And Mother Makes Three Ch. 02


We all lay there together, as we caught our breaths and calmed our bodies. I sighed contentedly, as I snuggled into my Chantel’s and mom’s arms. I felt gentle fingers trailing softly over my back and arms, as other fingers trailed softly up and down my thigh. I trailed my fingers over both of their bodies, unwilling to leave either of my mistresses wanting.

Even if I was not currently submitting to either of them, my submissive side demanded that I show them both my love and devotion. I smiled as I realized that my brain had already separated into two distinct parts: one was my normal side that loved the amazing sex we had all just shared and that hoped for more sex with Chantel and mom. The other ‘me’ was a submissive side that referred to them as mistress mommy and mistress Chantel while hoping for more opportunities to serve them both faithfully as their sex slave.

Mom seemed to come back to herself first, as Chantel and I continued to snuggle closer to each other’s bodies. Mom stretched and then stood up abruptly, before turning and looking down at us as she sternly said, “Slut, slave, I want you both in the rec (recreation) room in five minutes. Slut, you show slave the proper way in which to await my arrival.”

Mistress mommy then walked purposefully from the room, not even glancing back as we chorused, “Yes, mistress mommy.”

Slut and I then made our way to our feet, before walking to the rec (recreation) room.

The rec (recreation) was spacious and where we usually worked on projects for school that required a lot of room. It was the same size as the living room, but there was no TV and it had only a few wooden chairs surrounding a wooden work table. The whole room was carpeted like the rest of the house, and was lit by several ceiling lights. There were no windows and only one doorway. Slut began to remove the table and chairs from the center of the room, and I pitched in as we removed the table legs to allow the table to be set against the far wall standing up. With the whole room now basically bare of all furnishings, slut then knelt in the middle of the room. She sat back on her heels with her head bowed and her hands in her lap. I mirrored her position, and we then silently waited for mistress mommy to return.

I heard mistress mommy’s footsteps as she entered the room, but kept my head bowed submissively. I was unsure if we were supposed to greet mistress mommy, but since slut stayed silent, so did I. I noticed in my peripheral vision that mistress mommy seemed to have dressed in some kind of shiny black outfit, but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was. She was walking around us, as she seemed to be hanging something from the ceiling where an old chandelier used to hang. I heard the sounds of metal clinking and snapping closed. I was then startled as a fur lined black leather collar was affixed around my neck and locked in place.

Without conscious thought, I immediately breathed out “Thank you, mistress mommy.”

I felt my cheeks redden as I blushed, fearing that I had spoken out of turn. I was literally on the verge of tears, until mistress mommy attached a similar collar to slut’s neck after which slut breathed out “Thank you, mistress mommy.”

I felt myself sigh in relief and relax, now knowing that I had in fact reacted correctly. Mistress mommy then ordered, “Both of you stand up.”

We both silently got to our feet, but kept our heads lowered. Mistress mommy then handed each of some kind of black leather harness. I was unsure of what it was, but thankfully mistress mommy said “Slut, you need to show slave how to put this on. I expect you to both be wearing your belts when I return.”

Slut and I both chorused, “Yes, mistress mommy.”

Mistress mommy then walked from the room. I then turned to slut, as she began to put the “belt” on. I watched and tried to see how she was doing this, so I could repeat it with mine. There was a thick strip of leather that seemed to be for fastening around the waist, and two smaller strips that fastened around each thigh. I got the idea, and began to put mine on, as slut adjusted her belt for the proper fit. I got mine on, and it seemed to be pretty straight forward.

But I was confused as to the purpose. It certainly didn’t cover our pussies, asses, or assholes. And there were two straps that hung down and held a larger loop of leather just above our pussies. I was completely at a loss as to the purpose.

They were obviously not chastity belts or strap-on harnesses, both of which I had Googled online and had hoped to ask slut about her desire to use them, at least before this afternoon I had hoped to ask her.

Now I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to make suggestions regarding the BDSM part of our relationship.

Slut looked me over and didn’t seem to find any flaws in the way I had put on my belt. We then continued to stand with our heads bowed and our hands clasped in the small of our backs, as we awaited the return of mistress Kadıköy Escort mommy. I then heard her footsteps, as she reentered the room. This time I was able to get a better look at her.

