Ann’s Art Project Ch. 07


Ann changed into her usual jeans and shirt, stuffed the maid costume into a large bag and quickly readied herself for the day. With fresh makeup, and smelling of flowers, she dashed over to the exhibition grounds.

There she went straight to one of the restrooms and wiggled herself into the maid outfit again. The two little ‘pasties’ indeed barely covered her nipples, with a hint of color showing around the edges, but it had to do. She groaned as she checked her appearance in the mirror. Time to be brave. Ann gathered all the courage she had left and stumbled out into the large hall.

Oh god! Those stares! Time seemingly had stopped for a moment. Every eye in the entire hall seemed to ogle at her large, swaying, vulnerable breasts. She heard faint whistles, gasps, Oohs and Ahs as she made her way through the crowds.

Ann quickly found out that having no bra was only a partial solution to her tenderness-problem as she bumped repeatedly into people tits-first. She tried to get through the masses as quickly as possible, pushing people aside as she sped through the corridors. Finally, her booth!

Sue was grinning like mad when she spotted her almost-topless friend.

“Wow, you look gorgeous, Titties!”

“Did you just call me Titties?”

“Shhh… I’m speaking with your wobbly wonders!”

“Aw, come on Sue! Be serious!”

“Serious? With you being dressed like that?” Sue giggled as she lightly touched one of Ann’s swaying endowments, “Great outfit by the way!”

“Thanks… Sorry for being late. Anything happened?”

“Pretty quiet so far but I guess that will soon change. Best if you just stand next to your column and explain it to people. I’ll do the same for my video.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Ann’s daring outfit quickly drew some attention. Once people spotted her, news spread like a bush fire. Their place soon was packed with people trying to catch a glimpse of that wacko artist putting boobs on wood. Ann struggled a bit to get into her new role but soon she was talking like a pro while fending off hands that were a bit too eager to touch her ‘originals’.

Plenty of visitors asked about her motivation, about why she was so obsessed with breasts and to her own surprise the artist felt like a fish in the water as she explained herself to those strangers. She enjoyed the attention immensely.

But everything changed when that girl showed up again.

Kendra quickly inspected Ann’s work and laughed out loud. Grinning evilly, she then approached the artist, leaned close into her, and hissed, “I knew you’re a fraud!”, her blue eyes piercing through the confused young woman, anger and disgust flaring deep within them.

The angry girl suddenly reached for Ann’s almost bare breasts and grabbed one of her barely covered nipples, pulling at her engorged tips with force.

“Today, your artwork looks like boring plastic foam. No warmth, no pulse, no nothing. And even with those handles down, their color is missing that exciting red hue. Quite a letdown, don’t you think? But yesterday it was different. Yesterday I had the exact same tit in my hand, right? Right?”

Ann blushed. Pain seared through her trapped breast as the steely fingers of the fuming girl clamped down on her. “Let me go, weirdo!” Ann hissed, “You’re insane!”

“Insane?” Kendra snarled, “You’re the weirdo here! You made my friend suck on your tits! You made everyone believe your art is special! But you just like to show off your udders! You’re an exhibitionist! A sex offender!”

Ann fumed. She yanked her tit free and spat, “Leave me alone, sucker! And don’t you ever come back or I will call security!”

“Stupid, big-titted bitch!” barked the angry girl as she slapped Ann’s left breast, hard, “You’ll regret that you ever tried to fuck with me, big time! Just wait and see!”

Swearing and cursing Kendra left the booth, leaving the puzzled, hurt artist behind.

“What the hell was that?” asked Sue, just returning from a short trip to the coffee shop.

“It was that weird girl! I remember her voice! Man, that bitch is mean! She threatened me!”

“Really? What did she say?”

“She pinched my tit and said I would regret it big time!”

“Regret what?”

“I don’t know! She seemed furious though…”

“Just a stupid bitch, I guess. Nothing to be afraid of.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But her iron claw? Damn, my tit still hurts!”

“Hey, look! That’s Greg from the awards committee!”

A tall, young man approached them, a huge grin on his face.

“Wow, this must be heaven!” he laughed, “Great outfit! You must be Ann the breastist, right?”


“Breast-artist, or short ‘breastist’. Looks like my joke didn’t work all that well if I have to explain!” he smirked.

Ann giggled, “Thanks for the laugh though. Yes, I’m Ann.”

“Ooooh, I love maids! Can I take a grab?”

