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“What sort of name is Omar anyway?” Lori asked.

“My mom had a thing for Omar Sharif,” I replied.

“Oh, he’s dishy even as an old guy. I loved him in Hidalgo. I bet when you were born, he was real hot stuff.”

I suddenly realized this girl- young woman actually- had not only been born after Doctor Zhivago, but had never seen it. I immediately told her I had the DVD inside, purchased for the benefit of my mom when she visited.

“I’ve heard of it,” Lori allowed. “I hear its way sexy. I’m shocked your old mom would still be into that.”

“Well, it’s more romantic than sexy. And age may put snow on the roof but there still can be fire in the furnace.”

I had met Lori only a few hours before, poolside at my condominium. From behind my dark glasses, I had admired how her bikini just barely covered her curves. She had all the ripeness of a woman, but the tightness of a teenager. I couldn’t help but smile to myself as the luscious sprite stood motionless on the deck. I must have been staring, though because suddenly, I was caught looking.

An older woman had also entered the pool area, but she had come around from my blind side. “Lovely isn’t she, but only eighteen. And I think still a virgin,” she said in a whiskey and cigarette soaked voice.

I turned to look at the speaker, no doubt blushing.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s not like you’re the first man to droll over my daughter, everybody does. Why should you feel ashamed about having urges?”

She sat at the table next to my chaise lounge. “It’s all her fault for coming out here looking so sexy,” the woman added. “She’s been away at boarding school in Switzerland, so this is the first sun time she’s had in months.”

I mulled over to myself whether Switzerland schoolgirls might more likely be sex happy ski bunnies rather than blushing virgins. As an added bonus, I pictured how that trim figure might fill out a school uniform.

That was when Anja introduced herself, explaining that they were borrowing a neighbour’s condo while he worked overseas. “Since this is a no children condo, we couldn’t have stayed here before. Lori just turned eighteen.”

Anja then called Lori over. After the introductions, Anja said, “we sure could use a drink about now. This sun builds a powerful thirst. Will you watch Lori while I run in to the unit to get a libation?”

Which brought us to Doctor Zhivago. I doubted Lori would forego the sun and water just to watch a classic movie with an old man like me. Even worse, I feared she might invite her mother along. I could handle a gentle rejection. The frustration of watching an epic love story in the presence of this nubile nymph with no chance to relieve my lust would be torture. I was pleasantly surprised that she liked the idea.

“Let’s go now. Mom will forget I’m out here once she starts into the gin.”

My unit opened right off the pool deck, so it was a short walk across and through the sliding glass door. Then I was alone with a gorgeous eighteen year old. Once there, I turned on the television, allowing Lori to complain about the glare from the sun before shutting the blinds.

There we sat in the dark room, watching the film quietly. Lori spoke first. “Do you mind if I smoke a joint? I have enough to share. Booze is Mom’s thing, grass is mine. I always get horny watching a flick in the dark, and the dope takes the edge off.” She giggled. “Although, if it were a titty flick or fuck film, I would just get hornier.”

She grinned, her teeth gleaming white even in the dim light. “Don’t be so shocked, Omar. I’m not the sheltered convent girl my parents paid bursa bayan eskort the nuns to protect. I don’t feel ashamed about liking porn.”

She produced a joint out of her beach bag. I grabbed matches off of the couch side table, and lit the joint for her. She blew a plume of smoke into the air, snuggling closer so she could pass me the joint. I inhaled, enjoying the taboo substance, which I never bought, and thus only smoked on rare occasions. We watched the movie as we passed the joint. Eventually, Lori sighed, her head almost touching mine, our hips pressed close together. “You’re right; Omar Sharif is a real hunk. I can see why your Mom went for him. I bet she got as wet and horny as I am right now. Maybe she fucked your old man right in the theater,” she commented.

After several turns with the potent pot, I felt my head spinning. Lori took another toke and placed the joint on a handy clay plate I had used for snacks. She held the smoke deep inside her chest, causing her ripe tits to thrust upwards towards my face. I could see that her nipples were erect, surging against the fabric of the tiny top.

Lori leaned closer still and pressed her lips against mine, using her tongue to force my teeth open and then breathing the smoke into my mouth. She moved her hand onto my leg and gently massaged my inner thigh. As she broke the kiss, her fingers worked around to knead my balls. “Hmm, nice and frisky. I kind of thought an older guy might not get stiff this quickly.”

