An Awakening Desire Ch. 02


The next two hours were spent with me tied spread eagle in the shower with Stephen using the shower massage on various settings until he got the perfect stimulation. Ironically it wasn’t a massage setting that was my favorite. He set it on light spray and ran it over and under my painfully erect cock and balls as I begged for release. By the time Joshua showed up I was in aroused agony.

Steven had by this time inserted a sexual stimulant into my ass. I was wild with lust hanging from the wall of the shower. On Joshes command I was untied, dried off and dressed in my satin Happy Jacket, which Steven suggested I put on because Josh liked the way I looked when I wore it.

Later I learned that whenever I had worn it in the past when hanging out with them watching movies they usually quit watching the movie early and would most often end up fucking like mad while I lay on the couch oblivious to the arousal I had caused them. Anyway, I was led out to the living room where Josh was seated in his robe. Steven made me sit next to Josh while he took a seat next to me.

Josh looked at me for a moment shaking with excitment then swallowed and said “Steven says that you want to join us tonight and that I’m supposed to fuck you. Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked. I nodded. “I want to hear you say it. I want you to say that you want my cock inside your ass.” He spoke the last words in my ear as he uncovered his cock, which was already growing erect with anticipation. My mouth opened and closed several times as the words stuck in my throat while my eyes gazed upon his growing cock. Whispering in my ear he said “Say it…say you want my cock”

My mouth went dry, my heart pounded as my hand reached for his growing tool. Mesmerized by his length and thickness I imagined how it would feel inside me. When I came back to myself I choked out “Yes…I want you to fuck me Josh”.

Joshes cock twitched as I said the words. “I’m glad to hear that. Steven wants to watch me fuck you, Are you ok with that?” he said quietly.

I nodded in acknowledgment.”He told me” I said.

“Hmmm…are you ok with that?” he repeated.

“Yes’ I said ‘I want him to watch you fuck me” Josh swallowed hard at my answer.

Steven moved in from the other side and whispered into my ear “Rich…I would also love to watch you suck his cock” Without having to be told again I slid off the couch and crawled between Joshes legs. I noticed that he was completely shaved and had showered while Steven and I had been in my bedroom.

Kneeling before him I watched his cock grow to its full length. Wrapping my hand around the base I swallowed hard realizing that his length was well over twice the width of my hand. So I grasped the upper portion with my other hand and no less than an inch and a half remained uncovered. He had to be 9 or 10 inches in length and his girth was divine. I could not wrap my hands fully around him.

It was clear that there was no way I could deep throat him at least not this night. Maybe after a lot of practice. Even so my heart pounded as I realized that I had just committed to having this monster cock fuck my ass.

I was both nervous and excited as I stroked his cock. Moving my head in I took his balls into my mouth and sucked each one in turn causing Josh to moan in approval.

After a few minutes of teasing his balls I release them and began licking the underbelly of his shaft all the way to the top where I licked and kissed the head like a lollipop before taking it into my mouth. Josh had slid himself to the edge of the couch offering me a better angle by this time so my mouth could fit more easily over his shaft.

Unfortunately I could not get but a few inches of his beautiful shaft into my hungry mouth, though I was making a valiant effort. He did not seem to mind however as his moans were expressive of pleasure. I spent ten or fifteen minutes attending to his cock bringing him close to orgasm several times before Steven stepped in and said “OK, Rich take off your robe and make Joshua cum.” Leaning in he said in a whisper “I want to see every ounce of his cum hit your skin” Once I was naked Josh stood before me aching for release.

“Please” is all he said before I began pumping my mouth on his cock and stroking the rest with my hand. Steven had been prepared and put some lubricant on his cock causing my hand to slide more easily over his shaft.

I felt his hands on my head guiding me frantically over his cock as he also attempted to cram his cock deeper by thrusting his hips into my mouth. But I was simply not prepared to swallow such a thick, long cock, not that I didn’t try to accommodate him.

When it was clear that he was about to cum I pulled my mouth off and increased my strokes while Steven once again put more lube on just before Josh stiffened and began to moan “Oh…dear..god…Please…more…please…more…” he croaked in a strained voice. With the last word I felt his cock swell like a volcano and explode…torrents..and torrents isveçbahis yeni giriş of hot cum hit my neck and chest as he released the contents of his balls onto my skin.

