Angela’s Naughty Night Pt. 02


It was dark, Angela was only 2 minutes from home, but she was walking the wrong way, heading for the hotel that was just around the corner. As the rounded the corner and saw the hotel, she stopped, she turned and walked back towards home. It was only five or six steps, enough time for her brain to say she had agreed, she needed to at least turn up, she turned around again, heading back towards the hotel, she would be there in 2 minutes.

It was four or five months since the night with Daryl, and her husband had given her permission to go out and play, he just didn’t know anything about this yet.

Angela was the most conflicted she had ever been, she had been talking to Andy for a month, he was funny and seemed to care about her feeling, but this would be the first time they would meet. Things had not been great and she had taken to friendships on the internet, an escape. Andy had called it about two weeks ago, she was unhappy and bored, and he provided a distraction, he was thrilling, different, and wrong! He was right, she was bored, and talking to him about sexual things excited her, thrilled her, and being secret made it hot. They had exchanged a couple of photos so knew what each other looked like, but the attraction was based on words not looks. His words did things to her, simple things like him saying he would spank her arse, or lick her bean, made her quiver, she had actually made herself cum just reading his words.

She was standing in front of the hotel, her thoughts had made the walk disappear, she looked at her phone, his text said room 157, her reply, now 21 minutes ago said, ‘on my way, only coming for a glass of wine mind!’

That was so not true, her heart was thundering in her chest, she felt sick she was so scared, but she wanted him to rip her clothes off and take her, that was what she was going for, but she suspected that it would be just a glass of wine and a chat. Even that would be a step to far for her husband, he wanted to know about these things not have them be secret. He thought she was walking up to her friend Jane’s house for a wine, and chat, Jane had been fully briefed and was ready to cover for her. She owed Angela, as Angela had covered for her several times, Angela was a good girl, and Jane wasn’t!

Angela walked up the stairs to the first floor, room 157 was pretty close to the stairs so she walked past it and stopped down the corridor a little, she closed her eyes and calmed her breathing, she relaxed as best she could, pulled out her phone, and text, ‘I’m here.’

She didn’t wait for a response, her nerve was going so she walked quickly to the door and knocked, as she knocked her heart was in her mouth, and there was a voice in the back of her head screaming, ‘what are you doing? He could be an axe murderer. Run, run home.’

The door opened quite quickly, and the man she had seen several pictures of was standing there, he was exactly like the photos which gave her some reassurance, and he said, ‘Angela? Come in.’

She entered not sure if her nerves were calming or not, and he closed the door behind her, she turned to look at him, he was wearing smart jeans and a t-shirt, and was holding a plastic cup of what looked like wine. He indicated the wine and said, ‘want one?’

‘God yes,’ she replied, she nerves in overdrive, but she had the presence of mind to remove her coat and hang it in the cupboard.

She stood waiting for the wine, she was glad she had gone for the dark jeans and long sleeve top, she definitely didn’t look over eager, how did he look so relaxed? He handed her a wine.

‘Thank you,’ she said.

‘Sorry about the plastic cups, best I could do in the hotel. You OK?’ he said, so much calmer than she felt.

‘Yes I am good,’ she replied, ‘just never done anything like this before so my nerves are on edge.’

Andy smiled at her, and said, ‘you will be fine, we don’t have to do anything. It is completely up to you,’ he sat on the bed and relaxed.

Angela only just noticed that there was music playing, it was a quiet background level, not intrusive, but she thought it was a mark of her nerves that she had been in the room for 2 minutes before noticing. The song playing was a Queen track that she likely, and she listened for a moment as she sat on the bed next to Andy. The music was actually calming her, which is exactly what she needed.

After a moment she felt more comfortable and asked about his journey here, and talked about how close her house was, then onto their kids, as they talked she relaxed much more, the genuine nice guy that she had spent two months talking too, was exactly who was sitting with her. It wasn’t that long before she thought to herself that she wasn’t in the room with a stranger, it was a man she knew, and liked, and as he made reference to her body, and a couple of sexual references she realised that his words turned her on as much in person as they did at a distance.

