As Fate Would Have It


A man’s categorical quest is to prove his quality to the woman who gave rise to his existence. His instinctive awareness to avow his merit, to cajole the bearer of life, confident in his might to propagate and bestow his hand upon his mothers in sacred matrimony…

An instinct no man can neglect…

~~Author unknown


Christopher Armstrong was beginning his senior year at Indiana University, yet was on the verge of flunking out. In his three years at college, his GPA had ebbed from a 4.1 to an unbelievable 2.3. And at 22 years old, Chris was on the cusp of determining his ultimate fate. Already 10K in credit card debt, he had just received a year’s probation for willful destruction of private property. Anger and an oppressive lack of fulfillment plagued his thoughts. This had to be the year for a drastic turnaround, and he knew it.

His inner circle would agree that Chris had it all. A strikingly handsome face with deep dark eyes and thick dark hair adorned his strapping, young muscular flesh typical to a man of his years. He prided himself on vigorous workouts at the gym, crafting a taut muscular frame that became the jealous whispers amongst his peers. Blessed with a genetic disposition for good looks, Chris inadvertently eluded the attention of his female classmates, and he could never understand why. He absolutely loved women for all their remarkably healthy curves and inspiring splendor, but he never could make a relationship last more than two months. Sex to him was something extraordinary, and held the mere act as one of the most marvelous experiences any man could ever hope to endure.

His dilemma was something far more serious than he could acknowledge… at least for now.

49 miles to the north in Indianapolis, Cheryl Hearn had just celebrated her 38th birthday at a lavish party thrown in her honor by her lithe, sexy co-worker of five years, Beth Monroe. Beth had reserved a banquet hall at one of the city’s most prestigious country clubs, and meshed the event into a company wide affair for staff appreciation. It took Beth two weeks of preparation to set the lights, streamers, and tables, order the catering, and hire an edgy jazz ensemble. It was out of respect, admiration, and perhaps something more…

Cheryl had been Beth’s Manager since hiring her to the local marketing firm five years prior. The two worked side by side on several award-winning projects that elevated the firm to one of the Midwest’s premiere marketing groups. The duo was considered inseparable, and feared by vying companies. Once a week, the two would spend an hour comparing all the various job offers from other corporations, mostly laughing them off as silly and impossible. Their commitment to their company, and to each other was unspoken, but well known.

Beth was only 26 when Cheryl hired her. Now at 31, Beth was making a healthy six-figure salary and was the city’s most envied single woman. Her stunning golden features could hardly go unnoticed… a lengthy mane of naturally blonde hair fell just above the peak of her rounded, charming backside. She was a woman who, in society’s terms, was perfectly fit. Having spent every other day of her life at the gym, Beth had sculpted a lean and muscular body for herself. Not manly or brawny, but certainly sculpted and quite athletic. Yet in her constant pursuit of a lean body, Beth retained her size 3 body, packing all the right curves where a woman had them. Her sought after body was crested by a statuesque face… bright, lustrous blue eyes that lured one’s gaze in (and was underhandedly credited for sealing many multi-million dollar deals), and a soft voluminous face that bore no blemish, nor flaw. She dressed immaculate, often in sharp stylish suits with short skirts. She was confident in herself and her body, and knew how to use it at the most opportune times to get exactly what she wanted.

But in countless subdued chats at the water cooler, many co-workers wondered why Beth had never married or dated much. It was odd that such a desirable woman (who had even graced the front cover of the city’s leading women’s magazine two times) lived alone, and never mentioned dating or a personal life.

The simple explanation was two words… Cheryl Hearn.

Cheryl had helped launch the marketing firm in 1991 with her (then) ex-husband, Hank. The two had met while Cheryl was a sophomore in High School, after he had just graduated college. The untimely discovery that Cheryl was pregnant destroyed her home life and caused her to drop out of school at the tender young age of 16. The event left Cheryl emotionally scared, but strengthened her resolve to be a good mother. Hank meanwhile used his business prowess to ensure that Cheryl and his son were taken care of… at least, up until tragedy struck. The venture Hank and Cheryl launched in 1991 proved disastrous when only two months into their gamble, she found Hank fucking their 19 year-old secretary on his desk. At 23, Cheryl sued him for divorce, took back her maiden name, and gained Isparta Escort exclusive custody of their seven-year-old son, Christopher. The divorce dragged on for months, but finally concluded, as Cheryl was able to gain control of the marketing firm and more than half of Hank’s vast fortune. Needless to say, Cheryl was well off.

