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Click the link below to make a Donation. http://donate./donate.html And now, onto the story 🙂 ————————– Up until about ten years ago, my life was – for lack of a better word – shit! I had just turned 40, had to declare bankruptcy – both personal and business – causing my wife of fifteen years to leave me, not to mention a bunch of “friends” who “finally figured out how big a loser I was” – their words, not mine. I was also about 80 pounds overweight and to just barely survive, I was washing dishes in a shitty diner for hardly minimum wage. Suffice it to say, I had some difficult choices to make concerning my life and my health – both mental and physical. After living like this for about a year, I woke up one morning and decided I had to – no, needed to – change everything. The first thing I did was to put a lot of distance between myself and my old life, so I moved very far away from everything and everyone. That part wasn’t too difficult as I didn’t really have any close friends to leave behind and, as my ex and I had never had children, and both my parents were passed on, I wasn’t leaving behind any loved ones. I then lived in a tiny room in a run-down boarding house for about five months until I got my new entrepreneurial business off the ground. I also began to lose a lot of weight – partly from not having much of an appetite – but mostly due to my walking everywhere in this new “urban jungle” I chose to reinvent myself in. The biggest change (there were two) though – at least for me – was moving into a 20 storey high rise where I could be as anonymous as I wanted to be or as neighbourly as I needed to be. This change was HUGE for me as I had always lived in my own home and would make fun of those who didn’t or couldn’t afford to. Yeah…I was a dick back then! What I began to love about the apartment building – apart from its modern styling’s and great neighbourhood – was that it also had a roof-top pool/sauna which I would visit twice a day to facilitate my weight loss (there’s nothing better than a hot, steamy sauna after a vigorous swim). And like most urban area apartment buildings, there were a lot of families from diverse cultural backgrounds living there. On any given day I would see a variety of boys – both teen and preteen – using the pool for both fun and exercise. As such, I would always try and catch glimpses of the boys as they frolicked in and out of the water. I kept my peeping at a minimum though so as to not come across creepy…or worse. So, as I mentioned above there were TWO major changes that took place in my life on a more personal level. The first was apartment living, and the second…was that my love of boys returned with a vengeance. Truth be told I had always been a boy lover as far back as I could remember – even when I was a boy myself – but as I became an adult, married and with my own successful business, I needed to put that part of me deep into the recesses of my mind. I wasn’t going to live a double life like so many we hear about these days and while it was extremely hard at first to disown that part of myself, it became easier as the days, weeks, months and years unfolded. Now that I was my own person again, my love for boys came back stronger than ever. This didn’t mean that I would act upon my love for young males, just that I would be more acutely aware of their presence in all that I did. Case in point: I had been living in the building for about three months when I spotted a most beautiful African American boy swimming by himself. Normally, the kids in the pool were accompanied by a parent or two but this youngin’, who looked to be no more than ten, was all on his own. And while there were a bunch of other kids around his age playing and having a ball, he seemed to like the solitude of swimming alone or maybe was just too shy to join in. Well, after sneaking as many glances as I could, I decided to head back downstairs to my apartment. As I quickly showered off the chlorine in the men’s small but comfortable changing area – swim trunks still on – the black boy walked in and sat down, waiting for me to finish up. I gave him an acknowledging nod which he didn’t return but stared down at the floor. At one point I thought I caught him looking over at me a few times but I wasn’t sure. As I stepped out of the shower stall, I smiled at him and said, “It’s all yours” as I headed into the sauna. He glanced up at me and shyly replied “Thanks”. I so wanted to engage him in conversation at that point but felt it better that I just let him be. I was also hoping that he would join me in the sauna but no such luck. That night I had my first wet dream of that smooth, light milk chocolate skinned boy (think mixed race) – which for me – was monumental for a number of reasons. The first being that my libido had severely crashed after the divorce and all that had happened to me prior to my taking back control. I hadn’t even begun to think about dating, let alone becoming a