An Unexpected Weekend Ch. 02


Sorry for the long wait, folks. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Many thanks to everyone who read, voted, and commented, both positive and negative; they all help my creative process and my growth as a writer of erotica. Please remember to vote and comment, and I hope you all enjoy the second chapter. – P51xAce

A cool morning breeze greeted David as he stood outside to watch the Sun rise. He was standing on the balcony that led from his parents’ bed room and overlooked the family’s large back yard and pool. The back yard itself stood at the edge of a hill side. This balcony had served as David’s fortress of solitude for many years whenever he needed to clear his mind.

He was still trying to wrap his head around what he’d just experienced the previous night with his sisters, Maggie and Molly. He had made love to them both. No, not made love. What they had done was fucking: the type of hardcore, sweaty, unadulterated sex that only occurred in porn. Together, the Carmichael siblings had given each other mind blowing orgasms throughout the night, culminating in David filling his sister Molly’s bowels with a huge load of cum.

After they had come down from their post-orgasmic bliss, sometime around 4:30 AM, Maggie and Molly retired upstairs to go to sleep while David had held back to get some water. When he reached his bed room about ten minutes later, he discovered his sisters both asleep in his bed. He’d chosen not to wake them and instead headed for the shower.

Standing under the warm waters the reality of what had transpired finally hit David like a bolt of lightning. He didn’t know how to feel. He was confused. For months Molly, the younger of his two sisters and David’s Irish-twin, had acted as if she hated him, but last night she had ridden his cock like a woman possessed and sucked his dick clean like a porn star, after it had been in her pussy, Maggie’s pussy, and even her own ass. But what was most odd during their coupling was the fact that she had told him she loved him. What did that mean?

Did he find his sisters attractive? Of course; they were two of the hottest women he knew. Was he ashamed of what he did? Admittedly, he felt some guilt like he had let things go too far. Had he enjoyed himself. You bet your ass he did. But what now? Where do they go with they go from here? These and a million other questions raged in David’s mind as he stood under the cascading waters and by the time he stepped out of the shower nearly thirty minutes later he was no closer to a resolving his dilemma than he had been when he first went in.

And so it was that David found himself on the balcony, overlooking the back yard and hill side beyond. He wore a pair of his most confortable sweatpants and a tank top. A pair of over-the-ear, studio-style headphones blasted music from his iPhone into his ears at the highest setting, drowning out his surroundings. If his mother were home she’d probably be telling him to turn music down. “You’re going to go deaf by the time you’re my age, young man,” she’d often scold. What would she think if she knew he’d spent the night fucking both of his sisters. Good thing she was at his grandparents this weekend.

It was just after 6:00 AM when his music was interrupted by the sound of his ringtone, indicating an incoming phone call. He looked down at his phone’s screen and found his best friend Nick, who he’d ditched after their lacrosse victory the previous evening, staring back at him. David silenced the call and put the music back on.

David was just letting his mind drift back into the music when he jumped, startled by a pair of arms wrapping around him from behind. He instinctively grabbed and tried to twist away, but the grasp grew tighter.

“Whoa there, tiger,” he heard Maggie’s voice say. “It’s just me.”

David felt the arms and realized they belonged to the older of his two sisters. “Oh, Sorry. You just caught me off guard.” He relaxed slightly, but still felt uneasy in her embrace. He kept his arms to his sides and stared straight ahead out over the bluff.

“You still come out her and just stare, huh?” She asked, pressing herself against David’s back. He had to admit her soft, warm body felt nice. When David didn’t respond Maggie continued. “So what happened; we woke up and couldn’t find you. Are you too big to snuggle with your sisters.” David still didn’t respond. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those hit it, quit it and never call again guys, because that doesn’t really work for me and I doubt Molly will like it either,” she playfully chastised as she pulled herself up and planted a soft kiss on the back of his neck. That was more than David could take and he quickly broke free of her grasp and turned to face her.

She was wearing one of his old t-shirts and a pair of pale-blue, boy-brief panties. He was glad she wasn’t naked, but still this was a lot to handle. He felt his penis twitch.

“What’s with you?” Maggie asked, Casibom taking a step towards him and reaching for him. David took a step back. “What the hell’s your problem? Why’re you acting weird?” She was looking at him like he had two heads.

