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Big Tits

The fiery coloured sun began to sink on the horizon, casting a soft orange glow through the corner shop. Albert took it all in as he studiously counted the inventory. It had actually been a fairly slow day so he had invented work and caught up on cleaning.The location of the shop, just off the A470 in the little town of Llandudno, had been a great investment for him. Deciding to retire in his forty-second year of life from the rat race in London was a decision he never questioned or second-guessed. The wisdom of buying a corner shop in a quiet little town at the end of the longest trunk road was mulled over often. He had enjoyed the peacefulness at first but then realized that it was a tourist town.Thus, most of his customers were a once-and-done, never to be a part of his life again. He stayed relatively busy because his petrol prices were the best in town by far and the word had gotten out; maybe in someone’s blog about vacation, or something like that. He was nearly taking a loss but the added business was worth it. 185.22 P a liter still made him a bit of money, comparatively though, the snacks were where his earnings came from.As he kept looking through the clouded front glass into the dying apricot sky, he noted a solitary motorcyclist had pulled in to fuel up. The man was slender, with a skin-tight black leather biking outfit. A lime green stripe chased its way up his thin arms and down the sides of his lithe body to bury themselves in his boots.Albert watched the man for more clues, but his helmet stayed on with the visor down. All he could add was that the man must have been a dancer, moving with a grace and dexterity not usually shared by others of his kind. Taking in his own reflection in the little mirror angled on the ceiling, he fixed his mildly disheveled brown and gray hair with a single pass through with his fingers. He had a build similar to the mystery man, still svelte though growing older. He had worried it would all go to hell the day he had turned fifty, yet nothing changed but the number associated with his age. He still felt and thought young.Motorcyclists were common here as this was the end of a scenic trunk road, some 299 km, the longest in the country. If you took the detours, it also took you through two national parks and thus was heavily traveled by many vacationers but particularly those on motorbikes.As the customer fueled the green tank of their vintage Kawasaki, they began to remove their helmet. Albert knew he was staring but couldn’t help himself; he had to know who this slender gent was with the extremely fine butt. His mouth fell slightly open as the black and green helmet slid up to reveal first some blond curls, then lovely ivory skin with hints of beige on the exposed neck. Suddenly, everything made more sense as the face of a breathtaking woman came into view. She glanced at him, her green eyes quickly measuring and then seemingly dismissing him as she turned to take in the rolling numbers on the petrol pump.His mistake now clear, Albert finally swallowed and took a deep gulp of air. For a moment, he had thought himself falling for a man and so finding instead that he had been near fantasizing about a tall woman eased his heart rate back just a bit. But only just a bit; this woman was incredible! In her riding boots, she was nearly six feet tall. A bit of math and Albert guessed she was about 5’ 10”, so slender bursa escort he hadn’t seen the woman for what she was.She turned and took him and the shop in once more. A little smile broke on her face, those full lips bringing an immediate response from him. His smile in return was genuine but maybe a bit too earnest and he looked down quickly, cheeks growing hot as he chided himself.It had been a long time since he had felt attraction this quickly, and maybe never that he had been attracted regardless of the sex. But he had to admit, he was smitten already. That smile had sealed the deal.Grabbing her wallet from a bag on the back of the bike, the woman turned and strode to and through the door, the little bell announcing this clearly.Albert’s eyes came back up and so did the color in his fair cheeks as he saw her smiling at him again. Her lips moved but he didn’t hear anything, lost in thought as he was about her long, slender legs.“Excuse me. Do you have a bathroom for customers?” she repeated.“Just to the back, below that round mirror,” he managed, gesturing toward the corner by the beer cooler.“Thank you, I’ll be back.” She giggled to herself then repeated, “I’ll be back,” sounding very much like the Terminator this time. Turning, she strode quickly; the leather glistening in the light, moving and twisting fluidly on her tight ass.Albert berated himself once more as he had watched her walk all the way to the end of the crisps before she turned left to go down the short hall to the bathroom. He certainly hoped he had remembered to flush the last time he was in there.Having busied himself with work, he didn’t hear her approach until she cleared her throat right before him. The guttural noise startled him, causing a little jump. He swallowed hard and gasped, and was soon trapped by those piercing green eyes. “Can you hear me?” The question came again, a quizzical look on her face.He managed a nod, but no words came out as he swallowed heavily again. She had unzipped her jacket and the thin t-shirt was doing little to hide her very hard nipples. They poked nearly through the diaphanous material. Her breasts may have been diminutive but her areolas were not, clearly a deep pink, and long nipples filled their center. He was staring at her chest, and perhaps drooling, he realized, yet to make eye contact the way he should. So with a sheepish grin, he raised his gaze to her delicately boned face once more. “I can h-h-hear you,” he finally stammered, “What was that again?”“Do you know a place in town with rooms? I think it best if I stay over until the morning. That road seems a bit dangerous to take at night.” Her gaze was earnest, with zero judgment of his recent staring contest, rather a playful grin had formed on her beautiful face.Albert was embarrassed to answer her question as there was no way to do it without sounding desperate and creepy. Putting his most genuine smile on he told her, “Pretty sure the rooms in town are all booked up, ” handing her a business card he continued, “but call this place, they may have a vacancy.” He knew the answer already, that they would have no vacancy as the festival was in town. But he couldn’t jump straight to the fact that he rented the room above his garage sometimes. Not after he had gawked at her chest.