sexual being again. And while it seemed like forever since I woke up with morning wood covered in my own ejaculate, I did so that morning. I almost cried! It felt wonderful and if I could have run around the building showing off my dripping meat, I would have happily done so! Suffice it to say, I was just happy to have the memory of the wet dream still floating in my mind and as I showered and shaved and I hoped that I would again see the boy responsible for my having to launder my new sheets so quickly 🙂 Well as you can probably imagine, I was super excited to head back up to the pool and this time I was determined to at least say hello and introduce myself to him. As I made my way to the pool via the changing room I quickly glanced over the area in all directions, but alas, he was nowhere to be seen. Of course there were a bunch of other boys – and girls – playing in the water, but for some reason I was only interested in my (wet) dream boy. I stuck around and did a bunch of laps, but after an hour or so, figuring that he wasn’t gonna be there, I left, more than slightly discouraged. The rest of the day seemed to lag on and after a light supper, I headed back to the pool, once again optimistic that I would see him, and once again disappointed that I didn’t. This became the norm for the next few days and I wondered if I would ever see him again. Maybe he didn’t even live in the building but was just a guest of someone who did. Thankfully, in the middle of the forth day I got my answer. I spotted him immediately as he opened the changing room door to walk inside the pool area. Just under five feet, his smooth, hairless – except for the short dreadlocks adorning his head – and light brown skinned body still had a small layer of baby fat which for some reason added to his sweetness. You know, the kind of baby fat that school kids would make fun of but boy-lovers would embrace without so much as a second thought. He was also wearing a pretty skimpy swim suit which looked more like the bottom of a woman’s bikini than one made for a boy. I quickly glanced at his crotch and noticed a firm outline snaking up towards his belly but quickly looked away for obvious reasons. As he jumped into the pool I so wanted to swim up to him and say “hey, wassup?” But I didn’t. He seemed to be all business in the front crawl laps he was doing and I was pretty sure that the last thing he wanted was for me to get in the way of his enjoyment/exercise. I watched him for a few minutes and then decided that maybe I should just go. My wanting to get to know him probably wasn’t a healthy thing for me to be doing at this time of my life, and to be honest, I didn’t know what I would do, or what I COULD do, even if I tried. After all, this was someone’s ten year old son I was perving after and I felt a little – no – a lot of guilt, so I got out of the pool and walked into the changing area to rinse off. As the water blasted the chlorine off of my body, I heard the door open and turned around to see my dream boy enter. Without a glance towards me he sat down on the wooden bench and – I assumed – was sakarya escort waiting for me to finish up, much like a few days ago. My heart started pounding a lot faster as I decided to see if I could engage him in some form of conversation – despite my previous guilty feelings. Looking right at him – his eyes glued to the floor – I nervously spoke. “Hello. Uhhh…I won’t be long.” The boy, not looking up, replied “ok”. “The water was great today don’t ya think?” I asked, almost kicking myself for sounding so lame! The boy didn’t look up or verbally reply but he did shrug his shoulders so I thought “well, that’s something at least”. As I stepped out of the shower stall I decided to go for broke as I walked up to him and extended my hand. “Hi, I’m Jeremy.” He didn’t reach for my hand nor look up but I did hear him softly say “Jahmal”. “Jahmal? That’s your name?” I asked, just to make sure. And yes, that’s how he spelled his name. Without looking up he nodded his head. “Dang,” I thought, “this kid is really shy!” “Well it’s great to meet you Jahmal. Hope to see you again soon.” Once again he shrugged his shoulders and I turned to leave. As I walked out the door, and without turning back, I said “bye Jahmal. Have a good day!” I heard him walk over to the shower stall as he timidly replied “okay”. As I rode the elevator down to my floor I was feeling more wonderful than I had felt in a very, very long time. My heart was still beating quickly and there was an energy coursing through my body that I couldn’t quite figure out. Truth be told, if I had never seen Jahmal again, well…the way he made me feel…that was more than enough for me. He truly made me feel more alive than I’ve felt within the past twenty years and I silently thanked him for that. That night, trying to recreate the wet dream of a few nights ago, I slowly jerked myself while fantasizing about Jahmal and how life would be like if the world was a completely different place and open to the desires of boy-lovers everywhere.