An Older Brother’s Job


As always Easton is an entirely fictional town which if it did exist would be in the UK, all the characters featured in this story are over eighteen. This story is to be in no way reproduced, for profit or otherwise, without my written consent. Enjoy!

I moaned as I plunged into her, not out of any particular pleasure or desire, but because I knew that was what she was hoping for. For the sake of maintaining the peace I played along to the best of my abilities, but this sexual encounter had been underwhelming so far. The girl, Bethany, was renowned for having been around the block… A lot. But… I’d been sexually frustrated lately and not recognised her in the bar where we’d met earlier this evening, by the time I had remembered who she was it was too late and so I resigned myself to a sexually encounter which promised to be a marginal improvement over masturbation.

It felt more like I was rubbing up against something than inside her and I’m hardly small, in fact my nine inch member has always been something that brought me no small amount of pride, especially when I find myself lamenting my 5’7” stature. Still I persevered and I could see she was enjoying herself, much to my amazement; well that or she was bothering to fake it. I had to restrain a laugh when it occurred to me that we might both be faking it, I wonder how often that happens?

The next twenty minutes seemed to drag on forever as I rubbed and thrusted at every imaginable angle and tempo, from her perspective it must have seemed as if I was trying my best to please her and if her reactions were genuine it seemed I was, but in reality I was just trying to force some sensation through the brutally numbing surface of the condom. As her cries of pleasure reached a crescendo I managed to motivate myself (with a little assistance from my hand) into releasing, I don’t think I’ve ever worked quite so hard for a load in my life and it did not match up to the effort. Slumping onto the bed I yawned and rolled over, pleased that the encounter had been exhausting if nothing else before drifting to sleep to the accompaniment of her ragged breathing. A proud smirk flashing on my lips before my mind went blank.

I woke the next morning in an unfamiliar environment, I took me a few moments to realise where I was and in that time the muffled voice that woke me said something I was clearly meant to react to.

“Hmmf?” I demanded, my voice clearly unable to keep up with the complex demands my brain was requesting, such as “Hello” or “Morning”.

“Geez Alex.” Grumbled the voice. “Are you even listening?”


A peal of laughter, I was really hoping that it was Bethany, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having someone other than the girl I slept with wake me up the next morning.

“Who else would it be?” I let out a sigh of relief and briefly entertained the possibility of rolling over and back to sleep, but the gentleman I am at heart made me respond instead.

“mfhat wer you ayin’?”

“Boy you’re really not a morning person are you?” she replied laughing again, I maintained my silence, unwilling to do anything that might prolong this conversation any longer, sleep beckoning to me. “Anyway I was saying that I have morning classes, so I’m gonna leave ok? The door locks without a key so if you leave make sure you won’t need to get back in any time soon.”

I nodded, surprised by her trust, although honestly there was probably nothing of value in the room that she need to worry about, there wasn’t a student on this campus that would be worth stealing from. And that was it. She left. No affection, no misconceptions and best of all a minimal amount of bothering me in the morning. I yawned and didn’t even bother looking at the clock, I had no classes today, and that meant it didn’t matter what time it was, I was going to sleep until I felt like getting up. I rolled over and happily fell back into my interrupted sleep.

Having retrieved everything I remembered bringing with me I pressed myself against the door of the dorm room, pausing for a moment and listening intently to the sounds coming from the hallway beyond. It was half past twelve in the morning (although some may call it the afternoon in my books the afternoon was reserved for that brief period between two and four), this meant that there was no reason for anybody to leave their dorm rooms, as much as I felt bad about thinking that way I was still somewhat embarrassed to have slept with someone like Bethany and I really didn’t need it getting round to anyone else on campus. Relying on my mission impossible like espionage skills I quickly snuck my way out of the building, happily encountering no one on the way, I grinned triumphantly, no awkward questions for me this morning it seemed.


NO! I howled inwardly as I was tackled from behind, she lives in a different half of the school and it’s at least a five minute walk, how is she here? I took a deep breath as I pulled the clinging girl off of me, there was no poker oyna way she could know where I’ve been I said calming down. For all she knows I’m just walking through this part of campus, my dorm isn’t even that far from here so I have an excuse.

