Are You Ready!


I was not surprised to find you already naked and sprawled comfortably on the bed when I entered the playroom. You jumped up, taking your hands off of your genitals, to hug me. I let you rub yourself against me while I ran my hands up and down your back tenderly for a minute and then tickled down your left side. This, of course, turned into a brief wrestling-tickle fest.

I pushed you backwards onto the bed and looped your wrists, which brought an immediate pout to your lips. I set the tether so that you had quite a bit of range without being able to reach your hardening member. Such a torment this caused you! As I was restraining your ankles you twisted your ass trying to maneuver for a better reach to no avail.

I kneeled on the bed next to you, “Stop pouting and pay attention,” I said.

You were whining, and pleading with your eyes, refusing to focus on what I was saying. I swatted your thigh with open hand for sound, but no sting. “Look at me and pay attention,” I repeated. You begged for your favorite cock ring.

I gave a sharper slap to your thigh as I got up and walked to the chest against the wall. “If you do not pay attention to me, we will not be able to play today,” I said as I picked up the studded length of leather from where you had set it on your way into the playroom and dropped it into a drawer. I had your attention.

I returned to the bed and propped myself up next to you, close enough to feel heat, but not touching. “Tell me about your safe word.”

The combination of terror and excitement that passed across your face was delightful. Last time we had this conversation you had almost stopped the session as I pressed your boundaries. “Um … do I have to?”

“If you want your birthday present, you have to.”

“Um … OK.” You were using your little boy voice and looking at me with puppy-dog eyes. “If I say no or stop, it does not really mean no; it just means I am choosing to resist you. But if I get too scared, I must say my first name. If I say my first name, you will stop and talk to me about what I need to feel safe and continue. If I really want to stop fast, I need to say, ‘Dwain is done’ or ‘Dwain stop now’ or something like that and then you will untie me fast and help me get myself back together.”

To show how good you had done, I opened the curtain between this room and the next. You never knew if there was someone watching or not, but it did not matter. The thought of who might be there was enough to bring a grin to your face.

I ran the back of my hand gently from your right toe up the side of your leg and torso to your chin and back down the other side. You twisted toward my hand with your pelvis trying to rub yourself against me. I tormented you in this fashion, watching you writhe and twist, for a few minutes and then glanced toward the adjoining window.

You caught my glance and looked at me curiously. bahis şirketleri “Is there anyone in there today?”

“Would you like me to check” I toyed.

“Yes please,” you said, knowing full well that if someone had slipped in there it was because they were part of the day’s game.

I am focused here. This next couple minutes may be difficult for you. I know you have been curious but afraid of exploring yourself with a man, so I have set this all up very carefully to help you feel safe. I open the door to the viewing room and peek in as if I do not know what is there. I look at you with a cautious grin. “The person in there is naked and blindfolded.”

“What is the point of that?” you ask.

“He says his master will let him listen but not watch today. He asked if he might be allowed to come in and sit in the corner to hear more clearly. The speakers are not nearly as good as being in the same room, he says.” I watch you get tense, but you do not say no. I wait for nearly a minute to let you get used to the idea, watching you squirm nervously, but remain fully erect.

“Joel, give me your hand and I will lead you to the chair.” The skinny young man sits in the chair and rests his hands on the armrests as he has been instructed, making no effort to hide his hardness from you view.

I return to the bed, grabbing your long braid and using it to tickle your ear while looking sweetly in your eyes. “Do you trust me?”

“I think so …”

“Joel, would you please reach to your left and get me the things in the second drawer down?”

I reach for the dildo and allow you to see it briefly before I set it down between my knees and your hip, along with the tube of gel. It is a bit larger than the one I usually use with you and your eyes reflect that you noticed this. I run my finger from one side of your pubic hair, up around your navel, and back down the other side, still looking in your eyes. I brush my cheek against yours without allowing you to kiss me, though you do try.

I ask you if you are ready. Even though you look a bit leery, you eagerly spread your legs wide and lift your knees as much as you can with the straps around your ankles. I put some lube on the toy and slid it in watching your relief as it glides in easily.

“It feels funny,” you say, moving your hips up off the bed and straining to reach with your hands.

“I used something to make you feel it more tonight. Do you like it?”

“Please let me touch myself,” you beg.

“No, Sweetie, you cannot touch yourself yet. You are still being punished for coming without permission last time.”

You whimper a long moaning “aaaawwww” and squirm some more. “Will you turn on the vibrator, then, paah-leeese?”

“This one does not have a vibrator Darling, but it has the special gel.”

“Yaaahhh, I know. It’s making me crazy” you whimper. “Can I have my cock bahis firmaları ring, then?” you stammer.

