An encounter with my step mom


An encounter with my step momMy stepmom and I used to have a very “close” relationship which later evolved into something that I regret to date. We had a shop where I used to assist serving the clients over the holidays. I am a very humorous guy and I got along easily with female customers. Unknown to me, my stepmom had this weird feeling that I might be fucking some of the clients which was not the case. Ok, I am the first born of my father’s k**s (though now all grown up) and my father was always away on business trips while my younger siblings were in boarding schools.In the evenings after closing the shop we would watch FTV and like any young dude in his early twenties, the FTV shows really aroused me. This went on for some time until one day when my stepmom sent me a very weird text message. In the text, she told me how she loved me and that my presence always made her feel secure. At first, I thought it was just güvenilir bahis motherly love though I was confused and I never replied. The following day as we served the customers she asked me whether I saw her text message of which I told her I did. She then asked me whether I felt the same towards her, this got me confused and I felt shy to respond. She then told me that she would like me to be close to her like I was with the clients.”You always flirt with them, don’t think I don’t see the way you look at them” she said. From that moment she would sit suggestively or rub her body against mine as she moved around while serving the clients. This new development really made very uncomfortable and I became very withdrawn.My poor dad unaware of what was happening would tell me that I stop isolating myself from the family and to always be there for my stepmom. Soon after he went on a business trip my stepmom reminded türkçe bahis me of the instructions that my dad had given me. That same day she texted me that she was lonely and afraid of being alone in the bedroom. She then sent me a naked picture of herself through WhatsApp and asked me if she was beautiful, I declined to respond. Moments later, I heard a knock on my bedroom door and when I opened it, there she was all naked! By now my balls were aching from the mental arousal she had subjected me to and I didn’t think twice. I immediately touched her hairy pussy which was all wet as she reached for my dick and balls. Since the shop was just an extension of the main house, she sent me for some condoms which I run while shaking and confused. As I got back to my room, she lay on my bed, legs wide open as she gently stroke her clit. I got on to the bed where had wild kisses and mutual masturbation. She then put the condom güvenilir bahis siteleri on my rock-hard dick and directed me to insert it into her steamy pussy. To my astonishment, she was very experienced and flexible. All this time my heart was pounding due to fear and excitement. This would mark the start of more similar escapades that would soon result in me fleeing from home to date.As time went by, I became very guilty and would not even go home on vacation at the end of the semester. This made her angry and she turned my dad against me. This course of action really affected me and I turned to alcohol to overcome the guilt as well the betrayal. However, one fateful evening while drunk as fuck, I told my dad what has been happening and I apologized, but my stepmom denied everything and called me names. This was towards my final days on campus and after I cleared from campus, I was so ashamed to ever face my father who believed everything my stepmom was telling him. It is now seven years since I last saw my dad even though we occasionally communicate. As they say, stolen water is sweet but as I discovered, the effects are painful and irreversible.

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