An Escalating Ride

Double Penetration

I pull up to the curb, spotting you standing on the corner. You stand there, casually, more handsome than you will ever know. I can’t wait for you to climb into the car, just so I can put a single hand on your body, be certain of your presence next to me. But at the same time, I want to bathe in this view of you a little longer, let the anticipation build, as I know what is in store for me. As I start to let my mind drift into the world I have created for us in my head, you spot me and walk toward the car. While I expect you to walk to toward the passenger side, you surprise me and pop up right next to me, opening my door.

“I wanna drive.” Those being the first words you have spoken to me in what feels like years. Dumbfounded, I stare at you a little longer, frozen in this moment. You lean in over me, plant quick kiss on my lips, but long enough for me to feel your tongue sweep across my lips. Your hand unfastens my seat belt and you nestle your head against my ear. In that raspy, dominating voice I dream about, you say, “Please baby, can I drive?”

I get up without speaking a word and shuffle to the other side of the car as you sit down and adjust the seat for yourself. I am still in a haze at your presence as we pull away, heading toward the hotel where we will be spending the next few hours. At the first red light, your eyes gaze my way.

Squeezing my hand, you mutter out a few words. “I fuckin’ miss you.” And then you use my hand to pull me closer to you, you also leaning in to kiss me hard, deep, passionately. Your touch, your taste overwhelms me. My hands find their way to either side of your face. I want to hold your face there, your lips on mine for the rest of the night. As your tongue dances with mine, I let out a tiny moan, feeling the moisture growing between my legs. Just as I feel I could lose myself in you right here, right now, you look up and the light has turned green. My hand still in yours, you guide it to your crotch, when I quickly realize I am not the only one aroused by the red light kiss. I grasp your cock, outside of your pants, and Escort bayan gently stroke it, noting how big you feel in my hand.

Instinctually, I want to taste you. I want my lips wrapped tightly around your dick, you wet with the spit from my mouth. I start to unbutton your pants. Realizing what I am doing, you make quick work of scooting your pants down just enough to give me access. You dick stands straight up, ready for my taking. I unbuckle my seatbelt, lean over your lap, place one hand firmly at the base of your length as I slowly lick the tip of your dick. I glance up at your face, warmed by the excitement rolling off of you. I wrap my lips around you and slowly let you fill my mouth. I stretch down, trying to let my lips touch my hand, but you are too big, I gag on you. A slow draw back up your cock and then I pick up my pace. Letting you slide in and out of my mouth, a gentle gag each time you hit my throat. I feel your fingers twined in my hair, trying to push yourself farther into me, your hips lifting off the seat. My mouth is moving rapidly, I am barely able to catch my breath. Without the time to swallow it, my spit is running down your dick, pooling against my hand. My eyes start to water in reaction to the gagging, but I don’t want to stop. I can’t stop. I need to feel you in me in any way possible. I keep going, but realize that we’ve stopped. We are in the parking lot of the hotel.

I look up at you again, as I push myself up with my arms, you say, “Inside. I need to feel you. Now.” My heart skips a beat in anticipation. I jump out of the car, you quickly by my side, hands tangled. We stand at the front desk, quickly checking in, unaware of anything else going on around us. We scurry quickly to the elevator immediately after room keys are in your hands. We stand close on the elevator, I can feel your heat rolling against my body. I can’t wait to be completely enveloped in it. The second the door closes, you push me against the wall, fast, hard. It surprises me, I let out a little yelp. Your mouth finds its way to my ear, aggressively Bayan escort nibbling as your breath fills my ear. As you have me pinned against the wall, you grind your crotch against me. I feel your hardness pressed firmly into me, it makes me skip a breath. You gently roll your hips, making it difficult for me to wait to feel you inside of me. Your mouth moves down, gently sucking on my neck, your tongue licking me, making me wet in so many ways.

The elevator stops, and you stand back, straightening yourself as the doors open. Your hand in mine, you quickly pull me toward our room. You cross the space between the elevator and the door in a mere second, I feel like I have to sprint to keep up with you. You open the door quickly, immediately pulling me inside and pushing me against the wall again. Your hands run the sides of my body, firmly grasping every inch on the way down and then back up again. I close my eyes, lifting my head to the ceiling, absorbing every sensation you are providing. Your hands find my waist, run up my skin under my shirt and quickly my shirt is pooled on the floor. I feel your tongue against my cleavage, running along the edge of my bra, which you also make quick work of. Then you move to my nipple, taking it deep into your mouth, sucking with such force, I feel my stomach clenching. I run my fingers through your hair, pulling your face closer to me, wanting you to take more of me. I feel your knee between my legs, gently parting them as you wedge your leg between mine. You gradually lower yourself, until you are kneeling, kissing my body as you drop down. As I realize what you are preparing to do, I tense against the wall in preparation.

Instantly, I feel your tongue against my most sensitive spot. I can’t help but to let a primal moan escape my lips. You feel so warm between my legs. Though I was already wet with desire, I grow wetter as you run your tongue up and down my slit. I look down at you only to catch you looking up at me, nearly grinning as you know the pleasure you are providing me. Your hands are tightly grasping Escort my hips, pulling me downward, farther into you. I reach out behind me, one hand gripping a door frame, my fingers digging into the wall. You continue to lick me slowly, but with the prefect pressure in the right spot. I feel myself climbing so quickly. You must sense it too because you increase your speed, looking up at me with the same devilish grin. I want to watch you, but I can’t hold my eyes open. I feel my body taking over everything. I push myself against the wall, clinging tighter onto the door frame. My other hand is intertwined with your dark hair. A low groan coming from my own mouth is all I can hear. Everything turns white as I feel my body tense and release, my core pulsing through wave after wave of orgasm.

As my vision returns, you are standing in front of me, one arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me close to you. Your face against mine, your breath tickling my ear. Then I feel your cock pressed hard against my entrance. We lock eyes for a moment, and in the intensity of that moment, I feel you surge into me. It takes my breath away. You instantly fill me entirely. You start your assault slow, looking at me as you do. Your hands are against my hips, holding me in place as you drive deep inside of me. My whole body shutters. Your eyes still locked on mine, you pick up pace. I am so wet that you slide in and out with ease, yet I still feel like you are ripping me apart with your size. You reach part of me I didn’t know existed. You grow harder inside of me and start to tense. Your hands move from my hips to my ass, firmly squeezing me. Your head falls to my shoulder, I nibble on your ear, tasting your sweetness. You move quickly, hard, slamming me against the wall with each thrust. Your fingertips dig into my ass.

“Cum for me baby,” I whisper in your ear. As if you are able to on command, you pull out of me, grip my shoulder and push me to the floor. I kneel in front of you. You hold the thickness of your dick in your hand and your warmth sprays on me, on my face, down my chest. I reach my tongue out and taste what I can off my lips, smiling at the sweetness that graces my lips. You fall forward a little, resting your hands and your head against the wall. I lean up, kissing your legs, your groin, content to stay right there.

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