——-The next morning I woke early and I had a nice erection to fondle thanks in large part to Jahmal’s being in the same building as I was. However, there was no slick evidence of any wet dream, which was fine with me as I did not feel like doing laundry yet again. After attending to my usual bathroom and morning rituals, I made my way up to the swimming pool in hopes that I would see Jahmal again. Sadly he was not there and so I spent about an hour swimming laps and sitting around in hopes that he would show up. Alas, after an hour and a half there was no Jahmal so I went back to my apartment, showered and got dressed. I did feel a bit silly because really, I had no idea if he had a routine swimming schedule or not. I mean apart from his name and physical appearance, I knew nothing at all about him. As it was still early enough, I decided to head out for breakfast. Grabbing my keys I happened to glance at my reflection in the full-length mirror near my door. “Not bad at all” I thought as I stepped out, locking the door behind me and headed to the elevator. The weight loss was a God-send and the walking and swimming was doing wonders for toning me up. I wasn’t Brad Pitt, but I could hold my own I thought. Such thoughts were going through my mind as the elevator door slid open. As I walked in, my heart skipped a beat as Jahmal, standing there beside a young-ish looking woman, looked at me and then quickly looked down at the floor. I instinctively said “Hi Jahmal” and instantly regretted it as the woman beside him gave me a “WTF” look. No one said a word and the descent to the ground floor seemed to last way longer than usual. As the elevator door opened I motioned for both Jahmal and the woman – who I assumed was his mother – to go ahead of me. She grabbed Jahmal’s hand and almost dragged him out. As I passed them on the way to the front door I heard her ask Jahmal – not too discreetly either – “Do you KNOW that man! Why does he KNOW your God damn name!? Is this going to be another…” I felt bad for Jahmal and as I didn’t want it to seem too obvious that I was listening in I sped up and quickly walked past them. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hear her last question or his response. The rest of the day kept me busy with errands and work and I was glad for the distraction. After dinner however, Jahmal’s beautiful but sad face haunted me and I decided to see if he would be up at the pool. I made my way to the pool deck and was very happy to see a familiar body swimming back and forth. As I quietly slipped into the pool, I realized that – with the exception of an older gentleman – it was just Jahmal and I in the pool. A most definite rare occurrence indeed. I took the opportunity to sit on a deck chair and gaze at Jahmal’s wonderful form as he swam back and forth alternating between mostly front crawls and side strokes. It dawned on me that while many kids his age would mostly just bounce around and splash in the pool, Jahmal seemed to be taking his swimming very seriously and I began to wonder if maybe he was working on becoming a competitive swimmer. Now, I’m not saying that I am a great swimmer, but I used to be on a swim team when I was a junior and I did really well. Of course that was way back in the day but with practice, I could probably be more than just an ok swimmer. So it was with great interest that I began studying Jahmal’s technique. I must have been watching him swim a little more attentively than I thought because after a few minutes I realized that the older guy that was there was now nowhere to be seen and we were alone. Taking the opportunity, I waved at Jahmal and smiled as he swam by me. I wasn’t sure if he saw me as he kept on doing his laps and as I didn’t want it to seem too obvious that I was watching him intently, I decided to head to the bathroom for a pee break as my bladder was calling out for relief. This particular changing room did not have any urinals so I had to use one of the two bathroom stalls offered. Figuring that I was alone, I didn’t bother closing the door as I lowered my swim suit to let it rip! As the last drops were released I began to shake my dick clean, and yes…maybe I was shaking it a little too much. That’s when I heard the door open and the sound of wet bare feet making their way into the room. I quickly let go of my dick and awkwardly grabbed for my swim suit to pull up. “Oh! Sorry…” I instantly recognized the sweet, shy voice of Jahmal and as I pulled up my swim suit, I realized that he got a good look of my bare back side. I turned around quickly and gave him a sly smile. “Sorry Jahmal. I thought I was alone and really needed to pee!” Instead of Jahmal’s usual looking down at the floor I couldn’t help but notice that he was looking directly at my crotch, which for some strange reason was stiff as a board and trying to poke out of the thin fabric that concealed it from the world. I looked at Jahmal and shrugged my shoulders. “Sorry dude. Sometimes