An Uneventful Shift


The sidewalk at Eighth and Market Streets is always filthy. The vendors clean the spaces around their tables and carts, but the constant foot traffic leaves a wake of debris.

Norita walked her third patrol around that freezing corner since her shift had begun at ten o’clock. All the stores had closed, the carts had gone, and the last bus for the night had left half an hour ago. She stepped over a handful of dead flowers propped against the bus shelter. Eighth Street should be a mausoleum, she mused, for all its memorials to gunfighters. So, who were those guys over by the doorway? Norita could see the knit hats as they scurried toward the entrance to the subway concourse. Fools, she thought, that door has been locked for months. There they were taking a leak against the locked door.

“Hey, get a move on, guys,” Norita ordered them. “This place is closed.” The sweet odor of urine rose from the rusted doorway.

The shorter one in the red hat finished, zipped his pants, and turned to her. “Whatever you say, guard lady,” he said with a happy grin.

Norita, inhaling the scent of urine, realized that she was becoming aroused. It had happened once before at the hair salon: the fragrance of ammonia had made her squirm and bolt home to change into fresh panties.

The taller guy in blue looked over his shoulder at Norita. “You work for that rent-a-cop agency, huh? How you like it?”

“It’s great,” answered Norita. “You guys gotta leave now.” She couldn’t believe what she saw in his hand. No man could grow one that long. He wasn’t terribly tall; his hands and feet seemed in proportion to his five-foot-ten-inch height.

“Yes, ma’am,” said Blue Hat, “I interviewed with them last week. I really thought they would’ve called me in by now. I’m lookin’ to get somethin’ permanent, you know.” He was still zipping himself up.

Norita felt her pussy tingling. “Who did you interview with?” she asked him. “I heard they might take on a new guy soon.” She wanted to keep his attention and get a better look at what he had tucked inside his baggy pants.

“The lady from HR was Miz Clanton, and the guy who was hiring was Mister Wyatt.”

“Oh, yeah, I know Wyatt; he manages our district.”

Red Hat was strutting up and down the sidewalk in the snow while they talked. Blue Hat seemed in no hurry to leave.

“Hey, guys, if you want a cup of coffee I’ve got some in the guard office,” Norita offered. “We don’t have to stand out here in the cold.”

Blue Hat peered at her name tag and OKC badge and smiled. “Thanks, Miz Morgan, I’d really like that.”

Red Hat bounced over to them, echoing, “Thanks, Miz Guard Lady, you’re really nice.”

The guard station was a tiny room with a desk, a chair, and an ancient sofa. The coffeepot shared counter space with the copier and racks for the walkies. A microwave and refrigerator were wedged in the corner. There were no vending machines; most guards ate from the carts or lunch trucks. Norita had a locker outside the office, but she remembered there was a stash of rubbers in the desk. Blue Hat was going to need an Extra Long.

Blue Hat smiled at Norita and extended his hand: “I’m Frankie McLaury, nice to meet you.”

Red balıkesir seks hikayeleri Hat countered with, “Juan Enrico Holliday, how do you do, Miz Morgan.”

All three quickly stripped off their boots and coats and piled them by the door. Under his red hat Enrico wore earphones blasting music; he danced around the cramped space like a mating rabbit.

Norita filled coffee cups and handed them around. Somebody would have to cover the phones if Base Operator called in. “Hey, Enrico, do you think you could listen for the phone for a little bit for me?” She showed Enrico the main transmitter on the board of walkies. “Push this button to talk if they call in on this speaker.” Enrico loosened one earphone slightly and nodded with a grin.

Norita took Frankie’s hand and led him to the sofa. She had to know if his balls were in proportion to that cock. She wanted to slide her mouth around them like licking an apricot. “You wanna make yourself comfortable, Frankie?” she murmured and sat down next to him.

Frankie was already out of his jacket and sweatshirt as he knelt on the sofa. He reached around Norita’s waist to unfasten her gun belt. “Let me help you get all this stuff out of the way,” he told her. “You’re too classy a lady to carry around all this equipment.”

