Annie Gets Wet


Annie woke, naked, and a little confused. Who was this man lying next to her? Why was there light pouring in her window—-hadn’t she only fallen asleep for a quick nap?

Suddenly, it all came back to her, and she remembered the lustful events of the night before. Next to her, Chad slept easily. She smiled to herself and woke him up with a hard kiss on the mouth.

“Wha…?” Chad said, his eyes fluttering open, squinting against the morning light. “Annie?” He seemed as confused as she had been upon awaking.

“Yeah,” Annie replied softly. “Morning.”

Chad rubbed his face, then rolled over to look at her. “Oh, god,” he said, a look of realization coming over his face. “Oh god, I finally caved, didn’t I?”

Annie was confused, but understood what Chad was getting at. “Yeah, I guess so,” she finally replied. She sat up on the bed, a four-poster that she had gotten when she was five. She looked over at him, brushing a long blond strand of hair from her face. His eyes were troubled, his face downcast.

“I’m going to take a shower,” she said after a moment of awkward silence. She stood and entered the adjoining bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

In the bathroom light, as she brushed out her hair in preparation for the shower, she thought over what might happen now. Chad had taken her virginity. She didn’t regret it, she knew that much, but she wondered what was running through Chad’s head right now. He looked like a man with heavy thoughts on his mind. She figured he probably had a few options—he could leave her mother and their lives, they could pretend as though nothing had ever happened, or the trysts could continue, in secret.

Annie bent over the bathtub to turn on the shower water. She secretly wished for the latter, but knew that, ultimately, the decision was up to him. She didn’t love him, that much was true in her heart, but the sex was cosmic. There were no legalities to any of it either, thankfully, as she was of legal age. As Annie stepped into the hot stream of water, she thanked the stars for that.

She had just finished rinsing the conditioner from her hair when poker oyna she heard the bathroom door open and Chad entered the steamed-up room. The shower curtain was pulled aside and Annie noted that Chad had not yet redressed. He had also woken up happy, Annie also noticed. She smiled.

“Care for company?” Chad asked, a look in his eyes that Annie enjoyed. She craved the way he looked at her, as though she were a delicious dessert.

“Absolutely,” she replied, and stepped under the stream of water to finish washing out the remnants of the conditioner.

Chad stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. As Annie leaned back into the water, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. He pressed their bodies together, his hard cock pressing into the flesh of her inner thigh.

Annie moaned. She pulled her head from the direct stream of the shower and brought her lips to meet Chad’s. She could feel her pussy lips moistening and, this time, not from the shower.

“I thought about it,” Chad said, in between ragged breaths and kisses to her chest. “I thought about it and I decided that it can’t stop. I just can’t stop this. I can’t leave your mom, because deep down I do love her, but I can’t stop…us. I can’t stop wanting to fuck you.”

Annie looked up at Chad. “Then fuck me right now,” she replied, her voice hoarse, her pussy throbbing, wanting it. “Fuck me right here.”

A grin spread across Chad’s face. “What do you think I came in here for, darlin’?” He stooped down and got onto his knees, looked up at her briefly, then buried his face in her pussy mound.

It was even better than Annie remembered. The water streaming down her back, Annie braced herself on the shower wall as Chad’s tongue probed her pussy hole. He sucked her clit into his mouth and ran his fingers down the lips and deep into her. She moaned as he teased her clit with light flickings of his tongue. She traced a finger around her pert nipples, pinching them and moaning as Chad’s tongue worked its magic.

In and out, his tongue pressed on, licking the lips of her newly deflowered pussy. Chad spread them with canlı poker oyna two fingers and nibbled delicately on the young clit that protruded there. Annie savored each moment of it, his tongue and his fingers working her into a fevered frenzy. Soon her breathing was quick and hurried; she would cum soon if she didn’t stop him. She placed her hands on Chad’s shoulders.

“Your turn,” she breathed into his ear as he stood. “I want to suck your hard cock again.”

Chad moaned in reply as Annie kneeled, back to the shower wall, and took his throbbing cock into her mouth. She started slowly this time, licking the tip of it, savoring the taste of his juices. Slowly, she licked the shaft, down to the base of his testicles. Chad groaned again.

“Oh, god,” he growled from deep in his chest. “Oh fuck yeah.”

Annie took all of it in her mouth then, all of it one swoop, enveloping his entire cock into her warm, moist, and waiting mouth. She sucked hard and pulled back repeatedly, enjoying the rhythm she was bringing to Chad. He began to face-fuck her, palms against the wall of the shower, impaling his cock into her mouth, down her throat. Annie took all of it, enjoying the way Chad’s balls hit her chin with every thrust. She loved the way his cock felt, slamming against the back of her mouth, ramming its way into her throat. She loved the way her moans of ecstasy were muffled by this monster of a man, bludgeoning her mouth.

Annie could feel Chad tensing up, his legs tightening like they had the night before. Abruptly, she pulled her head to the side, releasing his cock from her mouth. Chad looked down at her like a dog who’s food had been taken away from him—-he was rabidly close.

“I asked you to fuck me,” Annie said, standing, grabbing onto his now hot and rigidly erect cock. “So fuck me.” She turned around, face and tits to the wall, her backside rubbing into him.

Chad backed up a bit, into the direct stream of the shower and grabbed onto Annie’s young, supple ass. With one quick thrust, he pummeled into her pussy, wet with anticipation. As he began to hammer into her, Annie was pressed internet casino against the shower wall, her supple breasts nearly flattened by the force. She could almost feel her feet lift from the shower floor.

“Oh yeah,” Chad moaned. “You like the way Daddy fucks you?” He continued to pump into her, his rough hands digging into her buttocks for leverage.

“Oh yes!” Annie almost screamed. She was so close now, she could feel her pussy walls tightening. “Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck me harder!”

Chad didn’t need any more encouragement than that. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips and began to batter her with his cock, driving it as far into her tiny, tight pussy as it would go. Annie began to scream with the sheer rapture of it. She could feel her orgasm overtaking her, like a lightning rod driving straight into the ground. Soon, as though sparks were almost literally flying, she bucked back, her eyes rolling back into her head, and a loud, sensuous moan drowned out the sound of the shower.

It threw Chad over the edge. Her pussy walls tightened and contracted around his rigid, pulsing cock. It made him grit his teeth and grab onto her hips with an almost animal-like passion. Nearly growling, he pounded himself into Annie, and both he and Annie could feel his cock throb as he neared the precipice. Forgetting that she was his wife’s young daughter, Chad stiffened up, fingers dug so far into her flesh that there would surely be marks for days, he unleashed his load of hot, sticky cum deep into her pussy.

Annie sighed softly as she felt his juices flow into her. Chad relaxed and unleashed his grip on her hips, placing his hands on the wall in front of her, his head coming down to her neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses.

“Fuck, baby,” he said, words almost whisper-thin into her ear. “Fuck, you feel good.” He pulled his now limp cock from from her pussy, spent for the time-being. Annie turned to face him, her small face buried into his neck.

“So do you,” she replied. “But that shower’s out of hot water.”

Chad grinned. “Yeah, I guess there was enough steam in here anyway. Meet me in the kitchen?”

Annie planted a warm kiss on Chad’s lips. “Only if you’re cooking,” she replied, and turned off the faucet as Chad exited the tub.

Grabbing a bathrobe, she followed him out the door.

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