As the conversation continued he started to stroke her back fingers dancing here and there, his touch excited her, not enough for anybody including him to notice, but she felt it inside. She finished the wine and as she got up said, ‘just using the loo, you want to refill?’ waving the plastic cup at him.

In the toilet she noticed how much more relaxed she was, and she decided that if he tried anything she was going to let him, she wanted his touch and to feel more of him. Angela strode out the toilet with a lot more confidence than she had walked into the room twenty minutes ago.

Andy was on the bed, but both his wine and hers were full again. She sat beside him again, wondering if he would notice that she had not tucked her top back into her jeans, but as she sat down he ran his hand over her pert bottom, and under her top, so he had noticed straight away.

He guided her down and pulled her in for a kiss, a gentle kiss, full of promise, but most of all one she could control, she kissed him back, she wanted to feel his lips his body against hers, his hand guiding her had strength, but at the same time had a tender feel, she felt she was completely in control.

His hand ran across the back of her bra, she had put her very best sexy underwear on for tonight, and Andy seemed to be appreciating the soft, silky lace, before he flicked his wrist and her bra was undone. His hand stroked up and down her back which was now free of obstacle. Andy moved and laid her down on her back his hand coming around to the front and being joined by the other one, he stroked her belly, and teased at the bottom of her breasts as he undid one by one the buttons on her top, each one a step closer to her breast being revealed.

She ran her hand under his t-shirt, exploring his body, it was not a slim hard boy’s body, there was definitely more than a few extra pounds on it, but there was also a feel of a strong, muscly body underneath. His arms had defined muscles, as did his shoulders, it was below were the hairy skin covered softer fat that felt so inviting, but as she pushed this she felt the same hard muscles beneath the surface, her hand slipped to his belt and was undoing it as the last button of her top was released, he pushed it open and with the flick of his thumbs her bra was released too, her breasts on display.

Angela had always thought her breasts were too large, but his hand cupped her DD cup breast and his lips brushed across her nipple, he moaned, that did feel good. She had his belt undone and the top button of his jeans was there to, her hand slipped inside, his boxers were soft, tightfitting, before she had gone in more than an inch she could feel the heat of his manhood. Angela ran her hand down the outline in his boxers, his cock was a meaty thick one, and her mind did somersaults, not that she had huge experience, the only cocks she had touched in the last 20 years was Daryl’s, and her husbands, he had a good sized cock, but it did not have the girth of this one. Her hand slipped in through the fly and she touched the skin, it was soft, but veiny, and moved more than she was used to. She excitedly moved her hand back along the length to discover that he was not circumcised like her husband, there was so much skin, it moved, and it was so much more tactile than what she was used to, she wanted to play.

Andy’s tongue was now dancing around her nipple and flicking across it, he stopped and pulled her top and bra off, which meant she had to release the cock she had hold of, which she did not want to, but when she went back she fully undid his fly and pushed his jeans down, giving her much better access. She pulled it through the fly in his Under Armour boxers and for the first time got a look, and while she would never describe any cock as pretty, it was desirable, big, fat and veiny, healthy looking purple head, as far as cocks went this was a belter. She gently wanked it as Andy undid her jeans, and pushed them down, revealing her lovely knickers, he pushed them right down and Angela kicked them off. She carefully removed her socks using her toes to grip them and pull them off, so she was laying there in just her knickers. She pulled his t-shirt up and off. Angela wanted his jeans gone to and moved to pull them off he helped so they were both laying on the bed in their underwear.

Angela cuddled into him again, taking his cock in her hand, she wanted to touch it, play, she didn’t care really she just wanted it in her hand. His hand slid down and into her knickers, across her 2 hour ago shaven pubic area, two fingers moved gently down the sides of her pussy, then so softly came together in the damp patch that was growing at the bottom of her pussy lips. He played in that damp area, teasing her lips, only the second man’s hand to touch there besides her husband in so long. Andy carefully parted her lips and while kissing her again, ran his fingers softly up the wet fold until he pressed ever so delicately on her clit, she shuddered.

