Angelic New Year


Angelic New YearIt was three days till New Year’s Eve. Trish and I had discussed going out, but the truth was, we really didn’t want to have to face all of the amateur partiers that we knew we would run into that night, no matter where we decided to go.I was sitting in the media room with Tracy.’Do you have any plans for Friday night?’ I asked her.’There’s a bunch of k**s who want to go out, but nobody wants to pay for hotel rooms so we don’t have to drive home. You know me. I don’t care if they all want to get drunk, but I’d rather not be out on the streets with all of the crazies.”You know, your mom and I had the same thought exactly. Actually I could be perfectly happy staying home here with you girls. Does Teri have any plans?’ ‘I don’t think she does.’ Tracy replied. ‘Could we just get some movies and have a nice evening at home together?”That sounds great! I’m sure that Trish will be fine with the idea. We can fix a special dinner and then relax our way into 2005. Are there any movies that you’ve been wanting to see?’Tracy thought for a moment and then a sly smile spread across her face.’Could we watch some hot porno? I’ve always wondered what it would do to me to watch hot sex on film. I’d especially like to see some ass fucking. They do make movies with that, don’t they?’I tried to hide my surprise at Tracy’s request. I just love how open she is with me about sex. And I felt a stirring in my pants at the thought of a family porno night. Just at that moment Teri walked in.’Hi Rob. Hi Trace. What’s up?”Funny you should ask.’ I said. ‘We were just talking about what to do on New Year’s Eve. Do you have any plans?”No. Can I have Amy come over and spend the night? Her mom and dad are going out to some big party and she’s gonna be stuck at home alone.’I glanced over at Tracy. Her eyes told me that she still wanted porno, and that Amy would be welcome as far as she was concerned.’Well, Tracy and I were talking about a family night at home…a nice dinner, and some porn videos. Do you think Amy would enjoy that? And how does it sound to you?’Teri’s eyes grew wide. ‘Oh yeah!’ she answered. ‘I’m sure she would like that! I’ve never really seen a porn movie before. What is it like?’I chuckled before I replied. ‘Well the plots are usually pretty lame. And the characters are pretty shallow. And other than the lousy acting, the sex is usually very exciting.”What kind of sex do they show? Is it just people fucking each other?”Well I think that we could probably find just about any kind of sex that you’d like to watch. Tracy put in a request for something with anal sex.’I could see the wheels turning in Teri’s devious little head.’I’d like to see some with girls fucking other girls. Do you think they might use strap-ons? Or maybe some big vibrators?’I laughed. ‘OK, I think I know what you what to see. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make sure that Trish is OK with the plan. Then you two can work up a menu for our dinner. Call Melinda and let her know that we need her for dinner on Friday, but tell her if she wants the night off afterwards to go party, she can leave as soon as dinner is ready. Teri, you can ask Amy to spend the night. I’m sure that Tom and Dawn will be glad that they don’t need to worry about rushing home to her. And Tracy, do you want to go with me tomorrow to shop for the movies?’ ‘Sure!’ she replied, ‘But where do we have to go?’I looked at her and asked, ‘Do you know of any porn shops in Sedona?’She shook her head. ‘Are you k**ding?”Well then, I guess we’ll have to drive to Phoenix.”Where do we have to go?’ she asked innocently. ‘Is it a special video store?”Tracy, tomorrow I’m going to introduce you to a bona fide porn store. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. We’ll make a day of it. Is there anything else you need to shop for while we’re in the valley?’ (Sedona is a great town to live in, but there’s still a lot of stuff that we just have to go to Phoenix to find. Porn is one of them. Costco is another…)Tracy thought for a moment. ‘I don’t know. Maybe we can just wander around.’Teri was feeling jealous. ‘I wish I could come too. I’ve never been in a porn store before.’I looked at her and smiled. ‘I’ll take you next time. I promise.”You mean you don’t want to go there with two sexy young girls hanging on to you? All the perverts would love it!’I raised my eyebrows. ‘Perverts? Have you been hanging around porn stores young lady?”No, but I’ve heard about them. I wouldn’t want to go to one all by myself.”Well I’m sure that some are more respectable than others. But I promise I’ll take you one day.”OK.’ She smiled. ‘I’ll hold you to it!’*** The next morning Tracy and I were up early. I left Trish in bed sleeping. She was planning on going to work, but her first appointment wasn’t until noon. We had discussed the New Years plan and agreed it would be fun. She also approved my plan to take Tracy with me. She admitted that her first experience in a porno place was when she was still a teenager. We both know that the businesses are cleaner and more respectable today than they were then.We took the Jag and I let Tracy drive. She wanted the top down and it was a nice enough day that we could drive comfortably with it down. So we headed down the highway with the sun shining and the wind blowing our hair and I noticed lots of heads turning as the hot young blonde in the Jag passed them by. Tracy was wearing hip hugger jeans and a tight little top that left her midriff bare. She had borrowed a pair of her mom’s cowboy boots. She looked really well put together. I felt sexy and excited just to be part of the package.Tracy had said that she wanted to shop for some clothing and I told her that we should go to the Castle Boutique first to get the videos and check it out. I told her they had some lingerie there, but I suspected she’d rather buy clothes at Victoria’s Secret or maybe one of the upscale stores in Scottsdale. I thought about taking her to the little shop where Trish, Dawn and Rhonda and I had so much fun with Patty, our driver, and the store owner, Ally.Tracy pulled the car into the parking lot at the Castle Boutique on Camelback Road. She turned off the ignition and took a deep breath as she smiled at me. ‘There’s a lot of cars here.’ She noted. ‘I guess lots of people shop here.’We exited the car and walked inside. I was holding Tracy’s hand and as we entered the store I sensed all of the eyes that were watching us. The shop was well lit and I quickly oriented myself. Tracy’s eyes were drawn to the lingerie hanging on the racks and the shelves and tables that were lined with vibrators and sex toys. I pulled her gently and led her over to the video area. I saw the door to the video booths. Tracy spotted it too.’What’s in there?’ she asked.As I took her away from the door and closer to the video display area I explained. ‘There are individual booths back there where you can watch videos in private.’Tracy understood right away and asked, ‘Do people go there to masturbate?”Yes, and sometimes couples go there to have sex. It’s probably not the cleanest place to do it, but some people find it exciting to be in a semi public setting like that.’Tracy nodded as she started to look at the titles on the DVDs in the case in front of us. I saw her eyes widen as she realized what was available to buy.’Wow!’ She exclaimed, ‘They’ve got everything here!’We perused the video titles and after about fifteen minutes Tracy selected five different DVDs. I had the clerk take them to the front counter while I followed Tracy across the store. She headed for the lingerie and shuffled through the racks but didn’t seem too interested in anything she saw. She was getting an education though about what turned some people on. She noted the leather items and the crotchless panty sets. She held up a very sheer teddy and asked if I liked it.’Maybe you should try it on.’ She looked around for a dressing room. ‘Do you want me to?’ she asked.’If you think you want to, go ahead. I’m here. There’s nobody watching you right now, but you might attract some attention if you change into that.’Tracy grinned. I could tell that her exhibitionist side was getting warmed up. She took the hanger and walked over to the dressing room. I followed and stood outside while she changed. When she opened the door I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Tracy stepped out, barefoot, and dressed only in the sheerest black teddy. It fit her tightly and I could see every pore of her smooth young skin. Her nipples were hard, either from the cool air in the store or the excitement of being so undressed in public. I also noticed several customers (all men) beginning to move a little closer to where we were standing. Tracy stepped over to the mirror and admired herself. She looked at me in the reflection and smiled.’Do you like it on me?”How couldn’t I? Can you see what’s happening in my pants?’I looked down at my fly and Tracy looked too. There was an obvious growth taking place. Tracy saw it and then looked back into my eyes.’Rob, will you go and get me the white one like this? And maybe the red one too? I think I need to try them on for you too.’I knew exactly what her game was. And I was a sucker to play along. I left her there and made my way to the rack to retrieve the other items. Tracy stood between the mirror and the dressing room door allowing the six men nearby to ogle her hot young body in the sexy outfit she was modeling. When I returned the men pretended to look away, but Tracy winked at me as I handed her the two hangers. She stepped back inside the changing room but left the door slightly ajar. She pretended not to notice it as I watched her strip naked and then slip on the red nighty. Again she emerged and the six guys all moved just a bit closer. I eyed her pussy that was clearly visible through the fabric and it looked like she was getting a little wet shine down there.She stepped closer to me and rubbed my dick through my pants as she leaned in to whisper in my ear.’Am I turning you on? I know that the other guys like me. I hope you do too.’I patted her bare ass and kissed her lips. It was more than what a step parent would normally do, but she really was turning me on. And I was getting more excited about what the day might hold for us. She stepped away and told me that she wanted to try the white outfit on for me. Again I watched through the slightly open door as she removed first one teddy and slipped on the white one. As she came out I heard gasps from at least two of the voyeurs nearby. Tracy was a vision in white. The contrast with her tan body was exquisite. And she was so sexually alluring it took my breath away. ‘God Tracy, you look incredible! I think I’m in love.’She grinned mischievously as she paraded around to the delight of everyone watching. Then without a word she went back into the changing room and got dressed again. She came out with all three outfits on their hangers and I looked at her to ask, ‘Are you going to take them?’Tracy shook her head and said ‘I’m thinking about the white one, but there’s something else I want to do first.’ She hung them all back on the rack and then took my hand saying quietly, ‘Take me into the video rooms. I’m curious about what they’re like.’We walked into the hallway. It was lined with doors and tiny lights indicated which rooms were occupied. It also appeared that some of the booths were single and a few were larger with room for two. We chose a room and went inside. The seat was clean and we sat down to allow our eyes to adjust to the darkness. Tracy observed the screen and instructions for selecting a video and depositing money. She reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a wadded up five dollar bill. She inserted it in the slot and then touched the button she wanted and the video began.We sat quietly and observed a petite blonde on the screen undressing in front of a handsome man who was shirtless. Once she was naked she unzipped his fly and removed his massive cock and began sucking on it. Tracy was rubbing my dick through my pants and she turned to me to say, ‘I guess I got you a little worked up out there. So it’s only right that I finish what I started, right?’She unzipped my trousers and pulled out my solid cock. She immediately bent over and took it in her mouth. It was heavenly.’God Tracy that feels so good! Oh yeah! You know I bet there’s a few other guys who are back here by themselves after the show you put on out there.’She released my dick from her mouth long enough to answer, ‘Yeah, you know I was really enjoying showing off…knowing that you were there to keep me safe.’ Then she resumed her sucking.We were both watching the video screen and I was nearing an orgasm when suddenly Tracy let go and shrieked.’What’s that?’ She was looking a penis hanging out of a hole in the wall.After the initial surprise I whispered to her with a bit of a laugh. ‘Jesus, you scared me. That’s called a glory hole. The guy in the next booth is hoping that somebody in here might want to play with his dick. I must admit, I wasn’t expecting that in this place, but I guess they accommodate everyone here.”Eeww! That’s gross. Does he know we’re in here?”It’s possible that it’s one of your admirers from outside. He probably watched to see which booth we went in. He knows how hot you are!’Tracy grinned. She was pleased to think that she had turned on so many men with her little show. She looked back down at my dick in her hand and then started sucking me again. She kept looking up into my eyes…and she also kept glancing at the mysterious cock in the wall. In just a few minutes she had me close to cumming and I let her know it. She made no effort to slow me down or to take me out of her mouth. I erupted with a full load of fresh morning cum and filled her mouth. She swallowed the first spurt and then kept pumping my jiz until I could give her no more.Then, with a sneaky smile, she looked up at me and then spit a mouthful of my cum into her hand. She reached out and grabbed the dick on the wall and coated it with my sperm. She pumped it and slid her hand back and forth on its full length. The guy was trying to push closer and I could only imagine what he was feeling or what he must have looked like, plastered to the wall in the next room. Tracy was grinning at me and we could hear the guy moaning and begging for more. Suddenly he began to spurt and Tracy and I both moved to avoid getting his cum on us. She kept it up with him until he was done and then let go of his worn out tool. I handed her a bunch of tissue from the handy box on the wall and we giggled quietly together. As soon as we could get ourselves together we left the room and went out to the counter to pay for the DVDs. While I was completing the transaction Tracy kept her eye on the door to the video hall. Just as we were leaving the store, a man walked out looking shy, but happy. Tracy caught his eye and winked and we were gone.As we walked quickly across the parking lot Tracy was giggling like a schoolgirl who had just pulled off a huge prank.’Rob, I can’t believe I just did that! I never could have dreamed about something like that!’As we hurriedly got into the car and she fired up the ignition, she put it into