Anita and Aaron

Big Tits

Anita was feeling hot…not just physically but she was feeling really horny. It had been four whole days since she had seen Aaron and she was missing him. She really liked Aaron a lot and was very close to him. But in more than one way…they had developed a sort of relationship that was unique to them. But they had also developed a very sexual relationship, however, they hadn’t had actual sex yet. Anita was thinking about this when an IM popped up from Aaron.

BigStud: Hey there

HotA: Hey!

BigStud: How are you doin?

HotA: Im well…

BigStud: That’s good, I’m having a good day myself…I was thinking about you last night and this morning…

HotA: Oh yeah? That’s sweet.

BigStud: I try ; )

HotA: I’ve been thinking of you as well…I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight…

BigStud: Oh yeah? Me too. I can’t wait.

HotA: I’m also looking forward to something else…

BigStud: Oh reaaally…and what might that be?

HotA: Well…you really wanna know?

BigStud: Yes!

HotA: Well…I was thinking how hot I’ve been…

BigStud: Hot? Like warm hot? Or like…horny hot?

HotA: Horny hot. Really horny hot…for you…

BigStud: Wow

HotA: I can already feel my pussy getting wet with thoughts of you…and of you doing things to me…

BigStud: And what would you like me to do to you?

HotA: Mmm…I can imagine you taking off my shirt…undoing my bra…and looking at my breasts, your eyes full and seducing. Then you would take them into your hands and rub them gently, and then a little harder and then you would lower your head and take one into your mouth…mmmm….it would feel so very good. Mmm I just love it thinking about it! Ohh you’re turning me on so much.

BigStud: Wow! And I’m not even there! Imagine if I was…

HotA: Ohhh I am…I’m imagining your mouth on me, sucking my nipple hard…then you stop and stare at me and tell me how hot and beautiful you think I am and you reach down and start to undo my pants.

BigStud: Then what? I’m getting horny just thinking about this, you make me so hot!

HotA: You start to undo my pants and you pull them down…I step out of them and I am standing there only in my panties…I feel the wetness on my hot pussy, just waiting for you to have your way with me…then you reach down and tease me with your fingers on the outside of my panties…

BigStud: I’d tease you till you screamed for me to go in your panties.

HotA: And then…

BigStud: Then what??

HotA: Well…

BigStud: WHAT???

HotA: I guess you’ll just have to find out tonight…

BigStud: Oh man! Are you serious?? I’m coming over.

HotA: Now?

BigStud: Yeah now. I want to see you and take you and be with you…

HotA: Ok! Oh wow, you’ve gotten me all shaky now!

BigStud: You think you’re shaky! Im the shaky one!! I have an image of you in my head of you in just panties…I hope you mean those sexy ones too.

HotA: It’s a surprise stud.

Aaron Kıbrıs Escort was shaking with excitement and nervousness. He longed to be with Anita right then. He had to hurry or he might combust with sexual frustration. But would they really have sex tonight? He was cautious about this because he didn’t want to cause Anita any worrying or anything like that, since he knew how she could worry. But if it was right it was right…but even if they didn’t have sex, they could seriously fool around and that would be awesome enough for him. He loved fooling around with Anita, he loved her body, he loved the way she felt next to him, he loved touching her skin, he really had no complaints. He had never been fully naked with Anita though. He was a little nervous about showing his body off to her; it had been a long time since anyone had seen him. He knew she was self-conscious, but he also knew that he liked what he saw. Aaron’s thoughts were buzzing around in his head, he had to hurry. He brushed his teeth and ran out the door. “Don’t get a ticket don’t get a ticket” he thought. He wanted to rush, but it would suck ass if he ended up with a ticket AND was delayed from seeing Anita. Meanwhile, Anita was at her apartment…

“What the hell am I going to wear!” Anita yelled to herself. She rifled through her closet and her drawers. Red underwear? Black? None? She just wasn’t sure…she began to try on things, but she had to be careful since she was already feeling wet with anticipation. “Could we really have sex tonight? Or is that my mind just running over time? Will he like what I’m wearing? Will I look fat? UGHHH.” Anita’s mind was in over gear, she couldn’t wait to see Aaron but she was sooo nervous…then she started thinking of her wet pussy and how it was yearning to be touched—she shivered. “Oh my!” she thought. “I’m so horny…I hope Aaron is just as horny.” She decided on something to wear and got dressed. She had a black tank top on, no bra, she figured it was less work for Aaron if he didn’t have to take off her bra and deal with the hook. She put lacy black underwear on and threw some jeans on. However, she knew the jeans wouldn’t be on for long…unless she was wrong and nothing at all would happen tonight….she would be disappointed if that was the case, but she would live. But she really hoped that Aaron would be coming over to take her breasts in his mouth… “Oh my!” Anita thought again, she shivered and decided to clean up the place a little to keep herself occupied.

Aaron was about five minutes away from Anita’s when he found himself already getting hard from thinking about Anita…she got him so excited sometimes that he just wanted to be in her, to be connected with her like that…He couldn’t wait to get there…

Ding Dong!

The doorbell rang at Anita’s and she went to answer the door…it was of course Aaron, looking good as usual. She noticed his shirt was untucked, which meant she could get it off of him all the more easy that way.