As soon as her gun belt was off Norita slipped out of her trousers and panties. Silver stars spangled across her toes on glittering copper lacquer. “If you guys need the bathroom, we got our own back here.”

Frankie set down his empty coffee cup on the desk. “Yeah, that would be a good idea. This coffee’s making me go again.”

This was her dream come true. Norita was wet and throbbing and wanted to see that cock unfurled in action. “Come with me, Frankie,” she ordered him.

Frankie followed Norita into the tiny lavatory and watched her climb on top of the toilet tank. She sat with her bare feet on the commode. “I want you to piss on my feet. Make it hot! Make them hot and wet!” she urged him. He sprayed urine over her polished toes as she panted, “Piss on my feet, Frankie, oh, yes!”

Thumping noise at the door grew louder and they heard Enrico’s voice. “Hey, yous guys, is that a private party in there? Base Operator is waiting on the phone and she says it’s important. She has to talk to Miz Norita. Hurry up in there.”

“Open the door, Frankie. Yo, Enrico, can you bring the walkie in here, please?” Norita scooted bare-assed over to the washbasin and braced her bare feet in the sink, providing Frankie a clear view of her dense black curls.

Enrico appeared in the doorway with the transceiver. “Here’s the lady from Base. Can I give you a hand there?”

Norita reached for the walkie with a smile. “You both can come in here if you want. My feet feel so good now and they just need to be washed off a little. You can touch them if you want.”

Frankie was splashing water on Norita’s toes in the basin and trying to work his right index finger into her pussy. “Oh, Frankie, do my feet!” she whispered. “That feels nice, Frankie. Yeah, do that harder.”

Enrico surveyed the little space and moved to Norita’s left. Standing at the edge of the basin, behind her, he could reach her pussy and her breasts. He unbuckled his belt. “Hey, Miz Norita, I got somethin’ you’ll like better than a finger.”

Norita held the walkie in her right hand; with her left, she guided Enrico’s left hand to her nipple. “Hey, Base, what’s up?”

The walkie crackled static. “Base to Eight Hundred, your timesheets are due. You’ve gotta get them in early before the holiday weekend.”

Frankie now had two fingers in Norita’s pussy; he crossed his fingers and pushed them in and out. “You like that better, Norita?”

“Yes, oh, don’t stop! Do it harder, yes, fuck me with your hand!”

“Eight Hundred, say again?”

“Hello, Base, we all turned in our sheets to Mister Wyatt last shift. What do you need from me?”

“Hey, put your hand right there, Miz Norita. Rub it real nice like that.” Enrico placed her left hand around his upright cock.

“You’re so hard, Enrico, let me get you to come.”

“Eight Hundred, are you sending somebody over?”

“No, Base, I don’t have anyone free and I’m working two more hours.”

“Yo, Norita, I got something for you. Get off that phone and move that pretty mouth down here.”

“Yes! Frankie, I want to taste you.”

“Eight Hundred, come again?”

“Base, I’ve got my hands full right now.”

“Eight Hund . . . ting . . . six Allen. Do you . . .?”

“Say again, please, Base. I didn’t get that.”

“Eight Hundred, can you fax in those timesheets now?”

“Yes, Base, I can do that. I’ll run them through the fax machine right away.”

“Eight Hundred, you are sending to the division office at 326 Allen. Make sure your machine prints the confirmation after you transmit. Do you copy?”

“Right, Base. Allen and Fremont. Got that.”

“Negative, Eight Hundred, we’re BETWEEN Allen and Fremont. Your driver must deliver the sheets before five o’clock this morning. You got this?”

“Base, if we can fax this stuff will that be okay?”

“That’s affirmative, Eight Hundred: fax it, walk it, drive it, just get it here in the next hour. Base out.”

“Hey, guys, let me take care of this or I won’t get my paycheck.”

Frankie lifted the walkie from Norita’s hand and set it on the toilet. “Oh, Norita, you’ve gotta take care of this. You wanna put those beautiful lips around this, don’t you?”

