April Blossoms Ch. 4


Hi. My name is April and if you have been following my story of sexual escapades, you know that my mom and step dad taught me to enjoy sex. Then my husband and I enjoyed some hot times. Next my mom and I were exploring our BI side when we got caught by my husband who then ravaged us both. (Much to our enjoyment, I might add.) We parted that day, planning on a foursome with my step dad and us for the next Saturday afternoon. That brings me to now. It’s Sunday morning and I’m laying here in bed, remembering the heat and passion of yesterday.

The doorbell rang. I went to the door and looked through the peephole to make sure it was them, because I was only wearing a sheer white teddy with very skimpy matching panties. It was, so I opened the door and gave them both a hug. Mom was wearing some tiny skin tight blue jean shorts that barely covered her pussy and made no effort to conceal her sexy ass. She had on a skimpy white halter-top that barely covered the nipples on her firm 38DD breasts. She looked HOT! George had on jogging shorts and a T-shirt. I led them into the den where Kevin was mixing drinks. He only had on boxers and I saw my mom lick her lips in anticipation. The tension was a little awkward as we sipped our drinks until my mom said, ” Hell, we all know why we’re here. Has anybody changed his or her mind? We all looked at each other as we all shook our heads, no. “Good, let’s adjourn to the bedroom then.” She said as she took George’s hand and led the way.

When we got in the bedroom, George said, “Kevin tells me you two girls put on quite a show. Do you think we could have another performance?” My mom didn’t hesitate to reply “Sure.” Remembering, the sweet tastes of my mom’s pussy juice, I quickly agreed also. We stood at he foot of the bed and started to kiss. My hands slid around my mom and untied her halter; it fell allowing those delectable breasts to swing free. I couldn’t resist bending down to lovingly suckle then kiss each one. She moaned as her nipples grew and turned rock hard. She immediately pulled back, almost ripped her shorts off and then slid my panties off as I took my top off.

We fell on the bed and were soon entwined with each other in a long passionate embrace. My titties pressed into hers, our tongues dueling in a passionate kiss, our bodies trying to meld with each other. After a few moments of this, she rolled me over with her on top. She slid down until she was at my titties. Her tongue flicked out and teased first one nipple, then the other. She then took as much of a tittie in her mouth as she could. Sucking on it as her tongue continued to caress the nipple. By this time I was moaning and beginning to toss about. I glanced at Kevin and George. They both had stripped and were standing there stroking their now hard cocks. George caught my eye and as if by ESP, he moved up beside the bed and presented his large cock to my face.

I took it in my hands, pumped it a couple of times, and then brought it to my eagerly awaiting mouth. My tongue flicked out touched the tip, and it bucked as if a jolt of electricity had went through it. I did this a few times until George took my head and pulled it onto his now throbbing rod. I eagerly accepted it and swirled my tongue around the tip on the in strokes and let my teeth barely graze it on the outstroke. Meanwhile my mom had found my clit. My poker oyna pussy was really wet as she tongue fucked it, then licked my clit, then tongue fucked me some more.

Alternating between the two, she soon had my hips thrusting upwards, wanting to feel her tongue deeper and deeper in my burning pussy. Watching his wife eat my pussy along with what I was doing to his cock soon had George really pumping his cock in and out of my face. Kevin had moved up behind my mom whose ass was invitingly stuck up in the air. He slowly rubbed the head of his engorged rod up and down the crack of her ass, teasing the entrance of her pussy. She just moaned and thrust back at him. He was surprised at how hot and wet, her pussy was already. Eating her daughter’s pussy while watching her daughter suck her husbands cock really had her turned on. Kevin teasingly rubbed his now aching cock around the lips of her pussy a few more times, then grabbed her hips and rammed his rock hard cock all the way in to the hilt. Mom just shuddered and let out a loud moan.

