Apple Pie – Blackout Mom Son Fuck


I couldn’t see anything at all!


It was pitch black and I’d nearly fallen over and smashed my head open as I left the shower and I couldn’t even find my clothes or towel.

Making my way through the pitch black of the luxurious three-roomed penthouse suite, I finally found my room. After winning last years National Apple Pie Baking competition, mom was the woman to beat this year. Yet as I fumbled around looking for something to put on or dry myself with, I felt the warmest, most fantastic thing imaginable.

Having been deep in the middle of a shower shag – with myself of course – I’d left with a massive hard-on. And now, coming into my room I seemed to have come across one of the warm apple pies, and my cock, bouncing out in front of me had slipped straight inside. Sliding in as smooth as silk, the sensation that went through my body was amazing. I had jerked off in my room and in the shower hundreds of times now, but the warm tingling sensation that filled my body was by far the best of all.

Surprised at the excellent timing of events, I figured poker oyna I could just fuck the apple pie into pieces. Mom always baked at least three or four from the same batch, so losing one of her beloved pies wouldn’t be a disaster. And so I fucked it as I’d always dreamt of fucking a real woman.

Moving my hips back and forth into the hot wet crust I was ready to turn it into an apple flapjack. But then, to my shock, someone gasped out from beneath me!

“How could that possibly be,” I thought!

“Jason, is that you?” My mom’s voice said, close to me, through the pitch-black darkness of the room.

“Oh shit!” I gasped. Mom was in here too. When she found out what I was doing to her apple pie she’d kill me for sure.

“Yes mom, it’s me. I didn’t know where I was because of this blackout. I nearly broke my head open when I got out of the shower and made my way back here to my room.” I told her, now my cock as still as possible within the wonderful insides of the warm apple pie. I didn’t want my mom to hear what I was doing to her most prized possession.

“Oh honey, canlı poker oyna this isn’t your room, it’s mine. I was in here with my Virtual Reality headset on when I heard you come in.” She said.

“Oh no! You heard me,” I gasped, I couldn’t believe my mom had heard me fucking her sweet apple pie. I knew I shouldn’t have made so much noise and fucked it so hard. “I’m sorry mom. I came into your room from the shower where I was relieving some teenage tension and accidentally slipped into your apple pie. It felt so good I just couldn’t stop fucking it!” I admitted, totally embarrassed that my mom had caught me in the middle of jacking off for the first time.

“Oh honey, it’s ok. I’m not angry. It’s just an apple pie, you enjoy yourself with it. You’re only eighteen. I know you’re a young teenage boy and you’re full of testosterone and you need to relieve your urges somehow. As you’ve already started, you might as well finish.” She urged me.

“Oh, thanks, mom. I thought you’d be mad. I know how important your apple pies are, especially as the competition is so close.” I said.

“Yeah, internet casino but it’s ok, you smash that thing to pieces. And don’t worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards, I’ll do that for you son. Your mom will take care of all your teenage tension when you’re done.” She assured me.

“Thanks, mom,” I said as I started banging on the apple pie again with all the power I could muster.

“And honey, if you hear me making a lot of noise, pay no attention, this game I’m playing on my VR headset is so wild and crazy and it gets me all worked up too.” She said, her voice already strained.

I couldn’t believe the luck of this blackout. I just pumped that warm apple pie like it was my bitch, and mom sure had fun playing her game too, cos she was screaming out like a wild thing! It was almost like we were in the same VR game together. And then, I shot my load deep inside the warm inners of the apple pie, my white teenage cum filling it up, like a tasty cream whip.

And then, just as I was delivering my load, the lights flickered around us.

“Holy shit!” I thought. When the lights came on, getting the shock of my life.

When I saw my mom, she wasn’t wearing her VR headset at all!

But most shocking of all, it hadn’t been an apple pie I’d been fucking either!

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