“Why am I acting weird?” David responded, “Why am I acting weird? Have you forgotten what we did last night?” David said slightly louder than he’d intended.

“Oh. You’re not freaked out by that are you?” She asked again stepping closer.

“OH. We fuck like a porno and all you can say is oh.” David couldn’t believe she was being this calm and cool about everything. “Dude, we’re brother and sister. You can’t tell me that you don’t feel some kind of way about that.”

Maggie looked at him hard. “No I don’t. I don’t know about you but I did something special last night with someone I love,” she said stepping closer, “someone I consider to be very special.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Someone I maybe – even – kind of fell for.” She leaned in like she was going to kiss him.

“Wait,” he said, pulling back. “fell for. Me? You fell for me?” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Here was a gorgeous, 23-year-old woman, a catch by anyone’s standards, telling him she was falling for him and all he could fixate on was the fact that she was his sister.

“Yeah, why not?” she said as if the question was ridiculous. “You’re cute, funny, loyal. I have access to your grades, so I know you’re smart. Not to be superficial, but you’re kind of a hunk, and I already love you and know that you love me. What girls wouldn’t be all over you?”

David was silent for a few minutes. “This is so weird.”

“Look, come here and talk to me.” Maggie steered him to a bench near the balcony’s railing. “I guess it’s easier for me and Molly because we came to terms with our feelings for you weeks ago.”

“What? Molly, too?” David was thoroughly confused. “I thought she hated me. For months now she’s been –”

Maggie cut him off saying “Too ashamed about how she felt about you to be around you.”

David was floored by this revelation. “Wait; how she felt about me. She’s been avoiding and kind of acting like a bitch to me.”

“Dude, you still have a whole hell of a lot to learn about girls.” Maggie smiled. “I’m sure she has been avoiding you, but trust me that girl has it pretty bad for you. She’s been a wreck about it for months. I like to think I helped her work out her shit and come to the conclusion we both reached.”

“This makes no sense, Maggs” David said looking at his feet.

Maggie moved his head by his chin so that their eyes met. “It’s true. We both kind of fell for you: first Molly, then me.” She could tell that by the look in his eyes that he didn’t believe her. “I guess I should start from the beginning. It started a few months back. Molly already felt strange around you and didn’t know what exactly that feeling was. She started hanging out with me and using my own special brand of therapy she discovered her true feelings, then over time as she grew to further accept her feelings I started to see what she saw and, well, I couldn’t really help myself. I fell for you too.” She looked deep into his eyes. “David, I love you and so does she, and what we did last night wasn’t wrong, if you feel the same way.”

David could tell she wanted him to kiss her, but he wasn’t sure if he should. “I don’t know, Maggs. I mean I do love you and Molly and I do find you both sexy as fuck, but I just don’t know about all of this.”

“I understand. Like I said, we’ve had more time than you to resolve our feelings,” Maggie said, slightly disappointed. “Maybe if you talk to Molly it’ll help, but right now I gotta run. I completely forgot that I have to meet Dean Juarez this morning and I have to get ready. I’ll be back later in the afternoon. I hope you’ve worked out what you need to by then.” She kissed his cheek and then got up, leaving him alone on the balcony.


A few minutes after he heard Maggie leave he went down to his bed room. Molly was still lying on his bed. She looked beautiful as she slept, her cute, soft breathing adding to an already angelic look. As he approached the bed she shifted slightly and opened her eyes. “Hey,” she said with a smile when she saw him. “last night was great.” David didn’t look directly at her. “What’s wrong?”

He sat on the edge of the bed. Molly sat up slightly. “We need to talk about what happened,” he said grimly.

“Should I be worried?” Molly asked. “I had a great time last night and, until just now, I thought you did, too.” She was staring at him with concern.

David still wasn’t looking at him. “L-last night was great, Mol, but,” he hesitated.

“What is it?” she asked. “You can say it.”

“It’s just,” he began trying to figure the right words, “you told me you loved me.”

“Yeah,” she said with a slight smile, “I do, now more than ever, I think.”

