An Unexpected Lesson


An Unexpected Lesson

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It had been a few months since my 12th standard started. I was preparing for my JEE entrance exams, so I had been skipping college classes to attend my JEE classes. My class teacher Sarika knew about it, so she was very lenient with me. I used to get good enough marks in my exams, so she was cool with what I did otherwise. So I was surprised one day when Sarika told me to meet her after class. I told her I needed to do my chemistry practicals, so I might be late. She said it was okay; she had some work to do in her office anyway.

After finishing up with my practical class, I went to Sarika’s cabin to meet her. She was working at her table, wearing a golden yellow sari with a black sleeveless blouse. She looked up at me, and suddenly her expression turned serious.

“Come in, Shreyansh, have a seat,” she said in a curt tone.

Her sudden change in expression and voice made me a bit nervous. College had been a hostile place for me. The other teachers didn’t approve much of me because of my low attendance. Only Sarika was cool about it. She rummaged through a pile of answer papers and brought out my mathematics unit test paper.

“I’m not happy with the marks you’ve scored, Shreyansh,” she said.

I looked at my paper. I had scored 21 out of 40. For maths, that was a lower than average score.

“Well, mam, you see,” I began to explain, “My classes haven’t really begun teaching us integrals, and most of the paper was based on it, so it was a one-time thing. It won’t happen again.”

“That’s not a good enough excuse, Shreyansh. You knew the syllabus, so you were expected to be prepared. When you had told me about your wish to focus on your entrance exams, I believe you had promised me that it won’t affect your test scores here, hadn’t you?”

“Yes, mam,” I said sheepishly.

“You know that the other teachers do not like you skipping college to attend your classes. I had to convince them to allow you since you are a bright student. Do you know I had to endure jibes from the other teachers because of you? Sanjay Sir said that I don’t know how to handle my class. That I’m spoiling you by being too lenient with you. Tell me, have I made a mistake by trusting you, Shreyansh?”

“No, mam, not at all,” I felt ashamed.

Sarika had always taken my side when the other teachers had berated me. Moreover, she was the youngest among all the teachers there, so her standing up against senior teachers for my sake meant a lot to me. So I’d always had a soft corner in my heart for Sarika. I could not bear to see the look of stress and anger on her face, directed towards me. I could not meet her eyes, so I hung my head and said,

“I’m really sorry. I know it was my mistake for not being prepared and not taking the unit test seriously. I should have taken care to see that you do not get into trouble because of me. I know how much you have done for me, and I didn’t do enough for you. I am truly very sorry. I promise that I would not let this happen again.”

“Are you sure I can trust this promise, at least?” her soft voice made me look up at her again.

Surely enough, she looked a bit tired, but she was smiling at me again like she always did. Her smile made my heart flutter.

“Yes, I’ll work hard for you, mam!” I blurted out.

I got a mini heart-attack after realizing what I’d said, and I hoped against hope that Sarika had not heard it correctly. But she let out a laugh and said, “You’re sweet!”

I felt heartened. She hadn’t taken my idiotic comment in a bad way. She resumed working on her papers. She wasn’t saying anything, and there was a brief moment of silence. So I got up from my chair, and I asked her, like a good polite student, “So, can I leave?”

Sarika didn’t say anything. I could not see her face, but it looked like she was biting the tip of her pen. She slowly looked up at me and said,

“You know Shreyansh, you have caused me a fair amount of trouble and stress.”

“I know mam, and I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

She gave me a one-sided smile and said,

“I know, you said you’d work hard for me.”

I felt a little flush through my cheeks. Suddenly Sarika seemed like a mature woman to me, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit shy in her presence. I had never felt this way before with her, she had always been very frank and friendly with me. But now it felt like all of her feminine energy was being directed at me. Her very gaze brought up unrequited feelings in me. I felt frozen yet fascinated by her.

She got up from her chair, moved towards the door of her cabin, and locked it from the inside. I felt alarmed, as well as excited. What was going on in her mind?

She closed the windows and came to stand in front of me. She was about a foot shorter than me. Perhaps her short height was what contributed to her looking so young. She was married, so she must have been around 27, yet she looked like a college student. She lightly grabbed my poker oyna arms and made me sit in my chair while she leaned against her table.