She had on a tight fitting black leather corset, that pushed up her large breasts in a very sexy way. Shiny black latex stilettos covered her feet and black fishnet stockings that were clipped to her corset covered her legs. The fishnet stockings were pretty thick and completely crotchless, as they left mistress mommy’s ass cheeks, asshole, and pussy completely uncovered and open for action or servicing as was probably the case. She also had on a pair of shiny black latex gloves that ran all the way up to her biceps. She had left her hair free and it cascaded down her back.. Her whole outfit looked incredibly sexy.

She was carrying two Hitachi style magic wands and some black leather wrist restraints, as she made her way over to us both. Mistress mommy then inspected both of our belts to ensure that we had put them on and adjusted them correctly.

Finding that we had done so to her expectations, mistress mommy then placed the wrists restraints around each of our wrists and secured them both over our heads to the straps hanging from the ceiling. Mistress mommy placed a wand into both of our belts, securing them into the leather strap loop that hung over each of our pussies. Both wands had an attachment on the ends that was made of rubber and had two pieces of rubber that pointed up and a ribbed section at the front with a small upraised portion.

Mistress mommy then added a bit of lube to both of the attachments, before inserting them into us. I felt one piece of the rubber slide into my asshole, another piece slide into my pussy and press firmly against my g-spot, and the ribbed and upraised section cupping my clit. Mistress mommy then did the same to slut, and then stepped back to admire her handy work.

Mistress mommy then stepped closer to me and grabbed my jaw to force me to look up at her face. I gasped at the suddenness of her actions and feared that I had done something wrong already, but mistress mommy had a comforting smile on her face as she calmly and soothingly explained, “Slave, what you each have on is called a ‘forced orgasm belt.’ the purpose should be obvious by the name. The attachment to the wands is called the ‘Tri-Gasm’ and it is designed to stimulate your asshole, g-spot, and clit all at once.

Multiple orgasm are guaranteed, believe me.

Now I am going to start you both out on some light spanking to your asses and some lighter whips to your backs. We will take this very slow, as it is your first time. Remember the color words green, yellow, and red. If at any time you are in too much pain or discomfort, say red and I will stop immediately. This is about pleasure with a hint of pain, not pain in and of itself. I want you to enjoy our sessions, not live in fear of them. Ok?”

I nodded, as I answered “Yes, mistress mommy.”

Mistress mommy continued to smile warmly at me, as she leaned forward and captured my lips for a passionate kiss. I moaned into the kiss as mistress mommy groped my ass cheeks in her hands tightly. She then broke the kiss and turned to slut, kissing her passionately as well. Mistress mommy then pulled back and added, “Slut, slave, you are allowed to kiss each other as much as you want during our session. You may also speak quietly to each other, as slave may need some comfort and encouragement from you, slut. You may orgasm as much as your body will allow, and you do not have to ask permission to cum. Your multiple orgasms are a foregone conclusion, isn’t that right, slut?”

Slut nodded her head, as she smiled and said “Yes, mistress mommy. I always cum a lot with this setup. Thank you, mistress mommy.”

I then quickly added my own, “Thank you, mistress mommy.”

Mistress mommy then gently and tenderly stroked both of our cheeks, as she smiled at us. She then turned our bodies to be looking at each other, with our backs and asses pointed outward. I looked to slut for comfort and to see her reaction to this. Slut, smiled brightly at me and added a wink, telling me that this would indeed be a lot of fun. I then saw mistress mommy pick up a black riding crop with a heart shaped “smacker” and a black leather flogger.

I guess I showed fear in my eyes, because slut suddenly whispered, “Hey, it’s ok, baby. Mistress mommy is an expert in this sort of thing. I guarantee you will love this as much as I do.”

I nodded quietly, as slut then leaned in and captured my lips for a passionate kiss. I felt my hands seek to hug her body to me, but I was still held restrained with my hands above my head, as was slut. Slut then leaned forward and captured my lips for a deep kiss, designed to take my mind off my fears and focus me on her alone. It worked too, because with a swift but not overly painful “crack,” mistress mommy brought the Kadıköy Escort Bayan riding crop to my right ass cheek. I gasped into the kiss and my eyes shot open, as mistress mommy was already bringing the riding crop to my left ass cheek for another slap to me. Slut then shoved her tongue deep in my mouth, as mistress mommy circled us and delivered a slap to each of slut’s ass cheeks. Slut gasped into my mouth, but I deepened the kiss to help her as best as I could.

