Angela and Vonda Ch. 06


Chapter Six

A Brief Recollection of Things Past

The way it had started out Angela thought she had things pretty much under control. She’d married a good looking rich man, and had managed to keep his meddling sister Vonda at bay. However, she’d had to make some awkward compromises. For one she’d agreed to a battery of psychological tests that hadn’t made any sense except that Brandon was fearful he’d end up marrying someone like his mother, a blithering idiot who’d turned into a real basket case they’d had to keep locked away in upper floor rooms like some prisoner.

She’d agreed to the tests without a second thought. She was an intelligent, well educated, well rounded woman. Albeit she had to admit she was a shade on the immature side, and when her sister in law had started making remarks and then suggestions about her attire she’d rebelled.

Her rebellion was ill conceived. The family into which she’d married was filthy rich, and they controlled virtually everything within a five hundred mile radius of the palatial estate they called home. It didn’t seem to take long before, through her own lack of judgment, Vonda’s meticulous planning, and her husbands overall indifference that she found herself on the losing end.

A few days prior Vonda had either persuaded or coerced her, she couldn’t decide which, to get her teeth checked. Her sister-in-law claimed she had an overbite. The result was a personal disaster. The dentist was a close family friend, and beholden to Vonda for most of his clientele. He willingly went along with the whole overbite myth. He’d gotten her under the influence of a combination of drugs, and he had shaved her teeth to child’s sizes. Worse, the chemicals he’d used to knock her out had caused some severe allergic reactions; first she’d lost the ability to speak coherently, and second she’d lost significant motor skills in her wrists.

During his last visit he, Vonda, and the maids had literally ignored her when she tried to be included in the conversation about her status. Communication wasn’t easy as it was, not being able to talk or write, but they hadn’t even tried to pay her any mind. It was as though she were a child; invisible, someone to be talked about, discussed, but never consulted.

Things had been compounded by Vonda’s growing hostility toward her and concomitant increased fondness for their primary maid Mary. The way things presently stood Mary had the authority to manage all Angela’s day to day routines. In fact, if Mary chose, she could report anything she did to Vonda who in turn might use the information to further degrade or humiliate her. To be sure, she’d already spanked her once in public, and she had reorganized her attire in such a way that most of what she could choose to wear was childish, even infantile. It wasn’t as though she could pick what to wear anyway. Everything she wore nowadays was laid out for her in advance by Mary.

If that wasn’t bad enough Vonda had taken to letting Mary wear regular street clothes instead of her maid’s attire, and it was starting to look as though Mary was beginning to assume more and more of the responsibilities, and concomitant privileges, normally afforded the woman of the house. It was impossible to put it any other way, with Vonda’s support, Mary was more the woman of the house than Angela was, and there didn’t seem to be anything she could do about it.

These circumstances were aggravated by Brandon’s long absences, first on this or that business errand, then on one or another personal expedition. He was gone all the time, and without his intercession she, Angela, was less and less able to stand up for herself.

The situation wasn’t helped by Mary’s insistence on being so overtly nice. Angela knew Mary secretly only wanted to use her, that is Angela, as a kind of little play thing, a toy. There wasn’t a whole lot she could about it. The other two maids, Marge and Dorothy were sadistic little bitches looking for opportunities to take advantage of her. Mary was her jailor, clothier, hair dresser; literally a substitute parent.

That was Angela’s situation as she sat upstairs in her third floor bedroom, well away from the rest of household, with only Mary for company. Downstairs she knew the doctor had come back. He’d come back with more information about her condition, and presumably with medicines to help. Angela knew it wasn’t going to do her much good. Vonda and Mary would never let her know anything the doctor said.

Getting Ready to See the Doctor:

Mary sat on the side of the bed and sweetly whispered, “Look what I have for you to wear.”

Angela looked at the outfit with alarm. It was another child’s romper set.

Mary reached over and took Angela by the wrist, “Come on. Let’s get you a nice bath, we’ll dress you up and take you downstairs. The doctor wants to see you, and Vonda has some new ideas on how to help you over this current little crisis.”

Mary pulled Angela to her feet, walked her to the bathroom, and helped her in the steaming bahis siteleri hot bath water. She proceeded to scrub Angela down.