“They have no rooms,” she announced a moment after hanging up her phone, “any other ideas?” The bursa escort bayan question hung in the air, waiting, challenging him to answer it.Clearing his throat to steady his voice, he said, “I do rent a room above my detached garage. It’s available right now if you want. I have pictures on my phone I can show you.” He pulled his phone out to show her, noticing his hand was shaking to match his now racing heart.“Are the sheets clean?” she asked as she waved his phone down.“Indeed, plus you can park your bike in the garage.”“How much would you like?”“Since it would be empty otherwise, I will let you have it for twenty-five.”“Deal; do you know where I can catch dinner and a recommend for breakfast in the morning?”“If you would like, for an extra five, I can offer a small breakfast.”“You are making this too easy, yes. How shall I pay?”“Let’s just do cash and keep this off the books? Do you prefer tea or coffee with your breakfast?”“Tea, Earl Grey if you have it, just a splash of single cream is how I take it.”“I recommend the little pub about two streets up on the left for dinner. Tell Emma I’ve sent you and order the special. I guarantee you will like her cooking.”“Alright, heading there now, I’m starved! When would the room be ready?”“My night shift shows up in thirty minutes, then a swing by the store… I could be home and have it ready in about an hour.”“Sounds good. May I have your address? Maybe I could shower now and smell a bit nicer before dinner.”“First things first, I’m Albert and you are?” He extended his hand and left it and the question hanging.Grasping his thick hand in her small but tight grasp, she smiled coyly and said, “Oh, yeah! Hello Albert, I am Nikki.” Her eyes glanced down away from his gaze and she slid her hand out and off of his, color rising in her cheeks.Pretending not to notice her blushing or the re-hardening of her amazing nipples, he continued, “I don’t have keys to the room above the garage on me, but if you want, you may use the shower in my house.” After taking a picture of her license, they exchanged funds and he gave her his address and key, instructions about towels and sent her on her way, praying once more that he had flushed the toilet at his place.The next thirty minutes seemed an eternity to Albert, constantly checking his watch to see when the night shift would arrive. Finally, young Henry was there and after hurriedly giving directions for the shift, Albert went out back to jump in his Austin Healey 3000. Built in 1967, this girl was a beauty; she was just the right amount of sports car for him. Sliding into the familiar soft well-worn leather was a pure reset for him at the end of each day. She had been his for years now and he still polished her curves at least three times a week. With a twist of the key, she burst to life and he made his way to the nearest grocer to pick up supplies for breakfast.As he pulled up to his house, evidence of her having been there was easy to spot. The light in the kitchen as well as the one to the side of the front door both shone brightly in the dark night. The kitchen window steamed from the warm humidity against the cool night air. He parked his Healey in the garage, leaving room for her bike, and made his way to the front door. Twisting the handle, nothing happened, and throwing his shoulder against it on the next try, he noted it was locked. Clearly, she took escort bursa her security seriously and hadn’t thought about him when she left for dinner. Locking the door and taking the key with her to dinner. With a groan, Albert headed back to the car to drive to the pub and collect the key.Emma nodded at him as he strode into the noisy pub and walking over to her he asked, “Is there a curly blonde, new in town, eating here tonight?”“She’s near the back, and thanks for the business; she’s ordered dinner and on her third glass of wine already.”Following the sounds of raucous laughter toward the back of the pub, he spotted Nikki surrounded by three local boys, all vying for her attention.Seeing him, she waved frantically to get his attention and call him over. “Albreet, Albeart,” she slurred, “ober heeere.”Clearly, the alcohol had reached her bloodstream well before the hearty food that was nearly polished off her plate. Stepping up, “I see you have met the three Johnnys.” It was in fact strange that these three ran together and shared the same name; many said they shared the same brain as well. One thing couldn’t be taken from them, they were all ridiculously fit, and the arm muscles that popped from the sleeves of their T-shirts had left many a local girl drooling.“Dee boys were just leafing,” sweeping them away with a grand gesture as she said this, “Come, sit wiff me.”“We need to get you home and into bed, I think. Let’s get you up.” Bending to grab her arms near the shoulders, he made an effort to lift her.Slapping one of his hands away, she stated boldly, “I haven’t given you bermission to toush my nips yet. Maybe laber, but nottt yet.” A drunk smile accompanied by playful eyes shining up at him.“Let me help you up and I shall drive you home. I will check with Emma if we can leave your bike here tonight. Come on, up you go.” This time he just grabbed her and pulled her up, avoiding her feeble attempt to slap his hands away. Throwing his shoulder under her arm, he half-dragged, half-walked her to the front. Turning to Emma, he asked, “Is it okay if she settles up tomorrow? Or would you prefer now?”“Now please, I don’t know this girl.”His attention back to the head-lolling Nikki, “Do you have some cash?”“’sin my back pockets.”Turning her toward him, both his arms under hers, he felt her butt. Finding a lump in one of the pockets he slid his hand in there. He was startled by the feel of skin before his hand found the currency. Must be a hole in there, he thought. He was surprised by an awkward kiss on his lips, the smell of wine strong. Lifting his attention back to Nikki she was looking him in the eyes, a drunk/bemused smile on her lips, the very ones that had just been pressed against the side of his mouth.“Youu, are a bery handsome man, sssuper ssexxy.” Uncontrolled giggles followed.Doing his best to ignore her, Albert could still feel his cheeks flush at her kiss and compliment. After settling up, he wrestled Nikki to his car and after getting her now uncooperative goo of a body all the way in, he shut the door and ran around to his side. He couldn’t sit though as she had fallen head-first onto his seat. Pushing her upright once more and holding her there, he slid in. Turning to get his belt on, he felt her fall into his lap face first, her hand following suit, and both now rested just on the other side of his clothed cock. He felt himself growing hard, with the accidental attention she was now showing him. I need to get this girl home and into bed quickly! With a turn of the key, his trusty steed sprang to life; flooring it, he peeled out of the lot and off toward home.

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