it has a mind of its own!” I chuckled nervously which caused Jahmal to look up at me and chuckle as well. “Mine too sometimes,” replied Jahmal, and for the first time, I saw him smile. It was a beautiful smile adorning a most angelic face and I was happy to see that he could smile and potentially be a happy boy. At least that was my hope. As we both stood there in silence, I decided to throw caution to the wind. “Did you have a good swim?” I asked, hoping that he would open up. He shrugged his young shoulders and said, “It was ok I guess.” “Cool” was all that came out of my mouth and as we stood there in the deafening silence I went “all in”! “Hey look…uhhmmm…I’m gonna head into the sauna and if you wanna come in too that would be cool. Totally up to you though Jahmal.” Jahmal just shrugged his shoulders and looked over towards the sauna door and pointed. “In there?” he asked. I nodded my head and once again told him that it was totally up to him. “I don’t know…I…” I held up my hands. “No problem Jahmal. I’m gonna go in ’cause it helps me relax after a swim and it kinda feels good to sweat. Have you ever been in the sauna before?” He nodded his head. “Did you like it?” I asked. “It was ok. Some men were kind of naked though, which was weird.” I smiled knowingly. “I understand. Well I am going to keep my swim trunks on and I have a towel, like you do, to cover up. Anyway, look, it’s cool if you don’t want to. You should never do what you don’t want to do!” “I know,” he shrugged. “My mom tells me that all the time.” “She’s a good mom then. Was that the lady you were with you in the elevator?” He nodded his head. As we stood there in silence, I could tell that Jahmal was working things out in his head and it was then that I wished I was a mutant mind-reader, but alas, all I had to go with was his verbal decision and body language. As I didn’t want to make him any more uncomfortable I decided to just let it go. “Ok young man. Well, I am going in. I’ll see ya when samsun escort I see ya!” And with that said, I grabbed my towel and headed towards the sauna door. “Ok! I’m coming with…” I turned and gave Jahmal a huge smile. “Cool dude!” I said as I opened the door to the sauna, motioning to him a “after you” wave of my arm. He stepped in and I followed. My heart was thumping but I kept it together. Actually, turns out I didn’t have a choice as I recognized the older guy who was in the pool earlier sitting there. He gave us an “I want to be alone” look which I totally understood because that’s what I was feeling as well. Thankfully our mere presence was enough to annoy him and in a few minutes he was walking out the door in somewhat of a huff. I turned to Jahmal and jokingly whispered “Thank God he’s gone!” Jahmal, sitting there with his oversized towel wrapped around his waist, started to laugh. It was good to see and hear. That seemed to break the silence and as we sat there in the dimly lit room, we both began chatting about the building…how long we had lived there and so on. Turns out his mom and him had only been there for a short period of time and while he liked the building – especially the swimming pool – he wasn’t sure if his mom liked it. We also talked about pets, what grade he was in, the fact that he hated school and how old he was, which happened to be eleven. As we warmed up to each other – literally and figuratively, ’cause we were in a freekin’ sauna y’all – I noticed that he had removed his towel and was just sitting there in his swim suit. His light chocolate body glistened with sweat and he looked insanely scrumptious. Following his lead, I removed my towel as well and sat a little closer to him on the sauna bench. He looked over at me and I was worried about how he would react. His smile however gave me hope that all was ok and we continued to chat. I told him how great a swimmer I thought he was and if he swam with a school swim team? “Nope” was his reply, he just loved to swim. I recounted to him about my youthful swim days and said that I would love to show him some things if he was interested. He smiled and nodded his head. “That would be cool Jeremy,” he remarked. “Wow!!” I thought. “He remembered my name!” How cool was that. “You remembered my name!” I said. He smiled up at me, nodding his head. I was extremely happy and without thinking, slid right beside him. Our legs touched and he looked up at me. His eyes seemed to question my movement but his leg stayed right beside mine without moving. “Ooops…sorry…” I smiled nervously while moving my leg away from his. “That’s ok,” he replied…a hint of a smile appearing around the corners of his sweet, delectable mouth. “Cool,” I said as I moved my leg back to touch his. As he looked up at me our eyes met and a surge of the tinglies swept throughout my entire body. I had never felt this way before and I had to remind myself that this boy was only eleven and that I needed to be careful…for both our sake. With our eyes still locked I asked Jahaml – somewhat nervously – if he wanted