Annapolis 2, Article 134

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Dr. Louise Elaine “Lainey” Winters, Navy Reserve captain over heard her name announced on the P.A. from the hospital atrium. “Doctor…your patient is waiting in Exam Room 1”. Lainey had made less than four footsteps inside the hospital. She hated the thought of hearing her name being called when the possibility could be that no one bothered checking the schedule to see if she was even on site. One week out of every month. That was her duty.

Who would know she was there already, since she had only been in town for less than an hour? Nonetheless Lainey dialed five-eleven to the nurse’s station from the lobby extension. “Tinaki, I’ll be a few minutes…” Lainey took a quick glance at her blackberry and noticed the flashing indicator for fourteen messages waiting. “…better make that a half hour. Have the patient meet me in the waiting room outside of my office.”

Captain Winters, the commanding officer, and co-chief of the U.S. Naval Medical Center, Annapolis had just reached her office suite, but no patient in the waiting area. “Humph. That’s weird” she thought. “Oh well, I guess they haven’t made it up here yet.” Her arms were stressed and full– a purse hooked on her left shoulder, a stack of files under her left arm, and a hot cup half filled with ginseng tea now clinched between her teeth, as she freed her right thumb to answer the security alert finger print scan.

“Good afternoon…Cap-tain-Lou-ise -E-laine-Win-ters” the computer voice announced before the door was set ajar.

Lainey quickly entered her frequently abandoned office before dropping a single item and retrieving the cup from her teeth, she took a swat at the door with her right hip. One peak over her desk, dropped her tow there, and decided this was the place where files go to die.

She glanced at her watch, wondering what was keeping her 2 p.m. client and decided she’d use a few minutes to reduce the hopeless clutter. She plopped in her soft leather chair, spun around once and went right to work. It had been three weeks since she had been inside the cramped closet and was simply astonished at the immense stack of files that littered the space. If she didn’t get organized soon she’d be laying on that couch across the room. Her eyes rolled at the thing which used to look like a chaise but now more like a file overflow basket.

Lainey reached back over the desk to scribble a note on a pad ‘request a clerk’, when the office door slammed shut. The sound mimicking a tanker loading caused her to jump and the pencil to fall to the desk. “Oh!” she cried looking up from her note.

There stood Midshipman 1st class Jake Huard in full salute, his tan khaki shirt open, cotton white exposed, and the matching uniform pants gathered at his ankles, dick like a friendly sub and hard as bat!

“Dr. is in?” Jake asked hands clasped behind his back. “Request permission to do some serious damage ma’am?”

“I’ll say!” Lainey volleyed. “Permission to carry on granted!” she said seductively and rose from her seat.

He flashed that megawatt smile giving no haste as he kicked out of his uniform pants. In one quick movement they were in each other’s arms. Kissing her hungrily and ripping her service blues from her body…

He hoisted her into arms, hands cupping her ass and his mouth suckling at her neck. With one quick scoop, Jake cleared the credenza, files and papers hit the floor.

His body hovered over hers.

Tearing open her blouse exposing her perfectly round tits; nipples like fudge gumdrops, he palmed one while sucking the other. Down her stomach, he feathered light kisses all the way to the top of her triangle. There he traced the outer region with his tongue. “You smell so good” he declared.

Lainey could feel herself grow wetter at the sight of his face approaching her triangle. Jake blew warm air onto her sex, and she could fikirtepe escort feel the slight emission of his wet beginnings on her thigh as he trailed kisses back up her torso. The hot liquid dripped onto her mound. She could feel the throbbing of her clit when suddenly his strong hand made a pre-emptive strike caressing the soft curls of her pussy, delving his fingers into the folds and finding the secrets of her garden.

“Now” she cried. “No way…not yet” he moaned.

Lainey was about to explode with a gush of juices, as Jake’s tongue replaced his very capable fingers and he swiped over her clit. She jerked slightly as his hands caressed her thighs which he opened wider for better access. Tasting her nectar, he slid his index finger inside; milking her more and more…she grabbed his head with her hands and cradled his face between her legs. “Ah…oh” she panted trembling frantically towards her climax. “H mm…You taste good” the midshipmen announced. In minutes “the doc cappy” began to buck wildly, squeezing her thighs against her lover’s head.

Lainey slowly regained her thoughts, reaching over her head and into the top drawer she found a foil package and ripped it open. As she sat up on the desk Jake placed butterfly kisses down her legs…”I have never seen a garter more beautiful” as if it was the first time he saw it.