I spread my legs for better access. “I can tell this isn’t the first time you’ve done this,” I said as her hand began stroking my throbbing cock, and then she extracted it from my shorts.

“I haven’t ever sucked a circumcised one before. In Europe, most men have foreskins. So in a way, this is sort of a first time.”

She picked up the joint and took another long drag on it before dropping her head to my lap and enveloping it with the cloud of vapour. Her tongue was cool inside the warm smoke. It was unlike any blowjob I had ever had. I was suddenly worried I might come too quickly. I lifted her head up slightly as I spoke to her.

“Lori, I’ve had sex with hundreds of women. All ages, shapes and sizes. I think you are the best cocksucker I have ever met.”

“Yes, I admit it. I’m a blow job slut,” Lori giggled. “After a toke, I love to drop to my knees and eat a nice hard cock. Your cock is a wonderful fat one, but you need to promise it will be our secret. Mom must not know or she will find a really strict Bible Belt school for me next year, and I need to get back to Europe.

“It’s our little secret,” I agreed.

“Not so little,” Lori laughed, licking at the tip of my cock.

I started to reach over and pulled her onto my lap, bringing a surprised gasp from her lips. I kissed her passionately to quiet her and slid my hand up under her top. I pushed the fabric aside and began to caress her breast as her tongue searched the inside of my mouth. I was shocked then to hear another voice say, “Not so little and not so secret.”

I turned, almost dropping Lori. In my distracted condition, I had not even heard the glass door slide open, but there stood Anja in the doorway, a cigarette in one hand and a highball in the other. “I guessed Lori was here when neither of you were by the pool.”

Lori tried to pull the bikini across her nipple, but the cloth snagged, just exciting it more.

Anja laughed. “Sweetie, you better not let that erection go to waste. It might set poor Omar back weeks if you don’t give him relief now.”

Lori just sat there, bursa evi olan escort with a look on her face like a little girl busted with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Fine then, I’ll finish it,” Anja said, quickly stripping out of her wraparound dress and dropping to her knees beside us. “As long as Omar doesn’t mind.”

I was still stunned into silence. My eyes returned to Lori even as Anja took my balls in her hand and hefted them with an appraising touch so similar to the manner that her daughter had exhibited just minutes earlier. I had expected Lori to run crying out of the unit, but my thoughts now turned to how much alike the two women approached sex. Was this heredity at work, or was I being played as part of some kinky mother daughter game? I decided just to lay beck and enjoy it, without overanalyzing the situation.

My cock had shriveled a bit when Anja had entered, so I was no longer on the verge of cumming. Anja took me into her mouth, which was soft and wet from her drink. Any doubts about Lori’s honesty were quickly resolved. Anja’s technique was too similar to be a coincidence. Anja bathed my shaft with her tongue. She worked all the way to the root, alternately teasing my slit and then slowly twisting the flat edge of flesh around me. Once she closed her lips just above where her fingers still toyed with my balls, she started over. I glanced at Lori, who I guess read my mind.

“Sorry that I lied to you about keeping this a secret. I thought the taboo sneaky aspect might enhance it for you, and I didn’t know for sure that Mom would arrive before we finished, or how you might react.”

Lori leaned back, one hand twisting her right nipple, the other shoved deep inside her bikini bottoms, kneading her pussy as she watched her mother blow me. “I guess you’re glad she did,” Lori teased.

“Well, I would hate for her to be left out,” I replied.

“Oh, that would never happen. Even if she missed the fucking, I always let Mom eat the cream pie.” Lori pushed the cloth aside so I could see her glistening pussy. “I bet you liked my little girl act.”

“Right up to the attempt to cover up. Nice touch.” Her clit was swollen between two duelling fingers as her thumb burrowed like a little cock between her labia.

I did not hesitate, taking her actions and mention of being eaten as an invitation. Carefully, so as not to disrupt Anja’s continued lapping, which now included sucking my balls into her mouth; I lowered my face to Lori’s thighs. She tasted dewy, like I was licking the first new blade of spring grass. My tongue freed her hands so that she could work both tits in her fingers. I held her lips apart with my fingers and sucked her clit deeply into my lips, teasing it with my teeth. The combined effect of our efforts soon had Lori moaning with ecstasy. Her hips jumped up off the couch, crushing my nose into her belly as I kept swallowing her juices as she came on my face.