“Really though onii-chan, Bethany? I thought your standards were higher than that!”

I cursed and turned to face my Japanophile sister. “Why are you here May? and what business is it of yours what I do in my free time?” I tried to play hardball, see if I could get her to back off.

“So cruel onii-chan! And is that any way to treat your cute Miku-san?” she replied in her usually bouncy yet pouty tone.

“May for the last time I’m not calling you Miku, even if you have caught mom up in your insanity.” I sighed, wondering how I was going to get myself out of this. May was my sister and the world’s biggest anime nerd, so much so that she demanded everyone called her Miku-san (not that many did) and referred to me as ‘onii-chan’. She was also the worst person imaginable to have caught me after this.

“Well that’s just mean” she said pouting. “So mean I’ve got half a mind to call mom.”

I froze in fear. “Not mom, never mom, don’t call mom.” I said desperately, as far as my mother was concerned I had been born an asexual being and would remain as such until my wedding night, if May told her about me sleeping with anyone, especially someone as… as ‘popular’ as Bethany I’d be shot at dawn… or worse.

She chuckled, a superficially innocent chuckle that contained the kind of hidden malevolence that had the potential to destroy life, mine specifically. “Well then I guess you know what you’re going to have to do today don’t you?”

I sighed with dejection. “Treat you to…” I knew what came next but I could barely bring myself to say it.

“Everything!” she exclaimed clapping her hands together happily.

I glanced at my wallet, dejected, already resigning myself to my fate. “Alright then.” I said trying not to let my raw misery leak into my voice. “Let me go get changed first.” I sighed as we wandered towards my dorm, how could to such different people be siblings? I boggled my mind.

We were literally polar opposites, I was here on my third year of a neurobiology course hoping to work towards a doctorate while she was here for her first year of English something or other with the dream of being a writer, worlds apart. Not just mentally but physically too, I was short, stocky build with somewhat impressive muscles I had forced onto the figure of a science nerd for my own vanity and had received the sharp pure black hair from our mothers side of the family while she was tall (to my great distress) , with long soft curves and a pronounced chest (to put it lightly), the bouncy sun kissed blonde curls of our fathers side setting off her warm brown eyes perfectly.

As we exited my dorm room I laughed briefly as she tugged me along by my sleeve, even at eighteen and even though she had been a great deal taller than me for a long while now in my eyes she was still just a little kid. Maybe treating her wasn’t the worst way I could be spending my day, after all putting up with his kid sister’s whims was an older brother’s job.

As sunset hit the city my wallet was straining under the painful load that May had imposed on him, I could feel his pain as I myself was currently straining under the weight of all the things she’d bought while we were out as we struggled back to the dorms. Tragically I had no doubt that this was only a brief respite, no doubt when the sun had gone down and we were free of bags to weigh us down her intensity would only increase.

True to my prediction as the clocks hit eight our day really began, we fluttered from bar to bar, nightclub to nightclub May drinking wildly and me carrying the same beer along for three different nightclubs watching her pour the last of my money down her throat. She seemed to have completely changed into her hyperactive setting with no end or off switch in sight, the hours spinning away from us as even I started to feel a little drunk. The flashing lights washed over me for a few hours as I simply followed her glowing smile from place to place, no real interest in what was going on just following my little sister wherever she wanted me to.

That wasn’t to say the night wasn’t exciting, I’d never danced that much in my life, and more than once I had to rescue May from the hands of the drunk, perverse and enraged but I didn’t mind. I came out of the experiences miraculously unscathed each time and with a smile and a giggle she would continue onwards. For a while it seemed like she would keep going forever, defying the alcohol in her system, but then suddenly she just completely lost her energy and crumpled to the floor. Laughing I pulled one of her hands around my shoulder and began the arduous process of carrying her home, after all looking after his little sister when she was all messed up was an older brother’s job.

Grunting slightly I dropped May onto her bed canlı poker oyna in the most delicate way possible, before leaning back against the bookshelf, breathing heavily from the strain of carrying her. I would have called a cab, but I didn’t think I had enough money for the fair after everything I’d spent, I yawned, my sister could be a pain sometimes. Groaning I grasped my head, the room was spinning, I scowled. I had coped pretty well so far but at the moment I had far too much alcohol in my system, I stumbled and crashed into the bookcase, to my dismay the whole thing tipped violently and deposited dozens of books onto the ground.