to leave and go back home. I could see him think through my question and then he shook his head and softly said “No. I like it here. With you.” I was thoroughly moved by his admittance and responded by gently touching his cheek. “Me too Jahmal, me too.” Jahmal reached for my hand and pressed it alongside the right side of his face. I leaned in closer and gently slid my free hand down the opposite side of his face. As if on auto-pilot my head moved towards his and I softly kissed his forehead, which was covered in a thin veil of warm perspiration. I spoke tenderly near his ear. “Was that ok?” I asked, unsure of what his answer would be. He nodded his head. I smiled and then kissed his forehead again. “Was that also ok?” I asked. His smile grew bigger as he nodded yes. I then kissed him on the nose and asked the same question. He giggled and nodded more animatedly. Feeling bolder than I had ever hoped, I kissed his left check close to his mouth. “Was that ok?” I asked. He nodded. Then I kissed his right cheek, this time touching a little bit of his mouth. “That one?” He nodded. I then kissed his chin. “That one?” He nodded. I then delicately kissed him full on the lips. I half expected him to push me away but he didn’t. “How about that one? Was that ok?” He looked at me with a look I’ve never seen before…it wasn’t a bad look…but definitely new to me. “I don’t know,” was his response. I should quit while I’m ahead I thought but decided to try one more time. If he didn’t like it I promised myself that I would stop and apologize. As I leaned in to kiss his soft lips again, I paused and quietly asked if I could kiss his lips one more time, just to be safe. He thought for a second and then said “Okay”. I did so and kept my lips on his for a few seconds longer than previously. I could taste his sweat and sweetness and it was intoxicating. As I removed my lips from his I once again asked if it was ok. He nodded his reply. “Do you find it weird or uncomfortable?” I asked. “Remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, no matter how badly I want to. Cool?” “Cool” was Jahmal’s response as he smiled softly at me. “Do you like kissing me,” he asked. It was my turn to nod vigorously. “I love kissing you Jahmal.” “Why?” he asked, the curiosity growing in him. I moved really close to him and placed a hand on his naked thigh. “Because I really like you Jahmal. I mean like I really, really like you!” He smiled and was about to say something when I interrupted him. “Do you find it weird that I like you?” I asked, hoping for a positive response. “Kind of,” he replied. “I’m just a kid.” That realization hit home and I started feeling a tad ashamed of what I was doing, or trying to do. “For Christ’s sake,” I thought once again, “he’s only eleven years old! This must really be freaking him out!” I shifted my position a little so that I was not practically lying on top of him. My moving away somewhat surprised him and he took it upon himself to move closer to me. This time it was HIS hand that found my thigh to rest on. I looked at him and smiled as I placed my hand back on his leg. We sat there like this for a few minutes, silent, staring not at each other but just looking out towards the door, my fingers lazily tracing small, invisible circles on his inner thigh. To my surprise, I noticed that he started doing the same to me. I then ran my index finger slowly down his leg to his knee. I felt his finger do the same. I then shifted my hand to his other leg and did the same thing. So did he! Wondering how far he would go – or more likely, how far I would go – I moved my hand up towards his torso and starting from the bottom of his chin, slid my finger down the length of his upper body only to stop at his belly button, which I gently poked. He giggled and then to my surprise he did the exact same thing, which caused me to giggle. We both rested our hand right just slightly below each other’s belly buttons. As if on cue we both looked at each other and as our eyes met, we both smiled at each other as if to say “now what?” The heat from Jahmal’s hand – not to mention its proximity to my manhood – was thrilling and if it wasn’t already obvious, my erection was tenting the thin fabric of my swim suit something fierce. I shifted my dick for comfort and whether or not it was on purpose, Jahmal’s hand slip down and landed at the base of my clothed cock. His hand immediately jerked back and he said a little too loudly “Oh crap, sorry! I didn’t mean to…” I gave him a reassuring smile and said “It’s ok…I…I liked it!” He looked at me somewhat quizzically and said “You did?” I nodded. He started to grin as his hand went back to its original position just below my belly button. “So that’s ok if I keep my hand there?” I chuckled and replied “Yup!” His hand remained static for about a minute then I felt it “slip” down a little. “Ok there?” he asked? I nodded. A few seconds went by and then I felt his hand slide down to the base of my penis. My erection was straining now