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My flight was leaving early Monday morning and there was a report that we could get measurable snow the night before. I would often get a hotel before a flight just to get few extra hours of sleep, instead of driving to the airport the morning of. Although getting a hotel was not in my thoughts this time, however at the last minute I had a change of heart and decided to get a room so I did not have to drive in the snow and possibly miss my flight.

I reached out to the hotel that I would normally stay at, They had only a few rooms left on the first floor, I decided to take one. I wasn’t gonna be there long anyways.

I packed all my final stuff, ate dinner with the family and decided to head out to the hotel. I arrived at 8:00pm or so, the snow had just started falling, I grabbed my two pieces of luggage and headed inside to check into my room. I was given my room key, room 104. I purchased two bottles of water from the front desk and took a short walk to my room. The room was quite nice, with a sofa and king size bed. I threw my luggage on the sofa and decided to open my computer to check on some work emails. Nothing was pressing so I decided to check out some vehicles for sale on craigslist. While I was looking and saw nothing I was interested in, I decide to meander into the personals (when they had them) I clicked on M2M, I was reading and getting a bit aroused, I could feel the wetness on my underwear, the precum was flowing at this point. I squeezed my penis and a large droplet of sweetness oozed out. I grabbed it with my finger tip and slid my finger down to my ass, the sensation was just amazing.

I was so horny and nervous just thinking about what I was about to do. I put up an ad on the M2M craigslist page, STAYING AT AIRPORT HOTEL, LOOKING TO SUCK OR FUCK. I debated for about 45 minutes if I should do it. After all that debating and calculating my risks, I decided to hit the POST button. I had butterflies in my stomach, the same feeling when I first had sex with my high school girlfriend. The thoughts running through my mind. I needed to shower. I needed to get cleaned up. All I had was the shower and two bottles of water from the front desk.

I took a steaming hot shower, all the time thinking I should take down my post. But before I could do that I heard my email starting to ding. The responses were rolling in; from will you be there tomorrow, can you meet me someplace else, do you swallow. My mind was going crazy, I was thinking to myself, holy shit this just might happen. After I got out of the shower and dried off, put on some clean underwear, I got an email that looked to be promising.

“Bi-WM clean, just looking to help a bud out, let me know if you are interested, I can be there in 25 minutes, What hotel and room?” He attached a picture of his erect penis, pictures sometimes tell another story but this seemed like he had at least 8 inches and THICK.

I decided to respond to him, “this was a last minute thing, can you bring condoms and lube?”

He quickly replied “I will leave now and grab em, I am clean, have that ass up, clean and ready and I will take it from there.”

Now I am thinking to myself who is this guy, 10:30 at night, snowing like a bitch outside, is this guy for real?

I responded back “have you got a face picture you can share with me?”

His response “I sent you my picture, 8 inches, cut and thick, if you want to do this let me know, just two buds helping each other out.”

I pondered, do I do this or not…what seemed like hours of debating in my head.

I responded “OK lets fuck, room 104”

“OK i’ll be there in 30 minutes” he responded.

Now in my porno izle mind I am thinking I am committing to this. What am I committing to? A blow job? Anal sex? Does he have a gun? Is he gonna do something to me other than what I asked for? All the thoughts ran through my head, it felt like time stood still but it didn’t, I had no idea how fast 30 minutes can go.

Suddenly there was knock on my door. My heart was pounding. All the lights were off. I looked through the peep hole, not sure why, I knew who was at the door and why he was there, I asked a stranger to come to my hotel room to fuck me. And he is here now to do just that.

I opened the door. He was a bit taller than me. Thin with some facial hair, probably stood about 5’11`” I am 5’9″, he was thinner than me, I guess I am more of cub.There was very little small talk. We shook hands, not sure why but I did take notice that his hands were rather manly and strong. He was in the room for no longer than a minute when I just decided without prompt to get undressed. I started walking toward the bed, he was behind me, I was down to my birthday suit, suddenly I felt him push me on to the corner of the bed. I was scared at this point but also excited. As I landed on the bed I stopped myself with my hands from falling face first. But all that did was show him my bare ass cheeks. He quickly and firmly squeezed my cheeks with both his hands, He was groaning as he squeezed.