Grumbling I stooped over to pick them up, until certain volume caught my eye, I’d seen most of May’s manga books before and this one I didn’t recognise, stranger still the cover didn’t match what was on the spine. I knitted my brow together and tried to read the tittle.

“Forbidden… Sister… Flower?” I mumbled curious, I flicked through the pages and instantly recoiled in disbelief. Gratuitous manga sex scenes immediately jumping out at me, but what really shocked me was the subject. “It’s incest?” I muttered unable to believe my eyes. “About an older brother and a younger sister?”

“ALEX!” Suddenly I spun round and realised that while I had been examining the book May had climbed out of bed and crept up behind me. She stumbled away from me her eyes filled with fear. “You’re not supposed to see that!” she stammered, “PLEASE!” she yelled frantically, “Don’t freak out! Don’t d-don’t tell mom or dad.” She suddenly dropped to her knees and mumbled “Don’t hate me.”

“Weren’t you passed out a second ago?” I demanded stumbling backwards.

She looked down sheepishly “that may have been an act.” She whimpered quietly.

“Wha-why?” I asked confused.

She looked away, her face burning red and answered, but refusing to meet my inquisitive gaze. “I guess it doesn’t matter now you’ve seen the book. I was hoping that you’d make a move on me, it worked in the manga and I wanted you to…” she trailed off but she didn’t need to finish, much to my despair.

“That’s nuts!” I told her. “So what? You have some kind of incest fetish? I guess dad didn’t go for it so you decided to follow me to university and give me a try?” I regretted it the second I said it but by then it was too late.

“NO!” from my perspective it seemed as though her shout reverberated throughout the entire building, I swore I could feel the building shaking under the sonic force, although that might simply be the alcohol. “It’s not incest! I don’t feel that way about dad, or our cousins or uncles, it’s you! Just you! It’s-It’s not a fetish”

I froze up, my head a whirl of questions, emotions and fears but one important thing stood out, I shouldn’t have freaked out like that. I couldn’t work out what to do, how to fix things, this was too much for me to handle. Briefly I started creeping towards the door, some part of my brain telling me to run, run until I could finally make sense of this insane situation. I heard a sob behind me, I realised as I turned around that May wasn’t even looking at me anymore, her body had hunched over and crumpled up into a ball on the floor in front of me.

I couldn’t run away from this, older brothers don’t run away when their little sister is crying, I took a deep breath and stepped towards her. I pulled her into a hug, but she just shook against me, I knew what I was about to tell her wasn’t what she wanted to hear, but there was nothing else I could say.

“May. I think you should stay away from me for a while, what you’re talking about it’s illegal. It’s impossible.”

“No.” She whimpered her arms suddenly locking around me, her muscles trembling with the effort.

“Not forever, just for a while, until you get your feelings sorted out.” The words felt hollow, I knew everything I said just hurt worse. “Sorted out” I was disgusted at myself, I was treating her like she was diseased but despite my self-loathing I continued, unsure and shaken. “I’m gonna go now. I’ll come by in a couple of weeks when you’re feeling better.” Again, like she had a simple cold, and if we just left it alone for a while it would go away. Maybe it would, but there was no way her big brother could solve this, in fact I was the problem. “Goodbye.”

“No!” her cries were desperate, but weak. She could feel me already pulling her out of the embrace, her arms gripped ever tighter but I fought back and easily broke free of her grasp.

She whimpered as I approached the door, but I made no movement to turn back, I couldn’t, I knew that I had to leave and I wouldn’t be able to if I saw her in this state. As I walked through the last threshold that separated this unfamiliar world from the normality I had taken for granted all my life I heard her voice behind me. Weak and forced, a single phrase forced through tears and mucus like a lost child struggling to be seen in a crowd.


The door swung shut.