against the fabric as Jahmal’s hand slid even further down, the side of it laying against a bit of my hardness. Before he had time to ask, I nodded and said “yes…even there is ok with me.” He smiled. I then leaned into him and softly asked if I could do the same to him. He nodded and then gave a little jump as my hand rested right on top of his apparently very hard boy-hood. “No fair” he blurted out as his hand quickly moved down and rested on my hardness. I heard a soft “wow” come from him and I nodded. “I know how you feel,” I responded as lust began to take over. I began moving my palm gently up and down his stiffness and a slight moan escaped from his lips. Our eyes met and I asked him if it was ok for me to touch him there. His eyes told me the answer before he nodded. I kept on palming his hardness up and down and he ankara sarışın escort started doing the same to me. Since there seemed to be no turning back, I quickly removed my hand from his crotch so that I could quickly take off my swim suit. As I slipped my swim suit off, my erection bounced up and down as my cock and balls were finally free. Jahmal’s eyes were huge as he looked at my hard six inch cut cock and smooth, shaved balls. His hand reached out for it but then quickly pulled away. “Have you ever seen a man’s penis before?” I asked softly so as to not freak him out. He shook his head but kept his eyes focused on my stiff. “It’s big” I heard him say. “It’s the perfect size for me dude” I replied. “You can touch it if you want to…but only if you want to!” Eyes still focused on my cock, I saw him nod as he reached out for it. His small hand and fingers gripped my dick tentatively and then let it go. His fingers then grasped my cock again, giving it a slight squeeze, which caused me to moan. He immediately let go and whispered “sorry.” “No no…it’s ok Jahmal…you’re making it, and me, feel really good.” “Really?” asked Jahmal as he took my hardness back into his hand. I instinctively took his small hand in mind and delicately began moving it up and down in slow, full strokes. I moaned a little more. “That’s a good feeling?” asked Jahmal. “Oh God yes. Such a good feeling.” Jahmal looked at me and smiled as he kept slowly jerking me up and down. I let my hand go from his and he kept stroking. “Jahmal?” “Uh huh.” “Can I play with yours too?” I asked sheepishly. He thought for a second and then nodded. Softly he asked, “Do you want me to take off my shorts?” I nodded. “But only if you want to Jahmal. And it’s ok if you don’t want to…” Without a second thought Jahmal stood up, pulled his swim suit down to his ankles and used his feet to kick his swim suit onto the floor. As he stood there naked as a newborn, I took him all in with my eyes and marvelled at the beauty that was this boy exuded. The light sheen of sweat that covered his body added to his natural sexiness and I wanted to drink him all in. As me eyes roamed across his body they settled on his protruding boy-hood. For an eleven year old, he was sporting some serious wood followed by a pair of beautifully smooth, hairless balls. Of course his cut, fat three incher was completely hairless as well. I looked up at Jahmal and smiled. “You’re so beautiful!”. He kind of smiled and then shrugged his shoulders. “I guess,” he replied. “You ok?” I asked as Jahmal, still standing, looked down at me. He nodded. I’m not sure why I did what I did next, but without thinking I leaned over and kissed the tip of his cock-head. He immediately jumped back and sat down, his hands quickly covering his genitalia. I stood up and quickly apologized. “I’m so sorry Jahmal. I didn’t mean to do that. I don’t know why I did it. Are you ok? Can you forgive me?” Jahmal looked at me for a long few seconds and nodded “Ok”. I sat back down and said “Thank you. I don’t know why I…” Jahmal interrupted my thought. “Can we go now? I should get back home.” He stood up and walked down the couple of steps to get his towel and swim suit. I was obviously disappointed – more in myself than anything – but I didn’t want Jahmal to feel any more uncomfortable than he already was. “Of course Jahmal. We’ll go.” He murmured “ok” and as we dressed I wondered what would happen next. If I really freaked him out, would I ever see him again? Would he ever want to see me again? These thoughts were running through my head as we opened the sauna door to walk into the changing room. The lights took a little getting used to and we just stood together in silence as our eyes became accustomed to the bright light. I looked down at him and once again asked if he was ok. He nodded. “I’m ok…just tired I guess. I should get home.” I nodded my head. “I understand. Your mom is probably looking for you anyway.” Jahmal nodded and replied “I guess” with a quick shrug of his shoulders. And sure enough, as soon as we walked out of the changing room and into the hallway, I heard the familiar voice of Jahmal’s mother behind us as we froze in our tracks. “OH MY GOD! Is that you Jahmal! Boy, were you