An Understanding Wife


“Do you want me to bring you anything, Bob?” My stepdaughter’s voice called from the kitchen where she was finishing the dinner dishes.

“Oh, sure. I can use another beer, Honey,” I answered. We were on our own for a week while her mother was across the country for a seminar. Lucille had been a part of my life since shortly after her mother and I got married the year before. She hadn’t wanted to leave her dad at first. But when she realized what a deadbeat he was, she reluctantly allowed her mother to relocate her. They had been living on those instant oriental noodles — which are great for a quick lunch, but not as a main dish three times a day.

At our house, on the other hand, I do all the cooking. Both Lucille and her mom are what could be termed “voluptuous”. In other words, they are overweight. But they are fairly comfortable with themselves and so am I. I’m old enough to have gotten past the social conditioning that says thin is sexy. Thin is sexy. But so is fat, if the woman inside the body is sexy. So, they are both much happier eating steaks, chicken marsala, and other well prepared balanced meals than ramen noodles.

Lucille entered with a beer for me. She had a funny grin on her face (and the other hand behind her back,I noticed). “All right. What’s up?” I demanded, ready to be set up for something.

She brought her hidden hand out to reveal an unopened bottle of one of those malt beverages that have become popular lately. “Can I have this?” she asked, a hopeful expression on her face. I know it’s illegal to give an eighteen-year-old booze, but we were at home and she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Okay. But just one, okay? Don’t even ask for more.” Her mother lets her have one so I figured it would be okay. Lucille and her mom have a kind of unusual relationship. They don’t get along all that well, but Lucille knows she can talk to her mom about anything. That her mom tells me things was how I knew Lucille had bestowed her virginity on a boy back home just before moving in with us. He turned out to be very undeserving of the gift, but that’s another story. At any rate, since joining us, she had been very forthright about the lack of suitable sex partners locally. I had told her she shouldn’t be too picky, since it was a small town. ‘Be choosy and be careful, but don’t be too picky,’ was how I put it. Still, she hadn’t had anything like a date.

She had two friends — girls — who occasionally spent the night at our house. They spent their time up in Lucille’s room surfing (porn sites, no doubt) the internet and giggling. One time I overheard some vocalizations I usually associate with sexual pleasure, but I’m reluctant to jump to the conclusion that they were pleasuring each other — no matter how much that image tried to intrude into my thoughts.

So while Lucille and I sat and watched some inane sitcom and drank together that night, I asked her, “So any guys been hitting on you?”

“Only Brendan,” she made a grimace. Brendan was a moose of a guy, and twice as stupid. He had somehow gotten the idea that Lucille liked him and didn’t have the pride to take ‘No’ for an answer. He continued to call and basically harass her to go out with him. “I’m getting worried that my hymen is going to grow back,” she joked.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie,” I told her, reaching to take her hand. “You’re leaving for college next fall. There will be a lot more guys to choose from.”

“Yeah, maybe so. But I still don’t know what I’m really doing in bed. I know Mom told you about Jerry. Did she tell you anything else about me sexually?”

In fact, she had. Her mom had told me that Lucille had mentioned that she liked to suck cock. But I didn’t want Lucille to know I knew it. So I just said that she hadn’t said anything. Lucille then proceeded to tell me that even though Jerry had been the only guy she’d had intercourse with, she had given other guys blowjobs earlier on. Pretending this was new knowledge, I asked her what she thought of that. She admitted she didn’t mind it — even liked it. She then told me something I hadn’t known: that nobody had ever gone down on her. “Do many guys like to do that, Bob?”

“Hey, a lot of guys do. It’s just that you haven’t been with men, only boys so far. Personally, that’s my favorite part of sex. The scent of a woman, all hot and musky is really an aphrodisiac to me. I think a lot of men feel that way.”

She mulled this over for a while as the show ended. As I was flipping through the channels to see what was on next, she drained her bottle and rose. “I’m going to study a while then go to bed,” she said, stretching. I noticed her nipples were hard when her large breasts strained against her tee-shirt. I had tried to avoid fantasizing about my stepdaughter. But the conversation and the evidence that our conversation had somehow turned her on had begun to get me going, too. She bent over and kissed me on the cheek and we said goodnight.

