Anal Fantasy Come True, Part 3


Anal Fantasy Come True, Part 3The next morning I woke. I took another shower, then laid out my clothes for the day… black knee-length skirt, red chiffon botton-down, low cut blouse, sheer “barely there” thigh high nylons and 3in heeled black leather pumps. At first I took out red lace bikini panties and matching demi-cup bra but settled on ivory lace panties and bra instead — after all I am a “virgin” I laughed to myself. My thoughts, needless to say, were preoccupied that morning. Paul had left a text message on my phone “Don’t forget about our date tonight. In my office, after work. Make sure everyone is gone, I wouldn’t want them to hear you when you scream out.” I texted him back “What makes you think I’m going to scream out?” He replied later “Trust me Meagan, when I put in your butt, you’re going to scream!” He ended his reply with ” 🙂 “I had trouble concentrating on work that day. The hours just seemed to drag on and on… noon came, one… three… six… seven… eight… finally sekabet yeni giriş a little before nine the last of the lawyers began to leave. “You’re working late tonight Meagan,” she said. “Yes, Paul asked me to stay late and help with a case he’s behind in.” I sent Paul a message that the office was empty. The reply came back “Thanks, come to my office in 10 minutes” followed by a second message “You know what this meeting will be about. If you’re not ready, I understand and lets call it a night.” “I think I’m ready” I said. “You THINK you’re ready? Or you ARE ready?” “I am ready.” “OK, see you shortly.”At 9:15, I got up, locked up the doors to the office and nervously walked down the hall to Paul’s office. The door was open… Swallowing hard, my heart racing, I entered. Paul was sitting at his desk, his tie removed and his shirt collar open. He smiled. I was quivering nervously. “You’re nervous aren’t you Meagan.” “Yes, I want to do it but I’ll be honest, I’m a sekabet giriş little scared.” “Try to relax honey. There’s nothing to be afraid off. A lot of of young women your age having anal sex.” Standing up, he walked over to me, kissed me on the forehead, and lead me to the couch in his office. Then he poured us both a rum and coke and sat down next to me. “Relax Meg, it’ll be alright. You can do this, you need to do this” as he slipped his hand to my knee. I gasped at the touch. We began kissing… his hand squeezing me knee… sliding up from my knee …. beginning to unbotton my blouse… then squeezing my heaving breasts. Kisses on my neck, whispering in my ear “Meagan, slide down and open my pants. I want you to suck my cock. Get it nice and hard. I want you to see how long it is, how thick it is.” Then he pushed my head down to his lap. My fingers unzipped his pants and freed his massive cock. Looking up him, he said “Go ahead Meagan, put it your mouth, suck it, suck sekabet güvenilirmi it hard.” His cock was rock hard. He is normally hard but he seemed harder than normal. And bigger too. My tounge darted out against the hugh purplish head. “That’s it Meagan, suck it.” I began sucking his cock, elicting soft moans of pleasure from him. “Oh yeah, yes, suck it good Meagan, get it nice and hard for you.” His hand undid my hair and grasping it, guided me back and forth along his cock. My teeth bit down gently on the shaft, pulling the skin back as I moved my head back. His moan became louder. I sucked harder and faster. I could begin to taste the precum beginning to ooze from the tip. Pulling back, I looked up at his, flicked my tongue against the tiny droplets and drew them into my mouth, slowly swallowing them. I lowered my head again, sucking him, nibbling along the shaft, twirling my tongue around the head. His hand meanwhile, had traced its way to my skirt, stretched tight against my butt. His hand rubbed my butt… “Oh yes Meagan, that’s it, suck it good, get it harder for me… and for you.” I could detect him about ready to cum and began to suck even faster and harder. However, he pulled my head off his cock… He brushed my hair and my face,

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