After the divorce, Cheryl devoted herself to building her company and put together a decent social life she had denied herself when she married. Her career blossomed, as she was able to obtain her GED, complete her college degree and eventual master’s degree in business and marketing. Cheryl shrewdly balanced all elements of her life with seemingly little effort. But in truth, Cheryl was tragically spending less and less time with her baby boy, who now was spending more time at Natalie’s home, his babysitter. With no communication with his real father, Christopher was sadly becoming a son without a mother… a ship without an anchor… no moral or loving compass to guide him along the way.

Cheryl had also begun to find the magnificence of her inner self. She was a naturally curvaceous woman who was quickly becoming quite comfortable in her 42-34-38 measurements. Her heritage was mostly Indian with some German (which she credited for her curvy frame), but her bronzed skin, unforgettable smile, and dirty blonde hair were her most exquisite traits. Keeping in step with the ever-changing fashions and styles, Cheryl had retained her lengthy tresses, styled with a seductive touch that beguiled both men and women. For the first time in her life, Cheryl felt sexy… she felt wanted, and desired. And it was then that she began her journey into the voraciousness that sex and salaciousness offered her.

Cheryl exuded an undeniably strong aura of lust and eroticism. It was simply something she was born with, and now played as her strongest quality. Her curiosities were embellished with several men, and inevitably encompassed the grace and splendor of a woman. Cheryl was 30 years old when she first made love to a woman, who happened to be a dancer at a local strip club. She had visited the establishment with an ex boyfriend at the time, and became aroused by a buxom brunette who caught her eye. After sharing countless lap dances with the stripper (plus dropping over a thousand dollars on just her), Cheryl offered the voluptuous dancer another $2000 to spend the night with her… it was a night that would perpetually change Cheryl’s body and soul forever…

The insatiable lifestyle Cheryl had chosen came with tragic consequences. Through the years, her son Chris spent more and more time away from home. After he was old enough to move on from babysitters, he would bond with the families of his friends. Yet the seeds of neglect were planted within Chris’ soul, and as he grew into a teenager, he eventually came to detest his mother’s very existence. The very cause of their alienation was no one’s fault… Cheryl was simply denied a chance to grow up, and she willfully took advantage of what wealth and prosperity gave her.

As Christopher was finishing up his senior year in High School, he encountered his first taste of sensual indulgence, from deep inside another woman’s heart. Not a girl his age, or someone younger… but from a woman who was 11 years his senior… his gorgeous babysitter, Natalie. He deeply loved her, and admired her as a person and a woman. Their relationship flourished during his last year of high school, and college. She was his true first love in all aspects. He came to consider her as his “real” mother, and often called her ‘mom’ as a term of endearment before the both of them realized they were in love with one another. And it was the night of Chris’ 18th birthday that Natalie decided to cross the threshold, and dare herself to breach their maternal attachment. Their initial kiss was frivolous and confusing, but as the moments passed, Christopher grew more assured, and daring. It was as if someone had turned on a switch from within his soul, causing him to enter the rights of passage… That night, Natalie carried Christopher from the shores of adolescence, and into the warm waters of manhood… she graced his body with her buxom warmth and love… the ecstasy of feeling his cock surrounded by the soft, velvety flesh of her womb thrust him into the mystical salacious realm of maturity. Both of them breathlessly confessed their undying love for one another during their romantic act of meaningful intercourse… Natalie openly wept with tears of joy as Christopher languidly “sawed” his manhood in and out of her fertile womb, atop her tan body…

“I’ve always… loved you.” panted Christopher against Natalie’s smooth bare neck.

Natalie’s body unintentionally crumpled hearing his words of devotion. The man who was blessing her with his tender mercies, who was once a young boy under her care, was now fulfilling his destiny.

“Call me ‘mother’, Christopher.” She somehow gasped into his ear. “Tell me I’m yours.”

Slowly Isparta Escort Bayan pulling his eight-inch cock out from yet another moist plunge, he gazed into Natalie’s misty eyes, as if to ask her ‘Are you sure?’