Kevin would slowly slide his cock out, pause, then ram it back in. He continued this for several minutes, slowly out, then hard and fast back in. Every time, he rammed his cock home, it drove my mom’s tongue deep into my pussy. The more excited she became from Kevin’s cock plunging in and out of her now burning pussy, The harder and faster she ate my pussy. She slid two fingers in my dripping pussy and started to fingerfuck me in time with Kevin’s thrust. her tongue danced on my clit. The more excited I became, the more I attacked George’ cock. I had one hand wrapped around his hard thick cock, stoking it as he rammed it in and out of my mouth. George had his head thrown back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensations radiating from his cock as I sucked on it.

My body was writhing uncontrollably as my mom fingerfucked my pussy and sucked my clit for all she was worth. She was moaning and thrusting her ass back to meet Kevin’s every thrust. Kevin had both hands on my mom hips pulling her into meet his swollen cock as he piledrove it into her. She was the first to cum as Kevin pumped it to her. She cried, “Shit! FUCK! SOOO FUCKING GOOD! I’M GONNA CUMMMM! AAAYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!” As she came, she went berserk on my clit. My body thrashed about wildly as I hungrily fucked George’s throbbing cock in and out of my. mouth. The sound of his wife cumming from being fucked by another man, and my rapidly licking fucking and sucking his cock soon had his hips slamming into my face as he drove his cock deep into my throat. His already large cock throbbed and grew even larger.

With one final ferocious thrust, he threw back his head as he moaned, “FUCK! YEAAAAAA!!” His hot cum blasted out of his throbbing cock, filling my mouth to overflowing. I swallowed all I could but the amount was so great I couldn’t swallow it all and some leaked out as his cock still worked in and out of my mouth. The taste of his hot cum was delicious and I milked his slowly deflating cock of every precious drop. As he withdrew his cock from my mouth, the flood that had been building in me burst and I screamed ” YES, YESS, OH FUCK YESSS, SHIT, I’M CUMMMMMMING AAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE.”

My body convulsed in pleasure as I arched upward, slamming my mom up and back against Kevin’s driving cock. The force canlı poker oyna with which she slammed back onto his cock made him ram it into her even harder and faster. He was steady moaning as he fucked her wildly, “FUCK YOU’RE PUSSY IS SO HOT, SO WET, I LOVE TO DRIVE MY COCK INTO IT. FUCK, HERE I CUMMMMM!! AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH” His cum boiled out of his exploding cock with such force into her pussy that mom came again. ” Yes, yes, fill my pussy with your hot cum, sooo good AAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!” she screamed as her body was wracked with wave after wave of pure pleasure. We all collapsed onto the bed and lay there a moment enjoying the super sex we had just had.

I was the first one to stir, as I thought about Kevin’s cum in my mom’s juicy cunt and began to wander what cum and cunt juice tasted like mixed together. I slid down between my mom’s legs and spread them. Kevin’s cum was oozing out of her in large white globs. I eagerly lapped them up and then sent my tongue probing into her pussy. The cum and pussy juice had mingled together to make an exquisite treat. My tongue dove deeper and deeper into hot dripping pussy trying to retrieve every precious drop of cum. As I lapped hungrily at her twat, mom began to stir back to life. As the warmth begin to grow between her thighs, she reached over and started to stroke Kevin’s cock. Her hips started to move in time with my tongue and I started to really get serious, licking deep into her pussy, then slowly sliding my tongue up to tease her clit.

As She stroked Kevin’s cock, it begins to stiffen and grow. Once she had it at full attention, she pulled it to her waiting mouth and started to tease it with her tongue. She would roll her tongue around the growing bulb, then lick the under side from tip to base, the tease the tip again. Kevin was soon rock hard and beginning to thrust, needing to feel his cock surrounded by warm wetness. I got hot watching my mom make love to my husbands cock and my pussy was soon aching to be stuffed. I looked at George who had started to stroke his own growing cock and ask, ” Please fuck me, ram my pussy full of your hot cock.” George just smiled and moved up behind me.