The excitement surged through me like electricity. The dope had energized every nerve in my body and my cock was throbbing urgently. Anja lifted her head off my organ. “I would love to taste your cum, Omar, but I think my little girl needs to experience how a real man fucks. I bet in Europe, it was nothing but barely legal boys acting like men.”

Anja slid along the hardwood floor until she could kiss her daughter. I spent a moment just watching there tongues playing, each coated with my sweat. Soon, Anja grabbed my arm and dragged me up along Lori’s body. We three shared a passionate albeit awkward kiss. Anja reached under my body and quickly bursa rus escort shoved my cock into Lori’s warm hole. She might claim to be a slut, but her pussy was the tightest I had enjoyed in a long time. Her muscles clenched forcefully around my shaft, milking me towards climax. Anja slid her hand around, keeping a grip on my balls. Lori bounced her pelvis up off the sofa, meeting my thrusts. As I watched her licking her daughter’s nipples, Anja initiated my orgasm by thrusting a thumb up my ass, massaging my prostate. Lori screamed, cumming in unison with me, arching her back, her tits mashed into her mouths mouth and only her heels and head still supporting her body. My goo surged into Lori’s wet cunt before I even could consider the absence of a condom.

My worry must have been printed on my face as I rested atop Lori through the final convulsions of my orgasm. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’m on the Pill and I was just tested for STD’s before leaving school.” She giggled, girlish again. “The nuns would never send us home for the summer without making sure we were clean.”

The mention of nuns reminded me of my earlier fantasy about her in uniform. Despite having seen her now in far less, the thought caused my cock to shudder back towards another erection. Lori sighed. “It’s Mom’s turn. Remember what I said about her eating the cream pie.”

Lori rolled her hips, dislodging my semi erect member. I reluctantly slid off her taut body, sinking to the floor. I watched as Anja slowly kissed along from tits to belly to clit. I stared at the casual display of incest mixed with exhibitionism. After a moment, still watching Anja as her tongue tweaked Lori’s clit before diving deep into the most intimate areas of her daughter’s body to dine on the mix of pussy juice and my cum.

I noticed the roach still lying on the clay dish. Lifting it to my lips, I lit it and carefully reversed it in my mouth, holding the tip backwards between my teeth. I leaned over and kissed Lori, supercharging the smoke into her mouth. I pulled away leaving the roach in her lips.

The sensuality and dope had reinvigorated my cock until it was rock hard again. Recalling what Lori had said about it being her Mom’s turn, I glanced at Anja’s ass wriggling in the air as she cleaned her daughter’s cunt. It was larger than Lori’s, but was just as firm looking. Anja might drink and smoke a bit, but she obviously stayed in fighting form.

I crawled over behind Anja and spread her hips from behind; I fingered her cunt, not surprised to find it already dripping wet with excitement. Her clit was larger than Lori’s, and just as eager to respond to my tongue. I did not lick it for long, however, wanting instead to lance her with my shaft. Grasping her sides, I pulled her cunt back onto my cock, thrusting deeply into her. If I had not already come once, I might have blown my load as soon as I entered Anja. She was looser than Lori, but it hardly mattered. She pushed back against me, grabbing my hands and leading them to her breast, larger and fuller than Lori’s. Using them as handles, I rode her hard, making her bury her face even further into Lori’s womb. Even as the second coming, this frantic pace could not last long. After about a dozen strokes, sinking my cock to the hilt, my balls slapping her ass, we came all three together. Lori led the way, unleashing a hiss, then full out screaming, “Fuuuuckkk. Mom. I’m coming…”

Anja’s scream was muffled between Lori’s thighs and I just sighed as I sank to the floor exhausted. On the TV, Zhivago was just about to join the revolution. “You know, Omar, I bet Sharif hasn’t got a cock as nice as yours,” Lori said, shaking me out of my post coital trance. “You are every bit as sexy as he is.”

Only then did I realize that Anja had left the sliding door open and we had just put on a free show for anybody on the pool deck.

I didn’t think about that for long. I was already busy wondering if Lori had packed her school uniform.

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