An Eye for an Eye


When she opened her eyes, Tiana was feeling so dizzy that it took her a while to realize that her most prized wish had been fulfilled : she was human once again. She wasn’t a frog anymore. No green skin, no mucus, no tongue made to catch flies anymore. Just a regular body of a regular human, her once again.

But the happiness of that discovery was quickly tainted by another realization : she was tied up, and in a place she did not know. Her wrists and ankles were restrained by ropes, and no matter how hard she tried to pull herself free, the ties just wouldn’t budge.

The sound of a door opening made her turn her head in that direction, her eyes meeting the silhouette in the dark. A man, apparently, leaning on one side on what seemed to be a cane… And on his head, a top hat.

– It’s nice to see these eyes finally open, my dear, she heard the voice saying, triggering instantly a shiver along her spine.

Slowly, he made his way into the room, until finally getting under some light, revealing his face. The Dr. Facilier. It was a bit of a legend around here, both for good and bad reasons. Stories were told about him, so much that it was hard to tell what was true and was not. But Tiana never met him until that day, only heard of him, and the description given by those who claimed have been in business with him.

– You look dashing, in this outfit.

The eyes of this man went down, from head to toe. And when Tiana’s started to do the same on her body to understand what he was referring to, her cheeks instantly turned red. A bright red, all over her face, because of the embarrassment. She was wearing a lingerie ensemble, and nothing but that. In other circumstances, she might have liked it. After all, it was quite nice : light green, and apparently made in a very soft fabric, composed of a bra, high panties, and a suspender belt. Again, in other circumstances… She might have felt sexy, in this outfit. If her workaholic life ever let her some time to care about this, that is to say.

– What do you want with me, she finally gathered the courage to ask in a whisper. Why am I here?

– Well, I couldn’t let you in that froggish form. This was not meant for you, my dear, so… I corrected a wrong.

– And you didn’t think of releasing me in the process, she finished in a quite sarcastic tone.

That seemed to amuse the Dr. Facilier, considering the smile that appeared at the corner of his mouth. He approached a bit more, with that elegant gait that appeared to be his trademark, and stopped just a few meters from her, leaning on his cane.

– My friends had a way better idea.

She did not know what he was talking about bursa eskort : not who his friends where, not what that idea was, but inexplicably, Tiana knew something was off about that situation. Her instinct was kicking in, apparently.

– What idea? And what friends?

– I assure you, you will enjoy it. As will I, considering my friends are not really the hands-in type. They prefer to… observe.

Suddenly, lights switched on, one pair after the others. Pairs? Yes, because they were not exactly lights. They were eyes. Dozens of pairs of eyes, looking at her at the same time. Candles lighted up as well, giving a bit more clarity on the room, and Tiana realized that those eyes appeared to belong to voodoo masks, hanged up on the walls all around her.

Growing up, Tiana became more and more pragmatic : wishes, dreams and all kind of surreal things would never be the key thing to one’s life. Hard work and determination were. But even though… She did grow up in New Orleans, the cradle of voodoo. And so, she knew she was in great danger, at this very moment.

Frightened, her eyes went back on Dr. Facilier’s silhouette, which seemed to enjoy the look of fear in her eyes. What was he going to do? Practice spells on her? Torture her? Kill her? All three?

– Is something wrong, my dear? he asked in a falsely innocent tone.

– Please, don’t kill me, she begged, her voice being only a whisper.

Dr. Facilier raised an eyebrow to her answer, pretending to be surprised by it.

– Kill you? Oh no, you misunderstood this situation. Why kill you when there is so much we can do with you when you’re still breathing?

He came closer, going around her. His hand brushed on her skin, making her immediately shiver and gasp. Tiana was not a stupid girl, and she then quickly put the pieces together : his… warm welcome, combined with that revealing outfit she was forced to be wearing and the fact that she was not let free of her movements… She was afraid to admit to herself what it meant.

– Let me go.

– Definitely not, my dear. I have other plans for you.

From the sound of it, Tiana heard he let his cane leaning against the wall behind her, and then some footsteps coming back toward her. And after that… A moment of silence, that seemed to last an eternity to the young woman.

But suddenly, a hand slipped across her belly, making her gasp once again. Dr. Facilier’s touch was firm and light at the same time, and without her knowing why, it triggered a warm sensation in her gut.

