Andrea Ch. 03


This is the third chapter of an ongoing story about an older man and a younger lover. Names have been changed.


How long to you and your lover take on foreplay? Andrea and I spent five months at it. For five months, we spent every Sunday night/Monday morning together, clothed, but talking about sex. Well, not just about sex, about other things, too. But, most importantly, about sex.

We worked together and, when she found out that I spent Sunday night writing, she joined me. This was after I told her that I was having dreams, seriously sexy dreams about her.

She had given her virginity to a boyfriend when she was 16. “It was horrible, uncomfortable and awkward. And, when we finished, we looked at one another and then turned into a 69 and had the greatest sex ever.

“Then, we had ice cream.”

I told her how much I loved to go down on a woman. “I mean, really, how can you go straight to the pussy lips. You have to spend time on the thighs, licking, tasting, feeling the heat coming off her. You have to linger, making the anticipation greater for both of you. I rub my cheek into her thigh, then turn my head and kiss her inner thigh. I open mouth kiss her thigh. I lick her thigh. I close mouth kiss her thigh. I taste her. You know, women have different tastes, but they all taste great. Really!

“Then, you can start with just a flat lick, first on the lips themselves. I spend a lot of time here, making things really poker oyna wet. I lick the lips and try not to swallow. It’s about getting ready, not about making her come. I have to show that I appreciate what I’m being given. I soak the lips with my juice. After I’ve done that, I move down, down to the area below her lips and I lick the perineum to the top of the lips. Not always. You have to feel this one out, with the girl. How willing is she, how far is she willing to trust you and how freaky she is.

“Then, I move back to the lips of her pussy. You can’t miss a part of it. You soak the lips with your saliva. You make the noise, that obscene sound of licking and you let your partner’s lips open up for you. I mean, sex is about the noise, too. It isn’t just about feeling. It’s about hearing, too. So, you have to hear the sound of your licking. And, every now and then, you have to tell her how great she tastes, how wonderful you find the color of her labia, how you could spend eternity looking inside her.

“But, back to eating. It’s glorious, that moment when the lips separate on their own.

“Or, you can start there. It depends on how long you want it to last. You use your tongue to part the lips and let your tongue search out the hard nubbin of the clit. You take the clit into your mouth and push it to one side with your tongue, then the other side. This is the prize. This is where you spend your time. I’ll sometimes take the clit between my lips canlı poker oyna and suck on it, sometimes softly and, after I have spent more time soft sucking it, and I’m talking about minutes, not seconds, I’ll do it harder. I’ll hold the clit between my lips and let my tongue lash it, swishing back and forth and gathering up my saliva and her juices to bathe her clit. You really have to let the woman tell you. And, by this, I mean how her hips move, how she moans, how ready she seems for you to move on. When I have the woman’s lips opened, when I have her clit in my mouth, I use my saliva to suck her clit into my mouth and swish it around.

“Every now and then, you have to stop, to let the moment build. I move my mouth over to her thigh and kiss it, again, open mouth, usually. I want to keep that wet contact with her, even as I’m letting things cool off for a moment.

“But you have to go back, don’t you? I mean, that’s what you came here for. I love the moment when my lips meet her pussy lips. If I’ve already bathed it in my saliva, the time I spent away has let it cool a bit. But the underlying heat is still there, the heat of a woman. I can feel it waiting for me when I come back, ready to get back to work. The surface of her pussy is slightly cooler. But, underneath that is the heat. If, of course, you’ve done your work right.

‘Fingers, let’s not forget fingers. They are an important part of pussy-eating. You have to use them, but internet casino you have to remember they are an extra, not the main part. You’re at the juncture of her thighs, laying between her spread legs to eat, not push. But, fingers can be important. What I do most of the time with mine are to curve my right pointer up and stick it just inside. I move my pointer into the second joint and start slowly moving it around, slightly left to right, back and forth, trying to find that perfect point. When I sense that I’ve found the perfect point, I curl my finger even more and start to move it up and down, front to back, never going too far. I’m pushing ever so slightly. Most of what I am there to do is to just make slight contact and press the flesh of the inner wall. At the same time, I’m using my lips to suck gently on her clit, using just the slightest pressure from my mouth to suck the clit into my mouth and pull on it, in and out.

“Did I mention this is what I do when I’m ready to make her cum? Because, if you’re not ready to make her cum, you don’t want to do this.

“If I’m not ready, for a break, I stick my tongue into her pussy and hum. I close my lips around her clit and I hum.” I closed my eyes as I said this, imagining the last time I had gone down on a girl and hummed. “It’s like meditation, becoming one with the moment. It’s like I’m saying, ‘Ohmmmmmmmmmm.'”

I opened my eyes to see Andrea staring at me intently. “You could write a textbook,” she said.

Too far. I had let my imagination go too far, but she had come with me. I noticed that she sun was starting to rise and I hadn’t finished my stories. Back to work and I mean the work for which I was paid.

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