Annie Cummings Ch. 01


**Introducing a brand new character series to Literotica, Ms. Annie Cummings! Enjoy these absolutely tit-ilating tales of this tawdry trollop!** And now, story



“Holy Shit!” screamed Charlie Dix as Annie Cummings bobbed her head up & down on his nine inch love tool. Her cute red pigtails jiggled each time his head slid into hers. At this moment the blowjob she was administering grew wet and sloppy, her saliva coating his dick, dribbling from her chin in tendrils down to her firm, round 36G tits. “Oh yeah, Annie! Suck that cock!”

“Mmmmphh!” is all she could muster in response. With nine inches of dick in her mouth, who could talk? It’s hard to believe that only moments before, Charlie was introducing himself to his new neighbor. Now, was he ever getting a housewarming gift! Annie cupped his balls tight as she released her vice-grip on his shaft, continuing to lick it like a lollypop from tip to trunk. Annie Cummings loved dick, especially big ones, and knew how to make them feel good no matter where they went, either in her tight pussy, between her massive 36G breasts, or in this case inside of her mouth. She simultaneously stroked the base her new neighbor’s 9 inch penis and bobbed her head just half way down it’s length, taking it’s mushroom crown and foreskin down her gullet in short swishes. Annie loved the feeling of a man cock between her lips, rock hard but super smooth, especially at the tip. With his cock still inserted into her mouth, she swirled her tongue around Mr. Dix’s dick-head, and even managed to lick his balls while the majority of his penis remained in her vacuum-lipped grip, like a certain pornstar she enjoyed watching suck cock. Her tongue traveled from the front of his scrotum up the underside of his dick, her lips releasing themselves from him as she came up for air before gobbling his pecker right up once more.

“Man, oh man, are you specially trained to suck cock so fucking good, Annie?” Charlie asks.

“No, it takes many years of hands-on experience to get this good, baby. Or should I say…lips-on!”she cooed, gazing affectionately at the glistening, throbbing phallus before her. “Oh yeah… This big fucking weiner tastes so fucking good! Now my pussy’s getting hungry for it!”

“Well we can’t let it go hungry, now can we?” Charlie smiled in reply. With that, Annie gave one last kiss to the tip of his dick, before she stood on her glorious gams. Her tight toned 36-24-36 form had a slightly pinkish hue to it, the subtle tint of melanin that comes from being a natural redhead. Her emerald green eyes stared at Charlie who was now stroking his 9 incher as she slowly but sexily pulled down her green tube top, her big boobies literally sprouting from their confines. She shook them as she slinked forward to pull down the high rising daisy dukes that wedge between her ample buttocks like a thong, stepping out of ankara escort them one 6 inch hell after another. Herself now as naked as her neighbor, she re-approached Charlie who instantly-like most guys did- began to fondle and caress her ta-tas. Kneading the basketball sized bazooms, he took turns licking and nibbling at Annie’s pert, pink nipples, making them hard and oh so sensitive.

“That’s it baby, lick those girls!” Annie moaned. “Thelma and Louise love it!”

“Thelma and Louise?” Charlie asked, raising his head from the massive rack it was enveloped in.

“Yeah!” Annie replied, lifting her left, then her right boob, “Thelma…and Louise!” With a somewhat puzzled look on his face, Charlie shrugged his shoulders then went right back to 36G cup “girls”, nibbling at Thelma’s nipple, flicking his tongue at her tip while pinching Louise’s. Annie arched her back to offer them to him more. Her tits were super sensitive, to the point that with the right amount of titplay or a good titfucking she could come over and over again. The “girls” were Annie’s biggest asset, the objects of desire for many a man. Despite the fact that she prided her full voluptuous form as being a temple of wanton lust, she couldn’t deny the fact that it was her melons that brought the boys to the yard. She loved the attention they got, not only from guys ogling over them on the street, but the attention many of them gave Thelma & Louise in the sack, or wherever else she was getting laid. As the sensations tingled the lips of her pussy, she suddenly felt a new sensation as Charlie’s right hand made it’s way down to her clit. Using his long, meaty fingers he rubbed her nub, and Annie responded by grinding her hips to intensify the masturbation she was recieving from her studly new neighbor. Annie’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter, and Charlie could feel her honeydew trickling onto his fingers.

“Yeah, Chucky…that’s a good boy. Rub that nub real good, get me nice and wet…” she moaned.

“I think it’s ready,” he smiled.

“Kitty is always ready, sweetie!” Annie replied.


“Yes, as in pussy, silly!” she giggled as she turned around to lean on the table in Charlie’s hallway, hiking her plump, onion shaped bottom up for him to see, the underside of her “Kitty” forming a moist little diamond shape between her fleshy but firm asscheeks. “Oh, just shut up and fuck me!”

Needing no further instruction, Charlie Dix slid his dick into Annie warm, wet womb. She sighed a sweet groan of pleasure as the girth of his shaft parted her inner walls, penetrating her pussy slow and deep.

“Oh my fucking goodness! That fucker’s so deep in there!” she moaned. “Kitty loves being fed big sausages! My day is just not complete without a big fucking dick in my nice tight hole!” Charlie began to rhythmically thrust into her doggystyle, his hefty, hanging scrotum spanking her clit each çukurambar escort time re-inserted his 9-incher into her accommodating pussy.

