An Extraordinary Couple Pt. 03


On most afternoons, the hotel’s rooftop pool was theirs for the taking. They didn’t know what it was—the vertigo from being on the roof above the 34th floor; maybe the sun that was too bright by half on a cloudless July day in Manila—but whatever the reasons, swimmers and sunbathers stayed away. Bill and Helen never complained.

Nor did they take sexual advantage of the rooftop solitude. Neither was much interested in exhibitionism; public sex was of no interest to either of them, and the idea of being caught frolicking underwater was unattractive to them, not personally but sexually. It just wasn’t their thing.

The rooftop swims then were just that. They did laps. They took breaks for lunch. They read books, separately, and occasionally broke the silence to discuss something one or the other found interesting. This was going to be a long rendezvous before a long break. Bill was leaving the country for a while, soon, and he had booked three weeks in this hotel. After the first few days of non-stop sex, the rooftop routine had become something both looked forward to… after, of course, their long good-morning fuck.

So it was with surprise on a Tuesday morning when they walked onto the pool deck and saw two men sitting at one of the plastic white tables at the far end of the pool. Bill steered Helen toward two chairs near the closer end of the pool, far from the guests at the other side. As they spread their towels across the too-hot plastic chairs, Helen grew curious.

“You don’t want to sit near them? You can talk to them. They look American.”

“American? Why? Because the one guy is a fat fuck?”

Helen giggled.

“Look at the beer. It’s ten-thirty. Drunk men. Not my scene.”

She knew that about him, his strong aversion to men who drank too much. She didn’t mention the other guests again. They jumped in the pool. For a pleasant half hour they swam, played, and joked with one another. They hadn’t eaten that morning, fucking longer than usual, even for them. They skipped breakfast to get into the water. When they both agreed they were hungry, Helen agreed to dress and make the short trip out for the lunch they wanted.

He tried to read when she left but felt more like swimming. At the far end, one of the guests had taken a seat poolside, his feet dangling in the water.

“Yo, guy!”

For no reason apparent to himself, Bill stopped swimming and gave attention.

“Hey, how’s it going?” He brushed the water out of his goatee.

The stranger had a direct demeanor and a look in the eye to match. In Bill’s estimation this raised the man’s stock considerably. The man pressed on.

“You a tourist or you living here?”

“I come and go.”

“I’m Jim.” He held a hand down, its wide, meaty fingers spread limply apart. Bill shook it. It had the fleshy texture of a person raised on potato chips and root beer.


Bill nodded. “Yeah.”

“So are we.” The man directed a thumb over his shoulder at his friend seated back at the table. The friend was younger, much thinner, less awake. Even behind dark sunglasses his face was a poster model for a world-class hangover.

The chubby pool-sitter lifted a leg out of the water, planted his foot, and pressed hard on his knee to help himself up. He was that class of fat person whose stomach did not appear smaller when standing up. He walked back to the table, his swim shorts scrunched high between thighs that were too well acquainted. He plopped down in a flimsy white plastic seat that spread in every direction to steady itself under the load. The fat man reached down and flung open a cooler lid. Sounds of bottles being dragged through ice cubes got the other man’s attention. The fat man handed his friend a fresh bottle and turned his attention back to the pool.

“Come on up. Sit. Have one.”

“Not a drinker,” Bill said.

“Not a drinker?” poker oyna The two men at the table chuckled. “I guess you ain’t been here long enough.”

“Give me a second.” Bill swam the length of the pool, popped himself out, and walked to where the two men sat. He toweled himself off as the fat man pulled a third chair up to the table.

“Didn’t get your name in the pool.”


“Bill, good to meet you. This is Derek.”

After handshakes, Fat Jim opened a third beer bottle and sat it with force in front of Bill.

“Three American dudes enjoying the sun in the land of easy pussy, we’re having a beer, guy. Drink up!”

Bill smiled and grabbed the bottle. “It’s dark beer, so I’ll play along, but just one.”

“Atta boy.”

Bottles clinked, and the men talked. They laughed at the discovery they all hailed from the same state, but opposite ends of it. This made them both comfortable and suspicious of each other, as only geography can do to people. Jim was telling a story about the first woman he had fucked in the Philippines, a fellow supervisor at the call center he managed, a local woman who gave him hand jobs in the men’s bathroom. This gave him the idea he could easily maneuver her from hand jobs to blow jobs to intercourse. He hadn’t been wrong. Since then, his had been a mission to find every woman who didn’t mind a cock as small as the stomach was big. He was not self-conscious about his anatomy.