Aaron smiled at her and came in the Kıbrıs Escort Bayan door. He hugged her and noticed she wasn’t wearing anything under the tank top she had on, he whispered in her ear… “No bra huh?” His voice sounded kinda scratchy and hot to Anita and she smiled coyly at him and said no. He hugged her again and rubbed his hands over her back and down to her butt. He slipped his hand inside the back of her pants and felt the small amount of underwear she was wearing and he felt himself get hard all over again. He hoped Anita couldn’t notice…

Little did he know, Anita definitely noticed and she was turned on by it. She loved that she turned Aaron on so much. It made her turned on in return. She pulled back and glanced down at his crotch. He smiled sheepishly, but Anita said, “No, don’t be embarrassed, I like it. A lot.” And she reached down and rubbed her hand over his hard dick. Aaron stiffened, but it felt really good. He just wanted to take her…

“So, what do you wanna do?” Anita asked.

“Um, well…umm…” Aaron searched for his words.

“How about this…” Anita reached up and took Aaron’s earlobe in her mouth and nibbled gently. Aaron shook with pleasure and Anita could feel his hard dick against her pelvis. Mmm, he felt good.

Anita pulled away and Aaron smiled. He said, “Well then, how about this.” And he whipped her shirt off. He stared at her breasts, taking them in. Her breasts were perfect, not too big, not too small. He loved the view he had. Then he then reached over and touched them. He wanted them in his mouth. He bent over and licked her nipples, then he sucked on one. Then he felt for the button on her pants. It was exciting that they were still standing at the door (the door was shut of course) and hadn’t even made it to the bedroom yet…so Aaron pulled her pants down and felt between her legs. He could tell she was already pretty wet. She felt kinda hot too. He was definitely getting hot. There she stood in only her panties. Black lacey ones that showed off her butt at that. He loved it.

Anita said, “Let me take your shirt off.” So they pulled it off and Anita ran her hands over his chest. She liked the way he looked. And then Aaron pulled Anita’s panties down and she was left there, naked, with hard nipples, and a wet pulsing pussy.

“I want to take you in my mouth,” Anita said. She was hungry for his penis. She wanted to taste his come. She began undoing his shorts…she slipped them off and then pulled his boxers down. There it was, his rock hard penis, just waiting to be sucked. Then he would come, all for her, right in her mouth, and she would swallow him. She went to lick his penis. The tip was so perfect to flick her tongue over. She loved it. She looked up and saw Aaron watching her. She loved that too. She took the tip into her mouth and licked some more. Then she brought the whole dick into her mouth. She loved tasting him. His dick was perfect for her. She couldn’t but thinking how perfect it would be inside of her wet pussy though. Escort Kıbrıs She knew that would be so awesome that she would probably almost explode with pleasure. Anita sucked Aaron hard, using her mouth and her hand, up and down, up and down. She did this for a couple more minutes when she heard Aaron say he was getting close. She couldn’t wait. She wanted him to come in her. He was getting closer and closer and finally…he came in her. Warm fluid into her mouth, and she swallowed him, not leaving a drop behind. She continued to lovingly lick the beautiful dick. She wanted more…

“Oh my gosh oh my gosh…that was awesome Anita, so awesome, it felt so good,” Aaron said.

“I’m glad,” said Anita. “I love doing that for you.”

There they were, both naked and hot and horny. Aaron felt surprisingly comfortable naked around Anita. She felt the same way.

Anita took Aaron’s hand and pulled him into the bedroom. She lay down on the bed and Aaron straddled her legs. Anita stared at his hard dick. She wanted him so badly. Could she have him?

Aaron was nervous, but confident. He bent down and took Anita’s breasts in his hands, rubbing them. They felt so good. But he wanted more. So he took them into his mouth. But it still wasn’t enough…so he laid upon Anita, their naked bodies touching, one to the other.

Anita was shaking with nervousness, but she was also excited. Suddenly Aaron rubbed against her. His dick right against her hair down there. And then again. And again. Then he dipped lower and his dick was right against her pussy. It was electric!! He did it again and again and again. She was getting so wet, so very very wet. She was loving every second of it. Then he was on top of her again. They rolled over so that she was on top, straddling him now. She watched his dick. His hard cock. Mmm it looked so good, she wanted it in her right then. She knelt over him, with his dick below her. She looked at him. He nodded. She smiled. And gently lowered herself on to him. As he slid deeper inside of her, she let her head roll back and basked in the pleasure.

Aaron couldn’t believe he was finally inside of her. He had been waiting for this for awhile now and it felt so good. He loved being inside of her, pumping faster and faster.

Anita was really riding him now, he was getting close to coming and so was she. She had never come before in sex and she felt it coming now. She wanted to feel the warm liquid coming out of her onto Aaron. And she wanted to feel his hot cum on her again.

“Anita! Oh Anita! You’re so hot! Oh you feel so good! I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come!!” Aaron shouted, breathing hard.

“I’m going to come on your hard dick, I’m going to be so wet on you!” Anita said, resting her hands on the bed, letting herself go.

Suddenly Aaron pulled out and came on Anita’s breasts just as Anita came. Anita laid back and breathed heavily. She looked at the cum on her chest. She dipped a finger in and showed Aaron how she put it in her mouth to lick. He then bent down between her legs to lick the wetness that was her cum. “Mmm, you taste so good Anita,” Aaron said. Anita loved how he said her name sometimes. It sounded so sexy.

“You taste good too, I love your cum,” she said.

They then lay together, naked, hot, sweaty. They held each other and fell asleep.

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