Anna and her son Janus and the Death of Cyrus


Anna and her son Janus and the Death of CyrusOh god Janus I moaned out and grit my teeth as loud embarrassing farting noises expelled from my battered rosebud as he sunk the full length of his hard long throbbing cock into me. Yes mother you’re now my anal slut too. Does father fuck you like this? Does he split your tight little rosebud with his hard manly cock?Yes Janus oh god yes, but you’re so much bigger and …oh god Janus just fuck me, just fuck your mother. I need this so bad, oh god my son you feel so good in your mother’s tight pink rosebud.I closed my eyes and thought of my husband far away and a pang of guilt ripped through my heart as his son’s cock in turn ripped into my bowels. Please forgive me Julius I silently prayed as Janus plunged his huge long cock in and out of my now gaping asshole.I was brought out of my thoughts when Janus grabbed me around my waist and pulled me up to my hands and knees and began to earnestly rip and pound into the deep damp regions of my bowels.My mouth flew open as I gasped for breath and yelped and whimpered as his thick throbbing cock brought intense thrills of pleasure to my anal passage. Yes, yes, my son, uh huh oh god yes my darling boy fuck your mother uh huh fuck her hard and deep, oh Janus I love your huge cock in me.I was lost in a world of total unbridled sexual pleasure as his cock pummeled my tight pink tunnel of debauchery. Yes, yes, I moaned out in one long continuous stream as Janus held my hips and drove his mighty cock into me with long hard powerful strokes.My fingers instinctively sought out my enflamed clit and frantically rubbed my hard swollen nub of orgasmic flesh as I moaned and sighed in orgasmic pleasure. My body tensed as I felt an impending orgasm begin to build up deep within me.I looked over my shoulder and smiled at my son and pushed my hips back further impaling myself on his throbbing hard cock. Yes, Janus that’s it, my son uh huh just like that baby fuck mommy, fuck her hard and fast oh god Janus uh huh yes, yes, yes, I screeched out as my orgasm burst like pent up flood waters washing over me.I threw my head back and let out a long keening wail as orgasmic pleasure encompassed my whole physical being. I began to whimper and moan though as this only served to spur Janus on and he showed no mercy as he plunged his long hard thick cock harder and harder into the very depths of my moist hot bowels.I hung my head and breathed deep and fast as if sobbing out my intense pleasure. My once tight anal ring was now gaping wide open as Janus pounded into me. The tell tale sound of air expelling from my battered asshole still filled the room with farting sounds as I clenched the sheets and howled out like a female banshee in heat.Janus took on a new persona as I heard him say. Yes that’s it slut take my cock into your whorish bowels. Never again deny me the pleasure of your tight moist hot rosebud. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and with a mighty thrust drove himself deep and hard into me.Yes my son I hung my head and replied I surrender my rosebud willingly to you and your brother as it was your father’s so shall it now be yours. Yes mother you are now our slut to fuck anytime and anywhere we wish.My mind turned to wicked thoughts of what if Julius let our sons continue to fuck me upon his return. Would I become the sexual slave to all three of my men? A slow evil grin began to spread across my face as I thought of having all three of them at once.My pussy began to twitch at the mere thought of having Brutus in me as his father fucked my tight little pink asshole while Janus pushed his long thick cock into my throat. I visibly trembled at the thought of pleasing my men.My cheeks reddened as I realized just how depraved my thoughts were turning. Though my pussy began to pour forth renewed hot juices as I thought of being filled with their three cocks at once.Oh god I moaned out Janus I need your brother’s cock in me too I moaned . How I wish he were here now to possess my wet hot tight vagina, oh Janus sekabet yeni giriş I need his cock so bad. I felt shame burning into my face but dismissed it as I realized the level of sexual depravity I had fallen to.As if to pacify myself I began to scream out , over and over, yes, yes, oh god yes Janus brutalize my shit hole, fuck me with your big hard thick cock, that’s it baby fuck mommy fuck her gaping wide anus with your mighty sword fleshy sword.I was now at the height of my sexual frenzy, sweat poured off my forehead and a great sheen of sweat covered my body as Janus’s thick meaty veined cock plunged in and out of my once tightly puckered little shit hole.Long loud wails of sexual delight filled the room as my son fucked me with relentless deep powerful strokes that ripped into the hot wet depths of my bowels causing me to scream out in a****listic lust.His heavy balls bounced and teased my wet slippery enflamed pussy with each deep hard thrust. I clawed at the sheets and whimpered out yes, yes, uh huh oh god yes Janus fuck me fuck your mother’s asshole, oh Janus oh god yes, yes oh yes uh huh I screamed out as my orgasm raced through my pussy with convulsive shattering pleasure until I collapsed onto my tummy.Janus roared and fell forward with me driving his long thick throbbing cock even deeper into me. I felt his cock throb and balloon even thicker and I screamed out