“I had a choice between giving up beer and getting rid of my belly. I said to hell with that. Now my gut’s my best bud.” He patted it when he said that. Derek laughed and the two co-workers clinked their bottles together.

Jim finished a gulp and set his bottle on the table.

“That your girl?” he said, nodding toward the other end of the pool.

The men looked and saw Helen walking toward them.

“She is. It’s about lunch time for us.”

She stood next to Bill so that he was between her and the chair Jim sat in. Derek was on the opposite side of the table.

“Helen, this is Jim and Derek, a pair of my fellow Americans.”

The two strangers made polite gestures. Helen felt victorious.

“See, I told you they were Americans.”

She chuckled. Jim said, “You guessed a fat guy must be a Yankee, right?”

“No!” she protested. “That was him who said that!” She threw Bill under the bus, but the beer and the weather and now the presence of a slender woman with a wide smile and a bikini that flashed generous tit had created a frivolous atmosphere of instant forgiveness. Helen brought the talk back to business.

“I put lunch in the room, if you want to eat now.”

Jim protested. “He can’t leave now. There’s…” He checked the cooler. “Six more beers here. Let him stay.”

He winked at Helen and she laughed.

“It’s up to him.”

“Hear that, Bill? She’s giving you permission to hang out with the boys.”

Everyone chuckled. Bill told Helen he’d be down in a bit. He patted her ass after she bent down to kiss him. She gave a wave as she went through the door. The three men waved to her.

“So she’s why you stay?”

“Well,” Bill thought a moment. “She’s worth it.”

“I bet.” Jim reached over to Bill and clinked bottlenecks. There was a pause.

“So… what makes her worth it?”

The table was set for two. When the men walked in, Helen was genuinely surprised.

“Oh! I didn’t know you invited anyone.”

“Last minute thing. You mind?”

She didn’t, and she disappeared into the room’s small kitchenette. As he had by the pool, Jim didn’t wait to be invited into the conversation.

“Helen, if it’s a problem we can go eat somewhere else.” As he hollered this to an unseen Helen, he was plopping down in a chair at one end of a rectangular table. He was reaching for a water pitcher when he continued. “Not trying to be rude and force you to feed a canlı poker oyna couple of strangers.”

She came back with more plates and cups. Jim set his empty water glass on the table and slid it toward the center.

“So Bill says you suck a hell of a cock.”

She froze, half leaned over the table. The room was still, silent, waiting to see her reaction.

She stood up and cleared her throat. She looked across the table where her boyfriend raised his eyebrows and cocked his head slightly to one side. She was on her own.

Jim, big and round as he was, leaned back in his chair, balanced like an elephant on a circus stool. Derek, quiet as ever, sat on the sofa near the television, still wearing his poolside sunglasses. Jim rocked slightly, the chair legs creaking slightly under him, but enough for the noise to both break and increase the tension.

“Did he say that?”

“Damn sure did.”

She looked right at Bill, raised her own eyebrows, and abandoned him.

“Then I guess I do.” She grinned wide.

“You guess you do what?”

“I guess I suck a good cock.”

“How would he know?”

“I’ve sucked his.”

“A lot?”

“Whenever he wants.”

“Is that what you do, suck cock whenever someone wants?”

“I do.”

“You sucked many cocks that weren’t Bill’s?”

“I have.”

“Ever suck off a fat fuck like me?”

She cleared her throat again. “No, sorry, I haven’t.”

“Don’t be sorry. If I weren’t a fat fuck I wouldn’t fuck me, either.”

She laughed. “Okay then!”

“Bill says you don’t even like big fat fucks like me.”

She looked lost. Jim rescued her.

“He said you’ll suck this, though. Come here.”

She walked slowly to his end of the table. He was still leaned back in his chair, but he had surreptitiously opened his shorts and had a hand at the base of a small pink dick, hard as he could manage. It barely rose above the three fingers that gripped it, and he wiggled it like a baby rattle.

“He said a fat fuck with a tiny dick wouldn’t turn you on. I bet him a dollar it would, and he said you’d suck it anyway… little whore that you are.”

He lips parted, and her eyes were locked on the small erection she craved. Jim sealed the deal.

“And when I give you a drink to swallow, Derek gets a shot.”

Helen looked over his shoulder. On the sofa, tall lean silent Derek was stroking a long fat monster cock he had pulled up out of the loose leg of his shorts.

“Oh god!”

“Get down here.”