“Don’t you dare!” grinned Sue, “So what’s up with the awards?”

“Awards… Right, that’s why I’m here. You two got nominated for the ‘best of show’ price. Good chance bartın seks hikayeleri that you’ll win if you can make it to the ceremony. The dean put in everything he had to support you two. You should have heard him praising your projects!”

“Me too?” squeaked Sue, “My video got nominated? Really?”

“Yep! You just need to be at the ceremony tomorrow around 3pm with your art so we can properly celebrate your stunning works. It’s right at the end of the show. Press will be there, lots of important people… you name it!”

“For real? You mean, I’ll have to show my art there? At the ending ceremony?”

“Yes, that’s the deal! Well then, see you there! I have to let the other nominees know, too!”

“Damn, Sue! This is great! But also quite scary! My stomach is all butterflies!”

“Hehe, what a great achievement! We’ll be famous!”

“You think? Anyway, time to pack up and head home. Looks like the show is over for today. I’ll change to my street wear.”

“Aww… but your outfit is so cute! Can’t you keep it on for a bit? I’ll take care that nobody touches your sensitive pillows if that’s what you’re afraid of”

“Eh? You want me to go home like that? Really?”

“It’s only a few blocks anyway! I just love how your boobs sway and jiggle. Can’t stop watching them! Pretty please? For me?”

“Alright, alright. But you’ll watch out for me! And no funny tricks, OK?”

“Great!” laughed Sue, “Let’s go then! And let them jump around while walking. It looks so hot!”

“Those boobs jump around all by themselves, nothing to worry about. Just make sure no creep attacks me. These things attract them like moths to a flame!”

“No worries. Let’s get crackin’!”

Ann tried to cover her bouncy assets as much as possible as both girls sneaked outside. She gasped as the chilly evening air hit her exposed body and made her nipples hard. Her eyes dashed around wildly, trying to spot any danger that might await her. Why did she give in so easily?

“You want to get home quickly, right? so, let’s make a run!” giggled Sue and dashed off.

“Wait! WAIT!” screamed the startled artist as she tried to keep pace.

Ann had to give up her protection quickly. Holding her bouncing tits while running just didn’t work. And so she let her sore melons jump and quiver as she, too, ran as fast as she could.

Bystanders rubbed their eyes at the sight of the two girls, attracting cat calls and whistles on their way. Some people even recognized Ann as the local ‘boob artist’, and some were quick to pull their phone and post a picture or two to their social network of choice, showing a bare breasted girl dashing through the streets.

The next day, the internet as well as local newspapers and radio programs were chock full of Ann’s ‘indecent’ public behavior. Many articles mentioned her controversial artwork and debated if such a blatant display of female attributes could still be considered art or not. Public interest in Ann’s work skyrocketed and everybody and their dog wanted to get a glimpse on what all the fuss was about.

Ann did not get the news though as she had barely time to prepare for the day. She had decided to again wear a simple, white button-down shirt sans bra and a jeans for the way down to the exhibition hall and had planned to change into her maid costume as soon as she had arrived.

By the time the artist got back to the convention center, she had troubles getting through the masses of people waiting for the show to open.

“What the hell happened? Did the entire city suddenly get interested in art?” mused Ann, shaking her head in bewilderment.

“No fucking clue! This must be thousands of people!”

As they passed a newsstand, Sue caught a glimpse of the headlines and laughed, “Uh-oh! Look at that! Maybe they are here because of your little show yesterday night?”

In their usual tone, the local yellow press had titled, “Big Breasted Local ARTIST Caught RUNNING Through The Streets – WITH BARE TITS! Marketing Stunt For Controversial BOOB ART?”

Ann pulled the cap deep into her face to hide and cringed, “Fuck, of course somebody took a picture of me running, with tits bouncing like crazy, and spread it. But that even the press picked up on it? Do you really think those people are only here because they want to see my tits?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Let’s get to the staff entrance.”

The day didn’t get any better for Ann. When they arrived at their little booth, the artist screamed in shock.

“My tits! They turned black! Look at this?!”

And indeed, the plastic replica sitting in the holes of the column sported some nasty discolorations. The sides and tips of the artificial boobs had a unsightly bluish-black tone and just looked utterly horrible.

“Fuck, what now?” groaned Ann.

“Only one option. You have to get into that thing again and quick! If you want to show your unblemished ‘art’ to the unwashed masses that is.”

“Not again!” squeaked Ann, “I had enough excitement for a while! What if that devious nutter-girl returns?”