“Ok, Casibom Giriş but for the last few months I’ve been getting nothing but frost bite from you and now you tell me you love me while we have sex,” David said, finally making eye contact. “I’m sorry, but I’m confused as hell right now.”

“Oh, I see,” Molly said. It was her turn to break eye contact and look down. “Well, I’m telling you I love you now, shouldn’t that be all that matters?”

“C’mon, Mol,” David said, “Just like that? I don’t get it. What the hell happened to make you feel this way and why wait now to show me? And why show me like that instead of just telling me.”

Molly looked up and right into his eyes. David couldn’t tell whether the expression on her face was anger or just annoyance, but it definitely wasn’t an I love you look. “Oh, right, because it would’ve been so easy to walk up to you and say ‘hey, bro, I think I’m in love with you and want to be your girlfriend. Now take my clothes off and fuck me?’ Yeah, you’re right. That would’ve been a real easy conversation to have,” she said sarcastically.

There was a silence in the room. David felt bad. Maybe he had pushed too hard. He spoke first. “When did all of this start?” Molly didn’t look at him. “Mol, please.”

She looked at him, visibly upset, holding back tears. “What does it matter?” She asked angry.

He grabbed her hand. “Just help me understand,” David said softly, trying his best to be comforting. “Mol, please.”

She sighed heavily. “Fine; I’ve felt – something – for a while now. I didn’t know what it was at first. I mean we were always really close, but this was different. It wasn’t like a brother sister feeling. I found myself getting bent out of shape about stuff other girls said about you like how hot you were, or how they wanted to be with you. It drove me crazy. I convinced myself I just didn’t want to hear that type of stuff about my brother, but in reality I think I was jealous.”

She smiled. “Any way, that’s about the time that I really started hanging out with Maggie a lot more. She could sense something was going on with me and finally got me to start talking.”

“When did you start sleeping with her?” David asked. Molly looked at him. “I really doubt last night wasn’t the first time for you two.”

“It was one of her rare clubbing nights. She surprised me with a fake I.D. and took me with her. We ended up getting drunk off our asses and when we got back to her place we started to fool around then she went down on me and the rest if sort of history. From then on we’ve been lovers. It started out simple enough: we’d eat and finger each other. Eventually, she started with the butt play. At first it kind of freaked me out, but I have to say I really do like it now. All the while she was helping me out with my unresolved issues with you and eventually help me see that I had developed a crush – a crush on you.”

Her eyes again met his. “It’s crazy, because I knew what she was saying was true. Even when she and I had sex, I could only think about you. I found myself masturbating more often, and all of my fantasies usually involved you.” David felt himself smile.

Molly saw him and couldn’t help but smile herself. “Anyway that’s when the famous shower incident occurred. I had seen you at lacrosse practice with you shirt off, and don’t ask me why, but that did it for me. I was distracted all through cheer practice and couldn’t wait to get to Maggie’s. Shitty thing was she had stupid teacher meeting late into the evening, so I headed home. When I got there I barely made it into the house before my hand was inside my panties. I actually had a really naughty thought and decided to come in here and play with myself on your bed. By the way, for a teenage guy your room is way too clean. I got myself off real good in here really nice two times and was about to try for a third, but figured that I should cool it and take a shower before anyone got home.

“I went in the bathroom and started the water. Just as I was about to get in the shower the urge hit me again, so I figured one more couldn’t hurt. I was just getting to the good part, when you burst in. I have to tell you if seeing you with your shirt off could get me as hot as I had been earlier, seeing you full frontal had me on fire. I have to say you have a really great body, but that thing between your legs is a work of art.”

“Thanks,” David said blushing. “Most of the girls at school think otherwise though.”

“Yeah,” Molly said, looking at him with a guilty smile, “sorry about that.”

“Wait; you did that?” David asked. Molly could sense the anger in his voice.

“I told you, jealous,” she said as if that was an excuse. “Besides, that bitch was stepping all over my territory.”

“So why’d you freak out on me the way you did in the shower?”