It was the next logical step. “Don’t go anywhere.” Norita gave Enrico’s cock a hearty squeeze, released it, and slid off the sink to the floor.

Finally, Frankie’s luscious appendage was in her hands. She slowly licked the head, and then shaped her tongue like a shovel.

“Ooh, yeah, your mouth is so hot!” Frankie was bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Slipping her wet tongue under the head, Norita snaked Frankie’s cock into the back of her mouth. He was enormous. There wasn’t enough room in her throat to take him all in. “Oh jeez, Frankie, aahgh . . . you’re so big!” She cradled his balls with both hands and licked them from front to back. “I want to taste all of you.”

“Do it, Norita, take it all, oh yeah, all of it!”

She clasped her hands around the base of his cock and teased him with her tongue. “Give it to me, Frankie, fuck my mouth, gimme it!”

Enrico hustled through the doorway toward the rack of transceivers. “Hey, yous guys, hurry it up.”

“Ooh, yes! Can you taste that, baby? You’re so beautiful.”

“Yeah, oh, your come is so hot, Frankie. I never had so much cock in my mouth!”

“Hey, yous guys, the fax machine is making noises out here.”

“Oh, dammit, I’m supposed to send timesheets out.”

Gurgling noises came from the lavatory, then, the minty fragrance of cheap mouthwash. Norita scrambled across the floor to the desk and rooted through the file drawer. “Where did they put this week’s? Here they are.” She stuffed eight sheets into the transmit slot, punched in the fax setting, and thumbed the green button.

Enrico was standing behind Norita wearing an expectant smile. “Hey, Miz Norita, baby, you don’t have to do the work now.” His erect cock brushed against her buttocks. “I’ve got all the muscle you need.”

“Yeah, oh, Enrico, you’re so hard! Do you think you’re hard enough to fuck me in my ass?”

“Oh yeah, you like it like that, right?”

“Ooh, yes! I love it up the ass.”

“Yeah, I love putting my cock anywhere you want it, baby.”

The rubbers were still in the desk. Sucking a strange guy was risky, but bareback ass fucking was plain crazy. “Enrico, here, we got just what we need here. Can you use this kind?”

“Whatever kind you like, Miz Norita, baby, just let me feel that pretty body of yours.”

Norita leaned forward over the desk while Enrico leaned against her buttocks. He pushed three fingers into her mouth. “Make my fingers wet, baby.”

Norita licked and slurped his fingers until they were dripping. One finger cautiously probed her asshole, then, the next finger gently slid alongside the first. Norita felt her pussy throb with each stroke of Enrico’s finger.

“You like that, baby? You ready for the real thing?”

“Ooh, put in my ass, Enrico, fuck me as hard as you can!”

Enrico obliged with a short thrust through her outer sphincter. Then he rocked back and forth as Norita squirmed and held onto the desk. “Yo, baby, is this how you like?”

“Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass, Enrico!”

He leaned back on his heels, withdrew to the tip, and took a breath; then, very slowly, he leaned forward and drove the shaft in up to the root.

Norita screamed, “Yes, oh, shove it in me! Fuck me, don’t stop! Yes!”

Enrico wrapped both arms around Norita as he climaxed. “Oh, oh, baby! I love you, baby!”

Frankie, resting on the sofa after getting dressed, heard the alarm. “Yo, Norita, what’s that?”

Norita crawled over to the chair where her trousers hung. She muttered, “No, it can’t be four o’clock already,” peering at the display on her cell phone. “Guys, I love you but I’ve gotta get back to work. Let’s meet up again over the holiday weekend, huh?”

“Good night, Miz Norita, I love you.”

“Good night, Enrico.”

“Night, baby, I’ll call you this afternoon.”

“Good night, Frankie.”

“You be careful, baby, I miss you . . . .”

Norita turned out the light and locked the outer door to the guard station. She checked the alarm to make sure it was armed, and then started her last patrol. Twelve paces down the concourse her ears were assaulted by the roar of the morning express from Haddonfield. In the guard office the fax machine rang and rang again.

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