They both glowed from their intense act of coupling… He watched Natalie’s eyelids flutter, trying to come to terms with the spiritual and physical meaning of their glorious act of intercourse. Her eyebrows crinkled in hopes to hear her lover call her his ‘mother’… but an eruption of images and thought swept through Christopher’s mind… the term ‘mother’ brought with itself an entirely different connotation.

“I… I can’t.” he breathlessly whispered.

A winded gasp of rejection fell from her lungs…

“No, no… please don’t be mad at me. I just… can’t say it.” He said in his best reassuring tone.

Natalie nodded yes, realizing she may have gone a bit far in her taboo, instinctive request. Readjusting her plentiful ass, Natalie enshrouded her legs about Christopher’s lower back, lunging up at him for an absorbing kiss. Both of them met with such zest and strength, hungrily chewing the others’ face off as he carried on his slow, yet demanding plunges into his lover. The openly candid display of raw need inspired Christopher, abruptly picking up his rhythm. Natalie fed from his energy, clawing her nails into his lovely supple ass.

“Yeah, baby. That’s it.” She panted alongside his ear.

Natalie smiled with her eyes closed as Christopher brought himself atop her, clutching her juicy thick thighs. She began to see millions of tiny blasts of stars within her mind… the realization that she was about to make Christopher cumm was a tidal wave of emotion and need. Suddenly, her hands violently thrashes against her bed, clinging to the sheets as if grasping reality… she began to hear the lewd, yet symphonic noise of their bodies smacking together… Christopher’s body glowed with sweat as he began confessing his need to cumm in boisterous, unintelligible moans and cries.

The vitality of orgasm and happiness took control of both lovers, leaving them helpless in the delirious wake of undiminished astonishment. Each and every muscle within the 18 year-olds body compressed simultaneously as his chest rocked upward… Natalie glanced at him to see his eyes rolled behind his head… veins bulging and throbbing… sweat drizzling from his neck and face… but the most vital vein that was throbbing was tucked safely inside her precious womb, intimately sanctifying her with wave upon wave of warm fertile seed. The sensation of his warmth cause her body to shudder, knowing that he could be in fact, making her pregnant. At 29, Natalie knew she was eager to become a mother to the right man… she craved this so… she needed it…

“Ooooooooooooh Gaaawwd yes, Chris.” Bellowed Natalie as he tried to jam himself as deep inside her as humanly possible.

He too wanted an outcome of their act of love, although his naivete held him back from acknowledging it verbally or emotionally. In his mind, he would forever link Natalie to him by impregnating her… A living, breathing testament to their unconditional love.

“Oooh, I love you soooooooo much, Christopher.” She powerfully avowed.

The strapping, gracious young man felt the exodus of sperm… his potent aftershocks endured with no fear or uneasiness in his actions.

“I love… love you too.” He managed to utter between the marvelous pulses of his potent orgasm.

That night, Christopher’s seed found it’s way to Natalie’s willing egg.

One month later, Natalie and Christopher were setting plans in motion that would have them together while he attended his first year of college. With Natalie carrying his child, the two happily moved in together at school, all the while not telling his mother Cheryl of what was happening. He desperately didn’t want her to know of Natalie’s pregnancy no matter what the cost was. Mother and son barely spoke, and only did so when they absolutely had to. Christopher was determined to rid his self of all remnants and memory of Cheryl, and embrace the only woman who was more a mother to him than his own… the future mother of his child, Natalie.

Seven months passed as Natalie was glowing with maternal pride and love. The couple was genuinely happy as his grades ascended above all expectations. Christopher was determined to be the provider and caretaker of his lovely wife to be. But school was the first step in ensuring that his family’s future was safe and secure.

At the same time as her son was building his future, Cheryl’s life continued to delve further and further into a broadminded lifestyle. With her business secure and her fortune guaranteed she reached a point in her life where nothing was forbidden, and no act too shocking. She had found herself, and was comfortable in her identity. She was a natural flirt, and often found herself in many libidinous escapades. Threesomes, group sex, lesbian lovemaking, analingus… Escort Isparta double penetration… she loved it all, and was confident with her nymphomaniac outlook. She became a creature that craved sex… sought it out, and rigorously wanted it.