gear and pulled away. bursa escort Then she turned to me and added, ‘and I can’t believe how wet I am! Where can we go next?’She pulled back out onto Camelback and I asked her, ‘You didn’t want to buy that white teddy. Do you still want to shop for lingerie?’She thought for a moment and said, ‘Yeah I kind of liked that white one, but it wasn’t made very well. I think if I’m gonna buy something like that, I’d like it to be better quality. But I really liked trying them on there. Can we go somewhere where they have better stuff and people I can still show off to?’I directed her to head for Scottsdale and told her that I knew of a place. A few minutes later we were parked in front of Ally’s lingerie shop. I told Tracy about how we had been brought here last fall and how much fun we all had. I didn’t go into details, but the fact that Trish liked it was enough for Tracy.As we entered the store Ally looked up from behind the desk.’Rob!’ she exclaimed, ‘How are you?’I’m always impressed when business people remember names so well.’And where’s Trish? And who’s this? Aren’t you supposed to be getting married soon?”Ally! So good to see you again.’ I said as I hugged her. ‘You ask so many questions! Trish is in Sedona. This is her daughter, Tracy. Tracy say hello to Ally.”Pleased to meet you, Ally.’Ally took Tracy’s hand and then pulled her closer for a hug.’And yes,’ I continued, ‘we’re getting married on Valentines Day.”So what brings you down here today?”A little New Years prep.’ I answered, ‘Tracy said she wanted to shop for some quality lingerie and I couldn’t think of a better place to bring her.’Ally feigned a blush and then said, ‘Thank you Rob. And Tracy, do you always shop for lingerie with Rob?’Tracy grinned. ‘Actually this is the first time. But I think we’re both enjoying it very much!”You mean you’ve already been shopping somewhere else?’I answered. ‘The first place we tried just didn’t measure up. But I sure do like watching Tracy trying things on!”Well then, you’ve come to the right place!’ Ally winked at us both. ‘Tracy, tell me what you’re looking for.”Well I started out looking for something sexy to wear on New Years, but I need some new undies too. Can I just look around for a few minutes?’Ally waved her arm. ‘The store is yours! My last customer left about five minutes ago. You can have my undivided attention, or I’ll leave you all alone.”Thank you Ally. I’ll just look first.’As Tracy browsed through the display racks, Ally and I chatted. She asked about Dawn and Rhonda. I told her they were doing fine. I inquired about Patty. Ally said she hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks since the holidays kept them both pretty busy.Tracy had found a few items to try and Ally took her to the changing room. She returned to where I was now seated and brought me a bottle of water. When Tracy came out of the dressing room she was wearing a totally shear light green bra and matching thong panty. She came over to my chair walking proudly and unashamed.Ally looked at her and asked, ‘Would you like me to lock the front door, in case somebody walks in?’Tracy looked back and said, ‘No don’t worry. After the last place we went to, I’m sure that it won’t bother me, if it won’t bother you.’Then she turned back to me. ‘Do you like it Rob? It feels so yummy.”Should we rate it on the dick-o-meter? I feel a definite stir…’Tracy giggled. Ally just listened and then said, ‘I see there are no secrets between you two!’I smiled. ‘Nope. Tracy is so much like her mother it’s scary sometimes. Now you know why I had to marry her. She’s got the kind of baggage that a guy can only dream of carrying!’Tracy laughed. ‘So that’s what I am! Baggage?”The kind I never want to lose! I’m trying to figure out how I can keep you and Teri at home forever!’Ally exclaimed, ‘You mean there’s another one too?”Yeah, I have a little sister, but she’s even crazier than me!”Oh Rob! How do you manage to keep it in your pants?’ Ally joked.’It’s not easy Ally. In fact it’s usually pretty hard.’ The pun was obvious and we all laughed.Tracy went back to try on the next item. She returned in a white thong style teddy. It was equally as shear as the one she had modeled earlier. But as she got closer I realized that it was crotchless. Standing beside me, her puffy lips were framed by the white lace strips that disappeared up her ass on the backside.Ally reached down into my lap and gave my cock a squeeze. Then she looked back up at Tracy, smiling. ‘Tracy dear, the dick-o-meter says that one’s a winner!’I laughed in agreement. Then I instructed Tracy. ‘Turn around. Now bend over.’ She did and then she spread her ass cheeks and exposed her tight pink butt hole. I couldn’t resist leaning forward to give it a lick.’Tracy cooed her approval and we all agreed that she had to have that one.While she was in the changing room Ally reached down into my lap again and asked, ‘Do you two fuck? Or does she just tease you like this?’I explained that our relationship was indeed special, but that I respected her virginity. Ally shook her head in amazement.Tracy came back in another bra and panty set and we all agreed it fit her perfectly. She was standing beside me again, and I was stroking her leg, when she looked up at the front window of the store. There was a man outside admiring the window display. When he looked up and saw Tracy his eyes grew wide. Then he casually walked into the door. Tracy pretended not to notice him and modeled her underwear for me. Ally approached the man and then showed him to where the window display goods were located. Tracy went back to the changing room and had to walk right past Ally and the customer. He did a double take as she strolled by.Ally was asking him about who he intended to buy the outfit for. He mentioned a name and Ally recognized it as one of her regular customers. ‘Oh yes,’ she said, ‘Elaine is a size 4. This one would look great on her.’As she continued her sales talk Tracy came back out again. She had on a red lace bra and matching boy cut short panties. Again the man watched closely as she passed by. Tracy leaned over to me in my chair and wiggled her ass for the man’s watching eyes. ‘I love this so much more when I have an audience!’ she confessed quietly in my ear. I reached up and playfully pinched her nipple. ‘Oh Rob, you’re going to make me even more daring!’Tracy turned and walked back by Ally and her customer. She stopped to admire the purple set that Ally was holding. She pretended to be interested in it. ‘Oh Ally, I like that!’The man looked at Tracy and asked, ‘Do you think it would make a nice gift for New Years?”Oh yeah! What does she look like?’Ally answered, ‘Actually she’s about your size Tracy. And your color too.’The man couldn’t take his eyes off Tracy’s hot body as he said, ‘I just don’t know how it will look on her though.’ His eyes darted back to Ally, then back at Tracy.’Would you like to see it on?’ Tracy offered.The man seemed surprised but jumped at the offer. ‘You would do that?’Tracy took the hanger from Ally and stepped back to the dressing room. ‘Sure! No problem!’Ally looked back over at me and we both rolled our eyes. Then the man looked at me and came over to say, ‘Your girl friend is very kind…and very pretty.’I grinned and replied, ‘I just met her last night.’Ally giggled.Tracy came back out. The outfit did look great on her. It was a deep purple, but totally shear and left nothing to the imagination. She approached the man and modeled it for him like a pro. She turned and twisted and allowed him to see it (and her) from every angle. Ally knew she had made the sale. Tracy took her time and asked how much he liked it. She was so close to coming on to him and I just let her have her fun.Finally he nodded and told Ally that he would take it and thanked Tracy for modeling it so well. She returned to the changing room again and came back out totally naked with the purple outfit on its hanger. ‘Here you go.’ She said as she handed it to Ally at the sales desk. ‘Glad I could help you.’ She smiled at the man. Then she winked at him and said, ‘I hope it works.’He was speechless. But as he walked by me on his way out of the store he leaned over and said, ‘That’s one helluva girl you’ve got there buddy! She’s a keeper.’I smiled and told him, ‘I’ll remember that.’Tracy came back out again with an armful of items. ‘I want it all!’ she said as she put the clothes on the counter. Then she turned to me and said, ‘Oh my god I am so wet! I just touched my clit in the dressing room and I came, just like that! Feel my jeans!’I put my hand between her legs and even through the denim I could feel the dampness. I held it there and rubbed her while she rocked herself on my hand and came some more. Then she bent over and kissed me saying, ‘Now we’ve both cum once today, so we’re even for the moment. I’m getting hungry. Can we go someplace romantic to eat?’I told her ‘yes’ as I got up and walked to the desk where Ally was wrapping Tracy’s new things. I paid the bill. Ally had once again given us a courtesy discount. And she put in a specially wrapped package that she asked me to give to Trish as a wedding gift. We thanked her and left the store.I drove to a quiet little bistro I knew of and we sat together in a curved booth. Tracy snuggled close to me and I put my arm around her. We had a delightful lunch and talked about the past year.’Rob, I just can’t tell you how happy I am for you and mom. I’ve never seen her happier in her life. Teri thinks you’re the greatest, and me, well if you we’re getting married to my mom, I’d want to marry you myself. And I’m not even ready to get married!’I fought back the tear in my eye from Tracy’s sincere and flattering comment and told her, ‘This has been a dream year for me to Trace. I never could have imagined meeting Trish and falling in love like this. And to have you and Teri in my life has been the most incredible lesson in parenting that could ever happen. I love you every bit as much as I love your mother. And I promise that I will love you and support you for as long as we live. Someday you’ll fall in love and your life will take a new direction. But we will always have what we have today. I think I’m probably the luckiest man in the world.’Tracy and I arrived home too late for supper, but Trish was understanding and not upset. Teri couldn’t wait to look at the DVDs that Tracy had picked out for us for Friday night. When she saw the titles she was sure that she would get to see what she was looking for.’Amy is coming over in the afternoon to help us fix dinner.’ Teri told me. ‘Melinda will be here at noon to get everything set and then she wants to leave by four o’clock if that’s OK.”I managed to clear my schedule for the day on Friday.’ Trish said. ‘Did you and Tracy have a good time today?”Oh God Mom, we had so much fun. I met your friend Ally. She has a really cool store!”Did you buy some new things?”Oh yeah! Wait till you see.”Honey, I think Tracy is growing up to be just like you in so many ways.’ I told Trish. ‘She seems to catch the eyes of most men, and she certainly enjoys the attention, if you know what I mean.’Trish looked over at Tracy with a wink. ‘You weren’t doing too much teasing today were you?’Tracy blushed. ‘Oh Mom, you know I wouldn’t do anything that you wouldn’t do!”That’s what I’m afraid of.’ Trish smiled.I grinned at Tracy and then at Trish. It really had been a fun day.New Year’s Eve arrived quickly. Melinda came by late in the morning to prepare our evening meal and leave it for us to finish. She was excited to see the progress on the new house that would soon be home for her and her sister Lucinda. Teri was helping her in the kitchen when Dawn stopped by to drop off Amy. Dawn looked radiant when I answered the door. She had just come from her morning appointment at the spa where she had been pampered and made up for the evening. I complimented her on her beauty and she blushed. She told me that she and Tom were invited to a formal affair that was being hosted by his employer. Then she confided that she really wished she could just stay at home with us instead. I told her she should go and have lots of fun and that we’d have time to relax at home some other time. ‘In fact,’ I said, ‘why don’t you guys come over tomorrow after you’ve recovered from tonight and we can watch football and hang out? I’m sure Amy won’t be in a hurry to go home. And if tonight is too strenuous for you, I’ll give you a massage tomorrow afternoon.’Dawn’s eyes lit up. ‘Now that sounds like a plan!’ she said. ‘I’ve been longing for one of your special massages. I’d have you do me right now if I wasn’t all made up for tonight. But tomorrow you can mess up my make up as much as you want!’I thought about getting my hands on Dawn’s body and into her butt again, and immediately filed the fantasy in my head for later. Teri and Amy were already back in Teri’s room when Dawn called ‘good-bye’ to Amy. I kissed her softly so as not to smear her lipstick, but she forced her tongue into my mouth and we enjoyed tasting each other before I patted her ass and sent her off. I watched her strut down the walkway to her car and then closed the door and went back inside.Melinda was just finishing up with the dinner preparation. Trish was helping her put the food in the refrigerator. Teri and Amy appeared in the kitchen on their way out to the hot tub. They were both naked and carrying towels. ‘We’re going to sit in the spa.’ Teri announced. ‘Anyone want to join us?”Yes, I think I will.’ Trish said. ‘I feel like relaxing for a while. I might even want to take a little nap afterwards.’She kissed me and asked ‘Do you want to join us too?”I might.’ I said, ‘Let me make sure that Melinda is all finished up here and maybe I’ll come out there.’Trish turned to Melinda and kissed her. ‘Melinda, thank you so much for your help today. Have a happy and safe New Year. We’ll see you next week.”Thank you Ms Trish. You are so good to me. This year is going to be so wonderful. My sister will be moving up next week, and when we come to live and work here in our new house it will be a dream come true for us. My family in Mexico are so pleased. I love you all!’Trish headed off to our bedroom to undress. I turned to Melinda and said, ‘We are just as excited to have you and Lucinda moving here.’ I hugged her and patted her ass. She responded with a passionate kiss on my lips. Our bodies pressed together and I felt her pushing her pelvis into mine. My cock began to grow. Melinda gave it an assist by reaching down and squeezing it through my pants.’Mmm, Mr. Rob, I think I have one more job to do before I leave you today…’My hands were all over her ass. I caressed her lower back and then moved around to cup her breasts. I was kneading them as we continued our kiss. I heard the bedroom door close as Trish went outside to join Teri and Amy. Melinda broke the kiss and slowly moved her face down my body. Her hands were busy undoing my pants. By the time her mouth reached my fly she had removed my cock and she hungrily engulfed it. I put my hand out to steady myself on the countertop while Melinda’s tongue eagerly licked the underside of my dick. My ecstatic state was bursa escort bayan interrupted by Teri’s voice.’Hey Rob! Don’t let her suck all of your cum. I want some of that later.’Melinda looked up to see Tracy smiling down at her. But she continued to suck me. I reached out for Tracy and hugged her to my side. She cuddled close and turned her face to kiss me. It was a deep, wet, open mouthed kiss. She tasted fresh and hot. I thought about how amazing it was to be kissing my fiancé’s daughter this way. Melinda was stroking my balls as she sucked my cock all the way down her throat. I couldn’t last much longer. My hand wandered up Tracy’s ribs until I cupped her left breast. She moaned a sigh of approval and I tweaked her nipple between my fingers as I felt myself beginning to cum. Now it was my turn to moan. Melinda knew what was coming and she pumped my dick with her fist and pointed it into her open mouth. The first spurt shot into her mouth and then she clamped her lips down and sucked the next few shots. Tracy was sucking on my tongue at the same time and I hoped that the moment would last forever. Unfortunately, my orgasm had a limit, and Melinda took it as long as it would go, but soon I felt my knees weakening and I shifted my weight onto my arm on the counter to keep from collapsing. Tracy leaned into me more and relaxed the pressure on my mouth. We broke our kiss and looked down to see Melinda smiling up at us as she wiped a stray drop of my cum from her lips.’Oh Mr. Rob, you taste so good. You will give me more of that when we live here, yes?”Melinda, the only thing that worries me is whether I’ll have enough left for you after I take care of Trish and Tracy and Teri everyday. And of course we don’t want to forget about Lucinda. I hope you understand that I’m only one man!’In my mind I wondered how I could be so lucky. This has surely been the best year of my life. But the prospect for the future is even better. Tracy grinned at me. ‘Are you saying we need to bring in reinforcements?”Not yet.’ I chuckled. ‘I’ll do my best. I promise.’We all laughed. Melinda stood up. We shared a three way kiss.’Mr. Rob, Miss Tracy, you have a happy time tonight. I hope you like the dinner I make for you. I be back next week. I love you.”We love you too.’ Tracy said. ‘Hurry back soon.’ Melinda gathered her things and waved goodbye as she walked out the door.’Where’s Mom?’ Tracy asked, realizing that we were now alone.I turned my head pointing outside. ‘She’s out in the spa with Teri and Amy. Should we go out and join them?’ ‘Sure, but maybe you should pull your pants up first.’ Tracy giggled.I laughed and gave her another hug. ‘Oops, I almost forgot.’We turned and walked out into the afternoon sunshine. I was stripping off my pants as we approached the spa and my cock was still in a semi hard state when Tracy and I stepped down into the hot tub to join Trish, Teri and Amy.Trish smiled up at me when she saw my dick. ‘Did Melinda wish you a happy new year?’Tracy giggled. ‘She sure did Mom. And she said she hopes she gets to wish him happy days like that next year too when she and Lucinda move here.’I rolled my eyes knowing that I had been caught and that there were no secrets around here anyway.’But you know Mom,’ Tracy continued, ‘Rob told her he didn’t know if he’d be able to since he has to take care of you…and me…and Teri… And so I’ve been wondering… How many orgasms can you have in one day?’Trish looked at her. ‘Me? Gosh I don’t really know. I know I can have several in an hour, but I’m not sure how many of those hours I can fit into one day.’ She smiled and laughed at the thought.Tracy turned to me. ‘Rob, how many times can you cum in one day?”Well,’ I said, ‘I can usually rebound within a half hour or so, but I’m sure I have a limit!”I can cum over and over all day long!’ Teri chimed in. ‘But my hand gets tired so it’s nice to have a cum buddy to do it with.’ She turned and kissed Amy on her cheek. The message was clear. Amy blushed.’So Rob, do you think that we are more than you can handle?’ Tracy asked me. ‘I mean, we all enjoy having sex together, but do we wear you out?’I glanced at Trish knowing that she was anxious to hear my answer.’Tracy, I’ve got to tell you that my sex life with you and your mom and Teri, is the most satisfying and exciting thing that has ever happened to me. We have a special family thing that most other people could never even imagine. And no, you haven’t worn me out yet. You girls are so beautiful and exciting that I’m always able to find the stimulation I need for my sexual performance. But, I probably do have my limits. You just haven’t taken me that far yet.’I realized what I had said, and instantly wished I could have taken that last sentence back. But it was too late.’I have an idea!’ Tracy exclaimed. ‘We’re all planning on enjoying a night of porno movies and you know we’re going to be having sex and making each other cum a lot. So why don’t we keep track of how many times we each have an orgasm?’ She grinned at me and added, ‘Rob, we’ll even give you credit for the one you had in the kitchen already.’Trish burst out a quick laugh. I looked at her and grinned. Teri was already nodding her approval of the idea. Amy had been quiet all this time, but her smile let us know that she was OK with it. Trish giggled as she noted, ‘I can always count on my girls to come up with a way to make loving even more fun! So let’s see if each one of us can make everyone else cum at least one time tonight. That’s a pretty good goal to start with, don’t you think?’Tracy grinned at me as she announced, ‘I know I can always make Rob cum. I bet I can even do it after he’s done it with all of you first. So I’ll save you for last Rob.’ She batted her eyes in a flirtatious way that made me know she would keep her promise.’Well all this talk has got me excited already!’ Trish exclaimed. ‘I want to feel a tongue on my pussy and I bet I’ll explode in a minute.’I took the hint and snuggled up beside her. I told her to sit up on the edge of the tub so I could get between her legs and do the deed.Teri was pulling Amy up at the same time. ‘I bet I can make Amy cum even faster!’ she cried. ‘I know just where to touch her. Watch this.’She settled in between Amy’s legs and dove into her hot young pussy. I assumed the same position with Trish, but kept Amy and Teri in the corner of my view. Trish pulled my face tightly to her warm folds. I teased her by tugging on her clit ring with my teeth. She moaned and rubbed my head.Teri was busy lapping at Amy’s tight little snatch and she pushed her finger up inside of her. Immediately Amy started sighing and her breathing was hot and heavy. Trish was moaning away as I kept up my pace with my tongue and added little nips with my teeth. But Amy was crying out and holding Teri tightly to her crotch.’Oh yes! Oh God yes Teri! Mmm, that’s the spot. Oh yeah!’I could tell she was cumming and I felt Trish pull me even closer as her orgasm commenced. She let loose a flow of sweet nectar and it filled my mouth. I drank it down and waited for more. A second wave was even juicier and I kept up my slurping and swallowing.’Oh yeah Rob! Mmm, oh yes. God I love your tongue!’When she finally let me loose I could see Amy off to my left. She had collapsed back onto her elbows and her eyes were glazed over. Teri was standing up and snuggling into her belly. Tracy moved over and began to stroke her younger sister’s ass. Teri responded by rotating her hips and pushing her butt back into Tracy’s hands. Tracy understood the signal and moved her fingers into the crack of Teri’s ass and on down to the puffy vaginal lips below. Trish had released me now and I turned around so that we both could watch. She pulled the back of my head so I was resting against her mound. Her