been!!?? I’ve been looking all over for you!” Jahmal turned around and quickly apologized. “Sorry mama. I was just swimming.” “Don’t lie to me young man. I went into the pool and you were nowhere to be seen!” I turned around towards her. “Hi. I’m Jeremy from apartment 12G. Your son WAS swimming but after, we got caught up talking in the changing room. I’m sorry if you were worried. We were just talking about swimming and…” Jahmal’s mom pointed a confronting finger at me as she walked up to us. “You don’t be talking to MY son. What the hell man…he’s eleven years old. What you got to talk about with a boy eleven years old!?” Jahmal spoke up. “Ma…we were just talking about swimming and stuff?” “Stuff!?” She repeated. “What stuff!?” I was about to make something up when she raised her hands for me to stop talking. “Just stop please. I don’t care what you both were talking about. You shouldn’t be talking to an eleven year old boy about anything!” I lowered my head like a chastised child and nodded. “C’mon boy, we’re going home,” barked his mom as she grabbed his hand, almost dragging him to the elevators. I stood silent and looked on. There was nothing I could do and I felt bad for Jahmal. I hoped that he would be ok and that this would hopefully blow over soon. As they entered the elevator, Jahmal looked back at me and shyly waved goodbye before his mother quickly yanked him into the elevator. As I entered my own apartment I happened to glance at the time and was shocked to see that it was way past 11PM. I had no clue that it was that late. No wonder Jahmal’s mom was upset. I should have kept an eye out for the time. As I slid into bed I replayed the evening’s activities in my head and couldn’t get Jahmal’s sad wave to me out of my mind. I prayed that he was ok and then fell into a fitful sleep only to be plagued by horrible dreams before I finally woke up around 9:30 the next morning. To say I felt crappy would be an understatement and I spent the rest of the day in an exhausted daze. I did manage to go swimming though and hoped that maybe Jahmal would make an appearance, but no such luck. Almost a week went by and as I started to get back to my normal routine I kept wondering how Jahmal was doing. I even spent a lot more time in the swimming area and sauna but it was just not to be. He was nowhere to be seen…at least by me. Eventually, I resigned myself to the fact that we’d never see each other again. And really, I thought, why should we? Nothing was ever gonna happen between us and it really would be unhealthy for me to fall in love with an eleven year old. I mean seriously, what the fuck was I thinking! I doubt he even liked me. I was however, grateful for the moments we did have and would think of them often. If only I hadn’t kissed his young penis maybe things would have ended differently. The next morning and afternoon proved to be uneventful as well but later that evening, as I arrived home from doing the groceries, I noticed a small piece of paper jammed into the edge of my door. I took it from the door and opened it. It looked like a kids’ handwriting with the message “SAUNA TONIGHT 8 J”. I quickly went into my apartment and closed the door, making sure it was locked. My heart was beating quickly as I re-read the note over and over again. I didn’t want to get too excited in case this wasn’t for real, but what else could it be? I quickly put my groceries away and made a light salad for supper. It was only 7PM and it was all I could do to wait for an hour. I decided to go to the sauna a few minutes early and was grateful that it was empty when I got there. I positioned myself in the corner and just had on my trunks and a towel. I then started to get a little paranoid. “Maybe the note wasn’t from Jahmal? Maybe it was some kind of trap? Maybe he told his mom all that transpired and she’s gonna confront me wearing a wire!” A bunch of thoughts like these flooded my mind and I almost got up to leave. I’m glad I didn’t though as a minute later the door opened and Jahmal walked in. A huge smile spread across my face. “Jahmal!” I called out to him quietly. As he closed the door I could tell that he was getting his eyes use to the dimness of the sauna. Then as he saw me he broke into a big smile and waved. He quickly walked over to where I was sitting and sat down beside me. To be continued? —————————- If you enjoyed this story and would like to leave a comment or appreciative response, please feel free to email me at ail and I will get back to you. Any flames or criticisms that are not constructive will be deleted. You also may like my series titled Jason and Me which can be found at https://www.//gay/adult-youth/jason-and-me/ or the precursor to this apartment boy story fty//gay/adult-youth/tyler-time/ And remember, this is just a work of fiction and should not be tried at home!! Play safe! Jer Copyright 2019 — No part of this story can be used without the express permission of its owner. Thank you.

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