Annette Takes It In The Rear


For the life of her, Annette could not fathom her boyfriend’s fascination with her asshole.

It was another Saturday night; they’d decided to spend it in. Much better to play their naked games than to hang out in a bunch of smoky bars and nightclubs, spending money and not having much fun. Instead, Annette was deliciously nude, leaning over the sofa with her legs spread wide. Her hands were on her hips, holding her asscheeks apart for David’s detailed inspection of her hiney.

It wasn’t that she particularly minded, it wasn’t particularly unpleasant or anything like that. If the truth were to be told, she rather enjoyed the slick feel of David’s tongue in her asshole as he rimmed her. She just didn’t understand why David insisted on worshipping her anus when her tight little pussy was right there, neatly trimmed and shaved and ready to be played with.

Still, it was a delicious sensation; it was superb to feel his wet tongue tickle her tingling nerve endings as she leaned forward with her ample breasts pressed against the soft leather of the sofa. And the feelings generated by his hand, stroking her pussy so softly as he licked her asshole, sent a warmth through her being that was so luxurious.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMM . . . ” she moaned low as he continued to lick and stroke.

Feeling David’s fingertips moving around the very edges of her asshole, it occurred that perhaps tonight was The Night. Maybe it was time for her to find out what all those articles in her women’s magazines were talking about. Annette looked back over her shoulder to where David’s head was buried in her ass. “Honey . . . ” she began, but couldn’t quite bring herself to saying the words.

“Mmmm?” David replied, with his eyes closed and his tongue still deep in her ass.

“Do you want to . . . ”


“Do you want to . . . . . . would you like to . . . . . . fuck me in the ass?”

Whew! There, she’d said it! She’d gotten the forbidden words out of her mouth. David responded by squeezing her asscheeks. He withdrew his tongue from her ass and traced little patterns across her rosebud with a fingertip while he collected his thoughts.

“Do you really mean it, honey?”

“Sure,” she said. Her boldness caused adrenalin to thrill through her veins; she felt blood rushing to her face. After all, it wasn’t every night a girl crossed into taboo territory.

David’s finger probed slightly deeper into her rectum, about an inch deep, up to the middle knuckle. As she was plenty wet there from David’s saliva there was no friction resistance; still, she was quite tight back there and the sensation was very definitely a filling one. David probed deeper. When David hooked his thumb into her tight pussy in the classic ‘bowling ball’ grip, Annette sucked in her breath and went up on the balls of her feet. Whatever doubts or fears she’d had a moment ago were dispelled. Annette shook her ass and tried to move back, to skewer herself deeper onto his thumb and forefinger. As David DP’d her, Annette knew she was on the right track.

“Come on, honey,” she breathed. At this point she could barely whisper as his finger probed deeper into her asshole. “I want to try it that way. I want to feel your cock in my ass.”

Now it was David who seemed a bit hesitant. “Um, okay,” he said. “You want to take a hot bath or something first, something to loosen you up a bit more?”

How sweet! Annette thought. He’s concerned for my comfort! “That’s a good idea,” she said. “A shower, not a bath. I’m hot now and I want to get started soon!”

Annette laughed now as David got up from the floor bursa escort and lifted her ass up as he buried his finger and thumb deep as possible into her asshole and pussy. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!” she laughed.

David kept her off balance like this for a few moments, forcing her up on her toes and the balls of her feet as he maneuvered her around the room. They were both laughing when he finally let her down and held her in his arms. It was nice to be naked together in the well-lit room. She held his hard cock in her hand and stroked him gently as they kissed. Annette could discern the slightest taste of her asshole on his tongue. It was not noticeably unpleasant or stinky; she’d made sure to clean herself thoroughly, earlier on. Rather, his mouth tasted warm and like sex, sort of like when he kissed her after eating her pussy.

Annette broke the kiss and turned toward the bathroom down the hallway. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled, stretching out a hand for him. “Come on, lover,” she smiled. David looked her in the eyes, then his eyes wandered down. Annette could feel his eyes on her naked ass as he followed her down the hallway.