We were all positioned like earlier with only different people in different places. George teased my pussy by barely sliding the tip of his cock in and out in short strokes. He was driving me crazy, my hips started to thrust back to drive him deeper but he had his hands on my ass, holding me off that delicious cock. ” Please, George, please fuck me hard and deep.” I begged. Without a word, he suddenly plunged that ample cock all the way to the hilt in one quick thrust. I let out a screech “yes, yess yess” as his balls slapped my ass. I was in heaven.

My pussy full of hot cock, my faced buried in a delicious pussy full of delicious cum. George started to work his cock in and out of my now dripping pussy. The warmth from my pussy begins to grow and spread. As the feelings intensified, I shoved two fingers as hard and far up my mom’s cunt as I could. I begin to work them in and out in time with the cock plunging in and out of my pussy. My mom began to squirm and moan which seemed to spur George to greater action. He really began to pound my pussy. His balls slamming into my ass with every stroke was a new and erotic feeling. My hands and tongue worked harder internet casino and faster on my mom’s pussy and clit until she was just a writhing, moaning blob of jelly.

“Yes suck that clit, fingerfuck that pussy, fuck yea, oooh April eat your momma’s pussy baby, eat it, yea that’s it oooohhhh yea baby. Sorry Kev it’s just too good” she moaned as she took his throbbing cock from her mouth. She continued to stroke it as her body bucked and heaved on my hand and tongue. As she came closer and closer to her climax, she pumped harder and harder on Kevin’s throbbing cock. He was thrusting wildly as her hand fucked his cock faster and faster. Her pussy was flooding with pussy juice and I was frantically lapping at it trying to let none of that precious nectar escape. Her body stiffened and arched as she came with a loud “SHIT SOOO GOOOOD! FUCK! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYY” As she stiffened, her hand unconsciously clamped down on Kevin’s cock with a ferocious yank and he splayed his hot cum all over my mom.

As it exploded from his cock, a spurt hit her face, another her breast. By this time she had regained her composure enough to take his still spurting cock back in her mouth and lovingly capture and swallow the remainder of his delicious cum. I was still contently lapping the cunt juice pouring from my moms drenched pussy when I felt George’s, cock slip out of my pussy. Before I could voice my displeasure at my emptiness, he rolled me over and quickly shoved his hard throbbing cock back into my aching wanting pussy. He lowered his head and began to kiss my titties as his cock pistoned in and out of my burning cunt. My body was writhing in pleasure as I tried to thrust my hips up to meet his cock and my titties up to meet his mouth.

I could feel his cock grow and throb with every thrust. I moaned my pleasure as I cried” Fuck me George, drive that big cock into my hot pussy. Fill me up with that big cock. Fuck me George, fuck me harder, Harder, HARDER!” He did his best. It felt like he was trying to split me into as he grabbed my waist and pulled me up to meet his every thrust as he rammed that cock home as hard as he could. My pussy was filled as it had never been filled before and felt exquisite. I was in heaven as I bucked and thrashed uncontrollably as the feelings just built and built. As he drove that cock into my burning pussy, he said. ” OHHH April, you’re so hot, so tight, your pussy feels so good on my cock. You’re so fucking good it hurts.”

His talking made me thrash and buck even more wildly. My actions soon had him driving that cock into me even harder and harder “OH YEA BABY, YEA, I’M FIXING TO CUM, YOU’RE SO HOT, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!” He shouted as his cock exploded in my burning pussy. His boiling cum blasting into my already stuffed pussy set me off like a rocket. My body stiffened and I tried to scream but the feeling was so intense it took my breath away. I came like I had never come before. My body convulsed in pure ecstasy as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over me.

George collapsed on top of me and whispered “Wow that was great.” I could only nod because I was still in the throes of my fantastic orgasm. His pulsing cock was stilled buried in my dripping pussy. The tinglings down there were so intense that every time his cock would twitch, my whole body would shudder and a gasp would escape my lips. As I slowly came back to earth, I glanced around and noticed that Mom and Kevin had dozed off wrapped in each other’s arms. George slowly slid his deflating cock out of me, kissed me, hugged me and we soon joined them.

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