She had been upstairs for an hour or so when I decided it was time for me to go to bed, as well. The next day Giresun Escort was Sunday so Lucille didn’t have to be up early for school. I’d been on a medical disability for a leg condition for six months by then. I was starting to get used to the idea — and even liked it — that I never had to get up early for work again. I’d taken on the househusband’s role and it suited me. We all did our share, but I pretty well ran the house.

Before I went to bed, I wanted to throw the last load of laundry into the washer. I descended the basement stairs and crossed to the laundry area. The plastic clothes basket was where I’d left it that afternoon. I started the washer and tossed in some detergent. As I was sorting through the clothes in the main basket, I noticed that Lucille had brought her laundry basket down and left it. She probably planned to do hers the next day. But since the last of ours was so sparse, I lifted the top of her basket and sorted through for some light colored items to fill out the load. I tossed in a couple of bras and some shirts. Then my hand fell on a pair of her panties.

I don’t have a panty fetish. I’d rather see a woman out of all her clothes than in panties or any sexy lingerie. But on impulse (no doubt spurred by our earlier conversation), I brought the little light blue undies to my nose. I inhaled the musky scent of Lucille’s crotch. Blowing out my breath, I repeated it. Each time the scent got stronger. It may have been the hyperventilating, but I’d rather think it was her scent that made me dizzy. I wasn’t too surprised to find that smelling Lucille’s dirty underwear was giving me a raging hardon! It was slightly different from her mother’s, but experience has taught me that all women have a similar smell. I enjoyed this guilty pleasure for another few minutes. When the washer kicked into life beside me I came back to Earth. I dropped the panties into the water and threw a few more things in with them. I lowered the lid of the washer and mounted the stairs.

Going to our room, I shucked out of my clothes. I clicked on the TV and crossed the entryway to the bathroom. I thought about Lucille and her panties as I brushed my teeth. Somehow her scent had lingered in my senses. Under the mint-flavored toothpaste I caught the trace of woman. I rinsed and turned out the light to return to my bed.

I was laying there, the Tonight show going all but unnoticed, and reading a few pages of my book before I went to sleep. Lucille’s quiet voice came from just outside the room, “Bobby? Are you still awake?” Now, I call myself ‘Bob’. My wife had taken to adding the diminutive ending I’d expunged at age eleven. From her, I didn’t mind it. But this was the first time Lucille had ever used it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, or what it meant that she’d used it. I didn’t acknowledge it, I just asked her what was up.

She came into the room and sat on the side of the bed usually occupied by her mother. She was wearing a pair of boxers and the tee-shirt she’d had on earlier. “Can you give me a back rub?” she asked. She and I had traded back rubs a few times over the past year. She did a good job and I’d been told I did, too. So I told her I could. The problem now, however, was that I was naked. Family nudity had been discussed between Lucille and her mom when l. first came to live with us. I tend to be pretty casual about my own nudity. But I had been fairly conscientious about remaining suitably covered whenever Lucille was around. She’d told her mom that she didn’t want to see me running around the house naked. She had accidentally caught me in between bedroom and bathroom a couple of times, but didn’t seem traumatized by it.

“I’d be happy to rub your back,” I told her, “but that means I’ll have to sit up and move around. I’m naked.” I finished.

“That’s okay. I’ve seen you naked, remember? It won’t bother me.” So she lay down upside down on her mother’s side of the bed. I pushed the covers off and rose to a kneeling position beside her. I started to knead her shoulders and she sighed, telling me it felt good. Then she surprised me by stopping me. She lifted herself to her elbows, pulling the shirt up to her armpits. Then she slipped it off over her head before resuming her prone position. This, too, was fairly common with us. In fact, the first time I rubbed her back it had been without a top. So I just resumed the massage. She moved her arms out to extend them to her sides. The move gave me a good view of the side of her breast, mashed beneath her. All the earlier thoughts and the memory of the scent of her panties combined with my nudity and her own partial nudity. My physical response should have been predictable. My cock started to rise like a cobra from a basket. As long as she didn’t turn her head, I was safe.

Just as I was circumspect about nudity with her, she usually was careful not to place herself in a position where she might sight my bare body. So I wasn’t too worried that she would see me now. After all, she knew I was naked and exposed beside her. Giresun Escort Bayan If she looked, it would be because she wanted to see.