She was standing right in front of me, peering at me through her beautiful brown eyes. “Did you mean it when you said you would work hard for me?” she asked.

“Of course I did.”

“Can you do me a little favor?”

“Anything you would ask of me.”

She smiled. “You know Shreyansh, the past few days have been a bit stressful for me, having to grade all of your papers. Not to mention the snide remarks by the teachers who think I don’t understand my job.”

By now, my mind was a mixture of different emotions — guilt, a bit of fear, and a rush of adrenaline when a beautiful woman is so close to you. No words would come out of my mouth, and all I could manage was a little nod.

“Will you help me de-stress a bit?”

“Sure mam,” I said, as if on autopilot.

“Would it be too much if I ask you for a shoulder massage?”

“No mam, I’ll do anything to help you.” By now, my mind was totally out of the conversation, and only my instincts were speaking.

She smiled and ruffled my hair with her hand. Then she walked back to her chair, sat on it, and said, “come here.”

I went around the table and behind her chair. She flipped her hair to one side of her neck and said,” I’d like you to work on this shoulder more, but try to massage both.”

My hands were trembling as they moved towards her fair skin. I started clumsily but gently rubbing her shoulders. Perhaps she could feel my hands shaking too. A few seconds in, she rested her palm on one of my hands and said, “Relax, you’re just helping out your teacher.”

I silently took a deep breath and tried to ease into it. But it wasn’t that easy. From the top, I could see the edge of her mangal sutra diving into her cleavage, her bright skin in stark contrast with her black blouse. I felt like I might just lose control of my own self and try to slip my hands under her blouse to touch her petite breasts, whose shape I could barely make out under her saree. I tried to focus instead on the task at hand.

“Wow, you have really soft hands,” she said. “Just like a girl’s!” she added mischievously.

I had heard that from many people before.

“I know. I try to tell myself that I have an artist’s or a surgeon’s hands,” I replied.

“You never considered a masseuse’s hands? You’re pretty good at it. I am feeling very relaxed, thanks to them.”

Her words of encouragement made me ease up, and I could now focus on making her feel better. I started putting gentle but firm pressure on different areas on her slender shoulders, trying to gauge her reaction. Sometimes, I could hear her let out a sigh. After a minute or two of this, she stopped me by placing her palms on my hands.


“Yes, mam?”

“Do you like me?”

I was taken aback by that sudden question. I could not see her face, so I couldn’t judge in what context she was asking.

“I’m sorry, mam? I don’t get what you’re saying.”

She turned around on her chair, stood up, and held both of my hands in hers. Then she locked eyes with me and slowly put my hands around her waist, looking into my eyes all the time, gauging my reaction. I guess she saw no hesitance, because she slowly moved closer to me, putting her arms around my shoulders. I could feel her soft breasts on my chest. There was less than a foot between our lips, and I could smell a hint of minty sweetness in her breath as she huskily whispered, “Do you like me, Shreyansh?”

I lost all sense of time. The world felt like it was going in slow-motion around me. But I could not see any of that. I could only see this ravishing beauty in front of me, in her eyes, a sense of childlike wonder and yet in those same eyes, a smoldering fire. There was no need for me to say anything. Those eyes saw that I was helpless in front of them. They could see my acceptance, my silent surrender as her sultry lips moved towards mine…

…. to be continued

I had always wondered what it must be like, kissing a woman on the lips. Ever since I saw the kissing scene in the Spiderman movie, it had made a home in my head. It had been a milestone to be achieved, a prized possession, a reward you desperately wanted. I had never imagined it would come to me in this manner. But it surpassed all the expectations I had, it was beyond anything I had imagined.

It felt like I was being bombarded with ecstasy all over my being. My brain was being overloaded with signals of pleasure from all of my senses. Even with my closed eyes, I could picture Sarika’s face, inches away from me, her eyes full of passion and desire for me. One of my hands could feel the smoothness of her silky saree, while the other of her willowy waist. I could feel my blood rushing through my veins, my heart thumping madly beside hers, whose beat I could feel faintly against my chest. Her citrusy perfume, faded over the course of the day, seemed to have found its way to me. But the moment her soft lips canlı poker oyna touched mine, it felt like fireworks went inside my head that burst high up in the sky and showered peace and tranquility after. I kissed her in that tranquility for what felt like an eternity. An eternity that consisted only of the two of us, nothing else existed any more.