She started with Angela’s hair. Washing and rewashing it with a fragrant shampoo. While it was still wet she combed it out, and preset it in two little pigtails. Mary took her fingers and wound the strands into childlike little ringlets

Her hair partially ready, Mary washed Angela’s upper body. Using only her hands and fingers she gently wiped and cleaned every nook and cranny. Mary took an extra long time wiping over Angela’s pert 34B breasts. Angela’s breasts weren’t overlarge, but they were good sized, and they were firm and supple. Mary lingered over each one much too long, taking several opportunities to gently squeeze her nipples and rub over her aureoles with the palms of her hands.

Angela found it very arousing, but preferred that Mary stop. However, with her limited vocal capabilities there wasn’t anything she could say to stop her, and she was reluctant to use her hands to run interference in as much as they weren’t very responsive. She did wriggle herself back and forth hoping to get Mary’s hands away, but Mary thought her movements were a pleasurable response and only tickled and fondled her breasts with more ardor.

Mary found ample opportunities to touch Angela in other delicate upper places, especially under her arms, and around the nape of her neck.

Angela was at all odds, if Mary wasn’t tickling her she was giving her goose bumps. Mary took her index finger, with its now long nail, and gently curled it under Angela’s chin, much the same way one would curl their finger when summoning a dog. It felt good, but it was degrading.

Angela tried to avoid the lascivious look on Mary’s face. She wore was a perverse, almost sadistic, little grin.

Mary helped Angela stand so she could clean her lower body. It had been several days since Angela’s vagina had been shaved, and the stubble was beginning to show. Mary made Angela stand up with her hands resting on Mary’s shoulders while she took a razor and thoroughly scraped away the new fuzz. Once she’d done that she took a special cream and further removed all trace of any hair. She took her fingers and smoothed over the clear hairless flesh. She used her fingertips to softly rub the slit between Angela’s labia; pressing ever so slightly inside. It caused Angela to twist and turn.

When Mary had finished Angela’s little puss looked like a child’s; all smooth, silky soft, and pink. She smiled, “Angela you have the puss of a little girl. You’re so delightful!”

Angela enjoyed the pleasurable feeling of having her vaginal hair removed, but she hated the outcome. It didn’t just make her look more childish; it made her feel childish. It undermined her confidence and eroded her sense of self. Mary’s every instance of nurturing, wiping, tickling, fondling, and teasing only served to further lower her own self esteem.

Out of the bath Mary walked Angela back to the bed, made her lie down, and performed several more highly inappropriate activities. First she further oiled her vagina, and then powdered it, thus making it incredibly sensitive and absolutely virginal in appearance.

Mary took several minutes buffering Angela’s finger and toe nails. She anointed them with a clear nail polish. Her nails had been cut back almost to the quick. Her hands, largely useless anyway, looked like a child’s, and they’d become so sensitive, even if she could have used them to grip anything, she’d have felt uncomfortable doing so.

Mary took great pains to thoroughly dry Angela’s hair, comb it out, and tie it off into two pretty little pig tails. These tails, first held in place with rubber bands, were further decorated with little red ribbons. Mary trimmed the end tips of each pig tail blunting them evenly.

Finished with Angela’s hair Mary was all smiles and cheery reactions. She took Angela’s face in her two hands, “You’re so cute! I love you this way!”

Angela, afraid to upset the maid who’d become her overlord, responded with a pensive smile.

Mary went out of way with Angela’s make up; applying a shimmering pink lip gloss, soft pink cheek blush, slightly darker pink eye shadow, and dark mascara. When she was finished she told Angela, “You look like every teenage boy’s idea of a wet dream.” Indeed she was gorgeous, all pretty in pink, and ready for her outfit.

Mary had laid out a cute little pink romper. She helped Angela put her hands and arms through the short sleeved top. She used her fingers to puff up the capped shoulders, and then tie off the ends of the ruffled sleeves with tiny pink bows.

She buttoned her up the front. There were about twenty tiny little pink pearl buttons that started at her waist and marched prettily all the way to her neck. Mary didn’t button it all the way, but stopped about four buttons from the top. This allowed anyone interested to get a discreet look at her pouting breasts, but would also allow anyone interested canlı bahis siteleri to look at her neck jewelry.

Then, almost as an afterthought, Mary opened the front of the romper wide, and took a small container from her waist pocket, “This is brown ocher Angela. I’m going to rub a little on your aureoles. That way they’ll stand out a little darker and a little more pronounced under your outfit.”