yes, yes, that’s it cum in mommy uh huh fill my hot moist bowels with your thick gooey strands of sperm, oh god yes Janus hurry my son fuck me until you fill me with your scalding hot sperm, yes, yes, oh god yes now, now Janus I screamed as another soul shattering orgasm ripped through my exhausted body.With a final lunging thrust that drove his cock deeper than ever into me he roared out and tensed as I felt hot thick gobs of sperm spraying the moist deep recesses of my sluttish bowels. Setting off once again an intense burst of orgasms that left me dizzy with pleasure.A long satisfying sigh escaped my lips as I turned my head and rested quietly as I felt Janus slowly purposely grinding his cock into me ensuring that every last drop of his sperm filled my deeply satisfied asshole.I smiled as I felt his lips brush my neck and he quietly whispered in my ear, I’ve now possessed the treasure of your rosebud mother. A mother could give her son no better gift than the gift of a special love you’ve allowed me to partake in. I love you mother with all my heart and soul.My heart swelled and my eyes filled with tears at my sons tender words. I love you more than life itself my son. Now that you’ve possessed my pink little rosebud perhaps next time will be easier.I softly chuckled as I realized Janus was slowly moving his hardening cock in and out of my well fucked asshole. I smiled and said oh no you don’t, I laughed and said I have a very wet hot tight pussy that’s been aching for your thick hard cock.Now go clean up and please bring me a glass of wine. Then I am going to slowly tease your hard young throbbing cock with my hot wet mouth and then young man you are going to slowly and gently make love to your mother.I grabbed his bobbing penis and kissed the head of it and gently sucked it into my mouth and smiled up at my youngest son. Now hurry and go clean up and bring me a glass of wine while I clean myself up as well.I settled back for a moment and thought of my husbands return from the far war. Would he suspect?, would he know that my sons fucked me in his absence? My heart was filled with guilt and grief but if I didn’t let my son’s have sex with me Cyrus would surely have them sent off to the mines or put to death.Cyrus you bastard, I thought with anger. My old lecherous landlord had demanded at first I have sex with him, only to change his mind and demand I have sex with my two sons in front of him. This is your fault, no it’s my fault, I could have prevented this, somewhere along the way I made a conscious decision to save my sons even if it meant surrendering the sexual pleasures sekabet giriş of my vagina and rosebud to them.Slowly it came to me that Cyrus must die. Not by the hands of my sons. I had little money, then a smile spread across my face as I realized I had something much more precious to offer than gold… Tiberius stood in the shadows. He could see the enflamed wet shiny head of Cyrus’s cock sliding noisily between Anna’s pursed lips. She has the body of a goddess Tiberius thought as his eyes followed the soft curves of her voluptuous body.He watched as Anna’s fingers teased her wet swollen cunt lips. He longed to go now and suckle and bite her hard pointed nipples. His own cock was throbbing hard as he watched Anna easily take her old fat bald landlords cock down her throat and gently squeeze and fondle his balls.Tiberius smiled and thought what pleasure it will be to first castrate the fat little man. To truss him up and gag him and then only then, would Tiberius indulge in his reward of Anna’s soft curvaceous body.Tiberius could see Anna’s fingers wet with her dripping hot pussy juices as she worked her fingers in and out of her silken cunt. A cunt he would soon have and take great pleasure in. He watched Cyrus’s fat little cock sliding between her soft hot lips. His own cock was now painfully erect. He saw the raw sensuality of Anna , even though she was disgusted by this vile little man, her nipples stood hard and erect and the soft quiet moans escaping her mouth proved just how sexual she really was.The loud slurping sounds of her hot wet mouth sliding up and down his intended victims shaft brought Tiberius’s blood to a boil. He knew he’d have to wait for the proper time to step from the shadows.He also knew that entailed watching the beautiful and sensuous Anna get fucked. He felt his cock stir to life as he thought of seeing her cunt open and exposed as Cyrus plunged his short little cock in and out of the hot tight silken lips of her cunt.Tiberius closed his eyes for a moment and imagined the hot silken lips of Anna’s tight little pussy wrapped around his thick swollen cock. He shuddered in sexual delight as he thought of his cock slowly inching it’s way into her hot wet soft silky hole.He thought of the time when his friend Julius and Anna had traveled to the city of Atticus. He had rode along and they had camped, where with wine and encouragement Anna had danced for them.Later that night he heard Anna’s whispered quiet moans as Julius made love to her. He began to stroke his cock as he recalled hearing her soft voice moaning out oh Julius my love yes my husband fuck me , fuck me with your big hard cock, oh god yes my wonderful husband fuck my pussy Julius uh huh fuck me just like that.The morning beheld a wondrous sight as Tiberius had gazed down to the river to see Anna standing fully nude in the shallow waters of the river. The