Mistress mommy then touched something on the floor with her foot. I heard a clicking sound right before the wand between my legs, and connected to my clit, g-spot, and asshole via a rubber attachment, began to vibrate in an amazing way. I guessed that the same had happened to slut, because we both suddenly cried out into the kiss and our bodies went rigid in pleasure as the wands sent amazing vibrations through our most sensitive spots. Slut and I were now moaning, writhing, and grinding against each other as we continued to kiss passionately. I could barely feel the slaps from mistress mommy’s riding crop on my ass cheeks, as my pleasure intensified and drowned out everything else. I soon felt my orgasm approaching, as I moaned loudly and broke the kiss. I moaned to slut, “Baby, I’m going to cum. Cum with me, please. I want you to cum with me.”

Slut nodded her head and moaned out, “Me too, baby. I’m really close now. Come here. I want to kiss you as we both cum.”

We leaned back together and resumed our passionate kissing, as mistress mommy continued to add heart shaped red marks all over our asses, thighs, and backs. Our kissing was deep and passionate, as the warmth spread from our pussies and set our souls on fire. Both of us cried out into the kiss and our hips bucked forward into each other, as our orgasms hit us simultaneously. Our bodies shook and our kisses turned more tender, as we felt the amazing post orgasmic bliss pass over us. Mistress mommy moaned loudly as she watched our orgasms, she declared “That was the sexiest damn thing I have seen in a long time. My two daughters kissing and grinding together as you both cum hard at the same time. Mmm…you two will have the honor of pleasing me again before we go to bed tonight. But I think a few more orgasm and the flogger is warranted in honor of slave’s joining in on our family fun. Don’t you agree, slut?”

Slut broke the kiss and breathed out, “Yes, mistress mommy. A celebration is in order for slave finally being initiated completely into the family.”

Mistress mommy then looked over at me and asked, “What do you think, slave?”

I answered breathlessly, “Yes, mistress mommy. My official joining the family should be celebrated. Thank you, mistress mommy, for making me your daughter. And I would be deeply honored to please you in any way you see fit, mistress mommy.”

Slut added right after me, “Thank you, mistress mommy. Slave and I will please you however you desire.”

Mistress mommy then stepped forward and stroked both of our cheeks lovingly, as she said “You two are such caring and devoted subs and daughters. We will have to spend a great deal of time together to properly show our love for each other. My beautiful daughters.”

Mistress mommy then leaned in and kissed us each on the mouth, then turned and grabbed the leather flogger. She then asked, “Slut, slave, how are you two doing?”

We both chorused with happy smiles, “Green, mistress mommy.”

Mistress mommy then smiled at our cute behavior, then switched the foot peddle that controlled our wands to high. Slut and I both cried out and our legs gave out on us, as the vibrations shot through our clits, pussies, and assholes. Slut and I locked eyes as I moaned out, “I love you.”

My orgasm crashed over me and my cry of pleasure was loud and deep. My body was shaking violently as I panted and gasped for breath. When I was finally able to look up, Slut and I made eye contact as she answered “I love you too, baby. God baby, I love watching you cum.”

Her own orgasm was fast in coming just after mine. She went up onto the tips of her toes and arched her back, as her whole body went rigid. It was such an erotic sight to see her orgasm. I loved watching her cum as well, but I was usually too busy licking her pussy or sucking her clit to properly view the entirety of her gorgeous body in the throes of orgasm. Her moans grew louder and her body seemed to glow, as her orgasm reached its climax. She then slumped back down in her restraints and was held up only by the chains attached to her wrist restraints. How I longed to kiss every inch of her body and hold her to me as her shaking body recovered from her orgasm.

I absentmindedly felt a slap to my back and heard the audible smack, as mistress mommy’s flogger made contact with my back. My body was tingling so much from my most recent orgasm that I could have probably endured much more and barely felt a thing. From the look on Escort Kadıköy slut’s face, she was in the same boat as I was. I leaned into her and our lips met for another deep kiss, as mistress mommy continued to flog us both. I felt that my skin was warm to the touch after all of the riding crop and flogger slaps that I had taken, but it was the wand that was really beginning to take its toll on me. I already felt another orgasm coming on and I whimpered as the pleasure began to mount.