He then pressed his body against hers, her back against his front, and his mouth started to drop kisses all along her collar bone. His hand bursa escort reached for her hair, that he gathered in a ponytail, pulling hardly on it to force her to crane her head backwards. The access to her neck being cleared, he kissed her there too, while his other hand groped her breasts.

And even if she was scared, Tiana did not even try to stop him. Maybe because she knew it was probably pointless, considering the fact that she was harshly restrained, or maybe because she had been alone for so long, not allowing herself to have not even one break of work. It had been an eternity since hands, even her own, put themselves on her body in that way. So long since she felt that spike of desire making its way inside of her… As it was doing right about now, with Facilier’s touch.

– Well, well, well… I think it’s time to give a proper show to my friends, don’t you?

Before she could ask what that meant, Tiana felt herself tipping backwards, until her body got in the horizontal. The ties on her ankles also made her legs spread, like on a gynaecological chair, exposing her intimacy to whoever was standing in front of it.

Facilier positioned himself to her side, his eyes finally meeting Tiana’s again. He savoured the light of desire in those, proving how aroused she was by the situation. At the very first moment he saw her, turning her back again in a human form, he knew he had to have her. And his friends would enjoy it too, from the other side…

Without an inch of hesitation, he slipped a finger under the fabric, rubbing against her already wet soft spot. His other hand joined too, tearing apart the clothing item, before inserting a finger inside of her. Immediately, a moan got out of Tiana’s mouth, uncapable of restraining her pleasure provoked by his touch, and it did not get better once he started to go faster. Positioned as she was, the spirits in the masks had the best view possible on her dripping vagina, and on Facilier’s finger getting in and out of it like a knife through butter. The moans of pleasure emitted by Tiana quickly filled the room, and she felt her nipples hurting from being too hard. If only her hands were free… She would grab her breasts, play with them to release the sensation.

– Stop… she whispered, getting back a bit of reason.

– You don’t want me to stop, Facilier answered, getting a second finger inside of her.

Tiana gasped, feeling a rush of pure pleasure rising as soon as he started to move his fingers again. The witch doctor finally freed her breasts, making the bra’s fastening break with a simple snap of his fingers. His mouth rushed to catch her nipple between his lips, bursa escort bayan titillating it with his tongue, as if they weren’t hard enough to his taste. Along with the fingering, Tiana could not restrain her pleasure any longer and completely gave in to it. All what was coming out of her mouth now was sounds of pleasure, moans, onomatopoeias, and short sentences that only encouraged Facilier even more.

When he finally decided to stop that part of the act, Tiana was so groggy by the sensations that it took her a few seconds to notice that her position had changed a bit. She was back upstanding, but her feet still weren’t touching the ground, pulled to the back. Her heavy breathing had to suspend itself for a second, when a huge thing inserted herself inside of her. That huge thing was obviously Facilier’s cock, thrusting in and out of the latter. She would have never guessed how big he was down there, considering how slender his silhouette was. But the witch doctor was definitely — very — well-equipped when it came to that, so much that it would probably have hurt Tiana if she was not that well lubricated by her own wetness.

Her breasts tilted up and down under the swift thrusts, and the voodoo spirits could not be more pleased, hearing Tiana scream her pleasure and beg their vassal to go deeper and faster inside of her. It had been so long since she knew a man… So long since someone made her felt that desired, that aroused, that it seemed that she was letting all of it, contained for years and years, out of her.

– Look at them. Look at them watching you get off on my cock, he ordered, pulling her hair back to make her lift up her head to watch the masks on the walls. You like that, don’t you? Having all those eyes on you… Maybe I should fuck you in the middle of the street. Under the eye of every inhabitant of New Orleans… Would that satisfy that freaky side of yours?

Pictures and frames of what he was suggesting filled Tiana’s head, her imagination immediately taking over, and she surprised herself not even reprobating the idea. People watching her as she was fucked like no more than a whore, completely under the young of that man’s will… Thinking bad things about her, maybe even wanting to be in Facilier’s shoes to fill that pussy themselves… Men stroking her cock in secrecy, to their wives’ disapproval, when some could not repress the fire in her own stomach…

That idea got the best of her, making her reach her climax. She came loudly, filling the room with her screams of pleasure, before Facilier pulled his cock out of her and discharged his semen all along her back.

– Was it to your liking, my dear friends?

Their only answer was a smile, drawing itself on every — every single one of them — mask hung on the wall.

One thing was for sure, though, it was to Tiana’s liking… And she discovered that day how much she had a freaky side.

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