My hands worked their magic on her tensed muscles. I moved down her back and worked around her waist. I let my fingers slip under the elastic waistband of her shorts a bit — just playing in my mind. Then she surprised me further by reaching down and pushing the shorts halfway down her ass! My dick jumped as her round half moons were exposed. I didn’t comment, but took the hint. I let my ministrations extend to encompass the top of her ass. She sighed heavily.

After about half an hour, I pronounced her finished. I punctuated it with a light slap to her bare ass cheek.

She jumped and — amazingly — turned to her side, facing me. In an instant she took in both my nudity and my erection. To say that I was embarrassed would be an understatement. I mumbled an apology and scrambled to get under the covers. As long as it was visible, her eyes never left my cock.

I guess the knowledge that she had caused my erection gave her reassurance or the courage to take the next step. She smiled at me and slid off the bed to a standing position, her breasts totally exposed to my gaze. Then she slipped her shorts the rest of the way off and stepped out of them. She folded back the covers and slipped under them beside me.

“Mom said I should take care of you while she was gone,” she said quietly. She was laying on her side facing me, resting on one elbow. I was on my back. She reached over and ran her hand over my chest, her fingers tousling the curly hair that covered it.

“I kind of doubt that this is what she had in mind,” I said. But she was determined. She moved closer, until her belly was against my hip. Then she raised her top leg and crossed my body with it. She kissed me on the cheek, then on the lips. I didn’t immediately respond, but she raised her head before kissing my lips again. When her tongue sought entry to my mouth, I allowed it. Alarms were going off wildly in my head, but I’m a normal man with a more than healthy sexual appetite. I slid my arm under her head and held her to me.

We kissed and she rubbed her leg up and down mine. She hadn’t yet made contact with my dick, but it was only a matter of time. Then the phone rang.

I unwrapped my arm and picked up the receiver, knowing it was my wife. I motioned silently for Lucille to be quiet. She responded with a lip-zipping signal. “Hello?”

“Hi, Honey. How’s everything going?”

“Great! How is everything there?”

“Oh, it’s okay. But I miss you. What are you doing?” I wasn’t about to tell her what I was doing! I pictured my head on a platter.

“Well, I’m in bed. I was just about to turn off the light and go to sleep.” Lucille was following instructions by being silent, but she wasn’t idle. She had moved her leg up and stroked it across my cock. I closed my eyes and concentrated on keeping any stress out of my voice.

“Is Lucille in bed, too?” she asked. I told her she was. We chatted for a few minutes about this and that. Then Lucille raised the stakes by taking hold of my cock and stroking it slowly as she giggled into the pillow.

I answered my wife’s questions about home stuff as casually as I could. Then she asked if Lucille was still awake. I told her I’d check. I covered the phone and told Lucille to go and pick up the phone in the kitchen. I watched her round ass bounce out of the room then heard a click as she picked up the phone. I pressed the button on the phone to signal that I’d hung up. Then I eased my finger off so I could eavesdrop.

“Hi, Mom,” Lucille said.

“Hi, Honey. Is everything okay? Bob sounded kind of funny.”

“Everything’s fine. We ate, watched some TV, then I went to bed.”

“Okay,” my wife said. I silently breathed a sigh of relief. But her next words took me back : “Just remember what I said. He loves you. Try to take care of him as much as possible. Pick up after yourself and all that. And…” she paused, as if trying to find the words to say what she wanted to say. “And, you might want to ask him if he’ll help you out with your…problem.” I couldn’t believe she was talking about her daughter’s horniness! But her next sentence confirmed it. “He’s really good, Lucille! I’ve never had better — no offense to your dad. But your dad never got me off the way Bobby does. He’ll probably be reluctant at first, but you can do it. I know you can.”

My wife was pimping me to her daughter!! I quietly depressed the button and slipped the receiver down. Laying there I reached down and gripped my cock hard. It was still erect and showed no signs of wavering, even if I’d been uncertain. When Lucille’s voice called out to me to pick up the phone again, I did so.

“Hi,” I said. I thought my voice sounded normal.

“Hi. She’s kind of lonely, Honey. I think she feels kind of out of place still at school. Maybe you can spend some special time with her?”

“Well, I gave her a backrub tonight. She Escort Giresun surprised me by standing up without putting her shirt back on.” She laughed.

“Well, that’s okay. Maybe she’s finally accepting our nude lifestyle.”