He told me in quiet whisper, “I’m gonna lick that pussy.”

All I got out of my mouth was “uhuh”

He got undressed. He moved to me. I felt his cock against my leg, it too was dripping with precum, it was rock hard and the picture was correct. This thing was big. Then I felt it, his tongue on my asshole. OMG the feeling was like no other. I felt my body shuttering, similar to my wifes body when I would eat her pussy and finger her at the same time. Now I knew how she felt. Apparently that was just the beginning. I was on the corner of bed, holding myself with my elbows, my feet on the floor, legs spread and a mans face, that I only saw through the peep hole, was buried between my ass cheeks tongue fucking my ass. This was insane.

Moment later it really got insane. My ass was relaxed from the 8 minute tongue massage i just receive. There and then I felt it, a finger was pressing at the opening of my ass. I took a deep breath, as I exhaled I relaxed my body the best I could. Then it happened, his finger opened my hole and penetrated me. Gentle he was, slow in and slow out, not deep at all, maybe half his finger. I started moving with his hand, I was pushing myself deeper onto his finger. He started to pick up the pace and move that finger faster in and out. I felt like my ass was being fingered like I would do to my wife. I begged him for more, then he gave me two fingers. I felt him stretching my hole, he spit on it and I was able to take both fingers all the way.

At this point my body had succumbed to this man, in my hotel room, both naked, hadn’t seen his face or his body,. felt his body against mine. I hadn’t even wrapped my hand around his cock. He withdrew his two fingers.

Flat on my stomach on the bed, feet still on the ground, my legs are shaking,, I could barely hold myself up. He proceeded to get up from the kneeling position which gave him a great angle to finger fuck me and he was able to get a good look at my ass. He hoisted me onto the bed from my hips. There I was on all fours. My ass has been eaten and fingered leaving me a wet fuck hole. I knew what was coming next.

“You ready for my cock bitch, you wanna get fucked like a little slut”

I could feel his cock rubbing porno up and down my crack lightly touching my hole each time, my hips were moving like I was trying to line the head of his tool up with my ass. It felt right each time he slid over it. I timed my breathing to relax my muscles so the next time I felt him come close to my opening I would let him inside. I was in a euphoric state. Suddenly just as the moment was there, I realized, no condom. I stopped him and demanded he put the condom on, actually, I decided to roll it on. Not trusting he would actually accept my request. He threw the condom at me. It was in a black wrapper. The ambient light leaking in from the blinds lit up the room ever so slightly…MAGNUM. I recognized the black and gold wrapper. I opened the packaged and pulled out a condom that I certainly would have never used. My penis is just average.

I remind you, this encounter has been going on for the better part of 15 minutes. When I realized this dude actually threw me Magnum condom, My thoughts ran wild again. I need to feel that thing with my own hands. When turned around to put it on, it was Longer and thicker than I thought. Rock hard at least 8 inches long and as thick as a redbull can. My thoughts of this guy putting his dick in my ass, I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it, but I thought to myself, fuck it I’ve gone this far. I rolled the condom to the base of his shaft. I removed my hands and returned back my position, face down, ass up.


He grabbed the bottle of lube. Poured a stream of it on the top of my crack. He pushed some in with his finger and used his cock to move the rest of it to my now called pussy. I felt the tip of his thick, veiny wrapped dick push against me. I tightened up and did not allow him to enter. He slid his cock around my hole a little more until I started moving with him, we were in sync. My hip circles got smaller as I was ready to take it. I felt it line up again to his target. I put my head down and lifted my hips a bit to meet him. His hands firmly held my hips. I started to push against him, he felt me. His strong hands pulled me closer to him, it was happening.

Slowly together we worked to get his cock in me. I felt a pop if you will. His penis, a man I could not recognize in a line up, a stranger, no name, just a craigslist email, has just taken his penis and penetrated my ass. I layed there breathing heavily and further relaxing myself with each breath I took.

He pushed further, then would pull out to just to his head, then push back in, maybe 6 or 7 times he did this. I was past the moment of return. I was was moaning in pleasure the deeper he went each time. the room was quiet except for my moaning. I wanted more from him.