Steven was mere inches from me as I took the cum usually reserved for him. But he seemed more than pleased to share. “Thats it feel his hot cum touch your skin” Rubbing Joshes cum into my skin Steven whispered into my ear “Joshua just marked you as one of us” and he kissed me in a long soulful kiss.

Josh fell to his knees panting and pulled the two of us into a hug and said “Yes, we have just taken you into our clan. You are our sex partner…our property to share” I did not fully understand the full meaning of that last statement until sometime later which I’ll discuss in another story.

Steven had moved to my front and Josh to my back so I soon felt their respective bulges pressing against me. Steven was hard and pressing against my chest while Joshes semi rigid erection pressed between my cheeks as a harbinger of things to cum. His girth felt divine resting against the smooth mounds of my ass.

My hand grasped onto Stevens cock and massaged it gently against my belly as he rubbed against me. He and Josh both kissed as my head rested on Stevens chest as I enjoyed the sensation of his cock against me. With the combination of my hand and his strokes against my chest Steven soon added his cum to Joshes and they both rubbed it into my skin together.

How long we stayed there in that hug I do not know. But when we moved it was as one and as one, we took a shower together as one and we cleaned each other off as one. One by one they took my wrists and tied me spread eagle so that I was pressed against the cold tile of the shower. I felt a cold oozing of soap as it was poured over my back and their hands soaped me up from my neck to my ankles their fingers missing no part of me.

Rinsing my body with the shower head I felt both their hands spread my legs apart as a long vibrating tool found its way to my opening. It wasn’t very thick and it found its way into my hole easily and was pumped slowly in and out as I pressed my forehead against the cold, hard tile absorbing the vibrations. “Oh, I think he enjoys this babe” Steven said

Josh knelt down “Take it out” and it was removed. In a moment I could feel him position himself behind me, kneel and before I could react felt both his hands on my hips as Steven spread my cheeks wide apart so I could feel the stretch and burn. Joshes tongue licked and teased my hole for a few moments before he buried his tongue into my ass.

“Ahh..yess..” I moaned as I let his hot tongue take me places I had never been. My body shook with excitement as he licked and kissed my ass. I lost myself in the sensations he created. When he stopped I moaned in supplication for him to continue..but was pleasantly surprised when a second larger vibrator was applied to my hungry hole. Slowly I felt it penetrate deep into my hole stretching me as it was inserted deeper and deeper.

When it was turned on the vibrations were so violent I cried out in bliss as my voice reverberated as the vibrations shook every cell of my body. I was fucked slowly until it slid in and out of my hole enough for them to decide I had was ready for more.

As I was tied up against the wall I could not tell how large or how long the vibrators were. As long as I was feeling no pain, I let them have their fun. When they removed it I felt someones fingers slip into me rotating and penetrating to the knuckle.

Stephens said “I think one more session with an even larger vibrator might be enough” I heard Josh grunt his approval. With that I hear them rummage around what I recognized as a duffle bag before I felt what I knew to be another, larger vibrator. Someone lubed it before pressing it against me. For a brief moment it pressed hard against my opening before it was slowly inserted in one slow but constant motion. I felt the smooth barrel of the shaft slide into me and go deep, deeper..and deeper than I had ever felt before. Pressing my forehead against the cold tile I must have moaned because they stopped shoving it in.

When I spread my legs and moaned “More,…more…Please…” they knew I was hooked and continued their penetration. This one they left in…and did not pump, but did turn on the vibrator.

I had thought the last one violent, but it was nothing to the deep, penetrating vibrations of this latest one. Every cell of my body shook so violently that I cried out in blissful agony…my mouth was open in a scream…with no sound…yet I was loving every sensation my body was being subjected to.

For an all too brief eternity I was in a state of vibrator induced bliss….I do not remember exactly what happened but I soon felt a hot flash penetrate my brain as I exploded in orgasm crying out…as my cock convulsed against the cold tile leaving me barely conscious hanging from the walls of the shower.

I was aware of soft pillow like velvet comforters isveçbahis giriş supporting my body. Music wafted through the air as candles and the warm glow of the fireplace light danced around the darkened room. As I came back to myself I was aware of two different warm bodies laying on either side of me stroking my naked body as I came out of my vibrator induced haze.