fingers gently tugged on my ears.Amy was Pulling Teri further up out of the water and Teri was nibbling on Amy’s puffy young nipples now. Her position allowed Tracy to put her face into her sister’s ass now and Tracy eagerly did so. She used her tongue to do what her fingers had been doing moments before. I could tell that she was pressing the tip right into Teri’s anus and then licking all the way down to her clit. Her nose would push into Teri’s pussy and then back up into her asshole as she worked her way back and forth. Teri was enjoying her sister’s attention and Tracy was really getting into it. Trish swung her leg over my head and released me from her grasp. Then she slipped down into the water and floated over to where she could fondle Tracy from the rear. I watched as she softly pinched Tracy nipples and then slid her hand down across her belly and beyond. Tracy responded by spreading her legs apart and allowing her mother’s hand to open the flower that was waiting there. Teri was sighing with a pleasure that told us she was getting close. Tracy put her finger into her sister’s waiting pussy and searched for her g-spot. She continued to probe Teri’s anus with the tip of her tongue and in moments she had Teri crying out in orgasmic delight.Trish decided to use the same technique of Tracy. We’ve all learned that we tend to do to our partners that which we enjoy most ourselves, and Tracy is a dead giveaway in that department. So as Teri was cumming in older sister’s face, their mom was applying the same treatment to Tracy. Her fingers found Tracy’s hot spot in seconds and she drove her tongue tip sharply into Tracy’s tight anal opening. Tracy’s cries of pleasure were muffled into Teri’s ass cheeks, but the effect Trish was having her was loud and clear. We had all managed to achieve our first round of orgasms in just a matter of minutes without even leaving the hot tub! That is, everyone but me. But I had a head start so in effect we were all even now.Tracy gently pulled Teri back down into the water, and Teri helped Amy slip back down too. We all pulled together in the center of the spa and shared a warm wet group kiss. Trish and I were deeply and passionately probing each other’s mouths. When I turned to Tracy and then Teri, the kisses were softer and gentler, but with lots of tongue licking. Then to my surprise and delight I shared a kiss with Amy that was every bit as hungry as the one with Trish. I wondered about her style as we kissed. Who had taught her to kiss like that? Was it Dawn or Tom? Teri perhaps? Was she trying to tell me something with the level of passion? Did she want me next? What else could I expect from the daughter of some of our best friends? I knew that I had plenty to look forward to tonight.Amid the smiles and sighs of pleasure we agreed that it was time to get out of the water. I stepped out first and then assisted each of the girls as they walked up the steps. I handed them each a towel and received another kiss in return. We gathered our few remaining things and walked back inside the house together. ‘Mmm, I feel nice and warm from the spa, but I think I want some hot cocoa now.’ Trish said. ‘Anyone else want some too?’We all chimed in our desire for the same. ‘I’m going to rinse off in the shower though first.’ Said Tracy.’Me too.’ Added Teri. ‘Can we use your shower Mom?’ It’s so nice and big. We can all get in together.”Sure honey. Why don’t you all go in there while I get things started here in the kitchen? I’ll join you in a few minutes.’Teri and Tracy stepped quickly into the bedroom. Amy was standing quietly next to me. I took her hand and we followed the other two girls. As we walked behind them she stepped close to me and I felt our legs and hips touching.’Rob, I just want to thank you again for inviting me to stay with you tonight. I really love being here with you and Trish and of course Tracy and Teri. You make me feel so at home. Thanks again.’I looked into her eyes and saw a little spark of sincerity that touched me inside. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me.’Amy you are always welcome here. You should consider yourself a part of our family and our home is always open to you.’I felt her closeness as I shared my thoughts and she pursed her lips for another kiss. I responded and again we enjoyed a full passionate, probing kiss. We hugged each other and I allowed my hand to caress her back and on down to her firm young ass. Her hands did the same and we pulled each other closer as I enjoyed the feeling of her nubile young body pressing into mine. I felt my cock growing firm between her legs. This was a new feeling for me with Amy. Until now, I had enjoyed her company, but more so as Teri’s friend and Tom and Dawn’s daughter. At this moment she was becoming a potential lover and sex partner. And I liked the idea.’Hey! Are you guys coming?’ I heard Teri calling from the bathroom.Amy and I broke our kiss and smiled warmly into each other’s eyes. There was an understanding. We would soon be enjoying each other, intimately. I took her hand and we entered the bathroom. Tracy and Teri were already in the shower and soaping each other up. Amy and I stepped in together. Teri grabbed my semi erect cock and worked up a soapy lather as she stroked it to a firm state. Tracy took Amy and began to wash her. We were all covered in soap suds when Trish appeared at the entrance and stepped in to join us. Our shower is built for two people to enjoy comfortably, but with five of us, we were testing the limit. We all rinsed each other off and turned off the water. Another set of fresh towels allowed us to dry off again, this time, clean and chlorine free. We discarded our towels in the hamper and we all walked into the kitchen, still undressed, and eager to enjoy a round of hot cocoa.We gathered in the kitchen, still undressed, and Trish served the hot cocoa. We sat around the glass table and discussed our plan for the evening. I always enjoy being able to look through the tabletop at the naked hips and legs and pussies seated around me. It’s a voyeur thing I guess. I suppose maybe the girls like watching how my cock reacts too.’We bought five DVDs.’ Tracy explained. ‘So we have about ten hours worth of video to watch if we want to see them all.”I think you may find that after a while they become somewhat repetitive.’ I told her. ‘But it’s more a matter of how much stimulation the videos will provide and how much we tend to become distracted ourselves. I’m assuming that Trish and I are the only ones who have really seen X-rated videos before. Is that right?’Teri and Amy nodded their affirmation of my assumption.Tracy said, ‘I guess I’ve never seen a whole one before, but I saw a short one with you in that booth Rob.’Trish looked over at me with a bit of shock. ‘You took her into a video booth? What else do you need to tell me about your shopping trip?’ Then she turned to Tracy, ‘I hope you both behaved yourselves in there!’The wink she gave to us both told us that she was OK with it all, but just surprised that we hadn’t mentioned it before. I decided that we would keep the glory hole incident a secret, at least for the time being.’I think we should go in the media room and put on the first movie and see how we like it.’ Teri spoke up. ‘I might want to watch it all, or I might want to turn it off and just trade kisses with everybody. But I won’t know until we watch.’Tracy giggled. escort bursa ‘I think that’s a good idea. Can I pick out the first one?”Tracy, why don’t we make you our official VJ for the night?’ Trish said.Teri took Amy’s hand and they pushed their chairs back from the table. Tracy got up and went to check the DVDs. Trish and I stood up and she kissed me as we pushed the chairs back into their places and moved into the next room to join the others.Teri had gathered several large pillows on the floor on the bear skin rug. Trish and I sat down on the long leather sofa. Tracy was curled up in my oversized leather lounge chair with the remote control in her hand. She pushed the play button and then skipped through the ads and promos to get right to the feature. The Passion of Chris was the first selection. I was slightly uncomfortable with the play on what I consider to be a fine and somewhat sacred film, but I dismissed my urge to comment.Within moments of the film beginning, we were watching three naked women pleasing each other and they formed a daisy chain on the floor.’Gee Mom, we could do that right here!’ Teri exclaimed. ‘Tracy, come down here. I think I owe you one. Can I lick your pussy like that?”Sure,’ Tracy said as she uncurled her legs, ‘but I want to do Mom.’I looked at Amy who was giving me her eye. ‘Amy, what is one of your favorite positions?’ I asked.She stood up and traded places with Trish as Trish got down on the floor with her daughters and they all lay down in the positions that the ladies on the video screen were enjoying. As she snuggled next to me she took my cock in her hand and stroked it gently. Her touch was enough to bring me to the next level of hardness, but what she told me next made me stiff.’I really like it when my dad lets me sit on his lap.’ She pushed my legs so that I was straightening them out and then she climbed over me and squatted down while facing away from me. She was still holding my penis and as she sat back down she rubbed it along her hot wet vaginal lips. I wondered if I could keep her there without allowing myself to slip inside her young, virginal, (I assumed) pussy. She continued to stroke my dick as she told me, ‘I can take his whole thing inside me now!’I almost choked when I heard her say that. Her father has the biggest male organ that I have ever seen and Amy had just told me that she has had the entire thing inside of her. As she shared this news with me she raised herself up and pointed the head of my cock at her hole and sat back down on it. Just like that I was deep inside her tight young cunt. It felt warm and smooth and I marveled at the way she moved her hips and ass to take me all the way in. I held her ass as she began to fuck me.I had a slight fear and sense of guilt over what was happening. I looked down at Trish on the floor. I could only see the back of her head nestled between Teri’s legs, and her body pointed back at me, at least until where her legs parted and Tracy’s face was buried between her ass cheeks, eagerly lapping at her mom’s hot hole. Tracy’s body was twisted and Teri was laying face down with her mouth on her sister’s clean shaven twat. She was in a position to look straight up into my eyes while she continued to eat her sister. Her eyes widened when she realized that Amy had me buried inside her to the hilt.The sounds from the floor were very much like the sounds that were playing on the video screen, and so was the scene. There were two loops of females connected at their mouths and crotches, and from my angle the girls on the floor were almost connected to the girls on the monitor and they looked like a figure eight.’Ooh yeah Rob! You feel so good in there.’ Amy’s hips were gyrating in my hands. She leaned back and put her face next to mine. ‘I love to have my nipples pinched too.’I took the hint and slid my hands up along her ribs and held her soft young breasts. I rolled her tiny nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. Instantly they grew larger and harder. ‘Umm yeah! Oh God that feels good.’ She moaned as I held her close to me. She turned her head and our lips touched. I opened my mouth and she did the same. Our tongues were snaking their way into each other I could feel my balls tightening. I let go of Amy’s right breast and slid my hand down to her pussy. With her legs spread wide open over mine it was easy to find her hot little clit and put my finger on it. Actually it wasn’t so little and I knew I had it by her instant response. As I pressed it she cried out. We heard similar cries coming from the floor as Trish, Tracy and Teri all approached their climaxes. ‘Oh God Rob! Yes!’ Amy cried out as she bucked her hips and thrust herself downward and on to my shaft which was about to boil over. I felt her hand on top of mine pressing my finger even harder onto her clit. Then I felt a wave of warmth on my dick as she began to climax herself. Her inner walls were throbbing and drawing my seed. I couldn’t hold back any longer. With a solid upward thrust, I let go and erupted, shooting gobs of cum high up into Amy’s belly. She rocked her hips back and forth on my lap as we kept on cumming together. The feeling of being inside this hot young nymph was incredible. Her teasing earlier on in the day had excited me, but I had no idea it would lead to this! For all of the sexual activity that I’ve shared with Tracy and Teri and their friends this past year, this was the first time that I had actually experienced full penetration and orgasm inside one of them. Again I felt a sense of guilt for a moment but it quickly vanished when I remembered that I was not the first man to enter this babe. It was indeed her own father who had taken her cherry, and I wondered how long she had been enjoying his monster sized cock, and how often they were doing it.As Trish and her daughters untangled themselves on the floor we all looked at each other. They all realized that my cock was buried inside of Amy and Trish was the first to get up on her knees for a closer look. As she confirmed it at point blank range, I felt her tongue on my balls and then Amy moaned as Trish licked all the way up to her hot love button. She shifted her hips again and my spent dick slipped out. Trish quickly took me in her mouth and licked me clean. Then she gently pushed Amy back against me and raised her legs up so that she could lap up my cum as it oozed from Amy’s cunt.Amy put her feet up on my knees as Trish forced her tongue deep inside her, sucking and swallowing my seed. Teri and Tracy had gotten up now and they were watching their mom do a fantastic clean up job. Teri leaned close to Amy and asked, ‘Did he really fuck you?’Amy nodded and Teri gave her friend a deep wet kiss.’Oh Rob!’ Tracy exclaimed as she opened her mouth to mine, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she would get the same chance with me. We have promised each other that our honeymoon cruise will be the right time and we both are eagerly anticipating the event. We shared a deep passionate kiss and I marveled at how much I was stimulated by the touch of her hand on my cheek.Amy was sighing and Trish was driving her towards a second climax. I resumed my pinching on her nipples while Tracy kept my mouth occupied. Amy bucked her hips and thrust herself into Trish’s face. ‘C’mon honey! Cum on mama Trish!’ Trish begged Amy as she lost control again. I held onto her nipples as she thrashed around on me. Teri was kissing her all over her face now. As Amy finally slowed down we all grinned and laughed at how much fun we were having. Tracy turned to look at the tv screen and realized that the video was over.”Oh my god!’ she exclaimed, ‘That sure was hot! Did we miss something important in the movie?”I guess I got distracted.’ Teri admitted. ‘Is that what you meant Rob, when you said we might not see everything on the screen?”Umm…Amy got in my way.’ I tried to make an excuse.’Oh and you tried so hard to push her away, didn’t you?’ Trish teased me.’I’m afraid she just got stuck.’Amy grinned. ‘I was seriously impaled on Rob’s big pole here. What could I do?”Well it looks like it got slippery at some point.’ Trish continued to tease us, but it was clear she had no problem with the fact that I had just fucked her youngest daughter’s best friend.’I’m hungry.’ Teri changed the subject. ‘Can we have dinner before we watch the next movie?’Slowly, we all got up and made our way to the kitchen. Melinda had left everything ready for us, and it was clear that she had been thoughtful about what she prepared. We could eat almost everything with our fingers. We began with lettuce wraps stuffed with minced squab. The entrée consisted of shrimp and chicken, all on skewers and seasoned so all we had to do was heat it. And there was fresh asparagus, cooked and then chilled with spices. It was a delightful meal and we all felt somewhat decadent while eating with our fingers in the nude. There were ice cream sandwiches and creamsicles in the freezer, but we decided to wait until later to eat desert. We washed our hands and went back into the media room. Tracy inserted the next DVD and then sat down next to me on the sofa. Trish got down on the floor with Teri and Amy.The video title was Sexual Olympics. The story line was lame but the actors were fit and limber and it became clear that the theme involved sexual athletics. The early sex scenes were set in a health club where the men and women were using the gym equipment in some very creative ways and the positions were both novel and exciting from a visual standpoint. Since Teri and Tracy and Amy are all cheerleaders, it appeared that they were relating to the possibilities of performing the acts of balance and agility that we were watching on the screen.Tracy was lightly fondling my cock and I had my arm around her shoulder with my hand hanging down so I was just able to touch her nipple with my fingers. On the floor in front of us Trish had Amy and Teri lying side by side with their legs d****d across each other in such a way that their pussies were close together and Trish was alternately licking the two of them.Tracy began to shift herself around and she bent over to take my dick in her mouth. It felt warm and she sucked it in deeply. Then she continued to shift herself so that she was standing momentarily on the sofa beside me and then she went into an upside down position so that her head was down in my lap while her knees were on my shoulders and I was staring down between her legs. I steadied her and pulled her hips upward so that I could reach her pussy with my mouth. She too, pushed herself upward so that my tongue was firmly pressing into her clit while my nose and face were lodged in the crack of her ass. The pungent aroma was intoxicating and I allowed my tongue to slide along the length of her labia and all the way to her butt hole. The humming sound that she made on my cock told me that I was going where she wanted me to go. I wrapped my arms around her hips and ass and held her tightly to me while she laid against my body in her inverted position.There was a strong smell of sex between her legs. The activity that we had all been sharing today was the obvious reason, but I was very aware of how much I liked the smell, and the taste. I allowed my tongue to focus more on her ass hole and as it got wetter it seemed to open wider too. I moved my right hand around and pressed two fingers into her pussy and pushed my thumb onto her clit. Although my hand was up against my chin I was still able to let my tongue give her ass hole a workout. And I could tell she was loving it. And so was I.I was especially enjoying Tracy’s warm mouth as she took me all the way inside. I could feel the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat. Her tongue was lapping the top side of my penis and it felt so weird. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer so I pulled my fingers out of Tracy’s pussy and pushed one into her ass. I licked down to her clit and teased it with my tongue and then bit it gently. Her hips bucked at my aggressive touch, but then she pushed herself upwards and my finger sunk all the way into her butt. ‘Ooh yeah!’ I heard her muffled voice. I could tell that we were both going to cum. As I shot the first strings of my cum up into her gullet, I felt a warm rush in her anus. I wiggled my finger inside of her as we both enjoyed the waves of orgasmic delight that washed over us.I felt her slipping from my grasp and she slid down my chest a few inches. Her teeth sc****d my scrotum and there was an exquisite pain that was offset by the few remaining spurts of cum that Tracy was still sucking out of me. I carefully withdrew my finger from her ass and put my right arm back around her, pulling her up slightly to relieve the pressure on my balls.As Tracy’s legs fell away from my ears I became aware of the sounds of the girls on the floor as Trish brought them both off. I also realized how much I liked having my face buried in Tracy’s ass. I knew that I couldn’t hold her there all night, and I wondered how she felt after having been upside down for the past twenty minutes or so. But I really didn’t want to take my face away. I didn’t want to let her go. And I wondered how soon I could find my way back into her hot young ass again.Slowly I lowered Tracy back down onto the sofa. She released my cock from her jaws as she tumbled out of my arms and onto her back on the seat of the couch. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. She reached up and pulled my face down to her mouth and we continued to kiss each other. I could taste my cum in her mouth and I wondered if she enjoyed the lingering taste of her ass in mine. I guess she must have because our kiss went on for at least another three or four minutes before we finally turned our heads to see how everyone else was doing.Trish had shimmied her way up Teri and Amy’s bodies and they were sharing a three-way kiss. Tracy moved around until she was once again seated next to me. She picked up the remote control and paused the video. Then she switched back to the network mode and there was the image of the ball dropping in Times Square. It was ten o’clock, and there being a two hour difference in the time zones, we were watching the live feed from New York City. Seeing all of the people kissing on television it just seemed right for all of us to do the same. For the next few minutes we all just traded kisses and well wishes and spent a lot of time touching each other. Finally Trish spoke up with a suggestion.’Who wants to do something naughty and fun?’We all smirked and waited for her idea. (As if we hadn’t been doing anything naughty and fun already!)’Why don’t we all get some ice cream and go to our room where we can lay in bed and watch another movie and fall asleep?’We all exchanged glances and it became clear that Trish had an idea that we liked. I, for one, was very tired and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last. I had a feeling that the girls all felt that way too.We straightened up the media room and went to the freezer where we all selected our favorite ice cream dessert and then it was off to bed. Tracy inserted another DVD and we all settled onto our bed. It was a little crowded but we all found space and it was nice to be in close contact with each other. We shared licks of our ice cream with each other. We kissed and stroked each other. And within a few more minutes, I was nodding off to sleep.

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