Jake stood waiting for Lainey to sheath his dick, but before she did, she flashed him a slight grin and buried it inside her mouth. Jake let out a whaling cry.

The heat of it set her back to ground zero. One hand stroking her pussy, and the other milking Jake, not even the clock knew how long this would go before his liquid would ooze. They didn’t care! The ‘hot’ doc pulled back slightly exposing the slipper sickle and she tickled the underside of its head with her tongue. Jake cried “Now…baby…now!”


Lainey ignored. Her mouth sucking and slurping, her tongue tickling the eye of the head and she buried it in her mouth, and deep throat his immense organ.

Jake couldn’t take it no more. He snatched the condom up from the desk and quickly rolled it onto the head and down to the shaft. Lainey kissed and sucked the warm pouch that hung below as he covered himself with the soft greasy latex.

He grabbed her beautiful face and clamped down onto her mouth like he was tongue diving off a freighter. Their lips swelling, both now moaning…and neither wanted to let the others tongue go. Suddenly they couldn’t wait any longer…still sucking at her face.

Jake pushed Lainey back onto the credenza, and grabbed her thighs pulling them up until the underside of them slapped against the front of his own. Tracing her clit with the head of his penis, he slipped inside the wet tight heat. He let out a whaling moan “Damn you feel good!”

Deeper, Jake plunged deeper as the popping sounds of Lainey’s wetness matched her moans. Jake retreated slightly teasing her hole and then without warning he slammed inside of her –pumping harder and faster. The more she moaned the tighter her inner muscles hugged his dick. “Ah Oh…fuck me harder Jake harder” she cried. .

“Like this” he asked with her rhythm matching his own. “Yes baby, right there…oh shit your dick is so hard and so big.”

“Oh…but love this dick” he riverbed.

“Oh you fucking know it!” she answered.

“Oh mother fuck…damn it…oh shit…I’m…oh…I’m come…aaah…fuck…I’m coming…oh baby coming…oh shiiiiiiiiiiit!” she warned.

Jake leaned down to taste the lips of his sweet Lainey. “I love you” she murmured.

“Then wait ’til I’m done…and it’s not over yet!” And with that he pulled his hot tool from her body, and guided her to the floor. Lainey stood on wooden legs, gathering her composure as the lingering quack of her climax writhed through her body. She gebze escort could still feel it in her toes. Jake turned to her; her back against his chest, he cupped her breasts and brought his hands down her torso and rested them in the fronts of her thighs, while kissing her hungrily. His kisses moved to the side of her neck. Without warning Jake forced her legs apart. He bent down on his knees, kissing and nibbling small bites at her silent service document.

“Look at this beautiful ass. May I please kiss it forever?” Not waiting for an answer, forcing her thighs even further apart, Jake reached his hand between her legs and stroked her pussy. “Not wet enough? I got you covered!” Soon he arched his body, positioning his head between her legs, as his face disappeared into her sex. Lainey jerked and rode the wave, fucking Jake’s face. Soon she was meeting her next explosion…as her juices squirted all over his sexy face. Jake paused to taste the love juice.

Kissing and licking the insides of her thighs wasn’t the final draw. Not nearly! Standing again on his feet, he positioned himself, penis dripping he reached for another condom. Slipped it on, kissing her ass one last time, she whelped as the smacking sounds of his large palms crashed against her ample butt. Jake then guided his penis deep into Lainey.

Not a moment too soon, their rhythm matched each others, doggy style; he fucked her hard and deep, grabbing her ponytail often for leverage.


The essence of a warm vanilla sugar candle, mixed with hot carnal sex filled the office of Dr. Lainey Winters, but the only thing she was thinking was if she passed out here and needed resuscitation, fuck trying to explain why she wore no panties, hosiery torn from her garter, and buttons ripped from her blouse.

She looked as if she had been ravaged; no denying it. At least she would go with a smile!

With sweat drenched bodies they each clung to life. The thought of pulling back was entering their mind. But they were good to go and would fuck like this until one of them passed out!

Jerking and gyrating against his hard rod, Lainey maintained, quenching the desire–releasing the fire–pinned up for far too long. They both had wanted this; they would have rather died than let this moment pass. Shit no! Not another day!

“Baby, are still with me?” he spoke as he slowed down as Lainey’s body began to go lifeless.

“Yeah…h mm” she murmured.

Jake had not reached his pinnacle as yet, but his beautiful mate was growing weary. She wanted to keep going, but he insisted that they take a breather.