In the bathroom, Annette turned on the water and waited a moment for it to heat up. Then she grabbed David by the dick and pulled him into the warm water with her. Steaming needles of water soothed tense muscles in her neck and shoulders. After a moment of luxuriating in the hot torrents of water, Annette took the bar of soap and rubbed all over his dick and balls until he was hard and poking straight out in front. David took the soap in turn and began spreading soapsuds across her round knockers, holding them and gently squeezing as Annette curled her fingers around his pole and began to slowly stroke up and down.

They both looked down and shared a laugh at the spectacle; her nipples poked through the bubbles as he massaged her tits, like little pink mountaintops poking through a cloud cover, while his cock was hard and stiff, as large as a policeman’s nightstick in her little hand. And so wet and slippery!

Annette loved his cock. She loved every inch of it, all over every inch of her body. She held it pointing up so that it lay against the flat of her belly as they embraced, long and hard and hot and soapy. She felt his hands on her ass as they kissed. As she sucked his tongue she felt David rubbing the bar of soap up and down her crack, felt his wet fingertips rubbing across her asshole. It seemed her asshole was a thousand times more sensitive now.

Tonight’s THE night! Annette thought with a wicked grin. Tonight I’m going to take it in the ass!

She turned and leaned against the wall so that David could scrub her more thoroughly back there. She spread her legs wide for him as he scrubbed up and down with the soap, working up a lather. “Oh!” Annette started, as he inserted a finger into her backdoor and began gently fingerfucking her. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried. She was still quite tight, but the soap and the hot water and his finger were helping her loosen up quite a bit, now. It’s time to get this show on the road . . . Annette thought.

They exited the shower and toweled off, a brisk rubbing with thick, white fluffy towels. As her skin was dried out from the shower, Annette rubbed some lotion on her body, then carried the bottle of lotion with her as they went into the bedroom.

The lighting was low, the curtains were drawn. Dropping her towel, Annette turned, placed her arms about David’s shoulders and looked deep into his eyes. “I want to suck your dick,” she said quietly.

David loved to hear her talk dirty like this. Reaching bursa escort bayan down, she could feel his pole was engorged, stiff as an iron rod and pointing straight up at the ceiling. Annette went to her knees and opened her mouth wide.

His cock felt good in her mouth, big and hard and hot. Annette closed her eyes, taking him deep into her mouth as he fucked her face. She wanted him good and hard for when he fucked her in the ass.

David held her head in his hands, eyes closed and groaning in ecstasy as she ran her mouth up and down his pole. She stroked his length with her hand as she ran her lips up and down the sensitive underside, then took him in her mouth again. Holding his balls in one hand as she sucked, she stroked him into her open mouth with the other.

Finally, sensing a tightening in his balls, Annette released him from her mouth. She didn’t want him to come before the Main Event. Still holding his cock in her hands, she walked him over to the bed. Sitting down on the mattress and facing him, she held her tits up for him in her two hands and said, “Titfuck me.”

David’s hands rested on her shoulders as his cock slid between her ample pair. At a respectable 36D, Annette was well equipped for titfucking. As the red head of his cock went up and down between her melons, she leaned over to kiss it’s head, to lubricate his cock with her spit while he fucked her in her cleavage.

His cock felt great. Long and hot and hard between her tits; his hard cockmeat against her soft, yet firm flesh. Finally, letting him go and scooting back on the mattress, Annette said, “Please, fuck my pussy!” She wanted to come, too, before letting him have a stab at her from behind. It was only fair.

Annette lay on her back, her legs wide open as David climbed over her. Poised over her on all fours, the tip of his cock lay against the wet lips of her pussy. Annette reached down and guided his shaft into her wet hole.

“OH!” she exclaimed as he entered her. He was hot and hard and VERY big. All thought left her as her pussy immediately went into the throes of orgasm. Clinging to him, Annette dragged her fingernails across David’s back. Love juices squirted out of her wet hole, saturating the tops of both of their thighs. David sank his fingertips into the soft flesh of her ass as he plowed her furrow. Annette now dwelled in a world where all that existed was the giant cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. When David’s eyes rolled up in their sockets, however, Annette sensed his moment was near. Wishing for him to save it, she began pushing against his heaving chest.

“Let me turn over, honey,” she said. “I want you to fuck my asshole!”