“Maybe so. We’ll see.” We talked a few minutes more and hung up. Lucille returned a minute later, carrying a beer for me and another malt drink for her. I consented to her drinking it. I figured if her mother thought it was okay for her to fuck her stepdaddy, it was probably okay for her to drink. She stood by my side the bed for a minute. I ran my hand up her leg to her ass. She smiled and moved closer. I let my fingers slip between her ass cheeks and squeezed her. Then I turned her slightly more toward me and brought my lips to her belly. I kissed her just barely above her cunt. She gasped.

“Come back to bed, Sweetie. I think it’s time for you to learn a few things.” She stepped around the bed and slid under the covers again. I took the bottle from her hand and placed it with my beer on the nightstand. Then I turned back to her. “So, you enjoy sucking cock?”

“I do.” Her voice was quiet and I could tell that, where before she was aggressive, now she was becoming overtaken by a shyness or a lack of confidence.

“Why don’t you show me what you can do?” I flipped the covers back and reclined on the pillows. She lifted up and took me in her hand. She kissed down and back up the shaft before taking the head between her lips and tonguing it. As she performed, I told her that she was good. She was! For as little experience as she admitted to, she was excellent. I stopped her before she drove me over that edge, however. I wanted to taste the treasure I’d smelled second-hand in the basement.

I took her shoulders and lay her back. I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth. My hands, meanwhile, were toying with her big tits. I stuck my tongue as far into her mouth as I could while simultaneously pinching her nipples. Receiving a positive response, I continued to pinch and twist her nubs as I ran my mouth and tongue down her neck. I suckled at her breasts while running my hand over her belly and down between her thighs. She spread her legs for me so sweetly.

Kissing my way down her belly I arrived at her crotch. I inhaled the familiar aroma. It was, naturally, much stronger here than it had been on the panties. That had made me dizzy; this was making me drunk! I licked her. She gasped and spread further open for me. Taking her hands, I told her to open her lips for me. She shyly did that and I began…

Twenty minutes and three orgasms later, I rose up and rolled between her legs. My cock was throbbing. Her eyes were slightly out of focus, I could tell. Like her mother, she had very vocal orgasms. The dogs, sensing something strange, had reacted, but I ordered them down or out. I now brought my cock to her opening. I slid it up and down a few times to lubricate it with her very copious juices. Then I inserted the tip. I pushed slightly, but she was very tight. I pushed harder and it went in. Only once before had I felt such tightness. It was in her mother’s ass the first time we both tried anal sex. I inched my way in. Each time I pushed forward, her grip on my arms tightened. But she was responding by pushing up, too. I talked her through it. It was obvious that the other penis she’d experienced had been smaller than mine. Women have told me I’m large, though what I’ve read says I’m ‘average’.

Finally I was all the way inside her. I just lay there ‘soaking’ in her steamy sheath. She repeatedly raised and lowered her legs, sliding them up and down my sides. I kissed her deeply and we talked. She was acting as if she was drunk, though I knew it was just the headiness of new sex. So I began to fuck her. Picking up speed gradually, I was at last plunging into her tender insides. I lifted her legs and placed them atop my shoulders — a great position for heavier women, I’ve found. Her expression was pure lust. My balls bounced against her ass as I pounded into her. Then I paused, fully inside her. I ground my hips against the back of her thighs, my balls rubbing her anus. This gave her another orgasm. Her cunt contracted strongly around me. “Oh, Sweet Jesus, Bobby! Bobby! Bobbeeee!” she screamed through another orgasm.

I didn’t last too long, given the novelty, enthusiasm and tight youth of my partner. Soon I was spewing deep inside her. I’d had a vasectomy years before so there was no concern about pregnancy. She cried — actually cried tears as she came again when I did. I collapsed on her for a minute before moving one leg outside hers. Still inside that portal to heaven, I admitted I’d eavesdropped on her conversation with her mother. She was only slightly upset by the knowledge. Then she admitted she was going to tell me if I hadn’t taken the initiative.

I slid out of her and we lay there finishing our drinks. When we had recovered I went down on her again. I love the taste of a woman under any circumstances. But freshly fucked is the best. I cleaned up all her nooks and crannies. When my tongue invaded her anus she jumped but soon got into it as I continued my analingus. I told her I’d introduce her to anal sex soon. She expressed doubt about it, but a few days later she learned that it’s as pleasurable as vaginal sex.

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