Stephen spoke first “Did you like that?” his hand stroked my face as I smiled and nodded my answer. “T thought so. We are going to take it slow and get you into the swing of things. We don’t want to feel rushed tonight.” His hand slid along my thigh looking at my naked body. “Roll over and face me” he said. As soon as I was on my side I felt a second set of hands on my waist and Joshes long, hard cock pressing against my ass cheeks. Soon I felt his cock nestled between my cheeks as his hands stroked and caressed my body.

Stephen lay facing me with his cock at attention clearly enjoying our recent activities. As he was laying in perfect alignment with my mouth I rolled over and began sucking his cock in a non-hurried manner taking his head into my mouth and slowly sliding my lips over his cock as my hands cupped his balls. “Ohh..oh..yes…” he moaned as I slowly pumped his cock in and out.

As I did this I felt Josh reposition himself between my legs so that I soon felt his tongue licking and teasing me with soft circular motions with brief penetrations intermixed driving me mad with lust.

In a fit of lust I pulled off Stephen and licked my way down his cock to his balls and took them both into my mouth. I sucked on them both while he groaned at my attention. After a few minutes of this he motioned for me to move back up again.

This time he sat up giving me a better angle which enabled me to take him deeper which caused him to grown a low “yes” as I swallowed his head into my throat. I brought him close to orgasm several times leaving him hanging on the edge of exploding each time…while I licked my way down his cock again.

When he came he was on his knees and I had moved to my hands and knees so I could take his cock deep….he pumped his cock into my throat savagely….until I felt his cock swell…and his breath stop..driving his cock into my throat….and explode releasing the contents of his balls into my throat.

He did not cry out because he was kissing Josh as he came, but he did let out a low and lustful moan.

Stephen was still kissing Josh as he pulled his cock from my mouth. When they broke the kiss Stephen said in a highly smokey voice “He took my cum baby. Give him yours…I want to see you fuck him…I want him to take your cock…I want him to feel your cum” As he said it they fell together in an embrace “I love you Joshua…” he moaned.

Josh kissed him back and said “I love you to babe…” he said looking lovingly into the eyes of his love. “Are you sure you want me to fuck Rich?” he said looking over at me then back to Stephen.

Stephen gave him a look of supreme affection and kissed him tenderly and passionately. “He’s one of us now…I want you to fuck him..I want to see your cock fucking his ass….to watch his face as you enter him for the first time…as you give him your cock….and fill him with your cum…I want you to fuck him..” and he kissed Josh again. When they broke their kiss Stephen and Josh had a moment where they looked at each other confirming their love for one another whispering “I love you” over and over again.

They then turned to me “Are you ready?” Stephen asked. I answered by rolling onto my stomach and spreading my legs. In a moment my ass was propped up on a foam wedge while lube was applied to the outer edges. An applicator was used to inject my insides with a large amount of lubricant.

While Stephen was lubing me for Joshes penetration, Josh was busy lubricating his cock. He stood next to the bed where I could watch and he deliberately lubricated his entire length making sure that I was watching. Soon his cock was glistening with lube he leaned in and whispered in my ear “Do you want my cock Rich?”

My heart was beating fast in my chest as I looked at the massive tool glistening in the flickering light. “Y-yes…I want your cock in my ass..I want to feel it…all of it….Please…” With that he crawled onto the bed and between my legs. His hands found my waist immediately after that I felt the heat of his manhood touching my entrance.

Stephen was laying next to me holding my hand “It’s ok. He is going to go slow and easy” and with the last word he nodded to Josh to proceed. Without any hesitation I felt the pressure on my entrance increase. I felt my ass resist his intrusion.

Stephen moved in closer and whispered “Ok, just push his cock out…it will open you up so he will enter you more easily.” I did as he suggested and I felt the head of Joshes cock slip past my initial barrier without any drama or discomfort. What I did feel was delicious pressure and body heat.

Josh waited in isveçbahis güvenilirmi this position for a few minutes before I could feel his hands firm up their grip and press his length further into me. Again I felt an increase in pressure but no pain as his head penetrated an inch or two further. My mouth fell open as the sensations of his penetration took me and I moaned in appreciation.

