Subject: Apple Of My Eye-Part 2 Apple Of My Eye-Part 2 IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH ITS GOAL THIS MONTH! Support Nifty in any way you can so we don’t lose this wonderful, free archive. Visit: fty/ The next few days went pretty much the same, I would show up and Mr. Rhodes would have my work clothes freshly washed and dried, I’d get changed and we would work hard. It became an obvious fact that he was much more used to the humidity as it seemed like he almost never sweated, whereas I was usually soaked before lunch, constantly wiping sweat away from my face and even reaching inside my shirt to wipe it away from my chest. I had tried everything to get a look at more of his books but the chance had not happened yet, each time I asked to use the washroom he would point towards the trees about 20 feet away. It occurred to me that it was possible the other books were not the same subject matter, that they could be pictures of almost anything but deep down I knew that not to be true. I noticed he was checking me out more often now, still being very careful to look away anytime he saw me noticing. Around noon he went in and then came back out with sandwiches and water, but before eating I stood up and said, “How do you stand this humidity?” He laughed, “Lived here all my life, don’t really notice it I guess.” “Well I do, my shirt is soaked.” His reply came fast, “Feel free to take it off, if you like.” I undid the shoulder straps of my coveralls and then popped the top button of my work shirt. I could see he wanted to watch so as I undid the next one I turned my head towards the mountain and said, “That sure is a beautiful sight.” I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was now staring at me as he replied, “It sure is.” I slowly undid the rest of the buttons and let my shirt fall over my shoulders and down my arms, catching it before it hit the ground. I turned towards him slowly, giving him time to look away and asked, “Where should I hang this?” This gave him the opportunity to look at me and when he did his eyes quickly took in my entire torso. The t-shirt I was wearing was also soaked, but I wasn’t ready to go that far yet, but since it was sleeveless and tight it gave him a good idea of what was underneath, He stared longer than most would have before saying, “Over there on the fence should do.” There were many tree branches closer that would have worked and it dawned on me that he chose the fence because it was farther away and he would get to watch me walk away and then back towards him. I felt on display as I walked towards the fence, very aware he was watching every step I took even though I was facing away from him. I hung my shirt over the top rail of the fence then turned and now walked towards him I saw he made an effort to look away so I turned my head focusing on the mountain and saw from the corner of my eye that he watched every move I made, and damn if my cock didn’t start to harden by the time I sat back down beside him. I knew our break was almost over but I took my shot, “Is it okay if I use the washroom, Mr. Rhodes?” He smiled and pointed at the trees about 15 feet away my heart sank, but I pushed, “I kind of need the toilet Sir.” “Okay, when you gotta go, you gotta go.” As I ran towards the house I could feel his eyes on me, once inside the door I quickly opened the cabinet and grabbed a random book, and headed into the washroom. On the cover it said Peter and as I opened it and pulled down my coveralls and briefs and saw right away this boy was a couple of years older than me, 16 or 17, and in really good shape with a defined six-pack and great muscle tone and just assumed that was his name. In the first few pictures, he was wearing a speedo and from his body tone, I figured he was actually a swimmer and a good one at that. A few pages later the speedos came off and after poses in many positions, his cock started getting harder and harder until fully erect and I saw he ankara escort was larger than me. His facial expressions showed he was loving every moment as he stroked his shaft, then he lay down on his back and the person holding the camera moved between his legs. His free hand moved towards his asshole and as he stroked now the fingertips of 2 of his fingers slipped inside of him. Although photographs and not video I could see easily how good it felt, his back arched and his facial expression intensified. The camera angle changed to the side and the final shot showed two of his fingers pressed inside of his hole as his cum shot out of his cock. Every muscle on his abdomen and torso seemed flexed and it was at that moment the hottest thing I had ever seen. I was about to go through the book again when I heard my name called, so I stood quickly, carefully putting the book on the sink and was about to pull my coverall sup, but with my cock so hard it would show, I called out, “One minute, sorry Mr. Rhodes.” I turned and faced the toilet and stroked my shaft, reaching up underneath my t-shirt a few times to caress my chest, then blowing a huge load into the water about a minute later. I wiped off, pulled up, attached the straps on my coveralls, and ran back outside. Mr. Rhodes smiled and said, “I thought you might have fallen in.” It made both of us laugh, then we went back to work. A few minutes later as he was