Andy gently brushed and flicked at her clit, it was erotic, no heavy handed approach, and he knew how to gently tease her clit, bring the heat and excitement to her feelings driving up the anticipation, driving up her desire. Angela was getting lost, his cock was in her hand and she was wanking, they were kissing, a soft seductive kiss that carried a big signpost to the passion to come, but her mind was on her clit, the play was amazing, driving her mind all over the place, she wanted him to make her cum, but the tease was all she was getting, then the kiss moved, he left her lips to kiss her neck, so softly again, she squirmed, she had a thing for neck kisses. Slowly he moved around and down, across the top of her chest and onto the top of her boobs, circling them with kisses until his mouth enclosed her nipple.

Andy’s tongue flicked across her nipple as he sucked, then his teeth closed around her nipple, not hard but firm enough to grip it, then he twisted just a little, the feeling was amazing, her hand coming up and running through his hair as he swapped to the other breast and repeated the actions, this was not going to be a five minute fuck, he was going to love every inch of her body tonight.

His head moved so slowly down her body, kissing a licking, across her naval, and her stretch marks that made her so self-conscious, but he kisses every one like he had her breast, his intension was clear, every part of her body was beautiful and worthy of his attention, his tongue kissed across her pubic area, bald and soft, then it takes the slightest of brushes across her clit. Angela felt her temperature rise at that, but she could not tell if it was an accident or deliberate, she suspected that it was deliberate, everything else had been. His tongue licked slowly down the left side of her pussy, so close but not touching her lips, then across her perineum, before slowly and sensually coming back up the right side in the same way. She shuddered, the teasing was amazing, and the thought that he was about to be more direct made her so hot.

Andy’s tongue circled her clit, so close yet not actually touching it, as he ran across her lips the ever so slight tug on the skin around the clit made warm feeling shoot across her body, then he parted her lips with his tongue and slipped down between them gently, flicking her lips this way and that, making the experience last, she would remember this, all of it, it was so long since anybody had paid so much attention to her body. Her husband was really good to her in bed, and she never felt unsatisfied, but he also never spent this long playing and teasing her. Andy’s tongue slipped delicately though his inner lips still flicking and playing, it felt amazing as his arms moved around her thighs and pulled her into him.

Angela let him play, she could lay here like this forever, her nerves were almost completely gone, the thrill was overwhelming now, and she had a huge excitement building for where this was going. His tongue started a journey back north, and when it got to her clit, flicked it, she shuddered her whole body moving, her hands coming down from playing with her own nipples to his head. He pulled her in tighter as he flicked again, then again, this way and that, almost random so she didn’t know where the next one was coming from, it was exciting, she squirmed a little, the feelings intense.

Then it changed and she knew she would cum soon, he sucked her clit into his mouth, squeezing it so gently between his teeth, and twisting it, electrical shocks from her clit firing all over her body, his touch now driving her wild. Andy pushed her clit up against his teeth and with his tongue rolled it across the back of them, the moan that she let out at that surprised Angela herself, but the feeling was amazing, something she had never experienced before, her legs tensing as he did, but that just made him pull her in tighter.

Andy started to flick harder and with more rhythm, she started to put a little pressure on his head, the feeling of a growing climax started to roll up from her pussy, it tingled even with no vibe or cock in her, that was unusual. Tighter he pulled her in, the pressure on her clit growing, her back started to arch as she pushed her feet into the bed, she pushed hard at his head but it didn’t move, more and more pressure on her clit, an almost constant moan escaping her lips, as she felt all her muscles tighten and the explosion of feeling rush out from her clit. She was pushing his head now as hard as she could, but he had her so tight, and he did not let up, and she bucked and fought he continued to pressure her clit, dragging out this orgasm, making it something to remember, she wanted him to stop, but also didn’t want him to stop, as she was overcome for a second time, her breathing becoming irregular and shallow, her body shook head to toe as he released her.

Andy moved himself back up the bed, kissing her with his face covered in her juices, she tasted herself on his lips and tongue as he did.

‘That work for you?’ he asked with a coy smile on his face.