She dropped to her knees as fast as she could so that her mouth landed open on Jim’s boyish dick. She sucked every inch of skin and fat and hair she could into her mouth. Her fingers stroked what she could as she slurped and gulped and wished he’d shoot a geyser of cum into her throat.

“You were right, guy. She’s a keeper. Jesus fuck look at her go. Suck it, baby! Make daddy cum in that dry little throat!”

She let out a grunt and increased her pace. The greasy fat of his gut hung down on her head, and far from disgust she felt like the sexiest whore on the planet. In an hour he would repulse her, strutting naked to the shower, but now he was the man fucking her mouth, and she never had said no, and never would say no, and all she could think of now was yes, yes, and yes again yes.

“Maybe Derek doesn’t wanna wait. Maybe he should bring that snake over here ad fuck her now. Bill, ya think?”

“Up to her.”

Jim was her man now, and he called the ball.

“Helen, whore, you want that young big dick, baby?”

“Oh god yes!!” she gurgled and she was already about to cum. She sucked harder and didn’t know where Derek was until his pole opened her up and sank in balls deep on his first thrust. She came and screamed and sucked and came, and Jim was there, too.


He sent her a stream internet casino that was longer and heavier than the dick that loosed it. She felt every drop coat her throat and she tried to empty his balls for more. Then Jim pushed her off and kept her going.

“Feel that dick, whore? FEEL THAT THING BACK THERE?”


“Dude, make her cry!”

Derek put his hand beneath her and stood, lifting her with him. Her feet were off the ground and his man-rod was ramming her so deep she felt faint. She couldn’t scream anymore. There was an orgasm building in her that was part cock, part pussy, part cum in her stomach, part whore, part everything in that room at the moment.


She made noises now. God, or gurgling, or groveling. It didn’t matter. But when the moment hit her, when his gigantic dick lit her g-spot one final time, she writhed like a hellcat and screamed like it was her last breath. It lasted long after the orgasm ran out. Her body shook and shivered as Derek took his cock out and let her rest with her stomach on the table. Her legs were weak so they helped her to the floor. She laid flat on her back, shorts ripped off and crumpled nearby. She was sweat covered and drained, but the men were not through.

Bill and Derek carried her to the bed. They laid her on her back, her head near the edge. Derek, still hard, positioned himself close. Jim was in the room before them and stayed in charge.

“Suck that thing. You’re not done yet.”

They didn’t wait for her to consent. Derek turned her face to the side and she took it as far as she could. She didn’t suck. Her face got fucked, slowly and deeply.

She didn’t see Jim mount the bed. She only felt him when he lifted her legs and moved between them. Bill moved Derek out of the way and knelt beside her.

“Now, that fat fuck is going to fuck you, because you want that fat little dick, don’t you?”

“Oh god I do! I DO! FUCK ME!”

Jim had not been so serious in the hour Bill knew him. He bore down on her sopping wet hole and did his best. Bill stayed near her ear.

“You’re giving him pussy, aren’t you?”


“And that fat fuck and have pussy anytime, can’t he?”


“Cumming, aren’t you?”

She lifted her head to look at the enormous gut hiding the cock she couldn’t see.


She came again. Later, Derek fed her another load. She adored his dick an spent most of their shower soaping it. It hung as low soft as it stood up hard. She stroked him in the shower after she cleaned him, and fed her her third load of the afternoon. She left the shower drained, but the day was not done.

Jim sat on the bed, completely naked. Bill came into the room as Helen came out of the bathroom.

“Lick them.”


“You know what.”

Her shoulders sagged and she got onto the bed. She crawled to the fat man and started licking a pink hairy nipple at the end of his soft man tits. Jim’s stubby finger reached behind her ass and fingered her. She jerked away, sore. Bill caught Jim’s eye and shook him off her cunt. Jim nodded and withdrew his hand.

“That’s it! Suck daddy’s nipples, baby! Daddy’s getting hard, and you need a snack.”

It got her wet again, and she sucked, then switched to the other one, lapping and feeling how erect they grew as she licked and played with them. She stayed there…

… stayed there because Bill wanted to see her obey a new king. He would be king again soon enough. She would be sore tonight and he would go see Jocelyn, a 59-year-old grandmother with giant tits and a hunger for cum. That was for later. Now, he was watching her prove to herself that he had been right again. She cannot say no, even to a disgusting pig like Jim. He watched her lick his nipples and nurse one more erection from him. She sucked it off and drank up.

They were one extraordinary couple, there on the bed, and Bill could have watched them all day.

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