“I’m sorry about that,” she apologized, “you just caught me off guard and I didn’t know what to Casibom Güncel Giriş do. Anyway when I left that day I didn’t know where to go. I called Maggie and she told me to go to her place and wait for her. She got there a few hours after me and I was so worked up I jumped her right in her living room. After we finished I told her all about how I’d seen you and how big you were. That must have peaked her interest because she started asking how big you were. I couldn’t tell her; all I knew was that you were pretty big. She started pulling out dildos and asking me to give her a comparison. She came to one that matched your size and started calling it Davy. She spent the rest of the evening fucking me with it. Oh, by the way, you’re substantially bigger than Davy.

“And that has been my secret life for the last few months. A few weeks ago, Maggie came up with this plan to seduce you. Originally we were gonna try and get you over to her place, but when mom told us she was leaving I figured it’d be easier to get you here. And that’s the whole story.

For several moments neither sibling said anything only stared at eachother. “Look I know it’s a lot, but I really do love you. In fact, you’re the only guy I think I ever could really love. Your funny, compassionate, not to mention one of the hottest guys I know. I’ve come to realize that I want to be with you. I adore you and can’t imagine feeling this way about anyone else, except for maybe Maggie.”

There was another pause. “David, please say something.”

“What would you like me to say, Mol?”

“I don’t know. Anything.” Molly was looking at him with pleading eyes. “I figured I just told you how I fantasize about you sexually and why I think you’d make the perfect boyfriend and I –”

Molly was cut off as David pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. She had gone through much of the same mental conflicts that he had. She even fantasized about him as much as he her, or maybe even more seeing as how often Maggie and even their mother entered his. And even though he thought her method of confessing her love for him was a bit much, he couldn’t deny that he felt the same way about her. She was the perfect girl for him. He wanted her, to be with her, and couldn’t let their familial relationship stop them.

When they finally broke, David looked into Molly’s eyes and said, “I love you, too, Mol. I always have.” They kissed again. “What about the guy I saw you talking to after the game?”

“Who, Drew Stansil?” Molly asked. “That douche is always hitting on me, but he’s nowhere near your level.”

“Oh, really?” David said giving her another peck. “So who is on my level?”

“Fishing for complements I see,” she smiled. “No one, but I would say Nick is a distant second.”

“You know he likes your ass, right?” David asked nuzzling her neck.

“Does he, now?” Molly giggled. “What about you?”

“I don’t think he really likes my ass,” they both laughed.

“You know what I mean, jerk,” Molly slapped him playfully.

“I love your ass,” David responded.

“Is it better than that cunt, Sally Tate’s?”

“Miles better.”

“I guess it’s too bad for Nick then, because my ass belongs to you now.”

“So your ass belongs to me, huh?” David said looking down at his sister.

“Uh huh,” Molly said biting her bottom lip, “my pussy, too. They’re both yours whenever you want.”

For the next few minutes David and Molly lay on his bed and made out. On the outside they appeared like any normal teenaged couple, fooling around when no adults were present, rather than two sibling engaging in incestuous bliss.

Five minutes passed by but time had no meaning to David and Molly. Molly was the first to pull free. “I really love this, but I haven’t showered or anything since last night and I really need to freshen up.” She jumped off the bed. He watched her ass in her pink boy-brief shorts as she pranced across the room. When she got to the doorway she looked back over her shoulder. “I’ll be back. Don’t go anywhere.”

David reclined back on his bed and put his hands behind his head. He couldn’t believe his life. Two beautiful girls had just confessed their love to him after having double teamed him the night before. He couldn’t wait to tell Maggie he loved her, too. He was just thinking about joining Molly in the shower when his phone buzzed angrily. It was a text from Nick.

Nick: WTF, kid?! Why’d U ditch me like that?!

David: I didn’t ditch u.

Nick: Fuck u! U’re supposed to be my boy!

David: Stop being dramatic. ‘sides, u had 2 girls. So why U complaining?

Nick: After u left, they got me horny as fuck and then decided that a 3some would be too slutty. We could’ve fucked had u not left. Bitches left me with the bluest of blue balls, yo.

David: Hahaha

Nick: Don’t laugh, bitch! This is ur fault, u pussy!

David didn’t respond. After a few minutes another message came in from Nick.

Nick: What the fuck did u have to do last night that was so important u couldn’t celebrate our victory with the team, and more importantly, me?

David couldn’t tell him what he’d actually gotten into. Nick wouldn’t understand.

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