sun glinting off of her golden blonde hair , her soft round breast capped with hard red nipples.Tiberius caught his breath when Anna squatted down and the soft pink folds of her pussy opened like a flower blossoming. He stood staring as she held herself open and splashed water on her exposed cunt and briskly ran her fingers up inside her to wash away last night’s love making.Tiberius had wanted Anna since then but he’d never betray his friend. It was common for a man to share his wife with his friend, but so far that opportunity never presented itself. Now Anna had came to him with a proposition that would make his dreams come true, but had made him take a solemn vow to never tell anyone of their plan.Tiberius snapped out of his thoughts as he heard a long sigh escape Anna’s lips. He looked over and there they were on the bed. He had a clear view of Anna’s swollen wet cunt wrapped tightly around Cyrus’s cock as she rode him.He stood in a trance as he watched her twist her hips and grind her smooth round ass onto the short little cock buried deep within her dripping wet pussy. Her long sighing moans were real and a testament to sekabet güvenilirmi her deep passionate sexuality.Tiberius slowly stroked his cock and in his mind he could feel the burning heat of Anna’s silken wet hot pussy along the hard fat shaft of his cock as he slowly pushed his cock into her tight little cunt hole.He could feel the soft mounds of her breast flatten against his chest and her hard pointed nipples cutting like sharp diamonds into his skin as he gently kissed her lips as his cock burrowed it’s way into her scalding hot cunt.Tiberius heard the fat little man begin to grunt and breath heavy as Anna began to bounce up and down on his little cock. Her breast softly jiggling, her mouth open as she squealed out and trembled as her orgasm sent tiny sparks of orgasmic pleasure shooting through her body.Anna rolled off of her despicable landlord and lay on her back, her legs slightly open and Tiberius watched as a tiny river of sperm flowed out of her. His balls tightened at the sight.Ah the much spoke about rosebud was now covered in sperm, mused Tiberius to himself.Julius had confessed to him one night how Anna loved to have his cock in her ass and how he nick named it her rosebud. He also told Tiberius as men often do how he thought Anna was a sex goddess sent to earth for his pleasure.That was the one and only time Julius had hinted that maybe he would let his friend fuck his beautiful goddess of a wife and Tiberius could see for himself why her rosebud was so special, and just how hot soft and wet her tight cunt was.Tiberius was suddenly alert to the look of horror on Anna’s face as the sound of her young sons voice’s were heard just outside of her bedroom. Anna turned and pleaded with Cyrus to leave at once but the lecherous old fat bastard only laid there.Tears streamed down Anna’s face in frustration as she beat Cyrus’s chest and begged him to leave at once. Cyrus spoke up in a loud voice and said the time has come for you to fuck your two sons in front of me and woe be to you if you do not perform like the slut you are.I will have them slowly tortured to death if you do not. At that Cyrus gathered his robes and chose his place of hiding to watch Anna offer herself to her two young sons.Tiberius slowly crept along the wall behind the veiled curtains until he could see the fat bald landlord Cyrus. Tiberius smiled to himself and knew he would take great pleasure in slowly killing the little pathetic man.Tiberius drew his dagger and quietly approached Cyrus from behind where he quietly placed the blade along his neck. Tiberius whispered, your time is nigh, you evil little bastard.Tiberius knew he had to act quickly, or Anna would have to carry out her performance with her two sons. As much as he had looked forward to castrating the evil little man he slowly and deeply drew his blade across the throat of Cyrus, until he went limp in Tiberius’s arms.Tiberius kicked the foul body of the dead landlord and hid his body in a nearby cupboard. Tiberius then checked himself for blood and was satisfied and stepped out from the shadows and approached Anna.The boys stepped into the room and waved at “ uncle Tiberius “ Anna bid the boys to leave them to discuss urgent matters. Yes mother they replied but not without a kiss from our beautiful goddess of a mother. Anna laughed and covered herself in a sheet and rose to kiss and hug her two sons. Now be gone and take your time as your uncle and I have very important family matters to discuss. Yes mother the boys replied and walked out of the room to find adventure in the hills of the city.Anna nervously smiled and asked is it done? Yes Anna he’s been dispatched to hell where he belongs. Anna shuddered but hardened her heart. Tiberius please excuse me but I have to bathe. I feel so filthy after that man touched me.Come talk to me as I bathe Tiberius. Oh and could you bring us some wine to drink? Perhaps a little fruit and cheese as well. Anna turned and let the sheet slip from her body and sensuously and slowly walked away.She felt Tiberius’s eyes upon the soft round globes of flesh that undulated with her each step. She thought to herself. I shall enjoy being bedded by you Tiberius. A slow smile spread across her face as she thought of her promise to Tiberius…. Until next time…Mrs. X

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