“Not yet,” I say, teasing you with feather-light caresses along your belly and thighs. I brush my face near yours, then down your chest and belly, but do not touch your erection. You alternate between trying to brush yourself up against me, trying to reach yourself, and grinding your ass down to shift the dildo buried there. After a few minutes you ask again to be cinched up.

“Only if Joel can put it on for you,” I say gently, watching as you curl your shoulders forward, this is your tell that lets me know you are about to submit to my direction.

“NO” you say with contrived force.

“OK. It is your choice; we can leave it in the drawer this time.”

You are still shifting around a lot from the tingling in your ass. This makes you moan as you ask, “Please, you put it on me.”

“No, Dwain. If you want your jewels collared, you will have to let Joel do the honors. He can do it with the blindfold on so he cannot see your face.”

“Ohhh, oookk-aaay, if you promise he won’t hurt me.”

“Joel, please reach into the top drawer and crawl over on your knees to the bed. Dwain will be a good boy and hold still for you so you do not hurt him.”

I can see you are having a difficult time holding still as you watch the strange man creeping over on his knees. You appear to be intrigued and tense, but not scared. You cannot hide your pleasure as he gently lifts your balls and cups his hand around them to snug them against your dick while he adeptly puts on your favorite apparatus. Your shoulders and neck drop to the bed as he drops his hands to his side. I think you liked that more than you will thought you would.

I give a quick twist to the dildo to reactivate the sensation of the gel. You arch your back and beg to have your hand let free. I stroke your hips and thighs roughly, but ignore your plea. You lift your head to see me, trying to lift and thrust your stiffness at my mouth, but I know your game and keep just barely out of reach until you drop back down with a moan. Your eyes are glassy with desire now.

“Joel, stand up, please.” I guide him to rest his legs on the edge of the bed so his dick is within reach of your hand. You stare at it and twist yourself trying futilely to reach your own cock.

I point to Joel’s member and very softly I ask you, “Would you like to touch?”

“No,” you whimper. Your hand is twitching with indecision. I use the back of your hand to softly rub Joel’s thigh. When you do not resist, I move you to his staff. You realize he is not circumcised and gently inspect the goods in your hand. Joel quietly sighs and pushes toward your hand. You instinctively wrap your hand around him and make him moan before letting go. You try again to reach your own frantic need.

I dance my fingertips upon your aching kaçak bahis siteleri balls and cock, as you twist and turn in pleasure. You are doing so well I decide to push to the next level.

“Joel, let me help you onto the bed so Dwain can get a real good look at you. I don’t think he has ever seen an uncut one up close.” Joel stands and I guide him, watching your face for signs that this is too much for you. You are caught up in the moment. You are not quite sure, but you show no resistance at all. I settle him on your chest so that he is very near your mouth. I am sure you can smell him.

Joel, as he was previously instructed, handles himself slowly in every direction to give you a good look.

“Why can he touch himself?”

“Stop whining or I will make you taste of him!”

“But I want to touch myself too”

I gently push Joel’s ass cheeks so that his dick is resting on your lower face. You close your mouth but do not turn away. I reward you by dancing my fingers from the tip of your cock down to a quick twist of the toy in your ass. When you arch, Joel leans forward and back again to keep his balance, pressing himself on your closed mouth.

“Reach out with your tongue and taste. Give it a try.”

You close your eyes and do as instructed, moaning with want and disbelief. You are becoming uncomfortable with your need for release. You are rocking your ass down to shift the dildo and then swaying up to try to touch Joel’s back, but he is not close enough. You could not tell me to stop now if you wanted to, so I make the decision to ease up on the new territory for you.

I help Joel climb off the bed and stand where you can reach him if you wish. I untie your feet and run my hands up and down your legs before reaching to undo your hands. Joel has been instructed to jerk off now, and he reaches for himself as you reach for yourself.

“Easy there sweetie, you must not finish before your new friend,” I say sternly. You groan, slowing your strokes and watching for the spurts that are your release. Somehow you manage to hold off until the first beads drop onto your chest before you spurt your own jism all over yourself. Joel reaches to rub your belly with your combined efforts, sending you into another wave of aftershock.

Joel slowly drops to sit on the floor while you lie motionless for several minutes. I reach to remove the dildo and you rock a bit more in glorious afterglow.

I lead Joel back to the viewing room. You can hear his master telling him he has been a good boy and can take off the blindfold as soon as he gets to the car. You eye me, but fail to show the disbelief you intended at being watched by yet another man. You cannot suppress another rocking motion and moan.

“I will be upstairs when you are ready to get up …” and very softly, “You did very good tonight.”

It is nearly fifteen minutes before you join me with a grin and no words. You kiss my neck, and then I allow you to kiss me full on the lips before you head to your truck and toward home. I am quite sure the memory of tonight will pleasure your private moments for quite some weeks.

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