I don’t know how long we were kissing like that. But after some time, Sarika stopped and looked at me with a questioning look in her eyes, as if asking me, “are you okay with this?”

As if I had acquired a sudden super-power, I could tell exactly what was on her mind by looking into her eyes. I had my answer ready for her. More than anything else in the world, I wanted her. I kissed her. With as much forcefulness and gentleness I could muster, I kissed her. I wanted to relish her luscious lips, I could bear no distance between us. I held her even more tightly, pulling her closer, we staggered a bit towards her table. There, leaning against her desk, Sarika began kissing me as if she had pined for me for years. My heart felt like it would burst with excitement, my mind went haywire, as if her lips were intoxicating me with a drug. I forgot that she was my teacher, whom I respected a lot. At that moment, she was a beautiful, sensuous woman, and she was in my arms. I picked her up and deftly sat her down on her table, kissing her all the while.

That short, quick surge of momentum caught Sarika by surprise. She looked at me with slight incredulity. “Wow, someone has a lot of energy even at the end of a tiring day!” she teased.

“Someone has a promise they want to keep,” words were coming easily to me now.

“Ahan, I like that dedication,” she said, with a foxy smile on her girlish face. She held my hands and slowly moved them upwards from her waist, traversing under her saree and placed them on her breasts.

“You see, they need the touch of your magical, girly hands too,” she said naughtily.

I could have never imagined that this day would be so lucky for me. I am sure any man in the college would have killed to be in my place. Her perky boobs fit perfectly in my hands, and I caressed them softly, with the admiration that every man has for boobs. My delightful looks of adoration were not missed by her eyes. She waited patiently, probably wondering what it was about these mounds of fat and flesh that could make a man like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

I started gently squeezing her boobs. It was a bit awkward, though. Her blouse was quite tight, so I was wary of fondling her too roughly, lest her blouse tore. I wanted to feel her from under her bra, but should I ask her to remove her blouse? No way! That would be so awkward. Should I remove her clothes? What if she doesn’t like it? Would that be too early? But today is my lucky day, it’s now or never!

I started slowly pulling the pallu of her saree down her shoulder. I looked at her to see how she was reacting. Far from showing any kind of surprise, she actually looked bemused. I froze, wondering if I was doing something wrong.

“Go on, tiger,” she said with a mischievous smile.

I turned red with shyness. God, she was such a tease. She was enjoying my cluelessness. Nevertheless, I had got her permission. I lay down her pallu on the table and took a moment to admire her body. She was tiny but very well-proportioned. Her delicate shoulders and her gorgeous hips gave her a pear-shaped look. Her blouse was tight, so the top of her boobs seemed like they were trying to bust out of it. Her mangal sutra lay snugly between her heaving breasts. It made her look even sexier, like a forbidden fruit waiting for me to take a bite out of it. Sarika was aware that I was checking her body out. She rested her palms behind her and leaned back a little, as if allowing me to get a better view. I felt so jealous of her husband. She must be magnificent in bed if she was so observant and bold enough to reciprocate.

I placed my hands on her waist, drinking in the sight of her body heaving up and down under my palms. I gradually started moving my hands up her body. My gaze traversed the faint partition her abs made between her tummy, up her cleavage and neck, rested momentarily on her succulent lips, and finally locked eyes with her. I wanted to look into her eyes as I unzipped her blouse. Her smile made her look playful and amused. But as I removed her blouse, deliberately grazing the skin of her boobs with my hands and lustily looking at her breasts covered with a satin black bra, her eyes betrayed a hint of sensual desire.

I moved my hands behind her back and pulled her closer to me. I placed my lips on hers and began kissing her deeply, while my hands fumbled with the hook of her bra. Who would have thought hooks could be so tricky? She let me wrestle with her bra for a while before she stopped kissing me and went on to unhook and remove it herself, looking at me kindly. As if she were saying, “It’s okay, veterans have failed at this, it’s just your first time.”

But I didn’t like that. I didn’t want kindness internet casino from her. I wanted to impress her. I wanted to be desired by her. I grabbed her wrists and leaned against her, gently laying her down on the table and pinning her hands on either side.

“Wow, you learn fast!” she looked pleasantly surprised.