David managed to extract himself. He hung over her, panting, the tip of his hard cock still pointing right at her swollen, wet pussylips. Annette squirmed a bit, moving to the side as best she could underneath of him until David moved back on his knees to allow Annette some freedom of movement. Annette got on all fours, buried her head in the pillows as she offered up her ass to him.

She felt David moving behind her. She felt his hands on her ass and then she felt the blunt end of his cock nudging up against her browneye. At the last moment she remembered something, and reached over to the bedside table for the bottle of lotion she’d brought in from the bathroom. “Here, honey, use this,” she said as she handed it back to him.

There was a cold sensation back there as he squirted a dollop of lotion into her backdoor, then again the feeling of his cockhead forcing itself against her asslips. Her heart was beating like a bass drum in escort bursa her chest. Here goes . . . she thought. The Moment of Truth.

Annette breathed deep, forcing herself to relax. “Go ahead, lover. Put it in.”

The pain was there as the round head of his cock forced her ass open wide, but not as intense as she’d expected. She was glad they’d played around in the shower; it had loosened her up somewhat. “Hold on a sec,” she breathed. “Let me get used to it a bit.” After a moment she felt her sphincter relax a bit more, and she said, “Go ahead, you can go in deeper now.”

She felt David moving his rod in and out, trying to make his way deeper into her ass. She felt so full of cock. “Okay, hold on, honey. I gotta have another second.”

Then she felt she could take it. His cock felt great in her ass and she began wiggling her hips as she tried to back herself on to him. She loved the sensation of being absolutely filled with his cock. His dick was hard and incredibly hot in her ass. She began rocking back and forth, to and fro, impaling herself further on his rod. “Go ahead, lover, you can fuck me now. FUCK ME IN THE ASS!”

David’s thrusts began in earnest now. Both hands on her asscheeks, she felt him plunge in. It was all she could do to reach under herself to hold her pussy, to lay a finger between her parted labia and rub up and down her swollen clit. She was being fucked in the ass, he was fucking her in the ass! Annette even loved the way that sounded, as she managed to grunt between in depth thrusts, “Fuck me . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . in the . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . ass . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . fuck me . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . in the . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . ass . . .

Finally his thrusts increased to where there was a slapping sound as his hips pounded against the cheeks of her ass. The sheer force of his pounding against her backside forced her down onto the mattress until she was laying flat on her belly as he continued to shove his hard rod in and out of her tight butthole. Annette felt every part of her being revolved around the hard piston that was going in and out of her anus, now stretched wide open to take his thick, rigid cock.

“Fuck . . . me . . . in . . . the . . . ASS! she managed to grit out between clenched teeth. “Fuck . . . me . . . in . . . the . . . ASS!”

Annette sensed it was almost his moment as David’s thrusts increased in depth and tempo and he sank his fingers even deeper still into her asscheeks. “Oh yes!” she cried as what felt like gallons of hot sperm flooded deep into her ass. “Yesss!!!”

Incredibly enough, Annette was coming, her pussyjuice streaming over her fingers as he nailed her behind. “YESSS!!! FUCK ME IN THE ASS!!! FUCK ME IN THE AAASSSSSSS!!!”

Afterward they lay there, panting, the love sweat of their marathon session dripping off their bodies and saturating the sheets. She detected his dick softening, and then there was a funny sort of –pop!- sound as he pulled out, and her asslips seemed to tingle and burn in a pleasant sort of a way. When Annette rolled over onto her back to hug and kiss David, she tried to clench her asshole shut, but she couldn’t seem to keep his thick sperm from leaking out. She didn’t care that she’d have to wash the sheets; his hot come felt good coming out between the cheeks of her ass.

Annette kissed his lips, then moved down to press her face into his chest and whispered, “I want to thank you for that, lover.”

“No, honey,” he replied. “I want to thank you.” Her face still pressed against his chest, Annette was wide-eyed from sheer amazement; a secret smile played upon her lips. WOW! she thought, I CAME! He fucked me in the ass and I CAME!

Annette knew at that moment she’d done more than simply loose her ass-cherry that night. A line had been crossed, and she knew she’d never look back . . .

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