“But sweetie you’re not there yet” she suggested.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Lainey…I love being inside you. I don’t want to make you hate me for not pulling away from you. We can build up slowly…plenty time to catch up.”

Jake pulled his semi-erect tool from her body and peeled the condom off, wrapping it into Kleenex before discarding it in the trash.

“Are you disappointed?” she asked.

“Hell no! Are you kidding me….baby you are simply amazing!” he interjected, pulling Lainey into the warmth of his arms. “And this body…damn this sexy…shit you are so beautiful…and I love the way you put it out there. Pleasuring you is the pinnacle for me, don’t you get it? I want you to get off Lainey…that is my goal. I could watch you walk from one side of this office to the other and get off!”

Lainey smiled shyly and had never once considered the beauty she beheld. Kissing him tenderly with thanks, she traced the contours of his shoulders, down his arms, resting her hands atop of his own, which cupped her soft firm ass.

She could feel the once partially limp ‘baby Huard’ regain its mission to please. But she could not imagine another round, though she wanted to. And the twist of emotions caused tears içerenköy escort to well in her eyes.

“Baby…what’s wrong?” Jake asked, while he tipped her chin up to face her eyes.

“H mm, it’s just, you really make me feel so good.”


Jake began kissing her gently, drying her tears slowly, but with determination his hunger increased. His appetite was not quite fulfilled; his woman couldn’t bare even the head of his dick inside of her. And still his mind thought of the last condom which was in the wastebasket.

Wrapping themselves in the warmth of each other’s arms they stood there enjoying the moments of the calm that was about to erect a storm of passion, once again!

And not a moment too soon!

Jake lifted Lainey. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, small petite hands cupping his face, lips tasting the salty sweat on his nose and cheeks.

Her tongue traced the furrows of his brows. “Let me, Jake. I want to make you feel good…the way you have made me feel…please, let me!”

The warming sensation of their proximity brought a flickering light to a calm burning flame.

Jake eased his buttocks onto the credenza, as he guided Lainey’s hands to the hard long dick that throbbed for a release.

Gentle strokes, then quick pumps, her right hand stroking his bat, left hand cupping his balls…she was getting there…he was getting there. “Oh fuck yeah!”

Jake moaned sheer pleasure. The eve of his climax arising…the tension was taking hold. His dick grew harder the more Lainey’s hand pumped it. “Yes baby” he exclaimed. “Ooh I like that…oh yeah.”

Taking one hand he reached out to feel the warmth of her breast, kneading them, as her nipples swelled to the touch and soon her task at hand was losing her attention.

Her pussy was prepping for re-entry, yet her swollen insides could take no more.

Jake grabbed her with both arms.

Their lips came crashing against each others, searching for tongues–dueling and dancing–sucking and tasting lips. Jake jolted himself up, scooping her into his arms and placing her, with opened legs wide preparing for his re-visitation.

“Wait…sweetie” she cried. “Wait!”

“Lay back” she suggested. Now kneeling before him, atop the desk, she returned to the milking of his penis with her hand. Tickling and teasing the head, tasting the emissions as Jake whelped with pleasure.

“Come here baby” he asked as he lifted her hips and positioned her wet, dripping cunt just above his head. Her clit swelled with anticipation.

She continued, faster, sucking the head, stroking the length, taking Jake to the near brink, and pulling back.

Jake’s tongue was gaining new dimensions, as his mouth opened and damn near swallowed her clit. Moans and cries flew from her sweet lips between his sucklings.

Taking two fingers, he opened her wide, his tongue tracing the lips of her sex and slipping it inside her sugar walls. Quick licks of his hot wet tongue; he made every inch of her twat shine. Lainey moved to the pleasurable beat and began to buck her hips. Grasping her expanse and tightening the hold, his strokes grew faster. Her pussy was getting wetter.

In harmonious rhythms, soon their heartbeats were in tune. Faster and faster she deep throated his phallus, while one hand massaged his balls.

Neither would let go. The climb was approaching its destination.

In syncopating time, they crashed–clenching onto each other’s bodies.

Exploding their fluid-release…and tasting the pleasure they had given each other. Quivers of delight raked over them.

Lainey and Jake, settling slowly, were soon in the moist cool comforts of each other’s arms. Soft and tenderly he brushed aside the tendrils of her chocolate brown locks that had fallen from a wispy chignon at the nape of her neck and beholding the beauty of her flush.

“Welcome Home Captain” as he lifted his right hand to his forehead. Their lips touched once more, sampling the languid traces of their own kool aid! “Welcome Home, midshipman Huard” she returned with a smile.

The End.

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