“Oh man!” Charlie smiled as his massive cock plunged deep into the screaming redhead. “The rent here might be a little high, but it’s worth ever cent!”

“Just look at all the benefits you get, Chucky,” Annie giggled, “ass…titties…and kitty! Hee hee!” Charlie’s hands were draped around Annie’s waist as he continued his nonstop humping of her love-chamber. Sweat beading from his brow, little droplets fell to the sexy floral tattoo stretched around the small of her back, just above her hips. His thrusts grew more intense as the hallway filled with the sound of their moans and giggles of enjoyment, but not rough. With a smile on his face, he was clearly in “happy fuck” mode. Annie with her hands grasping the edges of the table, contracted the muscles of her pussy to milk Charlie Dix’s dick, intensifying the sensations for both of them.

“How do you like the accommodations, Mr.Dix?” she asked playfully, her huge honkers bobbing and bucking about-her whole body for that matter-slapping against Charlie’s athletic torso. Annie simply stood there and took every inch and every thrust, enjoying the throbbing cock punching into her wet snatch while Charlie did most of the work.

“Better than the fucking Taj Mahal!”

“I hope you’ve been saving a big sticky load for me, baby,” Annie mutters between breaths, “because Thelma & Louise need a hot cum bath!”

“This is a dream come true…” Charlie moans, “damn, you pussy feels so good, like my dick was made to be fucking it!” By now, Charlie was beginning to lose the control over his “motion in the ocean”, and soon was practically tip-toed as he rammed and reamed Annie’s vaginal cavity with hard, deep strokes. As he looked down, he could see Annie’s “apple bottom” rolling and rippling up and down with each thrust of his meaty member, glistening in the bright hallway light thanks to the wetness trickling profusely from Annie’s honeypot. Her slightly muscular back also was glistening from the sweat dripping from his body as well that she was producing herself from the prodigious pounding she was recieving. The sound and feel of that wonderful booty flesh on his skin, slapping against him and the warm, wet milking his cock was receiving inside of her well-fucked pussy was starting to push him to the point of eruption.

“Your such a good fucking fuck, Chuck. Oh fucking fudge packers, I’m gonna come all over that fat frickin’ fucker!” Annie whole body tensed up as it felt like a jolt of electricity shot from her pussy to the tip of her nose and back down. She let out a loud cry of absolute ecstacy as her orgasm tingled her tight bod from head to toe. Grabbing the table edges even tighter, she herself began to thrust her bountiful bottom against Charlie’s pelvis to take dikmen escort him deeper and deeper. Still in the throes of her own orgasmic delight, she wanted to make her neighbor come as hard and as intense as she did. She so wanted to feel and taste the fruit of his loins that she bucked almost violently into his shaft. “I’m gonna make that fucking dick squirt, motherfucker! I want you to shoot that fucking load! C’mon! C’mon! Go! Go! Go!”

“Oh shit, Annie! I’m gonna fucking explode!!!” he screams.

“I want it all over my tits, my face, my hair…squirt that man-goo all over me, baby!” Charlie pulled his dick out of her, and as she turned back to face him and knelt down in front of his soon to be active volcano, she offered up her buxom busom as he wanked off his dripping wet with pussy juice dick.

“Oh fuck, here it comes…” Charlie moaned, and with a primal scream, out gushed a geyser of his baby paste- hot, thick and messy- all over Annie’s tits. His dick continued to unload like a lotion dispenser, glazing her tits like fresh donuts, spraying her face as she licked it all up. A few squirts even traveled up to her open, waiting mouth, and she swallowed them like water. As the last contraction of his love muscle subsided, Charlie gazed in wonder at the uber-hot piece of action in front of him knelt down in a literal pool of cum as she giggled while rubbing it over her huge tits, licking remnants of it from her lips like leftover barbecue sauce. Cum was even still dripping from his own cock as well as her tits, dollops falling to the carpeted floor.

“Wow, baby!” Annie smiled as she played with herself. “That was some load. You must not have fucked in ages.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while…” he gasped.

“Well, that’s not gonna be a problem anymore, Chucky! So long as you’re my neighbor, I’m gonna fuck your brains out!” She reached out her dainty, soft hand and wrapped it around Charlie’s slightly softened shaft, stroking it gently. “Hmmm, you still have some life in you, huh? Mmmmmmm…”

She began to lick at Charlie’s mushroom head and peehole, cleaning his penis of all remnants of cum. Smacking her lips, she licked her cum-covered digits clean as well.

“Wow, you are one cock hungry, cum guzzling slut, aren’t you!?” Charlie smiled.

“Bet your sweet ass, bitch!” she giggled. “Speaking of hungry…oh shit! The cookies I made for you are probably cold by now! Dammit!” Annie looked to the kitchen and frowned at the plate of once piping hot chocolate chip cookies on the table now still plainly there. Suddenly, she felt a throbbing swell in her hand and turned back to she Charlie’s dick back at full mast.

“Then again… I’ve got a cream filled eclair right here, tee hee…”she laughed as she began to stroke Charlie’s resurrected erection, as she caressed the soft fold of her “kitty” with her free hand, “and I’ve got some thing a lot sweeter for you to eat right here! Let’s hit the showers!”

With that, the cum covered, ravishing, ravenous redhead lead her new play-pal by his 9-inch phallus into his bathroom, where they’d clean up, and soon, get dirty all over again.


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