But just as both mother and sons lives seemed infallible, tragedy struck its reckless hammer upon their lives. Police were not sure at the time, but a drunk driver, killed Natalie and the baby instantly while on her way home from the mall. The news left Christopher devastated, and it was only when Cheryl read Natalie’s obituary in the newspaper did she call him to see if he knew his onetime babysitter had died. On the phone, Christopher answered his mother’s questions with “Uh-hums” or “yeahs”… nothing more.

It wasn’t until Natalie’s funeral that Cheryl discovered her son had carried on a romantic relationship with Natalie, and that she was expecting.

The winter of discontent had frozen over Christopher’s soul… everything he had hoped for and struggled for was now gone.

Three years later…

“So what do ya think?” asked Beth, eagerly gnawing on the pencil tip, gazing at her boss across the conference table.

Behind her was the PowerPoint presentation she had just spent the last two days on. That combined with her work on Cheryl’s birthday bash left Beth utterly exhausted. Beth lowered her chic, wire-rimmed glasses to watch Cheryl’s reaction. As Cheryl looked over the preliminary budget, all Beth could do was repeat the same question over and over in her mind…

“Ask her. Just do it.”

“Well, I think it’s awesome.” Cheryl said, leaning back in her executive chair.

Beth took the glasses from her flushed face, sauntering over to Cheryl with a coy smile.

“You always say that.” Replied Beth, sitting her savory left thigh upon the desk.

Cheryl liked thighs, and Beth knew it. But Cheryl always knew that sleeping with someone from the office spelled trouble. A wearisome lesson she learned from her ex. She wasn’t sure if Beth was an all out Lesbian, but she certainly had her assurances. From time to time, the two would share a quick glance, or one would accidentally brush up against each other in the hallway. But work always came first, yet both women found that a difficult principle to stand by… especially since the two found each other so damn sexy.

Cheryl looked down, then back up again with a self-assured smile. “I always say that because you’re always so damn good.”

Cheryl stood to leave as Beth watched her leave.

“Thanks.” Beth answered as Cheryl shut the door.

“Damnit.” Thought Beth. “I just fucking blew it.”


Tonight was going to be a well deserved night of relaxation and rest for Christopher. After working all week at the Pizza Parlor, he finally had a night off and the apartment all to himself. His roommate was out of town, and Christopher luckily had the computer all to himself. Sitting down to peruse his list of favored web sites, he had carefully planned this night all week. Next to him were a fresh jar of Vaseline and a clean towel to clean up his spilt seed… it wasn’t often that Christopher could do all this, and he was really looking forward to watching some serious porn. His fondness was consistently plus sized women… shapely hourglass figures and curvy busts and big wide asses… and if he was lucky enough to find a video clip or a photo series of two busty women together, all the more better.

He had become a porn addict in the years since Natalie’s death, and allowed his codependency to isolate him from any prospect in meeting any other women. On his porn sites, he could control and manage his every desire… and at 22 years old, he was hitting his prime.

Turning the heat up to 75 degrees, he shed his sweat pants and T-shirt. Still quite muscular and very lean, Christopher pulled up his chair to the screen as his thick eight-inch cock was already showing hints that he was well prepared for the sight of some buxom sirens. Opening up his bookmarked favorites, he began to see countless images of abundant breasts and delicious asses. Where did this young man develop his fascination for thick women? The answer was as far away as he could ever imagine.

Feeling the familiar stirrings in his libido, Chris set out to make this evening last as long as he could. He didn’t want to just jerk off quickly, rather he wanted to take this act of indulgence as far as he could… toiling hard for his climax, to relish the victory of volleying his boiling broth high into the air as orgasm rang its sweet chord of triumph. And as site after site were displayed, he slowly took the top from the jar of lubricant, cupping a generous amount of gel into his sweaty right palm.

“Oh fuck.” He breathlessly professed, feeling the gentle warmth of his palm sliding downward to the base of his mammoth shaft.

A link displaying a deeply tan blonde on her knees came into view as he quickly clicked her captivating image. The racy contrast of her blonde hair against that brownish skin sent a sequence of quivers through his beefy flesh. The pop up blocker was already blocking some 30 pop-ups, yet one managed to slip by his state of the art pop up program… slipping by the restraints of conformity and submission…

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