Angela didn’t want her aureoles and nipples to stand out. She tried to pull away.

Mary took Angela’s chin in her hand, “Now, now. You’ll like this. With your nipples darker people will pay more attention to you. You’ll look even sexier.”

Angela gave up.

Mary rubbed the ocher into her aureoles and nipples, “See Angela, you’ll look extra pretty for Vonda and the doctor.” She gave Angela an extra pretty smile, “Yes indeed your breasts and nipples certainly look beautiful now.” She leaned forward and bit the tip of the distraught woman’s right breast causing her to flinch, “tasty too!” She re-buttoned the romper top.

Mary buttoned the front of the panty bottom and tied off each little legging at the outside of each thigh. The romper top and bottom was a pale pink, and translucent. It was easy to see the outline of Angela’s body though the outfit, and with the bright pink sheen of her skin it was an absolutely delightful sight.

The romper was a one piece with a thin elastic waist band cinching it together. Mary helped Angela stand up, “Turn around sweetie. Let me look you over.”

Angela slowly turned around.

As she turned Mary watched as the woman’s breasts slowly swayed and bounced. Her ass stood out prominently, and when she looked at her crotch she could faintly see the outline of her vagina. Mary gave Angela a hard smack on one of her ass cheeks. Immediately Mary could see the red imprint of her hand through the translucent material.

Angela jumped back from the slap!

Mary grinned mischievously, “Sorry Angela. I had to do it.”

Angela was mortified.

Mary was too excited to stop. She reached around with her right hand and pinched Angela’s left ass cheek. She laughed, “Sorry Angela, you’re just too scrumptious for words.”

Out of control Mary thrust Angela back on the bed and sat atop her, “I just wish we could stay up here all day.” She leaned down and kissed Angela hard on the lips.

Angela tried to get Mary back under control, but couldn’t talk. She inwardly cringed. Mary was getting more and more brazen.

Several days before Vonda had insisted on buying Angela some anklets, bracelets, and a necklace. They weren’t precisely jewelry; more like little manacles than anything. Mary snapped each bracelet, anklet, and the necklace in place.

Angela was going to be required to wear this apparel for quite some time, as Vonda had bought some ancillary implements to coordinate with and compliment them.

Last Mary helped Angela into a pair of shoes. First came the pink knee high stockings, and then the bright pink patent leather Mary Jane’s. They were dainty little shoes, probably too tight to be comfortable, and their leather heels weren’t meant for too much walking, especially on the spotlessly polished hardwood floors they’d have to navigate to get downstairs. Mary knew she’d have to hold Angela carefully as they traveled.

Mary buckled each shoe in place. She adjusted each stocking, carefully wantonly rubbing the palms of her hands up and down each filmy leg. She rubbed all the way to Angela’s crotch, and allowed her fingers to slip beneath the soft fabric of the romper. She tickled Angela’s pussy again. She felt it, and knew she was getting damp.

Mary looked more closely at Angela’s crotch. She bet if she got any wetter she’d have a dark spot. Wouldn’t that be something for the doctor and Vonda to see?

Finally ready Mary looked over her charge one last time, “Angela you’re beautiful. You look like a little doll.”

Angela had nothing to say as Mary helped her to her feet and assisted her as they started to go downstairs.

Before they started to move Mary leaned forward and kissed Angela lightly on the lips, “I love you Angela. You’re mine.”

A Conference with the Doctor:

Mary helped Angela walk down the hallway and down the stairs. When they reached the first floor where the doctor and Vonda were waiting, Mary let her go, hoping she could make it the rest of the way on her own.

Angela had some trouble making it to the living room, but Mary had gotten her beyond the hardwood floors to the carpet so walking was a lot easier. It probably wouldn’t have been a problem except that Angela hadn’t been moving around very much lately, and her muscles weren’t accustomed to the shoes and the movement. Though she didn’t know it, the shoes had an added dimension, the soles were slightly concave, making it even harder to maintain her balance and walk.

She reached the sitting area of the living room and made her way to the sofa where she plopped herself down. As she canlı bahis plopped she realized she’d made a mistake. Without a bra, the sudden drop to the sofa gave her boobs the chance to bounce, something that didn’t go unnoticed by the doctor.

The doctor saw her first, and looking at Vonda, “I see she’s doing quite well considering.”