“Ann! You have no other option! Didn’t you see those people waiting outside? Do you want to present those ugly, discolored plastic tits to them? And remember, there will be the contest ceremony today and you are one of the nominees!”

“Shit. You’re absolutely right. No choice… Ugh, but please have an eye on me, OK?”

“You used to enjoy this part, Ann! Just relax and lean back, indulge in those groping hands, let them massage your cravings away! And no worries, I’ll be on the watch for that crazy girl. Now, get in there, sweetie! Quick!”

Ann sighed as she handed her bag with the maid outfit to Sue.

“Guess I won’t need this today then.”

She slipped out of her shirt and jeans while Sue removed the replicas. Ann dumped everything in the empty column with all her other stuff. With bare breasts, inadequately covered by her squeezed arms she climbed up the ladder and vanished in the dark, hollow object once again. And soon, two pinkish globes appeared at the holes, tugged into the open by whirring motors.

“Ugh, I think I’m stuck!” complained the hidden girl as she squeezed her breasts against the openings.

“That’s how it should be. Nothing wrong with that!”

“No, I mean my tits are not through. They’re jammed or something. Can you help me?”

Sue inspected the soft globes carefully. They indeed seemed to be slightly smaller than before. She grabbed one of the hard nipples between thumb and forefinger and yanked at the stuck balloon sharply.


“I think this did it. Everything through?”

“Ouch, that was mean! Let me check…” Ann let her finger trace around the ribcage, “Yep, I think I’m all set on this side.”

“Brace yourself, other side incoming!” grinned Sue as she reached for the second nipple.

“Ouch! Damn, girl? Bit more careful, please?”

“But it worked, didn’t it?”

“Sure, it worked alright, but…”

“Shhh someone is coming!”

“Who? Who is coming? The exhibition hasn’t opened yet, has it?”

“No, still a few minutes to go. It’s a group of maintenance guys. They bring… what the hell is that? Looks like barriers or something.”


“Yeah, like those at airports and stuff. For queueing, you know? And they are heading right for our little place!”

“Are you serious?”

Sue was serious indeed.

“Shhh, let’s see what they’re up to. Just stay quiet, Ann.”

The men whistled joyfully as they set up the barriers around the booth.

“Finally, a piece of art I can relate to!” laughed one of the men as he pulled a post in place.

“Yeah, most of this stuff is plain boring but that girl’s work really is something. Those nice juicy tits… Did you feel them up already?”

“Not yet, not yet. But I heard they are pretty close to the real thing.”

“As close as it gets. You really should give those a proper workout. Take a handful and see for yourself. Let them jump and jiggle! We still have a bit of time.”

The two men walked over to the pair of breasts while Sue pretended to work on her video installation. One of them put his hands on the taut twins.

“Wow, those feel incredible!”

“Slap them around a bit. They move just like the real thing!”

Ann felt a sharp sting on her left breast, followed by another hard blow on the right. From all the pulling and tugging, it was obvious that her tits bounced and quivered quite a bit on the other side of the wood. She tried desperately not to groan in pain.

“Hey, what do you think you are doing?” the hidden artist heard her friend shout.

“Just appreciating your art!” laughed the rude man, “I have to say I really like this sculpture!”

Another slap, this time even harder.

“Stop it, you fool! No slapping! Pull and knead all you like, but don’t fucking slap it! You’re damaging the sculpture! Did you see all those people outside? They only came here to experience this work, so don’t spoil it for god’s sake! Just get on with whatever you are supposed to do! What is this stuff anyway?”

“Crowd control measures. Higher-ups got nervous with all those people showing up, so we are supposed to set up some of these barriers so that everything gets done in an orderly fashion. Hope your ‘art’ will survive the eager hands of all those people!” the worker chuckled.

“It’s not my art, it’s Ann’s! But don’t you dare damaging it! She will be furious and you’ll be in for a hell of troubles!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Shoot, that manager-jerk is approaching! Stop the fondling pal, we have some work to do!”

“Awww, you said we still have time!”

“Not anymore! That fat ass is coming our way! Come on, get cracking!”

His partner gave Ann’s taut boobs a final squeeze and sighed, “Alright, alright.”

“Hey Sue, what’s going on?” whispered a breathless Ann from within the column, “I just felt those rough hands fondling me and…”

“Shhh… somebody else is approaching. My, this guy looks important. He is dressed in some sort of tail coat. A bow tie! He wears a fucking bow tie! And that big-ass mustache! Ridiculous! And he’s so fat!”

