Angel’s Story Ch. 03


Now, that you have heard so much about my sister and I, it would be ideal if I mentioned my sister’s name to you. She is called Sapna. In Hindi (the language I speak in), it means, a DREAM. And trust me, she is a dream.

Now that papa had seen Sapna and me make out, he became very horny. Not that we minded. Look at it this way, we sisters gave him a great show. And for someone who had very little sex for a year, he was bound to be horny. And when you see your own daughters making out on a king-size bed, most males would go ape shit. Anyone who says, he won’t, is lying.

Anyway, back to dad. Now the thing is, he became more and more horny. Sometimes, we’d see him hovering around our bathroom. Sapna swears she saw him once going into the bathroom with our undies. And when she found them later, it was caked with come.

The only thing is, he watched me. But he was a little more bold with Sapna. And knowing how horny my sister was too, I think she secretly encouraged him. For instance, she started wearing these short tennis skirts. And then she would sit in the kitchen with her legs splayed. I could see her black underwear from a mile off.

Sometimes, I would go close to her, and caress her over her undies when I knew daddy was watching. He would watch and go away. Then when he came back, he would stand close to her and touch her bottom with his crotch. Just like dirty old men do. But my Sapna was swell. She liked this debauchery like me and would push her bottom against him.

Once we went to watch a film together. I think it was Patch Adams. Nothing sexy about it. And it was just the kind of film that parents took their daughters.

We were sitting on the last row, and Daddy was sitting between the two of us. Halfway into the film, I saw his hand resting on the shoulder of my sister’s chair. From then onwards, I began to watch them and not the film.

Slowly his hand slipped down over Sapna’s shoulder. He began to massage her gently but firmly. She started squirming, but evidently she was enjoying it. Her hand rested on his thigh. His hands slowly slipped inside her T shirt. While her hands gently squeezed his crotch.

Inside, he began to massage her breasts. Slowly, round and round he went with his hands. She snuggled in closer to him. He then took one of her nipples and lightly pinched it. She gave a slight shriek. Luckily it was drowned by the voice of Robin Williams.

Meanwhile her hands could feel the heat of his loins. So, she lightly unzipped him, and shoved one hand inside his trousers. I thought she was quite bold. Because you have to understand, that in India, had she been caught, it would have been the end of her. And him.

Sometimes, I wished I could be there in Sapna’s place. I really wished so. But I didn’t want to spoil it for my sister. Also, it would be better for my ego if dad came to me of his own accord. I didn’t want to be the catalyst.

Dad’s hands wee in seventh heaven. He went on squeezing her breasts. Sometime later, his hands unhooked her bra, and took them off. He handed it to me, and winked at me… we were like co-conspirators.

Now my sister’s breasts seemed larger than ever before. Like me, her breasts would go all swollen when she was excited. Her hands too were very busy.

Suddenly she seemed to drop a handkerchief on the floor. bursa otele gelen eskort And then she took a long time to pick it up. I later realised that when she had bent down to pick it up, she gave his swollen penis one almighty lick.

Her hands went busy again. And soon, I could hear my dad grunting, and I knew he was about to come. To give him due credit, he was marvelously calm. But as Sapna’s hands came away from his crotch, they were glistening. The took her hand and licked it clean.

I was amazed she would do so much in a crowded cinema hall with such expertise.

That evening, at home, the fireworks didn’t take too long in coming. Sapna was standing on the kitchen counter making coffee. He stood close behind and rubbed his pecker on her back. Like I said, I am sure Sapna didn’t mind because she started smiling. So she kept standing as if nothing had happened and thrust her ass back at him a bit.

Anyway, it began to get a little uncomfortable for her trying to make coffee and feel his penis on her backside. So in a fit of boldness, she stopped making coffee, and dropped the spoon on the floor.

“Oops, can you pick it up for me papa?”

Papa was taken aback. But he quickly recovered lost ground and bent down to pick it up. At that instant Sapna leant forward a little so papa could have a clear view of her ass, since that was what he wanted anyway. She was wearing a short skirt (as usual) that day, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him. As he looked up, he got a clear view of her ass. Almost involuntarily, his hands slid up her thigh and felt the brown crack between her ass cheeks.

“Mmm, darling! Why are you doing this to me?”

“But isn’t that what you want? I saw you looking at us the other day.”, She replied.

“But baby, I am your dad.”

“So? I love you. And you love me. Isn’t that what matters finally?”, she shot back.

He moaned and pulled down his shorts. His penis had already made a big tent in the front. Sapna took hold of his penis and pulled it inside her soft wet mouth. He groaned even more now.

His lovely daughter cupped his balls and began to lick the entire length of his penis. Slowly as he reached the peak, she would squeeze his balls gently and he would come down to earth. Then she would take him back to heaven by sucking on his penis shamelessly.

Then she did something almost unthinkable. She took a bottle of chilled Moet and Chandon and McDonald’s Hot chocolate fudge from the freezer. First she opened the bottle of wine and popped it all over daddy’s stomach. Then in small circles, my sister slowly licked it off him while her breasts rubbed against his hairy stomach.

Then my sister smeared her dad’s penis with dark chocolate.

Sapna deliberately made this process long and slow. She wanted him in agony, I could see that. And she liked the power she had over him. Then she repeated the process till his shaft was dripping with ice cream, champagne and pre-cum. When he was almost on the verge, Sapna plunged his knob into the tub full of ice cream and made him make love to it till he begged for mercy. Then she sat on top of dad and slid her pussy on his shaft. Up and down she went as his back arched to meet her vagina. His balls slapped against Sapna’s back in a dull bursa eve gelen escort bayan tattoo while his hands kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples.