‘Yes, god yes,’ Angela replied, her mind lost in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm.

She stroked across his body with her hands again, enjoying the firm feel and so much hair, she loved his hairy body, she was not used to that, and it felt so different, part of the excitement. Angela moved down wanting his cock now, and intending to give him an experience like she just had, her hand playing with his cock, then her tongue licking very gently at it, teasing the frenulum making his cock bounce with pleasure every time she flicked it. She slowly worked her way around until the tip of his cock slipped into her mouth, parting her lips and teeth just enough to let it in, just as slowly working down until the head was inside her mouth. She was soft in her play and gentle with his cock as she took more of it into her mouth. Angela had been complimented on her blow jobs many times before, and even if most, all recently obviously, were her husband, she was determined that Andy would love it too.

Angela started to move up and down on his cock, her mouth taking a good few inches and her hand gently wanking the rest, building a momentum and enjoying this cock that felt so different to anything she had before, the skin rolling in her mouth was so different, she liked playing with it with her tongue. Andy moaned, a long satisfied moan and started to play with her hair, as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth, wanting to make him cum, but he seemed so in control.

She continued to blow him for about two or three minutes, then he pulled her up, his hand going between her legs and tweaked her clit, she shuddered. She slowly wanked his cock, as he used three finger to enclose her clit and twist, flick and rub it, she moaned and twitched, it felt so right, she wanted more, and more, until she felt her body tighten again, she let it wash over her, revelling in the feeling, her mind not quite believing that she was doing this.

Angela felt him between her legs, pushing them apart, then he was above her, the head of his cock brushing her pussy lips, teasing. She reached down to guide him in, she wanted him in her so badly now, but he moved back.

‘Don’t you be spoiling the tease,’ he said, smiling at her.

She didn’t reply, she just wanted his cock and did not want to give him an excuse to wait longer. She flinched as his cock brushed against her clit, but it was on its way down again to quickly for her to push her clit into it. She was so wet now, she just wanted it inside her, but he teased more, and she just got wetter and wetter, she was getting ready to plead for his cock when it parted her lips, and with a little catch on the upper edge slipped into her pussy, just the head, she moaned, she wanted so much more, but he stopped. He moved a little and she tried to make it slip in more, but he withdrew, and rubbed up her lips again, brushing more deliberately on her clit this time, before moving down again and slipping the head back in, no, more than the head, he moved it in, his big fat, girthy cock pushed up her pussy, it felt amazing. As he stopped she could feel his pubic hair tickling her pussy lips, he was almost all in, it felt good, full, and strong, she loved it, right up until he withdrew all the way out, and the feeling of loss was immense.

Angela felt his cock rub up her lips again, the tease was unbelievable, how did he control himself so well, stop from plunging into her and riding like she was a bull trying to throw him off? However she could not deny that every tease made her want him more, made her desire rise, and drove her horny feelings into overdrive.

He pushed his cock into her clit this time, squashing it, making it sing to her, he teased her clit, making her want more, then slowed moved down again, this time his cock drove in hard in one thrust, she moaned at that, as he withdrew to the head and thrust in again, she wrapped her legs around him, making sure he stayed in, giving her what she needed, the thrusting was very hard and fast, she grunted with every thrust as he pounded her. Andy lent back a bit and moved a hand to her clit, as he pounded, slightly less hard now, he squeezed her clit with three fingers as he had before, she squirmed, another orgasm overcoming her so quickly.

He withdrew, her legs falling to the sides, and she turned around, her lovely pert spankable bum pushed towards him, he thrust in doggy style, so deep, and his cock brushed across her G spot, Angela was in heaven, as his balls slapped against her. He took up the rhythmic thrusting of before, she pushed back into it, the rubbing of her G spot really making this feel good.

Angela relaxed into the pounding, it seemed to just keep going and going, the stamina and control was not something she expected, she played with her clit with one hand and slowly build another orgasm, it was not hard, his pounding felt good and the constant rub on the g spot really made it work. She let loose again, moaning as she shook from another orgasm.

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