“I have got a great teacher,” I said as I bent forward to kiss her on her delightful smile. My fingers moved to intertwine with hers, and she wrapped her legs around my body. It felt like we had built a cozy little cocoon for ourselves. A cocoon from which I would emerge in a new form. I started moving down from her lips, kissing her chin, neck, and then her breasts. As I began sucking on her little pink nipple, I heard Sarika let out a short gasp. She seemed to be very sensitive there. I slid my hands down her arms, grazing her skin all the way, and grabbed her boobs. I started fondling her boobs while sucking on her nipples. I could feel her chest begin to rise and fall faster, her short gasps turning into faint moans of pleasure. Hearing her moan gave me a kind of satisfaction, unlike anything I had felt before. I focused all of my attention into pleasing her even more, licking her now-hard and erect nipples in circles, as I had seen them do in porn. Moments later, her breathing became even sharper, her faint moans almost audible. Oh yes, she must be really enjoying this, I felt. But she held my head in her arms and stopped me. I looked up at her to see if something was wrong. She seemed really pleased.

“My nipples have become too stimulated now. It’ll hurt if you stimulate them further,” she explained, looking at my puzzled face.

“Did you like it, mam?”

“Oh yes, sweetie, I loved it. You did a fantastic job,” she said as she sat up on the table. “But I think we need to do something for your little friend there,” she said, gazing down on me.

Till now, my instinctual reaction to having a boner would have been to hide it. But not now. I wanted her, and I wanted her to know it. She placed her hand on my bulge and asked me, ” So, what would you like me to do?”

What? I have to tell her what to do? How can I tell her what to do? It’s too embarrassing. “What?” I mumbled.

She moved closer and started rubbing on my cock, ” I asked, what would you like me to do to help out your little friend?” There she was again with the mischievous smile and the teasing tone. She must have been a huge flirt during her college days. She knew exactly how to make me uncomfortable to increase the tension.

“Well…, mam… I… “…

“Yes, sweetie?”

Whoever has said that your mind stops working when blood rushes to your penis isn’t wrong at all. I was trying hard to clear my head and think about what to say. The sight of Sarika’s naked boobs wasn’t helping at all. She was obviously enjoying playing with me. Using my shyness to toy with me. Wait…

“Mam… umm… I would like your… pussy on my cock.”

She was still smiling coolly, but her brows raised in surprise. “Can you say that again, I didn’t hear you properly,” she said.

“Mam, I would like your pussy on my cock,” I said a little more confidently.

“Aren’t you still a virgin, Shreyansh?”

“Y-Yes, mam.”

“I was just teasing you before. You don’t have to do this, you know?”

“Oh no, mam, I really do want this. I would consider myself very lucky to lose my virginity to you.”

She seemed a bit gratified for a split second, but composed herself and asked me, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, mam… of course, only if you want it too.”

She smiled her familiar smile at me and cupped my face in her hands, “You really are a sweetheart!” Then she seemed lost in thought for a moment. “You know, removing and draping a saree is really a bother, especially when it’s not your home.”

“It’s okay mam, we don’t have to do it then.”

“No, wait… I think… can you remove your pants?”

“Well… mam… I…”

“Are you feeling shy now, Shreyansh?”

“Umm… well, okay,” I said as I started unlocking my buckle and unbuttoning my pants. I was feeling very conscious of being naked in front of Sarika. Still, I guess it was a small obstacle to overcome, considering the rewards that lay ahead. I slid my pants down to my ankles and started removing my briefs. My penis was already erect, so I had to hold it in place with one hand while moving the elastic of my briefs around it. Sarika was watching me closely all this time, probably enjoying the show. Once I was half-naked in front of her, she took a moment to look at my schlong before looking at me and saying:

“Not bad, tiger! Come here”

She took my hand in hers and lifted the fringe of her saree with her other hand. Then she guided my hand under her saree right to her vulva. “Can you feel my panties?”

Her panties felt a little moist to my hands. “Yes, mam,” I said.

“I need your help in removing them,” she said as she lifted her butt above the table and rested the weight of her body on her hands. I deftly moved my other hand under her saree and pulled her panties from behind her ass. She then rested her butt on the table again while I slid her panties down her legs. They were black lacy panties that matched her bra.

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