hair and literally blows the biggest load ive ever seen all over my face. its like in my eyes, my eye lashes, my hair, literally all over my face. he looks at me and kinda shakes his head like hes disappointed. i head him mumble something like”wow thats low” as he turned and walked away. so there i was alone again on my knees pants half down, i could feel his cum leaking out of my ass, and my entire face was still covered. I was actually turned on by then, so i ended up finishing myself off on the stairs pants still down face covered in cum, because i was at school i prob came in like 15 seconds tops lol but I had to make it to a bathroom without being seen etc, and it wasnt good. so second perioid of the day (which i got detention for skipping half of) i had an ass filled with cum a sticky face and 6 periods left. the worst part is that i sat 2 seats away from his son that period, and like 4 seats away the next. so i literally got used by that guy and then had to go sit next to his son, with an ass full of his cum, awesome day.. it was so akward trying to pretend it didnt happen.

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