I said “FUCK ME DADDY, fuck your little bitch”.

Well that was the words he needed to hear. He added some more lube and went to town on me. LIKE POUND TOWN. He mounted me, both of us now on the bed, ME still taking him from behind. He stood on the bed and drove his cock so deep in me I swear I could feel him in my stomach. My quiet moans turned to girlish screams. I was begging for me.

“harder, fuck me harder”

He listened to my demand, so much so, that he was pushing me across the king size bed. He was relentless, but I took it all. It made me want more. I wanted him to transform my ass into a pussy. He was well on his way.

As he pushed me across the bed, we were running out of room and had to reposition. I felt him pull out of me. There was a feeling of warmth. Something rokettube different as he withdrew. I realized he came in the condom, he filled it up. I felt the warmth of his cum in the condom. I wanted more. I didn’t want him to be done.

He sat on the floor, his back against the bed. He told me to sit on his face. I straddled his face and he began to eat my pussy. Thats what it was after he fucked me. He turned my ass into a pussy and he was eating it out. There he went again, fingering my pussy. But man did his finger feel different than 40 minutes ago when I felt them for the first time.

I thought “wow he really fucked me, opened me up”, his fingers were sliding so easily in and out of me, like I had wet pussy. I enjoyed it. He got three fingers in me and I wanted his whole fist. I could feel my lips were swollen, and puffy, my ass protruding. I could feel that, but the smoothness of his fingers was so amazing. I did not want him to stop. He licked my pussy a bit more, making my quiver like when my wife orgasms. I felt like a slut, his bitch.

From underneath me he asked “you want more bitch, you wanna be fucked like a slut.”

I said “yes please I want a lot more.”

He got up to his feet and again repositioned me on the bed, my feet on floor, my stomach flat on the bed. He grabbed my hips and sent his cock right back in. Only this time it felt different. Was I loose? Was I relaxed? Nope. I reached back to feel him in my pussy, What I felt was his cock, hot, wet and BARE. I wanted to stop but I quickly realized what I was feeling. His fingers were smoother, his cock went in easier. He unloaded his condom with his fingers and lubed me up.

Again I wanted to stop him but at this point it was already too late. After I felt his bare cock, I had a different mindset. I wanted to feel him unload in me. I gave him the go ahead after a brief pause of me realizing what had happened. I push back on that bare prick and allowed him to FUCK ME like a rag doll. I mean I got fucked. They could probably hear me screaming at the front desk. I just kept telling him to fuck me, He did for another 15 minutes

My pussy was sore at this point, his cum was frothing on his dick. It was time, I needed to be done.

I said “I can’t take anymore, fill me up daddy, cum in my pussy, i want to feel it, give it to me, DO IT cum in me.”

The dirty talk got to him, and within moments of me yelling at him, he gave it to me.

He told me “here it cums, I am cumming in your cunt” and he groaned like a bear as he pulled me into him. I felt it, his cum was filling my cunt. A man I have never met before, just came in my ass. His sperm swimming around inside me.

He stayed inside me for a few moments. I felt his dick soften inside me, he pulled out. I stayed on the bed as he grabbed a towel to clean himself up. He got dressed and went to the door to exit.

He asked “are you ok”

I replied “uh yeah, other than the stream of cum pouring out my ass.”

“Ass” he said “don’t you mean your pussy.”

He chuckled and walked out the door.

I didn’t from that position for about five minutes. I could not believe what just happened. I was just ass fucked by a stranger. I never not his name or a good look at his face. He certainly got a good look at me.

The sperm was dripping out of me like leaking faucet. I reached back underneath to feel the juices. What I felt was a gaping hole, swollen, no longer sensitive to my touch. I slid a finger to feel more, but all that did was release more cum.

The amount of cum that dripped out of me for the next few hours was unbelievable. it seemed to never stop. As I was walking through the Philadelphia airport to get to my connecting flight I felt a bubble of cum ooze out. 8 hours later I was still leaking and probably walking a little different.

I never saw or heard from him again.

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