asking my wife to have sex with another man

asking my wife to have sex with another mana couple of years ago now, i started asking my wife to have sex with a another man, at first she would just say no,but after weeks and weeks of asking, and every time we had sex, i would tell my wife how i wanted this and how i was turned on by thinking of having sex with a man as i watched my wife said yes, but only with a guy who she liked and also that she got to know before they had sex,for weeks i look at swingers web sites, and one day i came across a guy who was in his 30’s good looking fit body and a good cock size,i emailed him with some photos of my wife, asking him if he would be up for having sex with my wife,the next day he emailed back, (YES)so i emailed back, telling him my wife was mid bolu escort bayan 40’s and she wanted to get the guy first, i showed my wife his photos, and she agreed to email with the guy, so to cut a long story short,both my wife and the guy got emailing each other, which then moved on to talking on the phone, then texting each other, then web caming,then one sunday morning my wife got a call on her mob phone, and then she asked if we could meet him that same afternoon at a pub, we went to meet him just for a chat and a drink, after 15mins i went outside the pub and let him and her talk,20mins later they came out of the pub, i said to my wife why dont you sit and talk in his car, she did and in the next 5 mins she was kissing the escort bolu guy,then my wife came back to our car, and told me she had set a date for the next sunday afternoon,on the monday i called the guy on the phone, to set the times for the meeting on the sunday, and told him i would meet him close by our home so he would follow me back to our home, the sunday came and as my wife was waiting in out home i set off to meet the guy, just before i set off, i had a feel of her pussy, she was very wet,20mins later, we both walked in, i went to make some drinks as my wife and the guy were talking in the livingroom, as i walked back into the livingroom, i could see my wife was arm in arm kissing this guy, so i moved back to watch the show,my bolu escort wife was very tuned on feeling the guy all over with her hands,then my wife looked up at me, and pulled the guy by the hand up to the bedroom,guys i cant tell you how i was now feeling, my wife was on her way up to our bedroom with another guy to have sex with him, my heart was beating so fast,!!!!!i waited about ten mins, then went up to the bedroom, as i got to the doorway of the bedroom, i could see my wife layed on the bed, with the guy between her legs licking away on her pussy,on this first meeting i did not get any photos, and the photos on out profile are of the 2nd meeting in a hotel,it was not long before this guy was fucking my wife, he fucked every was poss, and she wanted lots more of him, this is 100% true and i loved watching my wife with this guy, my wife had 3 meetings with this guy, and both my wife and i still talk about this most times we have sex, it made our sex lifes much better,

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