“What? Who’s this? What is he doing here?”

“I don’t know! Just keep silent and let me handle this, OK?”

Ann sighed, “Not much choice, right? I trust you, Sue, but please screw up.”

“Of course. Now shush. He’s almost here.”

The strange man entered their small booth, huffing and puffing from his little walk. With his head red and sweaty, he looked at the workers skeptically and yelled, “Didn’t I tell you to set up the queuing guidance so that there are two rows? One ending in front of the right breast and one on the left? This needs to be handled as efficiently as possible! And make those queues more narrow. We don’t have that much space!”

He turned around, “And who are you?”

“Sue, I’m Sue. I did this hatching video here. And I’m filling in for Ann who did this column while she’s away.”

“What a pity, what a pity…”

“What do you mean?”

“That the artist is not present. I really need to talk a few things through with her. She is so popular now! The evening news yesterday… I must say she is a very talented artist. And so controversial. I like her piece, I really do. Those breasts look so… But the management is very nervous. Very, very nervous. Everybody is afraid of the publicity. Very afraid. They are not used to such a… But they look so good, don’t they! I really should experience them, too, shouldn’t I? I’m the site manager after all. It’s my duty to make sure everything is run in an orderly fashion, isn’t it?”

He stepped to the column and reached for Ann’s bloated breasts.

“Such a nice work. They are so springy! So pleasant to touch! Perfection… pure perfection! The breasts I usually get to experience are more flabby and much, much smaller. And not so springy! I love that springiness! These are just lovely! Absolutely lovely! Now, where did I… Yes, yes, so the artist is away… Uhmmm… uhmmm… But I really need to… They have nominated both of you for the ‘best of show’ award, haven’t they?”

“Yes!” beamed Sue, remembering the pleasant surprise.

“So it is of utmost importance that the sculpture doesn’t get damaged!”

Sue nodded profusely, “Yes indeed! It would be a shame if…”

“But on the other hand we want to provide the audience with a unique and very interactive experience, especially now that the press is all over us because of this stunning work of art.”

“Interactive experience?”

“Yes, yes. We want the people to truly experience this lovely sculpture, don’t we? So they should touch and feel this magnificent objects, no?”

“Sure! Absolutely!”

“But also they need to be careful. This is very important! I have decided that I personally will keep watch over this place and remind everyone that they need to be respectful towards this fantastic piece. But I need to know just how sturdy this work is, so I can judge what level of interaction is still alright. But only the artist knows for sure, no?”

“Oh, I would say this piece is very sturdy indeed!” smirked Sue, “It can take quite a beating and will still be fine!”

“Really? So if, say, someone would squeeze them like this…” he demonstrated how people presumably would squeeze Ann’s breasts, “Or maybe pull them like this…” he yanked the two globes hard, “Would this be fine with the artist?”

“Like this you mean?” smiled Sue and pulled sharply at Ann’s other tit, “I think that’s alright. Ann told me once that her work is pretty much indestructible if handled properly, so I think you can allow lots of interactivity. Just make sure nobody slaps it too hard or scratches the surface or uses some dangerous tools on them.”


“Knives, lighters,…”

“Oh, absolutely. So no hard slapping or scratching… What about sucking and kissing?”

“That’s fine, I think.”

“But the health… this may be a health hazard! If thousands of people kiss something… We need some sanitizers! Maybe we should put up some hand sanitizers here?”

“Good idea!” chuckled Sue, “And you should really encourage people to experience Ann’s work. Tell them to squish the sculpture, to tickle it, to… do whatever they like. This makes them relate to the artwork right?”

“Exactly, exactly. They should experience this lovely piece as much as possible. So, sanitizers…I assume you will be presenting the video?”

Sue nodded, “But I will also have an eye on Ann’s work.”

“Please do, please do. I have to ask you to respect my authority though. Any communication with the audience needs to come from me and only me! I’m representing the host of this exhibition and am responsible for this event, so if you see anything that bothers you or endangers the artwork, please report to me immediately.”

Sue nodded. What a pretentious jerk. The smug man looked at his watch, sighed, and barked “Will you please set up the barriers the way I told you? We have only 5 minutes left!”

He marched over to the puzzled workers to show them just how they should set up the barriers and guidance systems. The two men then reluctantly followed his instructions and moved the metal barriers into place.

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