An Unexpected Holiday Experience


It had been cold but not wet, one of those crisp winter days when the low sun and crisp air makes everything look more picturesque. Of course the heat of summer would have been nice, but that brings out the crowds that takes away some of the joy. A day spent strolling along the beach, eating chips and wearing hat and gloves.

On reaching the cottage we had stripped of our thermals, lit the wood fire and sunk into the sofa, the television was on but only for back ground noise as we napped. I had woken before you and showered before running you a hot bath. I woke you and led you up the stairs. Whilst you relaxed in the bubbles I laid out your outfit for dinner before returning to the sofa.

When you entered the bedroom you found the outfit I had left you. A delicate corset with attached suspenders, sheer stockings and a simple sleek black dress. The thought of not wearing panties bought confusion; you had often talked of the fun of teasing me by turning up to dinner pantiless and then whispering the fact into my ear to tease me, but you had never actually gone through with it. Would you accept what had been laid out or choose to override me. You took the risk and went with what was provided. As a lover of the outdoors, country pubs normally involved a thick fleece and walking boots. Never had you looked like a city girl so out of place.

Dinner went in a whirl. To start with you acted self-consciously, especially when we had to perch at the bar whilst waiting for our table, but slowly you relaxed into you outfit: rubbing your foot against my leg moving it up further as you became more confident and even sitting so the waiter could catch sight of your stocking tops as he tried to serve the other customers.

When we returned home the wood fire embers were still glowing, but as you walked across to the sofa, I walked up behind you, stopped you, leant down to nibble your ear and then whispered into you ear that tonight you were mine and had to trust me. You paused slightly and then nodded. I reached into my pocket and extracted a blindfold, slipping it over you beautiful sleek hair before plunging you into darkness.

I led you up stairs and into the bedroom. You tried to remove your dress but I stopped you. I turned you so that the end of the bed was against the back of your legs and then gently pushed you backwards. I climbed on top of you, and started to stroke you’re your face, letting you feel my breath against your lips, knowing I was close but not close enough to kiss. You went to reach up to hold me, but I whispered no into your ear. Your hands fell back to your side.

I took your right hand and raised it above your head; you felt it being surrounded by the coldness of metal. A shiver ran through your body, I thought you were going to speak, but instead you raised you left had into place. Another click and you were immobilised.

We kissed, gently, just on the lips, slowly I worked my way to your neck, finding the spot, the one that makes you want to do anything to please me. Your breathing increased in intensity. The antalya escort time was now right. I slowly inched my way down your body, stroking your curves as I went. When I reached your legs I placed one knee inside your thighs. As I reached your knees my second knee joined my first. You were fully dressed but had never felt more exposed, knowing that soon I would be able to see the tops of your naked thighs. I continued to work down further sliding my hands down your slender legs until I was kneeling on the floor looking along your legs. I spread your legs further and saw your lips part before your cheeks started to blush. Whilst stroking your right leg with my left had I reached under the bed and found the second restraint. You knew you were going to be my toy tonight.

After both legs were bound I stood and exited the room. You heard my footsteps enter the bathroom. You heard the sound of me undressing and longed for my return. As I returned you could tell that tonight was going to be different. The sound of my feet was different; there were too many steps for one person. Fear gripped you. Here you were, tied to a bed, only protected by the thin dress that had crept up your thighs as they were retrained apart. Why would I bring another man to use you? Why would I want to see you bring pleasure to a friend or rival? How could I treat you like this? You heard the footsteps move up to the bed and then the weight of two people being added to the mattress; one on your left and one on your right.

Your felt two hands slide onto you knee and gently start to rub down your calf. And then you realised. There was still only one man in the room. You had never done anything more than kiss a girl whilst drunk at uni, but not you were in no position to protest as you felt the hands move up your thighs and slide your dress up further. Your most intimate parts were on display to a girl that you had never seen. The hands continued to slide up further, inching closer to your spread pussy lips; you took a deep breath waiting for the first contact that didn’t come. The hands choosing to stay outside your lips and slide up over your stomach and up to your covered breasts.

You felt breath against your neck, followed by two pairs of lips kissing you. Each taking a different course over your neck, shoulders, ears and cheeks. And then it happened; you felt her soft lips continue their journey until they pressed against yours. You opened your mouth in anticipation of her tongue and were rewarded as she bit your lip before entering you. Your felt yourself moisten at the thought of what was to happen. My lips worked their way up until her mouth was replaced with mine. You mind racing as we took it in terms to kiss you before you felt both our faces against yours but neither of us was kissing you as we had locked in a deep embrace.