I sighed as I leant internet casino back in my chair and let the lecture wash over my mind, I didn’t really feel any need to listen when I could always just borrow someone’s else’s notes and catch up on things later, I had been too distracted later, just this one lecture was fine. It was thanks to my daydreaming that I noticed an elderly looking man accompanied by a middle aged woman enter the lecture hall together and, after checking the piece of paper in the man’s hands, begin to approach me.

“Excuse me. Alexander Francis Dominic?”

“SHHHH!” I hissed angrily as several people looked around, “Yeah I’m ALEXANDER DOMINIC!” I snarled back, glancing around fearfully trying to work out if anyone had heard my middle name, my middle name that nobody outside my family knew, that this ass had just broadcasted. Welp it was time to leave. Now.

The woman, seemingly understanding my intent, quickly started to push the older man out the door. “Can you come with us for a bit please?” she asked apologetically.

“Sure” I muttered irately having already grabbed my bag from beside me.

I followed them outside with minimal curiosity, right as I was concocting a scenario in which it would be feasible that they were both aliens and I would soon be required to battle in an intergalactic gladiatorial arena we stopped, my daydreaming brought to an end, I yawned. “So what’s all this about then?” I asked without much interest.

“Well today several girls in the university came to see us with some concerns, apparently your sister May hasn’t been going to lectures. We went to her dorm to see if we could find out what was wrong but she wouldn’t answer us or open the door.” She said.

I tried to brush it off “Maybe she was just out?”

The woman shook her head. “No we know she’s in there, you see we could hear sobbing coming from the other side of the door. It’s very concerning as you can im-“

Just like that a flip switched inside of me, I was done listening to her, I set off at a run towards May’s door without any interest in whether or not the two people I left behind could keep up with me. I covered the distance to May’s door in under a minute, my breathing heavy as I vaulted the stairs two at a time. I stumbled to a halt in front of her door and pressed my ear against it, sure enough although slightly distorted by the fierce beating of my heart I could hear sobbing coming through the door. Behind me I heard the man and woman from before approaching, the elderly man was visibly pulsating sweat from the effort of keeping up with me.

“You should go” I told them simply. “It’ll be easier if I talk to her alone.”

The duo stopped on the stairs and for a moment it looked like the elderly man was going to carry on regardless, until the woman grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away, the two retreating down the stairs. I waited until I heard the buzz of the front door shut before I spoke, this was between me and May.

“May?” I called out gently, my voice soft and careful, for a moment I was worried that my words hadn’t penetrated the door, until I heard the sobbing stop. Motion from behind the door, I had to push “May? Open the door.” The command was simple, but the feelings behind it were a lot more complex.

To my relief I heard the lock slide open and without waiting for her to open the door I pulled the door towards me, inside May was stood in front of the doorway panting heavily. I soon realised why. “MAY!” I yelled a little louder than I meant to, her body was shaking, her face grey and lifeless and her skin pulled taught over her muscles. She must have lost at least a full stone of weight, she couldn’t have eaten anything since I last saw her, had she even moved since then?

“Oh Jesus.” I muttered running forwards and pulling her into an embrace, I gently lowered her to the floor and ran towards her wardrobe, ripping the doors open and rummaging about inside. I quickly found the plain shoebox where she stashed all her treats, I was panicking but who wouldn’t after seeing their sister in such a state? I was desperate to have her eat anything and quickly plucked the largest bar of chocolate from the top and dropped back down beside her.

“Come on May get some of this in your system until we can get you a proper meal.” I said pushing the chocolate towards her lips.

She shook her head softly, I looked at her in disbelief. “You can’t be serious you need to eat something! You could die! Come one, please.”

“Kiss.” She muttered weakly.

I looked at her confused and she tried again. “If onii-chan gives me a kiss, I’ll eat.

I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t even have to consider it, after all doing whatever it takes to protect his sister is and older brother’s job. I swept in and planted a light peck on her lips before pulling back and slipping a piece of hastily broken chocolate into her mouth. She pouted and for a moment I thought she was going to spit it back out again but to my relief she held true to her promise and quickly chewed and swallowed, I leant forward with another piece of chocolate only to be met with puckered lips and a clear intent. I sighed and leant in again, slipping another piece in her mouth after a light kiss.

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