Slut and I had dabbled in anal play, but that was only using fingers and our tongue in each other’s assholes. This wand attachment was inserted just inside my asshole and sending vibrations deep inside me. That along with the clit and g-spot stimulators had all my sweet spots going crazy. I had wanted to ravish slut’s entire body once we had satisfied mistress mommy, but now I worried that I wouldn’t have the strength to see to her tonight. I whimpered again into our kiss, as my hips bucked uncontrollably. I heard the rattling of her chains and noticed that slut was trying to hold my shaking body to hers. I was near exhaustion as I felt my eyes begin to roll back in my head. I sobbed and whimpered as my body once again gave way to another powerful orgasm.

My orgasms were coming so fast now, due to the increased speed of the wand held to me and attachments inserted inside me, that I was beginning to lose count. Would this orgasm make the third since we had been strapped like this, or had there been more? Slut’s head was slumped and she was panting as hard as I was. I think I missed her last orgasm, as I tried to concentrate. I was beginning to lose my train of thought, as another slap to my ass made me jump in surprise. Mistress mommy now said, “Ok slut and slave, just one more orgasm from both of you and we can stop for the night. You can both do that for mommy, right? Just one more orgasm and then you can lick mommy’s pussy and clit. You know you want to get to that part. Both of you one your hands and knees worshipping mommy’s sex. Mmm…your asses always look so fucking sexy when your on your hands and knees. Did you know that I have watched you suck slut’s pussy, my little slave? You always put so much effort and concentration into licking and sucking her pussy. I saw how wet you got. It took every ounce of my self control not to rush forward and bury my face between your white ass cheeks and lick that young tight pussy of yours.”

I was so out of it, I could barely follow her words. Was I supposed to answer her question? Did she actually ask a question. I looked over at slut, and whimpered as I saw her eyes fluttering closed then seeing her have to pry them back open again. I wanted to tell her that it was ok and everything would be over soon, but I couldn’t even force myself to speak. My voice came out as a half hearted moan as I slumped back down in my chains. My legs were beyond useless now. I tried to will myself to orgasm again, just to make it be over and done with. I began to fantasize about what I wanted to do to slut, what she could do to me, and what the three of us could do together. I was able to manage a quiet moan, as I finally felt my body begin to grow hot again.

I focused all of my will power into bucking my hips into the wand. I wondered if mistress mommy would let me orgasm twice instead of both of us orgasming once. I wasn’t sure if slut could take another orgasm. I turned and whispered out, “Mistress mommy?”

She continued to flog us both, but answered me “Yes, slave?”

I focused my concentration and said, “I don’t think slut can take another orgasm. Can I cum for her, please? I’ll cum twice for you, mistress mommy, just please let me do that for slut.”

Mistress mommy moaned at my plea and the obvious attempt to save slut from having to endure any more. I already felt another orgasm growing stronger and knew it would soon hit me. How hard would another one be after that? Mistress mommy finally asked, “Do you hear that, slut? Slave is offering to give up another two orgasms just so you can rest. See what a good girl she is? She’s willing to sacrifice herself fro your sake. What do you think slut? Will you let your beloved girlfriend and fuck toy suffer in your place?”

Slut looked up at me through lidded eyes and smiled softy at me, as she answered softly “No, mistress mommy. I want to cum again. Slave can show her love for me tonight in bed. I always cum harder when I can see her white face smashed against my pussy.”

I smiled at her exhausted expression, thinking about serving her again. I knew that I would fight off the exhaustion that I felt just to taste her sweet pussy. She knew that too. I began to egg her on by describing what I wanted to do to her in her bed, hoping that my descriptions would carry us both to our orgasms. I breathed out, “I want you to sit on my face and rub your wet pussy all over my mouth as I lick your sweet pussy. I want to feel your juices coating my face and flowing into my mouth. You’re so fucking sexy when you get horny and aggressive. I have had so many small orgasms when you drag me into the bathroom and make me lick and suck your pussy and clit. It makes me so hot to know that the other girls can hear our moans and see me on my knees as I worship your beautiful body.”

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