You felt my arms cross your body as I held her tight, slowly rolling her body across yours. You lay there unable to move whilst you could hear us kissing more and more passionately. She moved onto all fours and kemer escort started to rub your face with her breast. It felt larger than yours but still firm, her nipples were large and became erect as she placed them against your lips. You open your mouth and sucked the offered nipple into you waiting mouth. This was further than you ever expected to go with another women. After all the kisses at uni were just alcohol fuelled dares to tease the boys, but this was warm gentle and loving.

As you became more familiar with her body she climbed across you and you felt her lay between us. You could feel the back of my hands as I held her close and stroked her body, exploring every inch of her. You felt me roll her on top of me, and the outside of her thigh brush against you as she slid down my body followed by my moan as she took my hard cock into her warm mouth.

You were in a daze. Another women had just enjoyed the work you had taken on her breasts but was now rewarding my cock was her sweet throat. You were being ignored, like an unneeded piece of furniture, whilst she and I enjoyed each other. All you could hear was the sound of her occasional slurping and the change in my breathing and she stimulated my cock. The cock that you were expecting to be buried inside you.

As her intensity increased it was matched by my breathing and my vocal encouragement. Upon completion she climbed on top of you, you felt her breathing move towards your face and tried to look away not wanting to kiss the women that had just taken the cock that should have been yours. She placed her hands on your head and held you still before placing her lips to yours. You tried to protest but as you opened your mouth she emptied my cum into you. You were being made to swallow my cum that she had milked from me. She forced her tongue into you, working the cum into every part of your mouth.

You felt the mattress move as we both left the bed, returning shortly and kneeling by your hips. You felt her hands reach under your dress and raise it from your body and then the sound of scissors as I cut through the material exposing your corset.

We both returned to your hips and started to kiss your legs, working from your ankles up past your stockings and then repeating the cycle. We could see the glistening building in your pussy; you wouldn’t need any lubricant if we choose to fuck you. But for now all you were given was the occasional tongue brushing against your labia, you started to beg for more, calling out for a cock to fuck you, demanding to be allowed to cum. She told you to be quiet, to stop your noise, and that you would be allowed to cum if we decided, but for now you were there for our entertainment. You attempts to protest irritated her. She decided she wanted to muffle your cries. She climbed on top of you and lowered her pussy onto you face, rubbing herself against your closed mouth. She informed you that we would fuck you but you had to win a game first. I was going to start licking your pussy and you were to lick hers. kaş escort If you made her cum before we made you cum then you could have my cock in your pussy. You felt my tongue slide between you pussy lips and flick against your clit, and then again and again. You remained still enjoying the experience before returning to your senses and realising what you had to do. You opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue tasting your first pussy. You tried to replicate what you liked having done to you. You could tell by her cries she was enjoying it, but then you felt my tongue slide down probing your opening and the tough of her fingers rubbing your clit. You felt cheated, unable to move your hands and knew you had lost. You gave in and allowed yourself to orgasm.

I removed myself from between your legs and you knew you were now going to have to listen to me fuck the girl who had taken my cock from you. But what you didn’t realise that she was going to stay in the same place. She leant over your body onto all fours but keeping her mound on your face and I entered her from behind. Each time I pushed myself into her you felt her body rub against yours. We started slowly enjoying each stroke. You felt her move her hand and then place something cold against your exposed cunt, the cunt that had enjoyed her hands and my tongue too much, that had led to you losing the challenge and the fucking she was now getting. She started to slide the object into you. Making sure that she was in time with my thrusts. You could feel me fucking he as she rubbed against your body, but she also replicated the sensation using the dildo on your body. She was going to make you cum by fucking you in time with my penetrations of her.

The pace quickened, and you could tell she and I were both close. You started fucking your self against the dildo not wanting to miss out on the orgasm that was being shared. You could tell I was ready but trying to hold on to let her finish and at the sound of her cry you felt me pump my seed into her. She carried on fucking you with the dildo, harder and harder. You felt me withdraw from her and my cock flopped against your mouth. You reached your hungry tongue out and cleaned her juices from me. She moved until she was over your mouth and told you to clean her, you felt my cum start to drip from her open pussy into you waiting mouth, she carried on pistoning the dildo into you faster and faster until you could take no more and cried out in orgasm.

As your breathing relaxed you felt our weight moving from the bed and our footsteps as I escorted her downstairs. You heard my return and I removed the handcuffs allowing you to remove the blindfold as I released your legs. You sat up and stretched your arms and legs, blinking as you recovered. Slowly you came out of the daze and smiled, you reached with your hand to wipe the cum from your face, looked me in the eye and thanked me.

The next morning when I woke you were not there. The sun had risen and you had opened the curtains. I called out to ask where you were. You told me to remain where I was. You returned a few minutes later in your dressing gown holding two bacon rolls. You held one out to me, as I went to take it you withdrew the offer and asked whom she was. “A secret” I replied with a smile. You handed me the roll and asked if I fancied walking or sailing today.

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