“Harder! Harder.”, he begged. She bent down and bit him hard leaving trails of teeth marks on his torso. Then she emptied the rest of champagne on her breasts, as he leaned forward to lick it off. Then when he couldn’t bear it anymore, he let himself go, and emptied his come inside my darling sister.

He came in gallons. When the come started dribbling outside her, she leapt off him, and took him in his mouth. He shot the rest of the load inside my sister’s mouth. She took all of it calmly, and then walked to where I was standing. Slowly, we French kissed as she passed on dear daddy’s come to me. It was sour-salty and the first time I tasted daddy’s come.

When I first tasted Daddy’s cum, it felt nice. And from that day, I knew I would be a cum drinker for life. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But from that day onwards, I have never wasted a drop of my daddy’s precious cum.

As you all will realise lots of things happened then between dad, Sapna and I. I am 22 now. And we began our relationship when I was just over 18 and Sapna was 22. So all that I narrate has happened in these four years. I am just telling you the salient features of our relationship.

By this time, we were comfortable enough in each other’s naked presence. So, when were using the loo, we wouldn’t bother to lock the door. Or if Sapna was taking a bath, dad would go in and soap her back. Usually it ended in them having sex. Dad was quite circumspect with me though. Maybe it was because I wasn’t too forthcoming in responding to his advances.

But then one evening, dad really surprised me.

I was sitting on the pot, when he burst into the loo. To be honest, he did look embarrassed. He said, “Angel, I need to take a leak quickly.”

I answered back calmly, “So why don’t you use the other loo?”

“That one isn’t working. There’s something wrong with the flush there.” he answered impatiently.

“Well,” I answered archly, “you’ll have to adjust yourself in here then.” “Thanks”, he replied gratefully to my amazement. He pulled down his shorts, and came close to the pot. I was mesmerised by his erect penis. The fleshy purple helmet winked at me with its one eye.

“You just relax, and push yourself back a little.” he said.

I followed involuntarily. He then sat facing me. His penis waved wildly in the air.

I grinned coquettishly, “Are you just glad to see me or…?”

He grinned wickedly and said, “I think we’ll have to make some more adjustments here. His hand encircled my body, and clasped his arms around my taut back. His chest was touching my nipples. The nipples shivered into erection at the touch. His waist touched mine. It was electric. He then, nudged his penis inside my fleshy vagina.

I shivered with passion. The penis slid smoothly into me. And once he was completely inside me, he let his bladder loose. I couldn’t believe it. My depraved daddy was peeing inside his own daughter. He peed in a strong current as the pee gushed into my vagina. After a few seconds, his pee dribbled down the sides of my vagina.

“It must be the beer.” I thought. Soon, he stopped peeing. bayan eskort bursa I must be the first daughter in the world whose father peed inside her, I thought. I didn’t feel dirty at all. I felt good. It was like making love without making babies. Once daddy finished, I thought he would pull his penis out of me. He did. Then he took both hands and peeled my vagina apart.

“Mmmm, darling, your sweet cunny is just like a ripe fruit.”

“So wouldn’t you like to eat it? I countered.

“Not yet.” he said, and slipped his ring finger inside. His ring finger had a diamond ring that Sapna and I had gifted to him. The ring rubbed against the fleshy walls of my vagina. It felt like it had a thousand nerve endings.

Daddy twisted one finger in. and then he pushed in the second finger. Soon, he had three whole fingers twisting and turning inside me. It felt good.

His other hand found my erect nipples as he began to squeeze them slowly. Like I have already told you before, my nipples are the most sensitive part of my body. One touch, and I go into raptures. Daddy obviously realised this, and he showered extra attention on them. His fingers constantly pinched them. Rolled them between his fingers. And generally made merry.

His other hand was between my legs. And every time, his finger brushed past my clitoris, I had a mini orgasm. Then he bent down and took my nipples in his mouth. I was in seventh heaven. No one, absolutely no one had made love to my nipples like that. His tongue licked my breasts and then went back to my nipples.

My fingers raked his back since that was the only thing I could do. There was no space, but I don’t think we were bothered.

Dad knew his way well. He would sense whenever I came to an orgasm, and then back off. In fact, after about fifteen minutes, I was practically begging him to finish me off. He just grinned at me sadistically.

“It’s your turn to pee.” he whispered.

I grinned maniacally, and nodded. I let my bladder loose, and soon I was washing his penis with my pee. My yellow stream of urine washed against him with force.

He closed his eyes, and said, “Darling, this is one fantasy your ma would never play with me. Thanks.” Once I was through, we kissed.

“Now I think both of us need a shower.”, he said and pulled me underneath the shower stall. The icy jets of water hit both of us. He took some liquid soap and soaped my back. Daddy was standing so close that his penis kept touching my back. That made me really horny. I could feel it touching the small of my back and my ass cheeks.

That’s when I had an idea. I call it the breast bath. I turned around, and started rubbing his body with my breasts. The soap on his body made things very slippery. The catch was, he couldn’t use his hands. Which meant that I was rinsing his body with soap and my breasts. I first rubbed his torso like that. Then I slowly went down on my knees and rubbed his thigh. Then I parted his legs, and rubbed the area between his balls and anus. And finally I went down to his toes. He tried to pinch my nipples with his toes. He was groaning with pleasure now.

Soon, I realised he wouldn’t take it any more. So I wrapped my slim legs around him and shouted, “Go daddy go. “

And he went like how. His man cream came in torrents. He washed each and every part of my body with it. The wet sounds of his balls slapping against me created wonderful music. And I was ready to die and go to heaven.

He seemed to take forever to finish. And when he pulled out, parts of his cream dribbled down my thigh. We laughed like two school kids at each other. And dried each other out.

There would be more such sessions, I promised myself.

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