Anna and Kayla Ch. 01


Anna came into this family first as a friend and then by chance or not, deeply involving herself with all of them and changing everything about it, not that she had the intention to do so, but the dynamics were never to be the same. The family composed of a divorced mother Amanda an elder son Bret and a two year younger daughter, Kayla.

Anna and Kayla became friends a couple of years ago before Amanda became divorced so she was with the family when the disruption of marriage took place and now into her late twenties she was in an out of the house as a member of the family. Both girls were together most of the time and both good looking, so men always were hitting on them but never long term boyfriends for either of one, only short stories.

Kayla had a crush on Anna, but being submissive in nature did not know how to go about it and Anna being such a good friend never picked any hint about it or even thought of it. The opportunity came up once the conversation came up about how the sexual toys could give them a nice time, and to get their doubts answered they both went to the a sex shop.

Anna who was outgoing went up to the girl behind the counter and asked which would be the best satisfying toy.

“Well everybody has their own account as to which is the best for the giver and the receiver, in my case I prefer the double headed one with the harness or the one that can have a vibrator added to it so then both of you have a good time,” the girl said, looking at the both of them.

Kayla blushed and when Anna turned to see her she blushed also but hardly perceptible Bostancı Escort in her case. Anna knowing Kayla understood in a second the reason for blushing so much and although she had not seen her that way before. She suddenly got turned on.

Anna looked at the girl, and requested to see both products, so she set off to get them.

Anna turned again to face Kayla and got close to her.

“Are you ok Kay?”

“Yes just that I do not know” she looked down to the floor.

Anna softly lifted her chin and gave her a small peck, Kayla blushed hard again and did not move. Again another small peck, this time Kayla responded softly. They touched their fingers and the girl came in with the products, but they did not notice her until, she interrupted them.

“Excuse me! sorry to interrupt, ” sales girl said, then noticing the new couple, just that she did not know how new.

“Ohh, first time that is so, so sweet,” she added.

“I’ll take the one you recommend, thank you,” Anna said with a smile of pleasure, paid and they left.

The girl watched them leave with a happiness of the memories she had of her first time.

They headed to Anna’s place. Once in the flat, they kissed softly and then it got hot for the both of them, not giving much place to slow foreplay now. They undressed by themselves and once both naked Anna got the toy on herself as if it were natural for her to be the top and there was no discussion about it and it all seemed natural for both. Anna put a lubricated condom on the toy and went onto Bostancı Escort Bayan Kayla who was lying on the bed waiting for her.

“Kay I’m going to go into you slowly baby, I want for us to enjoy ourselves,” Anna said.

Lying on her but not yet inside Anna looked at Kayla and kissed her softly, feelings her lips, now wet. Probing her tongue eager to play, holding her arms down and making it difficult for Kayla to reach Anna’s mouth. Both enjoying this denial game and after another kiss Anna picked up her head and looked straight into Kayla’s eyes.

“This is how it is going to work, you are going to be my submissive and will obey me when I say so and I will decide if I want you to call me Mistress, is that understood?” Anna said seriously.

Kayla remained silent a moment, but totally wet with the idea of becoming her submissive or slave?

“Yes Mistress,” Kayla said.

Anna truly felt the power and loved it and wanted to ram her tool into her but held back and went into her in a loving way, hearing Kayla making the noises of acceptance and want in a very low voice.

Their lips and tongues danced into the rhythm as Anna fucked Kayla, nipples hard and sensitive touching each other deep, that whatever could happen around them had not importance or existence.

Anna picked up speed and loved fucking Kayla as if it were a natural thing to do, having control and power over her, she knew she would orgasm as soon as she heard and felt Kayla reach it.

The hot skin touching, heat all over them, the impaling Escort Bostancı movement, Anna hearing her starting to edge made her go faster and the it happened.

“Yes Anna, yes Mistress, yes love, yes, yes, yes, mmhhh, mmmhhh,” Kayla moaned losing all words in ecstasy.

“Yes love, that is it, cum for me K, cum. Anna added.

As Anna finished saying that she had a most powerful orgasm, she had ever had. She still carried on pumping they both started crying and laughing, Anna just stopped and they kissed again and hugged.

After a moment Anna withdrew from Kayla and got the toy off her and laid down on Kayla and kissed her again softly, their arms intertwined.

“Mistress, I’m your sex slave and love it, how do we go from here.” Kayla asked Anna in an inquiring way.

“K, let me think it over, I do not know yet, but do know that I have control over you, that means you are mine.” Anna responded somewhat confused but getting sure of herself by the minute .

“Kayla you know I have something for your brother and that has not changed, but what has changed in me is that I might want to be his Mistress also.” Anna mentioned it in a calm way but making a point of it.

“Anna I know and believe it when I say, I’m ok with it, if you could marry him then you would have us both.” Kayla said as if it were the most natural way to go.

Anna deeply kissed Kayla.

A moment later, “Let’s see how we can make it work, since Bret likes me but has never had the courage to come up to me.” Anna added.

“Mistress, so Bret is submissive according to what you have said, maybe you could fuck me at home when he is there, lure him into a forced sex situation.” Kayla said smiling as an accomplice.

“Easier said than done.” Anna replied thinking into the idea.

“Let’s shower and go back to your house.” Anna said.

“Yes Mistress.” and kissed her lovingly.

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