helping me drag a large branch he breathed deeply, paused, and looked at me. He seemed like he wanted to say something, then he smiled and said, “Might be a good idea to take a short swim before you head home.” I assumed he meant because I had been sweating so I said I would and we worked steadily for the next couple of hours until he said it was time to go. I changed back into my own clothes and handed him the coveralls and work shirt, as I did there was an odd look on his face, somewhere between curious and excited, but still hard to read. I raised my hand and said, “See you tomorrow.” I walked away, aware he was staring at me, once at the lake I stripped down to my briefs, then looked around and pulled them off too and dove in naked. The cold of the water again surprised me. I swam around for a good 20 minutes then climbed out and realizing I had not brought a towel I lay in the sun in the tall grass for about 20 minutes to dry off. The entire thing, swimming naked and laying naked in the sun felt so great and natural here and not something I would have even considered in Phoenix. Now dry I found my clothes and picked up my briefs and immediately smelled the cum that had leaked out after I had jerked off in Erwin’s washroom, the aroma was not bad or unpleasant but in the clean air, it was very obvious. I decided to leave them off and just wear my shorts, once I had them and a t-shirt on and laced up my shoes I froze. Was it possible my cum is what Erwin had smelled and was that why he told me to take a swim before heading home? I looked around, scanning for any movement but the idea of him hiding to watch me was not realistic, from what I knew of him wasn’t the type, he seemed more the type who would just ask. Now walking home the idea that he had smelled my cum excited me, was that why he had smiled, then looked both curious and excited? That night in bed while masturbating I wondered what the rest of the books had in them, did he have digital pictures, and what about his drawings and paintings? But, more than anything I imagined the picture of the boy with 2 of his fingertips pressed into his hole while he jerked off. As I shot my load I pledged to try it sometime soon and as I fell asleep I wondered where I would try, thinking the shower would be a good place for a first attempt. Just as I was moments away from sleep it felt that I had forgotten something, but I was so tired I fell asleep. The next morning I was up early and showered, considered trying what I had seen in the book yesterday but decided to save it for when I had more time, escort ankara then as I was drying off it hit me, I had been in such a hurry that I had left the book on the sink in Mr. Rhodes washroom. My heart skipped a beat as I replayed the events and the more I thought about it the more unsure I was, I went back and forth between that I had put it away and that I had not. I finished drying off and got dressed, went downstairs, and ate breakfast with my parents. I was so preoccupied I dropped my spoon when I heard my name, “Waylon!” “Huh?” It had been my mother, “I asked how the work is going?” Phew. “Good, great Mom.” “And how is Mr. Rhodes treating you, is he nice to work for?” “He’s a great boss. We work hard but take breaks.” “Good. Remember to drink lots of water, it’s so humid here, and doesn’t forget the sunscreen.” The rest of the meal was pretty much silent as my parents scanned their tablets reading the news. I placed my dishes in the sink and said I’d be back after 4 and headed outside. On the way to Mr. Rhodes, I was incredibly nervous, wondering if I should just stay away, but in the end, I had to know. As I neared his place I saw him with a camera in his hand and my heart raced was this the moment he would ask to take pictures of me, what would I do, but instead he raised a finger to his lips letting me know to stay quiet then he pointed off in the distance and I could just make out a large bird on a branch. He faced an enormous camera lens several times, then sighed and let the camera hang around his neck. He smiled and said, “Though it was a golden eagle, very rare around here. How are you this fine morning?” He seemed in a great mood and I cheered up, “Ready to work.” “Go get changed and we’ll get to it. I went inside and quickly grabbed my work clothes and headed to the washroom, delighted to see the book was not there, but still wondering if I had put it away or if he had found it and done it himself. I was now seriously wavering, I wanted him to take pictures of me, the idea aroused me so I stepped back to the door and called out, “We Working in or out of the sun today Sir?” “Out, why do you ask?” “Was thinking of just leaving my shirt off Sir.” His voice perked up, “Up to you Waylon.” I stripped down to my briefs and pulled on the coveralls and t-shirt, leaving the shirt in the washroom I walked out, noticing this time that he didn’t hide his stares as much. When I was standing in front of him he smiled, “You make that t-shirt look good Waylon.” I felt my face flush a bit red, but at the same time I liked what he had said, “Thank you. What are we doing today?” “The rubbish and debris are cleared, I thought we could start painting this side of the barn.” That he was checking me out was obvious now, remembering the camera I looked at it, “Looks like an expensive camera.” His