Vonda acknowledged the doctors comment, “Yes, I’m glad to see there was no allergic reaction regarding her motor skills below the waist.”

Vonda crooked her index finger at Angela, “Don’t get too comfortable over there. Walk over here and kneel between me and the doctor. We need to check you over.”

Angela struggling stood back up and made her way to the two chairs where Vonda and the doctor were seated. She knelt as she’d been instructed.

The doctor leaned forward and put his hand on the top of Angela’s head. He moved it back and forth as though it were a ball, “She’s OK around the neck. He glanced over at Mary while still pretending to examine Angela, “Can she move her hands and fingers yet?”

Mary answered, “No.” She looked at Angela, “Show the doctor your range of motion.”

Angela held up her arms to show the doctor she was still incapacitated from the wrists out. She kept asking herself, ‘Why didn’t anyone talk to me directly? I’m unable to speak, but I’m not suddenly this stupid thing.’

It was true everyone was behaving like she wasn’t there, as though she lacked the intellectual facility to share what was happening to her. Everything, all questions, all comments, all conjectures were passed back and forth between Mary, Vonda, and the doctor. Angela could have been a dog at the vets. Angela wasn’t a stupid person, but she was being treated like she was an imbecile.

He looked at Mary, “No progress I see”

Mary answered, “None yet doctor.”

Angela head butted the doctor to get his attention.

“Ouch!” He said. Looking at Vonda, “Vonda please tell her there’s no need to get feisty.”

Vonda looked at Angela, “Now stop that! Don’t be so rude. I’m ashamed of you! Show the doctor you’re sorry. Put your chin on his knee.”

Angela had only wanted the doctor to talk directly to her. The idea of putting her head on his knee as a form of apology was unfathomable, totally unnecessary. Dogs put their chins on people’s knees not humans. She sat back refusing to do it.

Vonda looked at Mary, “Mary.”

Mary stepped over and knelt beside Angela, “You shouldn’t have butted the doctor. Now you must apologize. Show the doctor you’re sorry by doing what your sister told you to do. Put your chin on his knee.”

Angela refused to move.

Mary put her head real close to Angela, so close nobody could anything she said. As the doctor and Vonda watched Mary whisper to the woman they both saw her blush. She turned a bright red! Mary whispered a little louder “Please apologize.”

Angela, though deeply embarrassed about something, still didn’t budge.

Mary’s look grew cold and stern, “Angela you know someone will have to punish you if you don’t show the doctor you’re sorry, please apologize.”

Vonda frowned, “He’s got several medications for you. I don’t know if you deserve them now.”

Angela looked at Mary imploringly, then at Vonda. She slowly leaned forward and placed her chin on the doctor’s knee.

Mary smiled. She rubbed the top of Angela’s head, “Good girl.” She fluffed up Angela’s pig tails, “Thank you Angela. That was a very good girl.”

Angela gave her maid a simpering little half smile.

Vonda didn’t smile. She knew they’d have to work on Angela’s behavior. Her rebelliousness had to be crushed.

Angela didn’t care. She debased her self for one reason. She wanted the medicine. She tried to say something but nothing came out.

Vonda shook her finger, “Don’t waste your time trying to talk. I have something here that might help your voice, but I honestly don’t know whether you should get it after the way you treated the doctor and embarrassed your family.”

Angela gave her a pleading look. She degraded herself further. She placed her chin on Vonda’s knee.

Vonda ignored her, “Since you can’t talk, and your hands aren’t active yet, we need to find a way for you to communicate.”

Angela nodded her head up and down. Maybe she was going to get something.

Vonda reached behind the sofa and pulled out a small bag. She patted the floor in front on her. “Come over here and squat on your behind.”

Angela knew whatever was about to happen probably wasn’t necessarily good, but she got herself around and plopped on her rump.

The entire time the doctor watched with ill concealed lust. The palms of his hands were sweaty. His ancient penis was engorged with blood, and he kept wiping the drool away from his mouth. He coughed once or twice, and tried to conceal the sputum by wiping it on his sleeve.

The look of this beautiful young woman, kneeling in front of him, wearing a skimpy translucent baby outfit, breasts pressing against the top, nipples extruded, and the soft fabric slicing a groove between her vaginal lips was almost more than his old lascivious heart could stand. He watched as Vonda maneuvered her into one humiliating position after another.

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