Stephen was sitting next to me stroking my neck and back tenderly as this happened. “Oh babe, he loves it. I knew he would” he said. Getting up on his knees he moved in to kiss Josh “He loves your cock” he whispered between kisses. It wasn’t long after that I felt another inch or two penetrate my depths. In my own passion I arched my back and leaned forward just a fraction and pushed myself back onto Josh taking even more of his lovely cock into me.

Taking my cue Josh pulled out half of what he had inside me and in one slow constant motion slid his cock back into me adding several inches to his progress. When I felt his cock penetrate deeper still I let out a moan of ecstatic bliss and said “Ohhhhhh God…yesssss!!!” Raising my head up I saw Stephen laying back on his pillows smiling at what he saw.

“This is sexier than I imagined” Steven said.

Josh spoke for the first time since first entering me “Rich, I want to hear you say ‘fuck me’…Please…say it” .

I was about to say it as he made the request and so didn’t hesitate a moment “Fuck me…Joshua…fuck my ass…God…give me your cock…..I want it all…inside me…Fuck me… Fuck me…” Josh once again slid out a little and pushed back only this time instead of only a few inches…he remainging length of his cock penetrated my depths until I felt his smooth skin touch my cheeks.

My response to this was to bury face in the pillow and moan my approval and push back against his thighs in vein attempt to take him deeper. Josh did the same from the opposite direction grinding his pelvis against mine until it was clear he was as deep as he could be.

Lifting my head from the pillow I turned around to see him and saw the ‘V’ of his abs pressed hard against my ass. The sight alone was a turn on not to mention the fact that I could feel his entire length buried deep inside me.

Turning back I lay my head on the pillow and I was directed to lay myself down flat on my stomach. As I did so steven pulled the wedge out from under me while Josh came to rest on top of me.

We stayed connected while my body got used to his large cock. His lips found my ears and neck and caressed them softly as we grew accustomed to each other.

Steven stroked my back and neck watching the spectacle of my it were. Steven knelt next to me as I felt Josh move himself up onto his arms as they kissed long and slow. Breaking the kiss Steven hissed in low shaking tones “This is more of a turn on than I ever imagined” before he attacked Josh and kissed him fiercely.

As this happened his cock was in perfect position for me to take the head into my mouth. Turning my head sideways I moved to take his cock and met no resistance. My lips took his head in and he began sliding it fractions of an inch in and out..just enough to cause him to moan in approval.

When he broke the kiss he pulled his cock from my mouth and said “You can do that later. I want you to enjoy your first ‘real’ fucking without any distractions. When I’ think you’ve been fucked soundly then we’ll sandwich you and fuck you from both ends” he said smiling.

A few minutes later I was ready and I got up onto my hands and knees. Once I was situated I rocked myself forward indicating that I was ready for things to happen. Slowly his cock pulled from me inch by inch until his head was about to pop out. He held his position a few seconds and slid his entire length into me again slowly.

Inch by inch he slid his entire length and girth into me until he was again pressing his abdomen against my skin. Raising my head I moaned “Fuuuck” as I pressed back against him. Looking up at Steven I whispered “Thank you for this” and our eyes locked.

He smiled tenderly as he took my face into his hands and whispered “You are welcome” and he kissed me tenderly. As we kissed Josh pulled out of me half way and rammed his cock home which caused me to moan into Stevens mouth which was now connected to mine. He broke the kiss and moved to kiss Josh again.

I could feel them both kneeling behind me and as they kissed. “I love watching you fuck Rich babe. I love you for doing this for me” he said and they were kissing again. Steven was soon next to me again laying on his side “Rich, do you want Joshua to fuck you?” he asked.

My answer came in a gasp as he pulled out and rammed home again. “Fuck yeah” I said as his pelvis slapped against my ass. “Oh fuck yes” I said as Joshes hands gripped me firmly and ground his pelvis against me trying to force his cock out my mouth.

Steven looked at me and said “Tell Josh to Fuck you Richard. Let him know you want him to fuck you good”.

My mouth was biting on the edge of a pillow moaning my more than obvious approval. But Stevens words were not lost to me and I turned my head to face Josh and said “Fuck me…fuck me the way you want to…take my ass and make it yours…”

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