eyes opened wider and I could see an idea forming, he hesitated, then, “Mind if I take a few of you?” I pretended to think about it, then said, “Sure, okay by me.” He moved quickly and picked it up, looked at the lens, and said, “This is a telephoto lens not made for subjects as close as you, mind if I grab a better one?” I nodded my head and he wandered into his house and was back quickly with a couple of lenses hanging around his neck. Once ready his manner changed as he had me go through pose after pose, occasionally changing the lens, then about 15 minutes later he said, “Thanks, Waylon, Let’s get back to work.” I got brave and said, “No problem, you can take pictures of me anytime, the least I can do for the money you’re paying me.” We painted for the next couple of hours and from time to time he would stop, pick up a camera and take some pictures, sometimes he did it so fast that I wasn’t aware until I heard the clicking sound. During our first break, I asked, “I’d love to see some of your other work sometime if it’s okay?” He smiled and then looked nervous, “We’ll see Waylon, we’ll see.” I had an idea, “I’m sweating ankara escort bayan like crazy and this t-shirt is damp, okay if I take it off?” Erwin gasped and took in a deep breath, then stammered slightly, “I…..yessss….I guess….yes.” I stood and undid the straps of my overalls, grabbed the t-shirt at the bottom, and as I slowly pulled it up and just as I was pulling it off I felt my overalls slipping down my hips and had to quickly drop the t-shirt and grab them. As fast as I was they fell enough that he got a good view of the top third of my briefs and I heard his camera go wild. As I did the straps back up over my shoulders I saw his face had reddened a bit, “Sorry Waylon, I can delete those if you like.” I knew he had pictures of part of my briefs but I also knew there was no way my erection or bulge had been showing so I shrugged my shoulders, “Up to you. Guess I’ll hang this t-shirt on the fence to dry.” As I walked towards the fence I heard his camera going crazy, it slowed down on the way back until I turned my head and made it seem like I was looking at something in the distance, then the clicking started up again. “This is much more comfortable.” As we worked I thought about what I was doing, I was now just wearing overalls and briefs in front of a man who liked taking nude pictures of boys my age, it should have scared me but the opposite was happening. After we worked for a while I came down the ladder and with him watching I undid the left strap holding up the overalls, looked at him, and said, “They’re a bit small, the straps pull on my shoulders.” He was openly checking me out, an excited expression on his face as he said, “Why don’t you take them o……?” His voice trailed off and we both knew what he was going to say, but I pretended I didn’t, I wasn’t ready to stand in just briefs…yet, and said, “Maybe I’ll just wear my shorts.” He looked relieved, “Good idea.” My shorts were a bit baggy, but still with just briefs underneath I would be close to naked. I hesitated then walked to the house, entered the washroom and let the overalls fall to the ground, and then pulled on my shorts, covering my now half-hard cock. I pushed it to the side, making sure my briefs held it against my body, took a deep breath, and walked back outside. This time the camera clicked repeatedly, right up until I was standing beside him, “You getting any good pictures, I doubt I’m much to look at.” Erwin sighed deeply, let the cameras fall around his neck walked right up to me, and put his hand on my naked shoulder, the first physical contact between us, a sensation that was thrilling and arousing, then he said, “Waylon, you are beautiful. Everything about you is striking. Shorts are a bit baggy, but I can’t ask for everything.” Suddenly he pulled his hand away and look scared and started apologizing, “I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry.” He really did look scared and I surprised myself by taking his hand and putting it back on my shoulder, then asked, “You really think I’m striking and beautiful?” He scanned my face, obviously looking to see if I was joking, but seeing I was serious he said, “Yes. You are one of them…..” He trailed off, looking into my eyes, then he slowly slid his hand down the top of my shoulder and let it slide down the outside of my arm. The sensation made what little arm hair I had a stand on end as I felt my cock start to harden more I said, “Thanks, that’s the best thing anyone has ever said to me.” There was a moment when I thought he was going to touch me again and I had the urge to touch him as well, the idea of dropping my shorts and briefs or having him pull them down also went through my mind, then he smiled, “Let’s get back to work, I’m not paying you to just stand around being adorable.” I knew he meant the part about being adorable but the way he said it made both of us laugh and we went back to work. When it was time to leave I found myself wanting to stay, but Erwin made a joke, “Looks like you don’t have much to change into.” He was correct, all I had to do was pull on my t-shirt, which I did with him watching. After a goodbye, I waved again aware he was watching and now taking pictures of me as I walked away.

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